Chat Log #03

Big Goddess Live! - Day 1

(© 2000 by Andro, Arythar, Pollux, Stayka, Tejat & Torquemada)

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The Saint Seiya Chat is often used for roleplaying stuff, too. On October 4th, 2000, it happened that some Saints gathered in the Saint Seiya version of Big Brother, called Big Goddess. This chat log was kindly provided by Arythar who saved the stuff you can read here...

Big Goddess is the current number one TV show in Sanctuary. We have seven Saints (Aphrodite, DeathMask, Ikki, Saga, Shaka, Shiryu, and Shun) and three girls (Freya, Saori and Shunrei) who have to endure 100 days in one hermetically closed temple. Every some days, one inhabitant with be voted out of the temple until only one inhabitant is left who will win a considerable amount of money.

The following excerpt features Aphrodite (=Torquemada), DeathMask (=Stayka), Shaka (=Andro), Freya (=Tejat), and BigBrother/Narrator (=Arythar). Saori (=Cygny) unfortunately left, and Aiolia (=Pollux) visited as surprise guest.

This day begins with DeathMask first flirting with Shunrei, then with Saori (who seemed to be very interested) until he made a move on Freya, after Saori had to retreat for some important Goddess stuff.

Aphro convinces DeathMask to date him at 10 p.m. in the evening. Shaka's loin cloth was abused as table cloth and soiled with some red stuff which might be either berry juice or blood. We enter the transmission during the vivid flirtation...

Freya -- Deathmask: Ah ah ah!! Very funny!! *sticking out her tongue*

Shaka -- Freya: Why in heaven do you have a wonderbra? You have no....fillings.

Freya -- Shaka: Pah!! You always have your eyes closed!

Aphrodite -- Freya: Will you, dear? Shaka, Masky, what do you think about this idea? I just hope we 4 will fill in the bath. *slyly* Sure thing! For a little kiss in exchange, of course!

Freya -- Aphro: No thanks! I just want to eat my apple....

Shaka -- Aphro: Yes, but in your case that's natural (in an odd way). I just miss the point with Freya. (I see you in thoughts + when you bumped into me I didn't feel anything.)

Aphrodite -- Freya: Ah well, dear... but anyway, let me know if you'll have ideas on Shaka, right? I might help you, really!

BigBrother -- Hello altogether! I see that you perform your weekly task very well.

DeathMask -- *gives Freya a winning smile* You are sweet when you are frolicking around like this...

Shaka -- Aphro: I have to do my cleaning first, otherwise I'll have nothing to wear!

BigBrother -- Mmhmm.... We see a starting relation between Freya and DeathMask, very intriguing...

Freya -- Aphro: I'll think about it!

DeathMask -- Aphro: Well, I don't mind some nice threesome with Freya...

Aphrodite -- *approaches Shaka until he stands nose to nose and whispers hotly*: Well, darling... Maybe that's because I bumped the wrong body part of yours?.. *makes certain naughty grabbing movement*

DeathMask -- Freya: May I get a bit of your apples, too?

Aphrodite -- Deathmask: that would be nice, darling. Nobody can say I'm closed to fresh ideas and experiences person. I like to perfect my art as much as possible.

Shaka -- *sneezes at Aphro* Sorry, I'm allergic to roses.

Freya -- Deathmask: You're an incorrigible vicious...!!!!!!!!!

BigBrother -- Oh, la LA la LA la LA!!! Aphrodite and Shaka!!

Aphrodite -- *infuriated, but calm outside*: That's OK, Shaka dear... *wipes the sneeze into Shaka's loin cloth* See? Nothing at all...

Freya -- Deathmask: ...and stop moving your tongue like that!!!!!!

Aphrodite -- *curious*: Like what, Freya...? Deathmask, could you please do it slowly? I want to look at your technique!

Shaka -- BigBrother: You don't get it! I can't stand to have him close to me (literally). Otherwise my nose gets stuffed up.

Aphrodite -- *looks up*: Yes, Big Bro?

DeathMask -- (purrs) Freya: I know - isn't that right what you like about me?

Shaka -- *looks again at the loin cloth* This is a real infection!

BigBrother -- Shaka: Well, there are still 99 days to go in this closed-up temple, so you two have to find a way how to get along with each other.... [thehee]

DeathMask -- Aphro: Well, 10 p.m., you said. Now I want to take a little snack first. You can stay with Shaka until then...

Aphrodite -- Shaka, darling... if the standing is no good for you, we might sit here, cheek to cheek... or maybe you prefer to lie down a bit?

Freya -- All: Ok!! I absolutely need to go to the toilet!!

BigBrother -- Shaka: Tell the spectators a little bit more about your nose? Since that's a highly philosophical issue!

DeathMask -- Freya: Don't take too long my sweetie!

Freya -- All: see you later!!!!

Shaka -- BigBrother: please, give me some kind of medicine to prevent me from sneezing. It drives me mad!

Aphrodite -- Now, Shaka, your loin cloth will cause you an allergy... *pretending saddness* And only my washing liquid could help.

BigBrother -- Good work in the kitchen, Freya! But be aware that we also have cameras there... :-))

Aphrodite -- Freya: take care, darling, will you?

BigBrother -- Shaka: You have to come into the conference-room and depict your problem in greater detail.

Shaka -- *washes the cloth, dries and irons it* Well, that looks much better.

Aphrodite -- Shaka: well, they say: "cure a disease with the reason of it". Very true indeed. I think I might help you to heal. :-)

Shaka -- *walks towards the room*

Narrator -- [While Freya went to the toilet, she almost stumbled over the broom which was lying on the floor. But with all her strength, she managed to go to the toilet where she's going to do big business.]

Aphrodite -- *goes carrying his rose oil for bath, "accidentally" trips and spills it on Shaka's cloth*: Oh. clumsy clumsy me!!!

Shaka -- Aphro: Don't you have something to prevent me from sneezing? Otherwise I won't be able to live in the temple for 99 days with you!

Camera#T1 -- [Zoom to the toilets]

DeathMask -- *sits on the couch and dreams about Freya's ...apples*

Aphrodite -- *playing very worried*: Shaka, dear, with such bad allergy you should remove all your clothes immediately! And hop into bath, will you? And I see what I can do.

Shaka -- *senses what has happened and yells* Not again!!! This time you'll clean it!!! And be careful with it!

BigBrother -- Shaka, do you find the way to the conference room with your eyes closed?

Aphrodite -- Shaka: Hush baby, be calm... Of course I'll wash it. Just take it off, quick!

Shaka -- *Grabs Aphro by the arm and pulls him into the bathroom* Yes, take a bath so we'll get rid from that smell and wash my loin cloth!

Aphrodite -- Big Bro, he can't go there with all his cloth in allergenic oil? And see, his hair is in oil, too! All sticky-yucky!

Shaka -- *trips over the broom and tears his loin cloth* Oh no.... No! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aphrodite -- *drags Shaka into bathroom after himself and locks the door*: At last!

Shaka -- *big tears in the corner of his eyes* Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aphrodite -- My, oh my! What an exotic way to do a striptease! Please continue, darling?...

BigBrother -- Aphro: Don't worry, Shaka can go to the conference room. It's way safe, for it is hermetically closed. The only interface to us is the cameras and microphone.

Shaka -- My Loin cloth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aphrodite -- ...and then we will wash your cloth... No, we'll give that to Shunrei, she gets excited when she has to do some household chores. And she will sew your cloth, too.

Camera#B2 -- [Turning to the bathroom scene, zoom to Shaka]

Shaka -- *sobs* What am I supposed to wear now?! I've only my Virgo Cloth left! I can't wear that for 999 days?!

Aphrodite -- I will wash you hair then, darling - see how oily they are *strokes Shaka's hair with pretended innocence.

Shaka -- *sulks* This is all your fault! Stop tampering me like a baby!

Aphrodite -- Shaka, please don't cry, dear. I said, we'll ask Shunrei to fix it. For now... Well, I can lend you my shirt *starts to undress slowly and quite, er... well, you can guess how*

BigBrother -- Shaka: Easy man! Just remove a '9', and that's the remaining amount of Days. Unless you apply for Big Brother #2.

Shaka -- *Who doesn't have his eyes open* What in heaven are you doing?

Narrator -- While Aphrodite and Shaka are having fun in the bathroom, DeathMask is in the living room, hanging around in the couch, having a flower between his teeth and dreaming about Freya....

Guest -- !!!!! What's going on here?! *LOL*

Camera#B2 -- [Quick zoom to Aphrodite undressing her - I mean - his shirt]

Shaka -- *starts to get very nervous* I don't know what you're doing, but I'm outta here! *jumps out of the bathtub and tries to head for the door*

Shaka -- *gets the handle, slips over a piece of soap and slides into the living room with er... his pure self*

BigBrother -- Hello Guest, even if you are a fan, please stay outside of the range. However, you can write fan-mails and yell with excitement to your fans... :-)

Shaka -- Who's Guest?

Aphrodite -- *smirking evilly but cutely*: Shaka, you want to go outside in, as I call it, the costume in which you were born?

BigBrother -- Guest is surely one of your fans, Shaka.

Aphrodite -- Tsk, tsk, tsk....*walks into living room after Shaka, carrying his shirt in hand*: You should watch where you're going, dear...

Shaka -- *hears DM laughing* What are you looking at?

Camera#L4 -- [wide angle in living room, Shaka and Aphrodite on screen, Deathmask hanging on couch looking to those two with some questionmarks over his head]

Aphrodite -- *bends over Shaka, "acidentally" letting his hair tickle Shaka's ear a bit* Are you alright? I hope, nothing was hurt, or broken?

Shaka -- *sneezes very loudly* Aphro, give me a T-shirt and some pants!

BigBrother -- Shaka, you are sure you don't want to wear tights instead of pants?

Aphrodite -- *hands his shirt to Shaka, at the same time straddles over him and looks down*: Have it, dear, I'm not greedy, and then the pants, sure thing...

Shaka -- *looks embarassed* Give me a towel quick!!!

Aphrodite -- *keeping the same position, starts unzipping his pants. Slowly*

Shaka -- *Puts them on in a huff*

Camera#L5 -- Oohh lala!! [Zoom to Aphrodite unzipping his pants; detail view of how Aphrodite's hand grabs the zipper]

Shaka -- Guest: Stop peeping at me!

Aphrodite -- *in the middle of pants removing process*: Ah, my zipper's stuck. You will help me, Shaka dear, will you?

Aiolia -- *comes in by accident and turns crimson red upon seeing... err...the scene in here*

Shaka -- *sniffing* Why do I suddenly smell Kit Kat?

BigBrother -- Aphro: Will you get back to your place? You can talk to your fans after the 99 days or when you are elected to leave for freedom ealier..

Advert -- Have a break, have a Kit Kat. BigBrother Actor's favourite dessert!!

DeathMask -- *awakes from his intense revery about Freya's ...apples and beyond*

Narrator -- DeathMask obviously cannot wait any longer and turns his eyes to Guest or Aiolia who are waving like wild fans through the window....

Shaka -- *Starts to scratch himself everywhere* Say, do you have lice, Aphrodite?

Aphrodite -- Lice, Shaka? What could that be?...

BigBrother -- My dear inhabitants, you have now a new mate, the name of your new friend is Aiolia. Please treat him well, and this will make also the next weekly task easier for you... :-)

DeathMask -- BigBrother: Why's the big kitten here? He wasn't on our list!

Shaka -- *scratches even more* Your cloths feel itchy, that's why I ask!

Aphrodite -- Ah, my poor Shaka... I see you have an allergy itch. Do you want me to scrach that bodyparts you can't reach yourself?

DeathMask -- BigBrother: And we only have ten beds! *thinks* Although, I might ask Freya ...

Shaka -- Aiolia: You can have Freya's bed, apparently she has very big business to do and she'll probably spend the night with DM.

Aphrodite -- Masky, Saga's bed free, I must say. Saga himself is located *evil snigger* in Ikki's bed.

BigBrother -- DeathMask, you just have defined your minute-task: Name all members in the BigBrother house within 10 seconds.

Aiolia -- *still red from the embarrassment* You are gold Saints, not yaoi maniacs! And I'm LEO, not a big kitten!

BigBrother -- DeathMask, if you succeed, you all will get a song book containing exciting songs!! :-)

Aphrodite -- *eyes radiate pure innocence*: Aiolia, what is this 'yaoi', darling?

DeathMask -- Aphro: So you mean there's even one more free bed? Wow.

Shaka -- BigBrother: Aphro, DM, Freya, Shaka, ikki, Aiolia, Saga, Saori, Shunrei, Shiryu, Shun.

DeathMask -- BigBrother: Saori, Shunrei, Freya, Shaka, Saga, DM, Ikki, Shun, Shiryu, Aphrodite.

Aphrodite -- Shaka, dear? Are you feeling better?

Narrator -- While Aiolia has been given a warm welcome by all BigBrother members, he already feels disturbed that he's called "kitten" and not "his majesty".

DeathMask -- Aiolia: You *are* a big kitten. I've heard you meowing when Marin visited you...

Aphrodite -- Deathmask, yes. Just we should see Ikki won't get there, right?...

Shaka -- *still sniffing* And you smell like one too!

BigBrother -- Good work, DeathMask and Shaka. The BigBrother house will get a song book, and you can sing exciting songs. This will be fun for all!

Narrator -- The inhabitants are given the promised song book. They are completely overjoyed.

Shaka -- Who is this kitty anyway?

Aiolia -- Move over, Aphroyaodite! *Lightning Bolt!!!*

Aphrodite -- *sings in husky sexy voice*: Calm down, relax, it's too late to worry...calm down, relax...take it easy...

Aphrodite -- *reproachfully* Now look what you did, Aiolia - you ruined my hairdo! Now what do I look like, with my hair standing as a dandelion?

Aiolia -- Never tempt a desperate cat.... *smirks*

Shaka -- Aphro: Well, a dandelion...?

Aphrodite -- Show time, Shaka darling... Show time! *winks*

Aiolia -- *smiles naïvely to Aprhodite* You look like Medusa incarnate!

Shaka -- Aphro: But the spikey things suit you!

Aphrodite -- Shaka: Thank you for your help... I see, you've got a good imagination! *sulks* But at least I got a compliment from you, Shaka, darling. Now you can't say you're indifferent towards me.

Shaka -- *blush* I'm just being polite, that's all!

Aphrodite -- *flash eyes and in dangerously quiet voice*: Do I *really*, Aiolia?....

Aphrodite -- Yah, yah...nowaday they call *it* politeness.

Shaka -- I didn't meant to offend you. *stomach grumbles* Hmmm... I'm hungry.

BigBrother -- My dear members, here I we are again, We had to solve a technical challenge.

DeathMask -- *No one's* hair stands as nicely as mine!

Aiolia -- Meowmeowmeow.... emewomoww... meowyowmow....

Aphrodite -- I like challenges! *quick glance towards Shaka*

Shaka -- *hold your horses! Erh... roses I mean*

Pollux -- DM: Hi!! *L* ^_^ It's quite an unusual chat this afternoon!

Shaka -- Hello pollux!

DeathMask -- Pollux: We're playing Big Goddess


BigBrother -- Pollux: Hello, fan. Please stay out of the range. We know that you want to embrace your heroes, but please bear with patience...

Pollux -- DM: *LOL* ^_^

Pollux -- Actually I have to go to work now...have fun!! ^_^

DeathMask -- Pollux: See ya!

Pollux -- Btw, I see Saga is in the house, but very under-utilized...~grin~ *teleports to Gold Triangle Dimension... oops... I meant... to work... *sigh* impossible! It's a full hour drive...wish I could really teleport.*

Andro -- Cya!

BigBrother -- Pollux, be sure to switch on the TV or your RealPlayer so that you won't miss anything of the show :-)

Aphrodite -- Pollux: it is his own fault, you know. If the only way to get a man out of bathroom is to affect him by my roses' aromatic oil - what should we do?

Pollux -- See you all^_^ *rushes out*

Shaka -- Tummy grumbles again! I should look into the fridge!

Aphrodite -- Shaka, darling, you eat too much, I must say. You just have eaten something, and now again?

Shaka -- Aphro: All that meditation requires a lot of energy! I have to eat something.

Aphrodite -- It's infectious, I must admit. :-)

Narrator -- It seems that Aiolia wasn't treated enough like as majesty, so he already left again.

Aphrodite -- Shaka: Well, I'm just saying you should be careful, dear. Or one day it might happen your lotos just couldn't lift you anymore.

Shaka -- Aphro: Don't worry. Nobody notice them, but I have cables who support my weight.

Aphrodite -- Pity....well, but now I could pay my attention 100% on Shaka again... :-) - Shaka, so they might break, too. It would be such a dishonour, dear...let me help you with some exercises and diets!

Shaka -- *sulks* I'm not fat.

DeathMask -- Narrator: So now we have *two* empty beds?

BigBrother -- Shaka, but don't you think you're a little bit skinny? Some people say that...

Aphrodite -- Yes, me, for example. Diets and exercises help to build weight, too, not just to loose it.

Shaka -- *Sulks even more* I don't care! It's a bouddhistic thing, that's all!

BigBrother -- Why two empty beds, DeathMask? Beforehand someone complained that there'd be not enough beds since Aiolia was here...

Aphrodite -- Masky, one's of Saga, and whose is the other?

BigBrother -- And yes, dear members of the Big Brother house, it's also time to set up your lunch-list with your budget available.

Aphrodite -- *thoughtfully*: So many names for such a small body part. By the way, I hear it called 'bouddhistic thing' for the first time. Should remember this...

Shaka -- *blushes even more* What are you talking about, Aphro?

DeathMask -- BigBrother: Well, you see, I invited Freya to - emm - share mine with me, and Aphro discovered that Ikki and Saga also ...saved some bedspace by sharing one ^_^

Shaka -- BigBrother: I 'd like some rice and curry!

DeathMask -- BigBrother: I want some steaks, of course.

Aphrodite -- *distracted*: What? Oh, nothing important, Shaka dear... Now, let's talk about the menu, shall we?

BigBrother -- Some steak for the Monsieur - for Shaka some steak as well?

Shaka -- BigBrother: And a bottle of water from the Ganges!

Shaka -- BigBrother: Please! I'm a vegetarian!

Aphrodite -- BigBrother: I'd like milk, it's good for the skin; apples, bell peppers, oranges, - as vitamin source; carrots for my eyes; and grapes, watermelons - good for kidneys; and soya, its healthy overall. Besides, I want mineral water from Himalayan mountain spings, strawberries, oatmeal, chicken breasts, chocolate - as energy source, and brocolli, and... *stops because of losing breath*

BigBrother -- And how about letting the other members decide as well a little bit? I'm sure Shun doesn't want to miss his lolly pop and Ikki his Kentucky Fried Chicken on some hot sauce. - C'moon, go get the other members around the table!

Shaka -- *moves towards the table, but suddenly feels nature calls and goes towards the lavatory* All: I feel something coming up! I have to go to the bathroom!

Camera#La1 -- Zooms out and displays Shaka running to the lavatory.

Aphrodite -- Oh, blast, where's the camera of that lavatory? BigBrother, show me Shaka, please!

Shaka -- So to everybody that should pop in on Big Goddess "Greetings"! - And Aphro, stop peeking! - Cya all tomorrow and have fun! Aphro, stop zooming in, will you!

Aphrodite -- *biiiig eyes*my! *What* an impressive bouddhistic thing!

BigBrother -- Good night, Shaka.

Shaka -- Cya all!

Narrator -- Since Shaka sneezed around all the time and felt not very well, and Aphro's kind treatment in the bathroom took Shaka's last energy-ressource, Shaka now feels like going to bed now.

Aphrodite -- *whispers*: Yah, Shaka, nighty night.... *sends a kiss* - Now, which camera shows the bedroom?

Camera#Bm3 -- Showing Shaka undressing, placing his hair to right position, climbing in one of the upper beds, almost stumbling over his hair on the ladder...

Narrator -- While Shaka went to bed and Aphrodite is still hanging around, people ask themselves in the forums if DeathMask is still around as well...

DeathMask -- Narrator: My cuddly blondy Freya isn't around! Did she fall into the toilet?

Aphrodite -- *hears nothing and sees nothing except Shaka on screen and tries to bend - to have a better view up to Shaka*

BigBrother -- DeathMask, how about going having a look?

DeathMask -- BigBrother: Well... Last time Shaka was in the bathroom... I hope he didn't do anything to her!

Narrator -- DeathMask goes into the toilet and doesn't come out for the rest of the day.

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