Chat Log #04

Big Goddess Live! - Day 2

(© 2000 by Andro, Cygny, P-Mu, Stayka, Tejat & Torquemada)

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The Saint Seiya Chat is often used for roleplaying stuff, too. On October 6th, 2000, the second day of the Saint Seiya version of Big Brother was performed. This chat log was saved and edited by me (Stayka) for all of you to enjoy...

The following excerpt features Aphrodite (=Torquemada), DeathMask (=Stayka), Freud (=Torquemada), Ikki (=P-Mu), Odin (Torque, too), Shaka (=Andro), Freya (=Tejat), Saori (=Cygny), and Aiolia (=Pollux) as short time visitor.

This day begins with Saori wondering why the show is called Big Goddess. Odin proposes it's because of certain ...qualities of Athena, especially in the upper chest area.

Saori -- And I still wonder why in fact they chose the name Big Goddess? Would it have anything to do with ... well... what Odin mentioned?

Odin -- Who's that Big Goddess? You?! *unpolite laugh* Weeeeell, I can agree some parts of ya are *big* enough. But, I could lay you down with a single flick! And ain't doing nuffin' here. Yet. Huhahahaaa!

Saori -- BIG BROTHER!!!!!! Get Odin out of here!!!! Now, your Goddess orders it!!! - Odin: and don't underestimate me! I may look big in only some parts, but that doesn't mean a thing!

DeathMask -- Saori-sama, Goddessy-babe, it's all about what Odin mentioned *drools*

Odin -- Why babe, I'm not even here! I see ya on dat TV thingy, and you hear my voice by telephoto...telefat..telephaty!

Saori -- Deathmask: don't start this, I saw what happened the other day after I had my back turned. Go back to Freya. Anyway, I've got my eyes on someone else

Freya -- ...

DeathMask -- But Saori-sama - you're my only Goddess *gives her a truly winning smile*

Saori -- Odin: in that case, it's the last I hear of ya. Blocking off your voice, Byebye babe. Oh, and maybe I'll send you a dictionary.

Aphrodite -- What? We on TV?! *gets pale green colour* It means Misty can see me now?! Aaaarhg, Misty, dear, I'm just fooling with Shaka, because yourenothereandmissyoulikehellmysweetie! You can't ever possibly believe I was chasing him seriously, can you, darling???

DeathMask -- Saori: Freya is cute, agreed... *ponders* Maybe you two might get along after all?

Saori -- DM: I KNOW I'm the only goddess, but that's not all that matters to some, right?

DeathMask -- Hello Freya :) *smiles sweetly*

Saori -- Aphro: Oh, don't get all worked up. I got the other saints doing so many chores that they won't have time to look at this.

DeathMask -- Freya: Remember the date with Aphro... Saori, why don't you join us, too?

Saori -- Freya: Dear, are you interested in DeathMask? I mean, if you are, you can have him, don't worry. I'll just wait for my sweetie to show up :)

Freya -- All: I try to send a mail to Hilda with this damned computer! $+%0!!

Aphrodite -- *relieved visibly*: You did it, really, my Goddess? Weell, you're so generous and good, the best Goddess I ever met! *looks arround* hey, and where's Shaka?

Saori -- DeathMask: is that all you guys think of? I mean, there's more to life than ...that.

Freya -- Saori: Er...well...

Saori -- Aphro: I know dear :))) *comes closer to Aphro* Let me ask you something, are you really only interested in guys? *smiles willingly*

DeathMask -- Saori: But, Megami-sama - who is that sweetie of yours? I'm sure he can't be half als charming and interesting than *me*

Saori -- DeathMask: I've got my eyes on a bigger target!!! LOL, you'll see when you'll see :)

Aphrodite -- Saori: *poutily*: I can only agree, my Goddess. It' much much more - look, I even do not got them buffers, and can anyone here say I'm not beauty?

DeathMask -- Saori-sama: Don't say it's Odin! I'll kill him, no matter if he's a God or not

Aphrodite -- *looks around in challenging way*

Saori -- DeathMask: and don't think I'm talking about Aphro after what I just said...

DeathMask -- Saori: Aphro can't match *me* in the girls department!

Saori -- DeathMask: no it's not Odin, but please feel free to kill him anyway :) A little clue: who is the biggest authority in the house? LOL.

Ikki -- Hey DeathMask! *I'm* still nr.1 in the girls department.

Aiolia -- Ah....Big Brother again? ;-)

Saori -- The big guy!

Aphrodite -- *uneasily*: Well, my Goddess...of course I'm a friend to ladies. I used to get along with them very well, they likes my company.

DeathMask -- Saori: So this time you won't get upset if I kill some useless guy? Yatta! You're a real sweety!

Saori -- Hi Ikki and Aiolia *comes closer to Aiolia, winks and whispers* How's my kitty today?

Saori -- DeathMask: well, he already bothered me enough. So have fun :)

DeathMask -- Ikki: You and Nr.1? Puhleaze! The only girl you ever had was this blondie - and she got killed before you ever managed to do anything!

Ikki -- *lounges back into his seat* Shunrei wave a little more to the right with that palm leaf, my cocktail is getting hot!

Saori -- Aphro: don't feel uneasy, I didn't mean anything by it.

Freya -- Deathmask: I cooked a mousse au chocolat for you want it?

Odin -- DeathMask: What?! You spiky troll, you bald tailed rat, you filthy goblin?! Yeah, ya dat dere, the chap with da hair like just took his fingerz from electric outlet! Ya date challenge me, what?!! *prepares a handy thunderbolt*

Suddenly Ikki's coctail starts to boil after DM's comment...

DeathMask -- Odin: Taste some good Sekishiki MeiKaiHa!

Saori -- Aphro: BTW, what kind of lipstick do you use?

Ikki -- *grins calmly again when the fanmail is delivered*

DeathMask -- Freya: Mousse au chocolat? Especially for me? That's nice. *goes over to Freya*

Aphrodite -- Today's it's 'Purple Misty', my Goddess. Do you like it? *expectantly*

Aphrodite -- Masky, as long as *I*'m informed, poor Esme killed herself for a reason our chicken friend started to chase her....

Freya -- Deathmask: *evil grin* you're so naive!! it's for me!!

Aphrodite -- Freya, 'mouse in chocolate'? Ayyyye, where's mouse?!!! *jumps on table*

Saori -- Aphro: I do, could you help me with my make-up later on? I've got big plans for tonight and you seem to be the experts in this department :)

Ikki -- *goes out to the little garden and scorches all the roses*

Freya -- Saori: again a rendez-vous with Julian Solo???

Saori -- Freya: LOL, now that's a good one. But on the other hand I would be careful as not to upset DM to much.

DeathMask -- Freya: You will prepare a mousse au chocolat for me too! *sulks*

Saori -- Freya: Julian? Who ever thinks of him again? Forgot all about him.

Odin -- What da heathen lingo ya are gabbling, mate? I understand no word of it. Be a man and come over here, ya!

DeathMask -- Saori-sama: Yes, think of me. Freya refuses to make a mousse au chocolat for me!

Saori -- *thinks it may be best if she gets as many of the inhabitants of the house on her side so goes over to DM and pats him on the back*

Aphrodite -- *from the comfy place on table*: Well of course, my dear. I promise, you'll look fabulous, with my little help!

Saori -- DM: what's wrong dear? You want me to punish the evil girl? *strokes his back and talks as if to a baby*

DeathMask -- *nods to Saori*

Freya -- Deathmask: I'll prepare one for you only if you kneel down *evil grin*

Saori -- Aphro: oh that's sweet.

Aphrodite -- Deathmask, why the hell do you need mouse in chocolade? It's weird. Mouse belongs to mousetrap, not to chocolade! It's a waste of chocolate, IMHO. And did I just see some yellow fat, lazy, smelly cat here? Or am I wrong?

DeathMask -- Freya: Kneel down? *Me*?? Are you kidding? What about - prepare one for me and I won't spank you? By the way, Aphro - you never tried this truly divine dessert?

Freya -- Deathmask: I made it with love....*puppy eyes*

Aphrodite -- Deathmask: divinity is of Shaka's responsibility, know nothing on that and don't want to know other. And I don't like deserts, they are usually full of scorpions, snakessses and other uglies. *shudders

Saori -- *climbs on chair and looks around suspiciously*

Aphrodite -- Saori: Freya put it in chocolate, though I have no clue, why. *looks lost*

Aiolia -- Interesting crowd..

Aphrodite -- Ah, kitty! Come over here, please, I'll give you a hug. Sorry, can't get from table while mouse question is open.

DeathMask -- Freya: Mousse with Love? Yeah!

Aiolia -- Aphrodite: Good afternoon, Aphyaodite! >;-)

Freya -- Deathmask: ...but only if you kneel down!! Wouldn't you do that for me?? Once in your life?

DeathMask -- Freya: Kneel down and ruin my reputation? That's a tough choice m'dear!

Saori -- *hugs Aiolia*

Aphrodite -- *grimly*: One day your fetlocked tail will get between the door and the doorpost. And I'll look that door will be closed with all the force, my dear.

Freya -- Deathmask: I'm a princess in Asgard, don't forget it!

DeathMask -- Freya: And I'm a Saint of Athena! I'm sure Saori won't like to see me kneeling before some Asgardian princess...

Freya -- Deathmask: as you want my dear!

DeathMask -- (nagging) Freya: So do I get my mousse?

Freya -- Deathmask: of course not!!

Saori -- Well, nature calls, see you later DM, Aphro, Freya

Freya -- Bye Saori!

DeathMask -- Saori: Even Goddesses are called by nature. I'm somewhat relieved

Aphrodite -- Now, now, Masky...there's no need to call girl a meanie, if she's got a bit unusual, er, kinkier tastes in, er, relationship...

DeathMask -- Aphro: So you mean she'd actually like to be spanked? (sobs after a little pause) Freya refuses to give me her self-made mousse au chocolat!

Shaka -- Is back in the house!

Freya -- *begins to taste the mousse au chocolat*

DeathMask -- Hello Shaka! Is your loin cloth fixed now?

Shaka -- First of all big hello to everybody!

Aphrodite -- Ah, my dear Shaka.... come here, I'll give you a friendly hug!

DeathMask -- Aphro: I thought *we* had a date (with Freya)?

Ikki -- Oh no, Shaka is back...retreats

DeathMask -- Ikki: Afraid of wimpy Shaka?

Freya -- *finishes the mousse au chocolat*

DeathMask -- Freya: Nothing left for me? *Nothing*??????

Shaka -- I see that dear Aphro is here too!

Ikki -- As long as she doesn't lay eyes on me it's ok hides behind Shunrei

Aphrodite -- Masky, and I thought we'd have a date possibly without her? Though I wouldn't mind, much...besides, why can't I hug my friend Shaka? Are you jealous, Masky? *smirk*

Ikki -- Hmm, Shunrei you seem to have gained some muscles...

Freya -- *licks the "ramequin"*

DeathMask -- Aphro: Well, I want a girl at the date, too, lest I ruin my reputation as womanizer...

Aphrodite -- *nudges Deathmask into ribs*: Just *look* at her tongue works! She's a profi!

Dohko -- hmm why did the waterfall reverse it's current all of a sudden...ah Shiryu is watching Shunrei at BB-BG

DeathMask -- Aphro: Yeah. And she's mine!

Aphrodite -- You know, Masky-dear...I probably join you in your date with her, if you don't mind. I like to learn new techniques.

Ikki -- Oops, that aren't muscles, that's soft...

Freya -- Shaka: did I ever say to you that I love your eyes? (when they're

DeathMask -- Aphro: No prob, boy...

Aphrodite -- Ikki, darling. That's probably fat. I can't imagine how she could abandon her looks so badly... *dissaprovingly*

Ikki -- It's some kind of special fat Aphro, upper fat LOL

DeathMask -- Ikki: Yeah, Freya has that, too... *drools* And Saori-sama... *drools even more*

Shaka -- Freya: *Blush* Well, I take good care of them; don't want to end with glasses very soon.

Freya -- Shaka: With glasses you would be cuter I guess...

Aphrodite -- *goes from behind and wraps round Shaka's neck* yes, sweetie, I love your eyes...and youe ears *whispers*, and your hair..and, butterc...

Freya -- Aphro: I agree with you...

Shaka -- Aphro: I only wear pearl necklaces, Aphro. I don't intend to get Saints on my neck.

Aphrodite -- You do, Shaka, don't you?..*pretentious sigh* well, I can put my hands lower...*hands slide down Shaka's waist* that's Ok? Or lower?....

Freya -- Shaka: sorry, I have to go to the toilets...*blinks*

Aphrodite -- Freya: why are you always spending so much time in the privy, girl?

Shaka -- Aphro: you would be disappointed!

Aphrodite -- *sincerely surprised*: Why, Shaka dear I must be surprised?...

Freya -- Aphro: There's a Saint Seiya manga in the toilets... *grin*

Aphrodite -- Freya!!!! It's a sacrilege to read Great Manga *horrified*: Mortals are not supposed to know their future!!!!!

DeathMask -- Freya: You leave me alone again *sobs* And you didn't even give me my mousse au chocolat!

Freya -- Shaka: you know I'd like to be always beside you my lovely saint...

Shaka -- DM: Don't worry, you still have Aphro to play with. ^_^

Freya -- Shaka: but Asgard needs me!

DeathMask -- Shaka: Sure, but Aphro's not a girl. *sulks*

Freya -- All: see you later!! bye bye!

Aphrodite -- Freya: don't drown there in privies, dear?

DeathMask -- Freya: adieu!

Shaka -- Freya: Give Asgard just some anti freeze!

Aphrodite -- Yes, DM, we can have Shaka, our surrogate Barbie, if anything....:-)

Ikki -- Shaka that was almost like a proposal LOL

Shaka -- Ikki has a lot of imagination!

Aphrodite -- Ikki, my lovely chick, Shaka goes around proposing and tempting since the beginning of this show.

Shaka -- Aphro: Am I tempting you?

DeathMask -- Aphro: I want a cutie girl to play around!

Ikki -- *seems Shaka is out of his usual behaviour in this house*

DeathMask -- Ikki: Well, living in a closed temple under total surveillance might do that to someone...

Aphrodite -- Ikki, being a Bronzie, you haven't got much time to know him as we, his neighbours, do.

Shaka -- Ikki: Erhh... I'm just starting to know the other BG members.

Aphrodite -- Shaka, are you saying you're doing that all insctinctively?! Even not knowing about?!...

Freud -- It seems that Shaka wants to fulfill an emotional need that he lacks.

Aphrodite -- Ikki, I remember once, how he came at my house to cry on my shoulder just because he slipped in Camus temple and got a tiny scratch on his leg...

Shaka -- Aphro: I *know* the inner person. That's more important.

Freud -- It might be so that that the fact of being in a close environment, a close community stimulates the affectionate behaviour.

Aphrodite -- Yes, Grandpa Freud, I can only agree.

Shaka -- Freud: Not all my thoughts are based on the ...horizontal polka.

Ikki -- Pah, sounds just like my brother, but then again he's Virgo, too.

Aphrodite -- And do you recall the accident at one of your parties, DeathMask, when he stuck on drinking champagne from Aldy's boot? - Ikki, I remember your little brother. Very cute boy, just IMHO too young to play with chain stuff.

Ikki -- Yup, that bondage fet...euhm oops...

DeathMask -- Aphro: Yeah. Aldy's boot are HUGE ^_^ LOL

Aphrodite -- Ikki: he tried it on me, too. "Well, kid" - I remember, I said, "Why don't you just put this down, we'll light some candles, order a dinner, put some flowers and that's it for the 1st time?" But he was so stubborn.

Saori -- Your alltime favourite Goddess is back! ^_^ So, who's new here? Aha, hello Shaka *hug*

DeathMask -- Re Saori. Well, so what about this date...?

Aphrodite -- DeathMask: exactly! And when I pointed him being too selfish, remember what he proposed to me?! BTW, Shaka, this proposal is still open and valid. ;-)

Shaka -- *humble bow* greetings dear goddess of wisdom.

Saori -- DM: I just hope you didn't kneel down in front of Freya while I was gone. Tell me...

Shaka -- *dreaming of lotus flowers*

Saori -- Shaka: aha! At least someone who appreciates me for what I am ^_^

Ikki -- pffrt... Shaka, don't exaggerate! - Hi, you divine spoiled one... Euh, splendid one, I mean...

Shaka -- Ikki: You're so rude!

Ikki -- At least I'm not a hypocrite Shaka

DeathMask -- Saori: I didn't. Thus I got no mousse at all So will you prepare some mousse for me???

Shaka -- Ikki: You just don't understand the divine powers.

Saori -- DM: well, I could give it a try, but first we have to ask Big Bro to give us the ingredients and since he doesn't seem to show up today... :( *ponders a moment* I really don't know where Freya got all that stuff.

DeathMask -- Saori: You're a Goddess - can't you just magick them into existence? I'm still annoyed that Freya refused to give me my proper share! *sobs* It's unfair. Why can't the girls see me as the man I am? handsome, caring...

Saori -- Oh, don't worry DM, in the house you're still my nr.1. Well, as long as the big guy isn't here yet anyway :)

Aphrodite -- Masky, don't worry. If you want me to take Shaka out of the way, you should just ask...

DeathMask -- Aphro: Good idea. Please, see to it that Shaka is ...occupied. Occupied with other than some girl, that is.

Aphrodite -- Deathmask: sure thing, darling. It's a pleasure to do a favour to such an attractive man as you *winks*

Shaka -- Can't you bug someone else? DM or Ikki perhaps! I'm not your kinda guy.

Aphrodite -- Shaka, are wrong here....

DeathMask -- Aphro: Fine. *brushes his hand through his cool spikey hair*

Ikki -- Nobody wants to mess with me, Shaka. *grin*

Aphrodite -- *silently* And you, Ikki, are wrong too...

Shaka -- Ikki: Sure! Aphro is very fond of you!

DeathMask -- Ikki: Shaka is no problem as long as he leaves my girls alone. Anyone seen Shunrei, by the way? She promised to cook some Italian food for me.

Ikki -- Everybody's fond of me! *Proud Lion* - Lower the grapes, Shunrei!

Aphrodite -- sings to Shaka: "greasy insomnia, please release me and let me dream...blah-la-la-lah, tearing the tights with my teeth"...

Shaka -- Aphro: I 'll be "straight" to you! I don't plan to have a new relationship. I'm not over my last one! *snif!*

DeathMask -- Aphro: LOL!

Aphrodite -- *another song dedicated to Shaka*: "If lovin' you is wrong, I don't-no-wanna be right!"

DeathMask -- Shaka: Your last relationship? Care to elaborate?

Aphrodite -- Shaka, sweetie, would you like me to help you on that? Oh, please let me to comfort you!

Shaka -- DM: Please!! I'm very sensitive right now! *turns away in tears*

Aphrodite -- Saori: It's all Shaka in that, you know what he says? "It's good sometimes to talk with someone clever and perfect." Pah, can you imagine size of his ego?

Saori -- Aphro: I saw, indeed, what an ego :)

DeathMask -- Shaka: Do you want me to comfort you? *tries to grab Shaka's golden hair to pull him closer*

Shaka -- DeathMask: No, just give me some time to put things together again.

Saori -- DM: If that is your way of comforting people, I'll make sure never to need comfort when you're around ^^;;;

DeathMask -- Saori: Hey, I like Shaka's hair. Very cool, especially when it stands on end!

Saori -- DM: *blushing* and what do you think of my hair?

DeathMask -- Saori: Nice colour. May I tousle it a bit?

Ikki -- DM: Don't say you've pulled that 'there's sth about Mary' trick on Shaka's hair?

DeathMask -- Ikki: *What*??? What do you think I am????

Aphrodite -- DeathMask, yeah, they are beautiful, and before that incident with Milo and chewing gum it was even prettier.... *evil grin*

Saori -- DM: sure, I love it when people tousle my hair. But be careful, I saved for that my whole life, wouldn't want anything to happen to it.

DeathMask -- Shaka: You see, that's really you: bad ego, but nice hair

Aphrodite -- Good, I'm well known with *that* stuff. No one can trick me, haha!

DeathMask -- *goes to Saori and plays with her beautiful, long, violet mane*

Aphrodite -- Masky, and he even does not care about it! If I had such hair... *sigh* I would be the happiest person in the universe!

Saori -- Aphro: don't worry about it, you have other great features instead. And your hair isn't bad either ^_^

Aphrodite -- Saori, I know they are perfect. But it need a lot of caressing and time! *sigh* You even cannot imagine...

DeathMask -- Aphro: I think I like long hair. But would it befit me?

Aphrodite -- Masky, I think your spiky hair fits you best. Please keep your current image, it fits you fine.

DeathMask -- Aphro: Great. That's no work for me after all. Just wash, run the hands through once or twice and finished...

Aphrodite -- Masky, no kidding? I always thought you must work on that spikes!

DeathMask -- Aphro: My spikes are completely natural!

Aphrodite -- *touches a spike* Ouch! I cut my finger!!! *puts a finger in his mouth* You call that *natural*, Masky?

DeathMask -- Aphro: Sure. It is natural. I'm just not the soft and squishy type of guy. - Shall I comfort you?

Aphrodite -- Masky, sure thing? *tooks a finger out, licks it in saucy manner*: blow a bit on it, dear, will you?...

DeathMask -- *blows on Aphrows finger* (and only there, LOL)

Aphrodite -- *flaps eyelashes at Deatmask*: oh, than you, it's much better! *leans closer* more, please! more!

DeathMask -- Aphro: Don't expect me to do more of a blowjob, pal! *lol*

Aphrodite -- *winks* Ah, Masky, and I expected so much....*pretentious sigh* well, but there's always Shaka....

Shaka -- Aphro: see! You're not serious about your emotions! If we were together you would be cheating on me! *gives an admonition*

Aphrodite -- *dreams on* And I might always ask Shun. Of couse I should lie something to him, but the pure boy is so unexperienced it won't be difficult at all.

Ikki -- Aphro: My bro isn't unexperienced, I taught him everything!

Shaka -- Aphro: You should be ashamed about yourself! Naughty Aphro!!!

Aphrodite -- Shaka, darling? I am cheating on you? How can you say that?.... *eyes, surprised*

Ikki -- I'm the only faithful one here, aren't I, Shunrei?

Aphrodite -- Shaka, why naughty? I'm just natural. This is the most natural thing in the world! Bees do it, butterflies do it...

Shaka -- Aphro: You were seducing that vicious crab! I should have known!

Aphrodite -- Ikki: I suppose he wasn't listening, dear...

Shaka -- *tears* I'm gonna commit suicide! Goodbye cruel world! *runs off*

DeathMask -- Aphro: Hey, I told you I prefer girls!

Ikki -- Hey Shaka, I want to inherit your pearls.

Shaka -- Ikki: Oh go to hell, you indecent little canary! *looks for a rope to hang himself*

DeathMask -- Shaka: Don't panic. I'd like the well-endowed Saori to return... Or Freya...

Aphrodite -- Masky, are yoy saying that girls are never hysteric? They are even more clueless, and your Freya is a perfect example.

DeathMask -- Aphro: Clueless okay - but they look so nice. Soft and squishy, you see...

Shaka -- *picks up the pearl necklace* well, if I have to go, at least it will be in style.

Ikki -- Shaka, I will incinerate you don't worry

Aphrodite -- *tauntingly* You always do everything in style, Shaka. That your style even got a name - "Mauvais Tone", 'scuse my French.

Shaka -- *tries to make a knot in the necklace*

Aphrodite -- Deathy, but Shaka is soft and squishy, too. Just different from girls' squishy parts.

Shaka -- *jumps on the lotus flower and ties up the rope at the ceiling*

DeathMask -- Aphro: I prefer the girl-squishy-parts!

Shaka -- *tightens the rope around his neck* Well, this is it! Goodbye my fellow saints. I'm going in grace! *jumps*

camera -- *zooms in on Shaka's facial expression as the necklace tightens*

Saori -- *frees Shaka* Stop playing around, Shaka! I still need that necklace later

Aphrodite -- *didactically*: Shaka, do you know that a person who decides to hang, due to certain anatomical processes shits and pisses immediately? Do you want to go like *this*?...Yuck!

Shaka -- *necklace breaks and the pearls roll everywhere*

Ikki -- LOL! Shaka, you are too heavy! :P

Shaka -- *tears* Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Even this doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!

DeathMask -- *ponders whether to comfort Shaka*

Shaka -- Aphro: you're right! I'll drown myself in the bathtub! That's more hygienic.

Aphrodite -- *steps uncarefully, slips on a pears and plops on his @$$* - Damn you, Shaka! You even cannot commit a proper suicide!

DeathMask -- Aphro: Shaka is no good for anything

Aphrodite -- *gets up so-so*, I hurt my leg!

Shaka -- *starts laughing* Well, at least you slipped in grace! LOL!

Aphrodite -- *bends, sees Shaka's groin just in teeth level and thinks deeply; but then thinks against that*

Shaka -- ROTFL!!!!! This is just too much fun! A slippery fish that fell on land! BLUB!

DeathMask -- Shaka: But don't you dare make any crab jokes about *me*!

Shaka -- *laughes so hard that he doesn't notice a pearl and slips too* Auch!

Aphrodite -- Deathmask: Thank you dear... Only *you* seem to support and understand me here... You will let me to lean upon you, right?

DeathMask -- Aphro: Of course - as long as the girls aren't here...

Aphrodite -- *dangerously silent voice*: Shaka, dear...just one more bloody word, and you will be forcefully freed of your Zodiac sign, got it?

Shaka -- Aphro: OK! I appologize for what I said and did but you made me just so furious!

Aphrodite -- *sigh* Nobody can change you, Shaka... but... *nastily* I'm flattered I can cause you some strong feelings for my person! >:-)

DeathMask -- *waits longingly for Freya or Saori or even better both of them*

Shaka -- Aphro: Please, dear. Do you accept my appology?

Aphrodite -- Shaka, darling, sure, how can I be angry on such a handsome guy? How about the Kiss of Peace?:-)

Shaka -- *blush* Couldn't we just shake hands?

Aphrodite -- Shaka: ah, it would be too dry and official dear, and we are friends here, aren't we?...

Shaka -- *relief* I'm glad you aren't mad at me anymore.

DeathMask -- Anyone seen Shunrei? I want to flirt with her to make Shiryu angry...

Aphrodite -- Masky, she's either at kichen or in privies, doing cleaning. The girl is a real householding maniac.

Shaka -- Well... Ok than, but don't expect anything further. Kssssssss!

Aphrodite -- *shots his hand around Shaka's neck and holds him in dead embrace...and kiss* - *1 min...2 min.... 5 min passes... backs off*: Ahh... *that's* what I call kiss! *very content*

Shaka -- *big blush* You took real advantage of me! I'm covered with lipstick!!

DeathMask -- Aphro: 5 minutes?! Not bad at all. Shaka, still alive?

Shaka -- *Trying to recover his breath* Huh! huh! I think so! - I never thought I would something like that!

Aphrodite -- Masky, I told you he's not so simple, our little pure Shaka....

DeathMask -- Aphro: Obviously...

Shaka -- *sneezing times in a row* Atchoum!!!!!!! Were you wearing that rose parfum again?! Atchoum! I can't stop sneezing anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!! Atchoum!!!

Aphrodite -- Shaka, and that's not parfum but my natural body odour... *looks proud*

Shaka -- Aphro: Do something! I can't stop anymore! *starts to panic*

DeathMask -- Shaka: Shall I chop of your head and add it to my collection? I'm sure your sneezing would be gone forever.

Shaka -- DM: Haha! Atchoum! Very funny!

DeathMask -- Shaka: Glad to be of service *evil grin*

Shaka -- Aphro: Don't you have any cure for this aller-"Atchoum!"-gy?

DeathMask -- Shaka: It seems Aphro swooned after the long and passionate kiss?

Shaka -- *sees Aphro on the floor* yep! It looks like you're right! Strange, his hair matches the floor. He looks like a chameleon!

DeathMask -- Shaka: I never knew you'd have such an impact on him!

Shaka -- DM: Me neither! Certainly because of all his experiences! I mean, I'm just not that experienced. *bows over Aphro* Wake up! Atchoum!

DeathMask -- Shaka: Yeah, you looked like an innocent lotus flower...

Shaka -- DM: I *am* an innocent lotus flower. Hey, I'm the virgin in the house!

DeathMask -- *decides to search Shunrei...or Freya...or Saori...*

Saori -- Hm, coming back and finding myself put in the last spot, behind Freya and even Shunrei :((((((

In front of the TV screen, the spectators have a little chit chat, too...

Stayka -- DeathMask is mean, haven't you noticed?

Cygny -- I'm not sure if Deathmask is that mean. I think he's insecure ^_^ Why do you think he's mean?

Stayka -- Cygny: DeathMask is mean because he doesn't care for hurt feelings, it seems.

Torquemada -- Yeah, boss was around? What you have done to my Aphro???

Cygny -- I think Aphro fainted due to a passionate kiss by Shaka :)

Aphrodite -- *wakes up, sits shaking his head* Ah, now I recall. Have you developed some kind of poisonous breath, Shaka, or was it just such a long time since you brushed your teeth?...

DeathMask -- Aphro: Shaka took your breath away, that's all...

Cygny -- Aphro: LOL, so it wasn't passion on your side then?

Aphrodite -- *dremily* Oh that I could believe.

Cygny -- Stayka: Is that really true or do you think it's simply a pose?

Aphrodite -- Cygny: It is always passion on my side, dear. Whatever I am doing.

Cygny -- And that's a good way to live your life, Aphro :)

Saori -- Aphro: The poisonous stuff is more *your* thing, I'd say. - I wonder why Big Brother was so absent today?

DeathMask -- Cygny: Pah! I'm mad, bad and dangerous to know!

Cygny -- DM: really? From what I remember, you were very charming last time we met (some time ago already) :)

Aphrodite -- Cygny: I know, dear. I lead a perfect life. But thank you anyway.

Stayka -- Cygny: Sure it's a pose. He is Cancer, after all. Spikey on the outside, but soft inside.

DeathMask -- Stayka: I'll kill you!

Cygny -- DM: don't touch my sensei, or you'll have to deal with me!!!!

Aphrodite -- *hurt* Saori, you consider my roses poisonous, too? But they are not! They are beautiful, and have just a ...quite strong fragrance, I must admit. Yet not poisonous..

Saori -- What do you call it then, when people faint due to your roses Aphro?

DeathMask -- (winning smile) Ah, Saori-sama, *you* deserve a charming cavalier...

Stayka -- Cygny: I'm sure, one has just to handle DM properly :)

Saori -- DM: You just said you are mad, bad and dangerous to know. And now you talk about being charming. Somehow this strikes me as being a contradiction.

Aphrodite -- Saori: I'd call that people weak wimps, my goddess.:-)

Cygny -- Stayka: I couldn't agree more. Handle with care :)

Saori -- Aphro: I see. Maybe they just didn't like the smell of your roses? Is that possible?

Stayka -- Cygny: Yeah. Those spikes can be dangerous

DeathMask -- Saori-sama: I'm bad towards my enemies, but a nice guy where fair ladies are concerned.

Saori -- DM: And what does a person have to do before becoming your enemy? I ask because I wouldn't want to become that.

Cygny -- Stayka: LOL. If they'd check him on a football field, he'd be expelled isntantly with those spikes ^_^

DeathMask -- Saori: What a person has to do? Get on my nerves... *puts on evil grin, looking to no one in particular, then laughs maniacally* Mwuahahaha!!!!

Stayka -- Cygny: DM would foul everybody, I'm sure.

Saori -- DM: OK, big hunk... *smiling nervously* Good boy, good boy... *trying to sneak away quietly*

Cygny -- Stayka: If DM would participate, the other party would soon be out of players I think. And the referee would be out too, cause he'd never accept the red card given to him :)

After that, the time for the show was over, and so we have to wait for the next day.

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