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The Saint Seiya Chat is often used for roleplaying stuff, too. This chat log was kindly provided by Torquemada, Pollux and Sunwind :)

Torquemada -- Pollux, my dear comrade? Do I need to sing another verse of "Lullaby"? ;-)

Pollux -- *marches out of Golden Triangle Dimension after crashed from Window Crash sneak attack*

Pollux -- Torque: I'm back, my dear comrade. ;-) Microsoft sneaked an attack on me

Torquemada -- Microsoft Saint Bill of Gates - now he is the most horrible Character ever! ;-(

Pollux -- *writes down the next target for Mariners: 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA* ...~evil grins~

Pollux -- Torque: *LOL* No worries... Poseidon's Mariners would love to take care of him. ;-)

Torquemada -- Pollux: no, no, no, avoid that Nest of Ultimate Evil at any cost! Save your Mariners! _^

Torquemada -- We kindly ask Microsoft to install their soft in Athena's wotsitsname Foundation >:-)

Torquemada -- So the Foundation could be easily hacked, cracked, bugged and finally ruined :-)

Torquemada -- Soon we will have not only mad Saga, but lot of another mad Goldies there.

Torquemada -- And that madness could be triggered in several ways: saying: "Blue Screen Again", or "Your program is not responding"

Sunwind -- Torque: Then we could give them a membership application to our organization. ^_^

Torquemada -- And then don't forget powerful warriors General Protection Fault and General Failure. We must convince them to attack the Foundation ;-)

Sunwind -- Torque: Then we can offer the Goldies Unix for coming to our organization. ^__^

Torquemada -- Sunwind: then we can offer them anything! They'd be thankful :-)

Torquemada -- Sunwind: "Independent Saints" and some other wotsit.

Torquemada -- *imagines Shaka with big eyes full of fear and his hair standing: "Oh, no! Please please nonononoo! Not General Protection Fault!!"*

Torquemada -- General Protection Fault with evil grin and silky voice: "But yes, my dear..."

Pollux -- Torque: *faints* A female General Protection Fault Saint?

Torquemada -- Pollux: Why female? On the other side - why not? ;) *wonders how General PF could look like*

Pollux -- ~L~ ;-) A female General PF without a mask... oops...

Torquemada -- And General Failure can be a masked male Saint - to bring even more mess :-)

Pollux -- *LOL* That would be da bomb!! ;-)

Pollux -- Torque: they are going to be worse than the Steel Saints...*L*

Torquemada -- Pollux: Yup. If any male Saint will try to court this mask, he will get what - General Failure! *sorry for bad pun* :-)

Pollux -- *LOL* ;-) I hope Kanon will be exempted from this mess though. He can run Linux instead, since he's the hacker kind anyway.

Torquemada -- Pollux: Much worse, ie they would be able to hang their enemies anytime they want; also they could freeze them... er...what more?

Torquemada -- Pollux: yup, hackers despise Windoze. So we should have another way to attract him ;-)

Pollux -- And of course... CRASH them... *grins*


Torquemada -- Pollux: yes, that is the most popular technique among evil Generals *L*

Pollux -- *LOL* ;-)

Torquemada -- So long we invented even too much ways to destroy Graude Foundation and several Gold Saints, even found new jobs and medical security

Pollux -- And instead of private picture collection, Saga's computer displays photos of Shion repeatedly... and does not respond to ctrl-alt-del!! ;-)

Torquemada -- Now we must think about 'bonus packs' for those who cares about nothing or are a bit more stable in mind ;-)

Pollux -- Torque: Hmm... good point..I wonder what kind of bonus would be suitable.

Torquemada -- Pollux: *LOL*!! Have mercy on poor ill Saga! It's too cruel treatment of handicapped people!

Torquemada -- We set a discount for Aphro, took DM and gals to Venice... what else could it be?

Pollux -- Torque: *LOL* Well, this will force Saga to check himself into a mental hospital to escape such cruel torture!


Torquemada -- Ah, provided Mu with network. It is together job, bonus and da bomb for poor Saints ;-)

Torquemada -- Pollux: And who entered house of fun once, has a very few chance to get back... ;-)

Pollux -- Torque: Those are great ideas! ;-)

Pollux -- Torque: That's true...Saints live quite a Spartan life..(except Spa life for Saga..;D) we'll change that and make it hard to go back..;-)

Torquemada -- Ah! I invented a bonus - Saga's spa! After he left, Saint could manage a little contest: who wins, gets unlimited account to spa.

Pollux -- *L* That could create quite a competition! ;-)

Torquemada -- Mu *stomping and jumping up-down*: It's not fair!!! I live too far, when Aphro is a neigbour and has a minimal distance!

Torquemada -- Aphro *menacingly*: "Mu - no teleporting jokes! Or I'll make you a bed of roses - white ones!"

Torquemada -- Camus *dreamily*: Ah, what an ice skating arena I'd make if I won....

Torquemada -- Aiolia: And I don't give a damn. Water's not for cats! Aphro *wrinkling his nose*: "So I noticed.."

Pollux -- All Other Saints: NOOOOOO!! Camus!! If you won, we'd have to get Ikki to melt the ice eventually! ~_~

Torquemada -- Hyoga *silently*: Personally, I do not mind at all...

Pollux -- Deathmask: If I won, I will share the Spa with all my 400 pet crabs! ;-)

Torquemada -- Aldebaran: It's unfortunately not for me, too. Last time when I was invited, I splashed all the water out, when jumped inside. And Saga told me to clean everything... :(

Pollux -- Torque: *LOL* Poor bull... ;-)

Torquemada -- Deathmask: And one day I'll get some piranhas and invite Shiryu to bathe... hahahah!

Pollux -- Milo: Don't you dare to pollute the Spa! Or I will unleash my 800 pet SCORPIONS in your temple!

Torquemada -- Shaka: I constantly keep falling into that blasted spa, when I'm visiting Saga. He tells me to clean water too, the bastard.

Pollux -- Saga is so universally hated, it seems..;-)

Torquemada -- Deathmask: Oh, I know you have a billion of *Special* memories about that Spa, but now when your luv went cuckoo, you have no voice in here, Spiky!

Torquemada -- Milo: Who are you calling Spiky, you Coathanger?

Pollux -- Milo, turns redder than ever: DeathMask!!!!! What did you just say?!

Torquemada -- Pollux: that's because this Spa, of course ;-)

Pollux -- *L* I feel bad for Milo, though.. ;-) brings back sad memories for him.

Torquemada -- Deathmask shouts the same line very loudly, that even those Saints who did not hear it first time, hear now: And next time when you in Spa, don't forget to wash your ears, Milo. You see, some people uses Spa for bathing, too! >:-)

Torquemada -- Pollux: Yup, me too. Bastard Milo is responsible of my awakened heartaches, so I'll make fun of him on revenge. >:-)

Pollux -- Camus quickly seals Deathmask into an ice coffin takes out his cellphone: Sanctuary Grocery, do you copy? Frozen Crab delivery for seafood section.

Torquemada -- Pollux: ah! Eureka! Our lawyers can make Kanon to inherit the Spa. He's the closed relative, after all. And thus we'll have him! :-)

Pollux -- Great idea!! ;-) He's definitely the choice!

Torquemada -- Kanon to Saints: And now let's talk about rental conditions... >:-)

Pollux -- *grins* ;-)

Pollux -- Actually I don't know how fond Kanon would be with the Spa...;-) After all, he almost drowned before... Maybe he's as allergic to water as the Kitten Gold Saint Aiolia..;-)

Torquemada -- Pollux: So I say - rental conditions!

Pollux -- *L* Very true..

Torquemada -- Kanon to Shaka: So or you wipe all the water, or you pay additional money to me. If you have your eyes closed, it doesn't save you from cleaning your own mess.

Pollux -- Shaka: You are just as mean as Saga...~_~

Torquemada -- And as landlords are always hated, Saints will start plotting against him. And he could go for comfort where - at our place, of course! ;-)

Pollux -- *L* ;-) That's a good way to retain his loyalty to our organization.

Torquemada -- Kanon: And you are as blind as bat, then, so long with your inner sight! I am completely different from that freak!

Torquemada -- I could also visit Saga at hospital. Bring him oranges, flowers... gossips... er... adult magazines. So we gain points from him, too

Pollux -- ~winks~ I'm sure Saga would appreciate that...;-)

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