Precious Metals

Chapter 1: Bar-Crawling

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"He's at it again, Mu."

"I am aware, Milo," Mu was glad that his patience stretched as long as it did for his young apprentice. "Kiki is simply excited about the fact that Athena has decided to begin rebuilding her ranks of Silver Saints. He just wants to show them around."

"Yeah, but in such a way? What was he thinking?" Milo had been dressing after a relaxing bath when he felt several cosmos trying to pass through his domain. He had run out in nothing but a pair of pants to try and intercept the intruders. What he had found were four strangers, three men and one masked woman, and a grinning Kiki waiting for him. "I wanted to introduce the new Silver Saints to all of the Gold Saints! Guys, this is Scorpio Milo!"

He had to resist the urge to strike the young boy in the face.

Milo sat on the stairs of the Aries temple next to its guardian, thinking about the idea of replacing the former Silver Saints. They had been completely loyal to the 'Pope', completely oblivious as to the murder of the true Pope. He hoped that this group was a little keener than their predecessors.

"Well Mu...what do you think of Athena recruiting new Saints?" Milo didn't talk to the Aries Saint that often, but he was intelligent and a good observer.

Mu looked up pensively. " had to be done sooner or later. So many of the Silver Saints lost their lives trying to fight off the Bronze Saints, there are barely any left. Athena, I think, is trying to keep things balanced." He frowned a bit. "Still, it is odd, having the armors passed down so soon after their former wearers were buried."

Milo nodded. "Yeah, but they were fools. They forgot their loyalty is to Athena, not the Pope. How could they not realize that killing the Bronze Saints would not be something Athena would approve of? It just seems ridiculous to me."

With that, Milo gave Mu a wave of his hand in parting and began his ascension back to his own temple.

* * *

Later that night, Milo was bored out of his mind. He was in a curious mood. Normally he was happy to spend a quiet night in his temple, reflecting on whatever came to mind, but tonight, he felt restless. He felt the urge to leave the solitude of his Temple and go out.

He dressed in simple pants and shoes, with a light top fitting of the hot Greek weather. Milo was used to such things, having trained in Greece since he was little.

His mind wandered as he made his way out of Sanctuary. Although not many people knew it, Milo was capable of feeling loneliness. Every once in a blue moon, he got in the mood to go out simply to be in the company of other humans.

Milo hated nights like these. While it felt good to go out and get trashed every now and again, he despised the feelings that drove him to that end. The only friendship he really felt he had was with Camus, and the man wouldn't be caught dead outside of Sanctuary. He completely preferred spending his time alone in the Aquarius Temple. As much as he enjoyed their quiet, intelligent conversation, it was vastly different from the type of company he knew he'd be searching for tonight.

It didn't take him long to reach the bar he was headed to. It was the closest one to Sanctuary and, because of that, he often ran into other Saints there. He could feel several cosmos coming from the bar already, but none were really familiar.

The bar was small, at least on the outside. He was always surprised when he walked in at how much capacity the place could hold. It wasn't a busy bar for its size, but they kept good, constant business and were well off enough to decorate the insides in a very comfortable manner.

He looked around, curious as to what Saints were here tonight. He got his answer by looking at the bar.

Sitting there were four people whose cosmos he now recognized from earlier. They were the new Silver Saints that Kiki had so excitedly introduced him to.

He scanned the room, finding no prospective female partners for the night. Perhaps, he thought, chatting with the newbies would be a sufficient waste of time until someone attention-worthy arrived.

He observed them closer as he approached; realizing the female of the group was sitting on the rightmost side. He put on a grin, slipping into the seat next to her. "Hello there."

The four turned towards him, surprise on their faces.

"Ah...Milo, correct?"

He nodded at the young boy who recognized him. "You got it. So, what are your names?"

The boy farthest from him locked eyes with him confidently. "My name's Oscar." He had dark hair and dark eyes, and he probably had the strongest cosmos of the four of them.

"I'm Sanjiro, good to see you again!" Another boy with dark hair and eyes, but this one had distinct Asian features. He seemed much softer than the rest of them, and his eyes were lit up almost like a child's.

"The name's Peter," the third one replied softly. This one reminded him of Camus in his demeanor. He had near blonde hair and set blue eyes that he could only describe as 'neutral'.

Milo looked expectantly at the girl next to him. She bowed slightly in respect. "I'm Roxohnda," her eyes sparkled with amusement when he raised an eyebrow. He couldn't see her enjoyment, however, because her eyes were hidden behind a pair of sunglasses.

"Well, nice to meet you, Roxohnda," he smirked. "Nice that natural or..."

The boys laughed. Roxohnda put a hand through her orange yellow-streaked hair as she gave him a playful look behind her shades. "That's a secret."

Milo shrugged. "Oh, well. Either you'll tell me or I'll watch your hair grow and see if it grows in that color. You can't hide it forever."

She smiled. "Ah, a man who thinks! I should have expected that from someone of your rank!" She bit her lip in thought. "So, Milo, that's a Greek name. I assume you grew up here?"

"You'd be correct," he eyed them, trying to make his own educated guesses. He found himself at a bit of a loss. "What about the four of you?"

Sanjiro grinned proudly. "I'm from Japan! Pete's from Russia, Oscar's from Spain, and Roxohnda's from France."

Milo eyed Roxohnda. "One of my closer friends is French. Usually when he wants to be left alone, he babbles in French. I'm pretty sure he's mocking me when he does that."

"Aww, maybe one day, if you're lucky enough, I'll teach you," she replied in French. Milo gave her an incredulous look that sent the three boys into another laughing frenzy.

Despite his annoyance, Milo found that her foreign words had a different effect on him than the Aquarius Saint's did. He had always been irked by Camus' use of the French language; however, coming from the lips of this woman, he found them much more appreciative. He summed it up in the most macho way he could think of. "Well, it sounds pretty at least, coming from you, anyway."

She gave him a small smile while her three companions' laughing increased between themselves. His mastery of his native language rolled off of his tongue in a way that made her thankful she had been sitting instead of standing. "Well then, I seem to have been beaten in this war of languages, at least where Greek is concerned."

The Scorpio Saint grinned. "Yeah, pretty much."

Milo couldn't help himself from gazing at her. She was eye-catching with the colors of her hair, and her sunglasses made him curious as to her eye color. She seemed to be eyeing him as well, although he couldn't really tell.

The three boys watched their friend and the Gold Saint before them stare each other down. Sanjiro smirked, whispering to his comrades. "I wonder, if he's going to try and attack her or molest her...?"

They both chuckled softly, trying their best not to catch Milo's attention. Oscar elbowed them and motioned over to the dance floor. They nodded and went with him to leave Milo and Roxohnda to their own devices.

Milo was eventually pulled out of his own thoughts by the bartender. "Hey there, you two! Can I get you anything?"

He would normally be doing shots of Ouzo to drown himself out of the moods that normally drove him here, but now he felt the need for a more relaxing drink. "I'll have a Mojito."

Roxohnda sighed, tapping the side of her glasses in thought. "I'm going to have...a Sex on the Beach, please." She was in the mood for a fruitier type of drink.

The bartender nodded and began tending to their orders. Milo turned to her with a grin. "Oh, so you like sex on the beach, huh? Gotta try that sometime."

Roxohnda raised a hidden eyebrow. Was he hitting on her now? "Do you mean in general, or with you?" she asked lightly.

Milo turned his hunter's look on her. "Either way, although the latter is preferable. I've never had sex on the beach before."

The Silver Saint's lips slid into a smile as glasses clinked onto the counter. "Really? That's a shame. It's great." She grabbed her drink, holding it up to him. "Go ahead. Try it."

Nothing made Milo happier than a woman that knew how to play back. He captured the straw playfully with his teeth, earning a giggle from her as he drank. Suddenly, all of his thoughts and plans for finding a woman for his bed had escaped him.

The End of Chapter 1 -- Continued in Chapter 2

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