Precious Metals

Chapter 2: Drunk

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Milo was a dangerous drunk. Sure, the drunker he got, the more likely he was to swing a punch at someone, and that was dangerous in its own right, but the worst damage that he did when he was drunk was to his own self.

Milo's life was his cloth. He had been training for it since he could remember. His whole life, he had been engrained with his purpose: to protect the Goddess Athena, however she required him to do so. He had done his best to make decisions he felt were the right ones. For the benefit of all, for the greater good. He had his own standards he lived by. Loyalty and honor. Those were his highest principles.

And that was why he left the bar that night with nothing more than a wave good-bye and an approaching hangover.

As much as he enjoyed his flirtations with the new female Silver Saint, he had made no moves to sleep with her. He had been deeply involved in their playful conversation, and then suddenly, the bar was closing. He didn't want to fathom how many hours he had spent talking to her. Most of it was a blur now, anyways.

He silently made his way up through the Temples without any interruptions. His comrades were no doubt asleep by now, and even so, they knew better than to try and stop him when he had been out drinking. It only caused trouble, and then Milo never remembered it anyway. All he had left of those encounters were the stories told by the other Gold Saints the next day.

'And so, here I go, back to my Temple, alone. Why the hell am I alone tonight?'

The thought angered him. He was always alone at night, even if he did manage to find some woman to screw into oblivion. It never lasted. He was convinced it wasn't meant to. When had Scorpio Milo ever had a solid, monogamous relationship?

He let out a slurred laugh at the thought.

It was ironic to him. He knew he was good-looking, smart, strong, powerful, all of the stuff woman supposedly loved in a man, and yet, no relationship ever lasted more than a few nights. During his darker moments, he wondered if he was even worth more than that since he was merely a protector of a young girl. Thankfully, his mood was not that bleak this evening.

Milo shook his head and cursed himself for that train of thought. He knew better. He was honored and proud to serve Athena. To think otherwise would be lying to himself. He had been chosen. He had put his all into earning his cloth, and he had succeeded. His occupation was not his problem. It was everything else outside of that occupation.

His mind veered towards an image of a masked face adorned in red curls and long, cascading green hair. The two Silver Saints known as Aquilla Marin and Ophiuchus Shaina. Both strong, powerful women, and both desired in some way or another by just about every Saint worth his salt in Sanctuary. He had enjoyed playing games with them. Coming up with ideas to spark confrontations had occupied many hours of his time. He hadn't really had anything better to do.

Still, he knew Marin was deeply in love with Leo Aioria, and he would not dare touch her for that reason. The closest he had come was starting rumors about him and the two female Saints. Marin had never flinched in the midst of these words. Shaina was a different story.

She had been angry, and had often tried to threaten him. He had only began to take her words seriously when Cancer DeathMask had approached him with a warning to stay away from Shaina and take his words back because he was now Shaina's lover and would not stand for it. Milo had been stunned.

With all of the women he had slept with, he had been sure he'd at least get Shaina into his bed at some point. Even DeathMask had found love, and with a woman he had been sure wouldn't settle for anyone.

He frowned as he entered his Temple. Was that was he was looking for? Love? The thought puzzled him. In all of his encounters with women, love had never entered the equation. Sure, he had found himself attached to a few of his partners that had lasted a while, but it never grew beyond that. He had his duty to Athena.

He smacked himself in the face. 'Oh, what a moron I am!' Of course those nights had never lasted! The women he chose were civilians, people who did not know of nor would ever understand being a Saint. They would never comprehend that his life belonged to Athena above all else, that he would die for his Goddess. If he were to find a suitable woman, it would have to be another Saint who had that same goal, who also held Athena to the highest. Perhaps that was why the failing of his pursuit of Shaina had been bothering him so much. She had been the only worthwhile woman left in Sanctuary after Marin began dating Aioria.

The taste of fruit suddenly played on his lips. A feminine laughter filled his ears. A vision of hidden eyes. He punched the wall of his Temple half-heartedly.

He could not go further with those thoughts. Roxohnda had played back to his advances too readily. She would wind up being like all of the others. He'd rather try and actually be a friend to a woman than a lay. For some reason, the new lady Saint seemed too different from anyone he'd met for him to treat her like he'd treated ever other woman. She was...

He was too inebriated to try and finish the thought. Instead, he let his body hit his mattress heavily and welcomed the darkness that overtook his senses.

* * *

The next morning was hell for Milo. He showered and drowned himself in coffee in an attempt to fight through his hangover. His body itched for fresh air, and Milo often indulged in a quiet sit on the steps of his Temple in the hot Greek sun, but he could barely move this morning. He had returned home much later than usual, and couldn't even clearly remember when he had passed out.

Still, he managed to drag himself into the kitchen to enjoy his coffee, sitting in silence until he sobered up just enough to begin remembering the night before. The more he remembered his previous thoughts and actions, the more he felt the need to go and drink again. The mere thought of more alcohol made him almost gag against his coffee cup.

He looked up when he felt a cosmos enter his Temple. He grumbled, searching for the energy to get up and protect his domain. Before he could find it, long blue hair and a grin greeted him at the door of his kitchen. "Hey there, Milo!" The grin fell. "Hey man, you don't look good at all."

He grunted. "Kanon, can you be a little quieter, please?"

The former Marina chuckled, sitting across from Milo at the kitchen table. "You're hung over again? You know, you've been drinking more and more lately. I should have never gotten you into the habit of bar-crawling."

Milo suddenly felt a surge of anger, remembering it was indeed the new Gemini Saint that had introduced him into the world of hunting for alcohol and women around town. Not that he didn't have his fair share of both before. "Whatever."

Kanon motioned to the brewer on his counter. "May I?" Milo nodded and Kanon went over to make himself a cup. "So why'd you go out last night? You look like you really did drink too much, is something wrong?"

"Nah," Milo replied quietly, afraid the sound of his own voice would make his head explode. "I was just bored and wanted to go find a way to...occupy my time."

"Ah," Kanon breathed in understanding. "So, did you find anything good?"

"Well, not really. Got caught up talking to the newbies..."


"The new Silver Saints. I know you know who they are, because Kiki won't let us not know."

Kanon held back his laughter for the sake of his friend. "Oh yes, Kiki introduced me to them. They seem like they're promising enough. I'm just skeptical about their loyalty to Athena. I hope they realize the measures they must go to if need be."

Milo nodded. He felt bothered at the thought of the four of them dieing. He knew they were somewhere around his age at least, he could tell by looking at them, but their energy and the feeling of their cosmos made them seem so young to him, having only just begun..."I hope it never comes to that for any of us." He grimaced. "Been there, done that."

"And we'd do it again, too." Milo did not need to spend the energy to agree with him, as his friend knew that his statement was truth for all of the Gold Saints.

Kanon put some sugar in his coffee and sat back down. "So, what do you think of them?"

He thought each one of the new Saints over. "I didn't really get to know any of them except for the girl."

Kanon smirked. "Oh, so you spent some time with the female Perseus Saint?" Milo blinked a few times, taking that in. He hadn't even known what cloths they possessed. So, she had been chosen to succeed Algol... "Yeah...not like that though. We just talked."

That made Kanon raise an eyebrow. "You just...talked?" Milo nodded in complete seriousness. Kanon could take it no longer. "Alright, that's it. Fess up. What's wrong Milo? Tell me what's been going on."

Milo slammed his coffee mug down shakily, shuddering at the pain it caused his head. He couldn't hold it in anymore, and his hangover had destroyed his last threads of restraint. "I'm tired of it! I try so hard and it fails every damn time! For Athena's sake Kanon, I got beat out by DeathMask!"

Kanon grinned in understanding. "Ah. Shaina."

Milo ran an exasperated hand through his hair. "It's not so much her. I mean, who could honestly expect someone like her to settle? At least that's what I thought...and with DeathMask of all people..."

"Whoa, whoa. Now you're talking about settling?" Kanon sat back, looking at the distraught Scorpio Saint before him. "Are you talking about DeathMask and Shaina settling...or are we talking about you wanting to settle down?"

Milo couldn't find an answer. Was that was he was looking for? He had never had that type of relationship before. If he figured that he wanted one, could he even do it?

Kanon gave him a serious look. "Alright, so you look confused. Don't sweat it. If you're not sure, find someone you wouldn't mind spending an...extended amount of time with, and try it out. You will have your answer and you can keep her or dump her as you wish."

"I can't do that to her." The words poured out his mouth before he could stop them.

Kanon put on a Cheshire grin. 'Oh, this is too funny'. "Oh, there's a 'her' already?"

Milo glared at him. "No, there isn't."

"Then who is this woman you speak of?" Kanon knew he was going to get his answer. He had Milo cornered and he could not deny he just spoke of a woman who he apparently already had in mind. Milo simply looked down, finding the floor of his kitchen highly interesting for some reason.

Kanon's mind was churning all through Milo's silence. A smile crept onto his face as realization graced him. "Wait...are we referring to the new Perseus Saint?"

Milo looked up at him, feeling as if the scowl he was presenting to the twin was more serious than he intended. "Whatever you're trying to scheme up, Kanon, leave Roxohnda out of it."

Kanon slapped the table in victory, not even noticing Milo's flinching at the loud noise. "Oh, she has a name! Why Milo you sly dog, you work fast!"

"She's just...a friend, Kanon. Nothing more. I've only known her for a night!"

"Oh, please!" He threw his hands up in frustration. "Alright, Milo, you leave me no choice. I'm going to pull you out of this funk if it kills me!" He got up and sat in the seat closest to his friend, gripping him by the shoulders and shook him a bit to get his attention.

"Milo, listen. I'm trying to be supportive here. If you like this girl, there's no harm in giving it a try. Since when have you spent a night in a bar just talking to a woman? Just be yourself and do what you always do. Put on the charm. Make it so she can't resist you. You do it all the time, why not now?" Kanon shook him again. "The point is, Milo, to not let an opportunity like this pass. We're Saints. Our lives are at risk every day. Things like romance are rare for us. If you can find it, then hold on to it as hard as you can."

Milo nodded, his words making sense to his scrambled mind. "Yeah...yeah, you're right Kanon. I just..." he shook his head. Something about his thoughts from last night was trying to poke through the clouded surface of his mind...

Kanon patted his back. "Go after her!"

Milo's mind swirled to a stop, forming resolution and decision in his mind. He needed to figure out what it was he was searching for. He could no longer ignore his pain; it had begun to eat away at him to the point where he dared not even admit it to himself.

Milo looked seriously at his cup of coffee in thought. Kanon, seeing his friend's wheels were turning, simply smiled before quietly getting up and leaving Milo to his thoughts.

The End of Chapter 2 -- Continued in Chapter 3

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