Chat Log #01

(© 2000 by Torquemada, Pollux & Shaka)

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The Saint Seiya Chat is often used for roleplaying stuff, too. This chat log was kindly provided by Torquemada, Pollux and Shaka :)

Pollux -- Shaka: Kanon, MILLLLLLOOOO!!! YOU ^%$F$%%... why do you put a @%#^$ scorpion into my skin tight jeans?!!!

Shaka -- Pollux: *LOL!* Saga: Calm down, he's only a kid... (of course he is like this...)

Pollux -- Shaka: *LOL* Kanon: Easy for you to say, Saga! An ice cube is much less damaging than a scorpion in your jeans!

Torquemada -- Milo: But sensei, it looked so lonely! I just wanted a new home for it! :->

Shaka -- Pollux: *LOL!*

Torquemada -- Saga: oh yes? Even if an icecube dropped under your collar every day when you least expect it?

Pollux -- Torque: Milo: BTW, Kanon-sensei, I even named my pet scorpion Kanon-san!! You can't sit or squash it!

Shaka -- Torque: *LOL!!* Kanon: Shut up kuso gaki!!

Shaka -- Kanon: The ice cubes can't bite you!!

Pollux -- Kanon to Saga: You spent too much time in your #@$@ Spa to notice! The ice cube melts into water anyway. #@$# Scorpions stay scorpions.

Torquemada -- Kanon: Oh really? And may I ask you why, my young man? - Milo: It will bite you, when scared... so please don't scare him! It hurts its feelings! - snif

Shaka -- Wow...this might be a good idea for a doujinshi : p

Pollux -- Kanon: GRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr...... %$$%@.. Gold Triangle Dimension!! - Narrator: End of the scorpion's existence in our dimension ~_~

Torquemada -- Saga to Kanon: Ah, and now my spa is remembered, as always? Why don't you just admit you envy me because of the simple furniture! ha!

Shaka -- Kanon: kuso ani!

Torquemada -- Milo: Kamu-Samaaaaa! How could you?!... *Flood of tears*

Torquemada -- Kanon, I meant :->

Pollux -- Kanon: I didn't kill it! The scorpion is happily living out of the rest of its days peacefully... just not in my jeans!

Shaka -- Saga: Ha ha ha... Camus, look at them...they look so happy and getting along well. Ha ha ha...

Pollux -- Kanon to Saga: Fine, *stay* in your spa then! So I can finally have your bug-free clothing items to wear.

Torquemada -- Milo: But I... *sniff* ...I can't visit it, see how it's doing, can I? *sob, sob*

Pollux -- Kanon with a wicked grin: Milo, how about me sending you there, too? Saga & Camus together: NOOOOO!!!! ;-)

Torquemada -- Saga: How *many* times I told you: don't you EVER dare to touch my clothing! If you washed them after use... but no!

Pollux -- Kanon with a cute smile: Niiiisan, you can just wash them in your generously sized spa, then? ;-)

Torquemada -- Saga: Where are all my fresh socks when I need to change, I ask you? In your dirty laundry heap which takes the space of all your quarters!!!

Shaka -- Kanon: You're not that nice and tidy when you hair changes colours, niisan.

Torquemada -- Saga: *smoke goes from ears*: Now you are DEAD, man! Do you hear me - DEAD! I'll drown you in that blasted spa, you... you... *coughs*

Pollux -- Kanon: Saga, you got the Gold Cloth that never needs to be cleaned! So why fuss over everyday clothing anyway?


Torquemada -- Saga: what are you talking about? My hair *never* changes colours! *grrrrr...*

Shaka -- Kanon: Oh what's this? Is my dear brother trying to break his 'angelic-ness'? Blond and black are completly different!!

Shaka -- (or electric blue and light grey for that fact...)

Pollux -- Kanon: Saga, are you color-blind or do you borrow instant hair color from Aphrodite?

Torquemada -- Saga: I knew it! What point to give you a Golden Cloth if you even don't know it needs cleaning? Old dear Shion was absolutery right when he refused to give you a Gold Cloth! *mad giggle*

Pollux -- Kanon: You mean you wash your Gold Cloth in your spa? I don't know any dry cleaner who would take that!

Torquemada -- Saga: I'm not of your fashion - it's you whom of Aphrodite always complains stealing his mascara!

Pollux -- Kanon: Mascara??!!! Saga, you Liar! I don't use Mascara! Btw, who's the one looking at himself in the mirror and saying...

Shaka -- Camus: Here go our great teachers arguing again...

Pollux -- ...Your body is absolutely gorgeous, Saga?

Torquemada -- Saga: if I heard the word 'spa' one more time , I...I...I... I'll lock you in the Underwater Cave, you... you...

Pollux -- Milo: At least it is mildly entertaining.

Shaka -- Kanon: You and your giant...bathtub

Torquemada -- Saga: but it is! So could be yours, if you shouldn't be so lazy and trained a bit instead of beer quaffing!

Pollux -- Kanon: 10, 9, 8, 7... Niisan, your hair color is changing again!

Shaka -- Saga: No, that's just the sun reflecting on..... Wa ha ha ha ha!!

Pollux -- Kanon: Lazy? I'm never lazy! I just know how to enjoy life better than you holier-than-thou hypocrite!

Torquemada -- Saga: you'll have a beer drinker belly after a year or to of your 'life enjoying'! In fact, you already have! Hahahahaha!!!

Pollux -- Kanon: Besides, *my* body is even more gorgeous than yours. You think what I wear would cover up any imperfection? Unlike your loose toga..

Shaka -- Camus: It's funny...they are so fixated on this argument, they won't notice us putting ice cubes and scorpions in their pants/shirts...

Torquemada -- Saga: and do you think I don't enjoy my life? I do, just not it silly primitive ways *you* do!

Pollux -- Kanon: Beer belly? How ludicious! Just look at this pic!

Pollux -- Milo: *LOL* Indeed, Camus. They are so silly!

Shaka -- Saga: What?! You have access to Internet?!

Torquemada -- Saga: I like my body to be well-conditioned and aired! While you sweat in your drag-queen leather and can't even properly move!

Torquemada -- Saga: so *thats* why you are so spoiled, you blasphemous queer! It's the Internet!!!

Shaka -- Milo: *whispering to Camus* I told you before, Kanon-sensei's can sometimes be a dork!

Pollux -- Kanon: Of course, Saga! Don't you know I'm the No.1 Hacker in the entire sanctuary?

Torquemada -- Saga: Ah...and of course you ordered your BDSM style clothink from there, didn't you? *evil giggle*

Pollux -- Kanon: Pah! well-conditioned and well-aired? Are you a piece of cow hide?

Torquemada -- Saga: You? The hacker? The bloody lamer, you are! And it that pics I look one am I there? It's your head are full of cow hides, you moron!

Shaka -- Kanon: Of course! The ugly one!

Pollux -- Kanon: Interesting... how does my angelic brother ever heard of BDSM... quite suspicious.

Torquemada -- Saga: Are you looking at mirror, bro? >:-)

Pollux -- Kanon: Saga, of course you are the one covered himself head to toe to hide his unsightly features!

Torquemada -- Saga: Oh, I just found your collection! I must admit, you even did not to search it very obviously, hahahah!!

Pollux -- Kanon: Of course I'm not. >:-) Come on, confess how did your pure mind get corrupted by evil BDSM? It's not a secret anymore.'

Torquemada -- Saga: That's because I'm no exhibitionist, as some of us are ]:-)

Pollux -- Saga: No, that's because you are unsure about yourself...or you have something to hide! >;-)

Torquemada -- Saga: Corrupted? I read all your crap only on scientific interest base. Know your enemy, as I may say. So bro, do you think you have *anything* worthy to expose? How wrong are you, ahahahaha!

Pollux -- Kanon: Huh..classic excuse for the censors under dictatorship. And you just called me yoru enemy? *snif*

Shaka -- Kanon: But to show your private to Seiya? Tsk tsk...niisan you have bad taste!

Torquemada -- Saga: *cooling a bit*. That was not about you. That was about the Internet

Pollux -- Kanon: At least I'm more normal than that Narcissist boy who admires himself in the mirror all the time. ;-)

Torquemada -- Saga: who's Seiya? Ah, that boy..but he's just a kid! He could understand anything yet

Shaka -- Kanon: You know, those kinds of strange kids know all sorts of stuff..

Pollux -- Camus: Now I know the real reason Shion wants to buy SurfGuard to *protect young trainees' from the Internet. I think our Sensei need it, too.

Torquemada -- Saga: And who's that? I'm not introduced to all your freaky buddies! :-P

Shaka -- Milo: I bet Kanon-sensei knows how to turn that kind of software off though...

Pollux -- Torque: Freaky boddy?'s my freaky brother! >:-)

Shaka -- Kanon: I bet you know all of them already.

Torquemada -- Milo: But it is very informative conversation, don't you think? Soon we'll get addresses of all interesting people around

Pollux -- Camus: You must be right, Milo. Kanon-sensei knows all sorts of stuff we are not supposed to know.. ;-)

Torquemada -- Saga: Just them I'm almost stepped being with *you* in very interestin situations :-

Pollux -- Kanon: Interesting situations? What do you mean? *innocent looks*

Shaka -- Saga: I heard you have something going on with Wyvern Rhadamanthys...

Torquemada -- Saga: Oh, cut the pretending. You know very well waht I mean >:-) ...and all the Saint' camp is whispering behind your back about you and that strange-toy-addict Deathmask!

Pollux -- Kanon: Wyvern Rhadamanthys? Never heard of him. Is he one of your Spa Guests, Saga? .:-)

Torquemada -- ...and what about Lune the Balrog with his fire whip, eh?

Torquemada -- Saga: Did I just hear a S word?! >:-

Shaka -- Kanon: ...Spaghetti guests...

Pollux -- Kanon: Deathmask?! How repulsive! Him and his stiny dead skin mask!

Torquemada -- Camus: Ah! Lune was the name of that Sensei's cousin who tends to stay in our place for quite a time!

Torquemada -- Saga: I think so too! How could you, Kanon? With him?!

Shaka -- Kanon: It's better than with Aiolos like what YOU did!!

Pollux -- Kanon: Lune? What about him? ;-) Did he try to judge your hypocricy? You know, he sees through disguises easily.

Shaka -- (It's better than doing it with Aiolos)

Torquemada -- Saga: Ah? And *what* did me and Aiolos do? Go on, say it! Let all the people see what a wicked mind you have!

Pollux -- Kanon: I'm NOT with Deathmask!

Torquemada -- Saga: Yes, you are, you are, you are! *hysterical laughter*

Pollux -- Milo: This is getting more and more interesting...

Shaka -- Kanon: Pah! Two words: KINKY SEX.

Torquemada -- Camus:

Torquemada -- Saga: so you can't already ger satisfaction from simple one? Kinky only now, yeah?

Pollux -- Kanon: You and your perverted mind! The only use of a crab is on the dinning table!

Torquemada -- Camus *whispers to Milo*: remember that word in case if I forget?...

Pollux -- Milo: *grins* Count on me, Camus, I'm a Scropio, after all.

Torquemada -- Saga: So you did it with him on the dining table? tsk, tsk,,,how simple , how primitive for such a creative-in-perverted way person as you, bro >;-)

Pollux -- Kanon: Grrrrrr... Saga, you twisted my words with your kinky mind!

Torquemada -- Saga: I'm just trying to think in your way, bro. To understand you more, I may say... bwahahaha

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