Chat Log #05

Big Goddess Live! - Day 3

(© 2000 by Andro, Arythar, Niara, Phoenix, Stayka, & Sunwind)

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The Saint Seiya Chat is often used for roleplaying stuff, too. On October 10th, 2000, the third day of the Saint Seiya version of Big Brother was performed. This chat log was saved and edited by me (Stayka) for all of you to enjoy...

The following excerpt features DeathMask (=Stayka), Ikki (=Phoenix), Shaka (=Andro), Shiryu (=Sunwind), Shunrei (=Niara), and Arythar as himself.

DeathMask -- I smell Shiryu!!!! Finally I can take my revenge...

Shaka -- Nice to meet you Shiryu! ^_ *

Stayka -- Shiryu: Shura isn't here. Let's see... We have Aphrodite, Shaka, DeathMask, Shiryu, Ikki, Shun and Saga plus Shunrei, Freya and Saori. Camus sits in the wine cellar - I gave him some very nice wines so that he forgot about Big Goddess.

Shiryu -- *coming out from the shower and seeing DM* No fried crab today?

DeathMask -- Fried crab? Care for some Dragon steaks instead?

Shaka -- Shiryu: Please be careful not to take my loin cloth. It has already been (ab)used once.

DeathMask -- Shiryu: Yeah. Shunrei put it onto the table as table cloth *snickers*

Shiryu -- *ignores DM's gniark-gniark-face* I think we should improve our meals. The crabs in the small lakes of Rozan don't taste so well, so let's try Italian ones.

Shaka -- DM: Please, don't remind me af that again! it took hours to clean it properly!

Shiryu -- *drying his hairs with a white cloth* Loin? You didn't mean this, did you?

DeathMask -- Shaka: According to Aphrodite, you didn't need that loin cloth anyway...

Shaka -- DM: *Blush* Well, I think I do. It's more suitable.

DeathMask -- Do I see Shunrei approaching? That's mega-cool. After all, she should be pretty afraid of me (Mwuahahaha! *evil laugh*). Why don't you try to let Shiryu protect you, grin

Shiryu -- DM: Do want you want... *have a peak on Freya* ^_^

DeathMask -- Shunrei: Although I'm sure that deep in her heart, you admire me for my power! After all, I'm a *man* not a little boy like Shiryu!

Shaka -- *grumbles* Tsk tsk. Mortals! No morals at all!

Shiryu -- DM: This little boy blasted you away twice! And Shunrei doesn't like seafood.

DeathMask -- *shows Shunrei pictures of him self and 'childish Shiryu'*

Shaka -- DM: Say, don't frighten the girl will you? And stop praising yourself! You'll start to believe everything that you say about yourself!

DeathMask -- Shiryu: I just wanted to play with you, that's why I played being defeated. Just wait when I fight you for *real*

Shaka -- Shiryu: Hm... you don't seem very protective. Do you really care about Shunrei? I mean, look at DM flirting with her!

Shiryu -- Shaka: Well, *peaks at Freya again* She can cook well, taht's true...

DeathMask -- *ponders* Shunrei is indeed pretty cute...

Shaka -- *sigh* I'm surrounded by playboys! Tsk tsk!

Shiryu -- DM: You want a fight? *points on the table-tennis table outside* What about this?

DeathMask -- Shiryu: Don't bother about Freya. She cooked a mousse au chocolat and refused to give it to me.

Shaka -- DM: I'll give you some chicken curry! that will spice you up a bit! LOL

Shunrei -- Mousse au chocolat - I like that!

Shiryu -- DM: And she's even intelligent enough not to give this delicious meal to you.

Shaka -- DM: Do you want a napkin for all your drooling or should I bring the mop instead?

DeathMask -- Shaka: What about your loin cloth?

Niara -- Stayka: By the way, is DeathMask handsome?

DeathMask -- Niara: Handsome? Me? Of course! You speak with Mr.Sanctuary here!

Shaka -- DM: Look, you... you... shell fish! Don't make me come over there!

DeathMask -- *shows Niara some nice pics of himself*

Niara -- Wow!

Shaka -- Niara: Shiryu is my sis' all time fav! Long hair, blue eyes, beautiful body...

DeathMask -- Shaka: Well, you look far too starved, I'd say. *I* have what you could call a well-built, athletic body!

Shiryu -- Shaka: I thought I've got black eyes... - And DM: Mr. Sanctuary? I thought Aldebaran was Mr. Sanctuary.

Shaka -- DM: Indeed! And hair as a hedgehog! You look like Sonic!

DeathMask -- Shiryu: Aldy is just fat. I'm really good-looking.

DeathMask -- Shaka: Hedgehog? I just tried to create a truly memorable hairstyle.

Shaka -- DM: Nice Euphemism! Well, that's the least one can say about it!

Niara -- I just saw some pictures of Phoenix Ikki. He kinda makes me think of Elvis Presley! LOL... It's probably because of his hair

Shiryu -- DM: Aldebaran is fat? Well, I hope you'll enter the second temple soon. *evil smirk*

DeathMask -- Shiryu: I'm not afraid of our Bull Saint.

Shaka -- Niara: Elvis? You have a strange mind, girl!

DeathMask -- Niara: Phoenix Ikki is no more than a Kentucky Fried Chicken, if you ask me!

Ikki -- DM: Nobody asks you ...

Niara -- Deathmask is indeed very handsome!

DeathMask -- Niara: Didn't I tell you? *puts on a winning smile*

Shiryu -- DM: I believe bulls taste better than crabs, don't you think so, Shunrei? Your Shunrei-Special-Steak is much better than the crabs on the market under Rozan. ^_^

Niara -- But isn't Ikki a nice character, DM?

Ikki -- Niara: Sure I am!!

Arythar -- *RÜLPS!!* Oh, I see that you are playing BigBrother again? Would love to participate as either entity, but cannot. Work, work, work to do!

Shaka -- Shunrei: My goodness! I thought you were the only serious person with whom I could talk! I see that I was wrong!

Arythar -- Ah, hello Shiryu. How are you? :-)))

Shiryu -- Shaka: You meant me? Well, we could also talk about the old buddhism in China. Dohko taught this to me.

DeathMask -- Hi Phoenix! (Or should I say "Turkey"?)

Sunwind -- DM: Say turkey!!! ^__^

Shiryu -- Ary: I'm for a some fried crabs for all! ^_^

DeathMask -- Shiryu: Don't look at me!!!!!

Arythar -- Shiryu: Fried crabs? Why not?

Ikki -- I'm neither a turkey nor P-Mu!

DeathMask -- Ikki: Then you are a Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Ikki -- Okay, ciao all, have to go. Until next time ^_^

Shiryu -- *staring at DM* What do you think, Shunrei? Shall we take more pepper or more salt?

DeathMask -- *explodes* You are not going to cook me!!!!

Shunrei -- Well, what about some pepper?

DeathMask -- Shunrei, darling, why don't you prepare some Dragon steak, well done...

Shiryu -- DM: I won't fry you. I'll just cut you into delicious eatable pieces with Excalibur!

DeathMask -- Shiryu: I suggest you take Shaka. Nice, fresh Virgo meat

Shunrei -- We'll do! However, I like my steaks rare...

Shiryu -- DM: I don't like maiden's meat. But Italian crabs should be VERY yummy. Shunrei: Ok, I'll chop him and you prepare the spices.

DeathMask -- Shunrei: Rare steaks... Well, I could get used to that, too. But I thought well done might be better as it assures us he's DEAD!

Shunrei -- I like noodle soup, chopped hart and Black Forest cake. Or Knoedel.

Shiryu -- Ary: By the way, I'm flying to the US on Thursday.

DeathMask -- Shiryu: To America? Coward! You flee from me!

Shiryu -- DM: I won't flee from any food!

Shunrei -- Guys, I have to go. Have to buy some dragon steaks, LOL

DeathMask -- Shiryu: You're a Dragon. You should like maiden flesh best of all!

Shiryu -- Shunrei: I thought you prefer Chinese foods?

Shunrei -- A very big hug to all of ya!

Shiryu -- Shunrei: No, no! Buy some spices for seafood!

Shunrei -- Shiryu: I do, too!

DeathMask -- Shunrei: But don't forget me, my sweetie!

Shunrei -- I won't forget you, honey DM!

Shiryu -- Ciao Shunrei! ^_^

DeathMask -- Shunrei: A good idea, that with the Dragon steaks :) - Shiryu: See! You can not even keep that girlie!

Shunrei -- Bye bye everyone *huge hug, see you don't get choked*

Shiryu -- DM: Asian Dragons don't eat maidens!

DeathMask -- Shunrei: Bye-bye and return soon! *kisses*

Shunrei -- Ciao ragazzi!

Arythar -- Shiryu: You won't fly to the US - that's for Sunwind only!

Shunrei -- Bye bye! *kisses*

DeathMask -- *charming* Shunrei: Ciao, tesoro!

Shunrei -- DM: Ciao bello!

Shunrei -- Bye Shiryu! *kisses*

DeathMask -- Shunrei: Tu sei una bellissima ragazza *smiles*

Shunrei -- *disappears*

DeathMask -- Talking Italian always makes a big impression on the girls :)

Shiryu -- *tears flew our* She kissed me! She finally kissed me after so many years!!!

Arythar -- Shunrei: Andate adesso partire? Io... io.... rmpf! Je te souhaite une bonne journée! :-)

DeathMask -- Shiryu: She kissed me first. Even more passionately

Arythar -- DM: Pardon? Shunrei kissed Shiryu, not you! :)

DeathMask -- Ary: Mee too! *sulks*

Shiryu -- Ary+DM: Don't get jealous... - DM: She told me to visit her tonight! ^_^

Shaka -- Please! Would you stop fighting? She kissed you both, so please be content!

DeathMask -- Shiryu: Dream on!

Shiryu -- *Thinking silently: and she didn't kiss you, Shaka*

DeathMask -- Shiryu: Shunrei didn't kiss Shaka because she saw him ...involved with Aphrodite!

Shiryu -- DM: Fortunately Shunrei is intelligent enough to make the right choice.

DeathMask -- Shiryu: You sure? At least *your* intellectual abilities don't match your muscles.

Shiryu -- DM: But both were enough for you, even two times!

Shiryu -- Shaka: What did you do??? With this demon???

DeathMask -- Shiryu: You never defeated me with your intellect!

Shiryu -- DM: Intellect? You??? Your only intellect is killing innocent people and laughing uglily!

Shaka -- DM: You're wrong! She *did* kiss me for real. (logic 'cause she was standing just beside me) But it was just a friendly kiss not the passionated thing that you've just described.

Arythar -- Shiryu: Ich liebe es, die Saints zu ▄beraschen :-))

DeathMask -- Sorry, was in the kitchen, preparing some real Italian cappuccino... Ary: Do I get a surprise, too?

Arythar -- DeathMask: *You* want a surprise? You know that I'm not so fond of your not so nice behavious most of the time?

DeathMask -- *sulks*

Shiryu -- Ary: What kind of role does the BB - that is, you - play anyway?

Arythar -- Shiryu: BB? He sees to it that verything works out perfectly, tries to calm down too hot arguments and works the cameras. It's very stressful - compared to this all of you inhabitants live like in your holidays.

DeathMask -- Ary: I'm not as mean as you think! It's all the fault of the society!

Arythar -- DM: Faut of the society? Care to explain?

DeathMask -- Ary: That's easy. You see, the society guys were all mean to me and now I pay them back. With interest.

Arythar -- DM: I see. And how were they mean? And what about the children which you stuck to your walls?

DeathMask -- Ary: They cried and screamed and got on my nerves. It was all their fault!

Sunwind -- Okay, folk. I have to go. PLease don't throw out Shiryu right away!

Arythar -- DM: And what about Shunrei whom you tried to kill?

DeathMask -- Ary: Shunrei... That was war, and you know everything is allowed in love and war.

Shiryu -- DM: I will remember that!

Shaka -- Is back in the house!

DeathMask -- Shaka: Too bad, now both Shiryu and Shunrei are gone...

Arythar -- Yes, and the Shaka is here. How is the Shaka today?

Arythar -- DM: In War everything's allowed? Ever heard about something called "Amnesty International"? There's law in War!

Shaka -- "The" Shaka is doing great! And how is "the" beasty boy?! ^░^

DeathMask -- Ary: I mainly heard "Make love like war" ^_^

Arythar -- DeathMask: Well you know, many people do not appreciate this war of "making love". And don't tell me you were in love with Shunrei when you threw her into the waterfall!!

DeathMask -- Ary: She did look cute then and now...

Well, and then the the show what over for today. Stay tuned for the next installment!

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