Chapter 6: In Which Aphrodite Rants and Shaka Grumbles

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Author's Note:

Thanks to Shaina, Akira, Steamrollers, Plantress, Skye-chan, Valora, Newborn-sama, and Raiden for leaving me comments, and special thanks to Shaina for putting this fic up on her site. I am very honored. ^^ Also, I did tell a few people I was going to make DM's s/n Deathdeathdeath or something like that, but it ended up getting changed when I started typing. I also want to apologize for DM beforehand. He doesn't use much punctuation or capitalization, so his dialogue may be a little difficult to figure out. Thanks also to (sorry, I don't remember who gave me the idea, Mav maybe) who came up with the basis for Aphrodite's screenname. it is.

Subject: Get on your freaking screenname

Deathmask.  Get on your AIM.  Now. 

Your dear friend,

prettier.than.thou: FINALLY! Dear Athena, how long does it take you to get on to your AIM?
your_worst_nightmare: as long as it takes to annoy you Dite
prettier.than.thou: Shut up, stupid. I need to talk to you.
your_worst_nightmare: what gives pretty boy?
prettier.than.thou: Shaka, that's what gives.
your_worst_nightmare: shaka? i thought he didnt go in for men?
prettier.than.thou: WHAT?
your_worst_nightmare: you sound like youre shacking up with him
prettier.than.thou: Oh, I will SO kill you, DM.
your_worst_nightmare: if youre not shacking up with him then what gives?
prettier.than.thou: NO! Somebody gave him a makeover while he was asleep, with my makeup, and he insisted it was me!
your_worst_nightmare: was it?
prettier.than.thou: NO! WHY would I use up makeup on Shaka? Not like he appreciates it.
your_worst_nightmare: to annoy him?
prettier.than.thou: Never mind. Anyway, Shaka went whining to Shion, and it's not like Shion was monitoring Shaka's sleeping quarters, so Shion has no idea who did it, and he tells Shaka to deal.
your_worst_nightmare: he told an angry buddha to deal?
prettier.than.thou: Yes! And Shaka got angry and insisted I did it, so I smacked him.
your_worst_nightmare: o.0 you smacked an angry buddha?
prettier.than.thou: What are you so afraid of, Mr. Dead-people-on-my-wall?
your_worst_nightmare: angry. buddha.
your_worst_nightmare: <- is not suicidal
prettier.than.thou: You are such an idiot.
your_worst_nightmare: i also live closer to shaka than you do
prettier.than.thou: He won't do anything to you, stupid.
your_worst_nightmare: right. you go on and get yourself killed pretty boy. see if i care.
prettier.than.thou: Thanks. What a friend. I'm off to buy more makeup. Talk to you later, then.
your_worst_nightmare: or not...depending on shaka
prettier than thou: I am replenishing my supplies. If you are the one who stole my makeup and used it on Shaka, I WILL kill you when I get back.

Subject: I need to talk

Hey, Aiolia,
Could you get onto your AOL screenname?  I'm having a little problem and
need someone to whom I can talk. 


kingofpriderock: yes, Shaka?
blond_buddha: Aphrodite and I have had an altercation.
kingofpriderock: a what?
blond_buddha: Altercation. Argument. Disagreement. Quarrel.
kingofpriderock: and were not all dead yet? what did he do to you anyway?
blond_buddha: Something rather rude. Shion refuses to believe that Aphrodite did it.
kingofpriderock: maybeAphro didnt do it?
blond_buddha: It was HIS makeup!
kingofpriderock: um, Shaka, what exactly happened?
blond_buddha: Never mind that.
kingofpriderock: so what do you want me to do about it?
blond_buddha: I dont know. I just wanted to talk to someone.
kingofpriderock: soAphro used his makeup on you?
blond_buddha: Well
kingofpriderock: I assume while you were sleeping or meditating or whatever.
kingofpriderock: and you assumed it was Aphrobut he says he didnt do it.
blond_buddha: Who ELSE uses makeup in Sanctuary?
kingofpriderock: maybe Milo stole it or something.
blond_buddha: true.
kingofpriderock: I mean, check Aphros away message.
blond_buddha: Yeahit just might be someone else. I will KILL whoever it really was.
kingofpriderock: and Im going to go hide somewhere so I dont die when you and Aphro figure out who did it.
blond_buddha: All right. Thank you, Aiolia.
kingofpriderock: Youre welcome.
blond_buddha: If Aphrodite is telling the truth, I am away killing whoever pulled that prank on me. If Aphro is lying, I am away killing Aphro.

To Be Continued

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