The Curse of the Gods

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Author's Note:

Actually I wasn't even planning to do a complete cycle about the God Warriors, just about my faves, Alberich, Bud/Syd and Fenrir. But suddenly I got inspired to write about Thor too. And since after I finish these four, there will only be three more left, so why not write about them all. I just hope to get inspired for them too ^_^

From his earliest childhood, people looked at him with big eyes, full of fear. His first memory was of a girl of his age. He thought she was beautiful with her long black hair and her violet eyes. She was four at the time, born only a few days after him. He finally had gathered the courage to walk up to her and say hi. She looked up with a smile but when she saw him, her eyes widened and the next thing he knew was that she screamed and ran away. People came out of their houses to see what was happening and although he hadn't done anything wrong, they looked at him reproachfully, so he ran too.

He ran home, right into his mother's arms. She held him tight and softly stroked his hair. And if anyone had seen them at that moment, they never would have guessed that the boy was only four years old. He was already almost as tall as his mother. When he asked her why he was like that, why he was such a freak, she always smiled gently and tousled his hair.

"My darling, you are not a freak. Consider it a gift from the Gods that you are growing up to be a tall and strong man!"

She never mentioned that she had an estremely difficult pregnancy, because she was a slender young woman and her baby grew very big from the beginning. Nor did she ever say that she almost died during his birth, and if it hadn't been for a passing alve -- even if she never knew why that one decided to help her -- she would have died and so would have her son. When she saw him for the first time she was struck by his size and by the wisdom in those baby eyes. She considered him as her gift from the Gods, so she decided to honour them by calling her son Thor.

As the years passed by, Thor kept on growing bigger, taller and stronger. And even though he had the gentlest character, people still feared him and called him a freak. Nobody wanted him to work for them, and when his mother fell ill, he had to go hunting to provide for their food.

On one of those trips in the forest of the HighPriestess, he suddenly heard a girl screaming. He ran towards the sound and saw a girl from the village, named Violet, surrounded by a gang of outlaws, who lived in the forest. They closed in on her very slowly, with evil smiles on their faces. Thor watched the scene for a moment, not knowing very well what to do. Should he help her, even if her father was one of those who always called him names whenever he dared to walk through the village. But then he remembered his mother's words to always do the right thing.

The girl screamed again when one of the men ripped open her dress. No, he couldn't let them go on. He yelled and stormed at them. For a moment, the men just stood there, mesmerized, not knowing what was happening. They had never seen such a big man before. But when it finally dawned on them that the giant was storming in their direction with a definitely furious look on his face, they hurried away. It was only a matter of seconds until there was no sign of them.

Thor stopped next to the girl, breathing heavily. He was surprised that the outlaws just ran away without putting up a fight. But he was also relieved because he was really a peaceful young man and he didn't know the first thing about fighting anyone. And for the first time in his life, he thanked the Gods for his posture.

When he heard Violet sobbing softly, he kneeled down next to her and asked with a soft voice

"Are you OK?"

She looked up at him, her eyes still filled with tears, and slowly nodded.

He saw that she didn't feel very comfortable near him, so he helped her get up and then took a few steps back.

"You'll be fine. Go on home now. I'll make sure they don't follow you. But next time be more careful when you step into the forest by yourself."

Violet hesitated, as if she wanted to say something, but the fear was stronger, so she turned and slowly walked away.

She really wanted to get away from there as fast as she could, but she had hurt her knee when fleeing from the outlaws and now it hindered her every movement. It was even difficult to just walk.

A couple of minutes later, she heard the sound of howling wolves. Oh no, that was all she needed, the pack of wolves that were killing the animals of the village lately. She looked around and saw, relieved, that there was no wolf in sight yet.

But neither was the big guy that saved her, and even if she had feared him, his absence made her try to walk faster to get home. She had advanced a few hundred meters, when suddenly a wolf blocked her way. She let out a scream and took a step back, but then she realized they were all around her.

Oh Gods, this was it, her final time had come. She closed her eyes but opened them again when she heard a noise. She saw Thor falling from the sky and landing next to her, holding a big branch in one hand. He grabbed her with the other hand and held her tight. But at the moment the wolves seemed ready to attack, a strange sound was heard. It made the wolves hesitate for a moment, and although Thor wondered what the noise meant, he didn't take the time to think about it, but took advantage of the situation to run through the pack. After a moment of running, he looked over his shoulder and saw that the wolves weren't following them anymore.

Suddenly he realized that Violet was very quiet in his arms, which made him shiver. Worried that he might have hurt her, he looked down just to see her smiling at him. He was so surprised that he almost let her fall right out of his arms, but he controlled himself at the last moment and put her on her feet very softly.

"That's the second time you save me today. I think I owe you a thank you."

Apart from his mother, no-one had ever spoken such nice words to him, so he started blushing. This made her laugh and with a smile still on her face -- he tought she was divinely beautiful like this -- she asked him "What's your name?"

"Thor" he replied very timidly.

She smiled again "Thor, a very worthy name for you. My name is..."

"Violet" he said.

This made her look very surprised.

"You know my name?"

Thor nodded but didn't go any further on the subject. He simply said "I'll take you home.Your parents must be worried to death by now. It's already getting dark."

He didn't want her to know that he didn't like being in the forest after dark. After all, he had the body of a grown man, even if in his heart, he was the fourteen year old he was in fact.

When they arrived in the village, they saw all the commotion right outside the house he lived in with his mother. When the villagers saw him arrive, they stepped aside to let him pass. When he saw what had happened, he stopped dead in his tracks. All the blood fled from his face and he turned as pale as was his mother, lying on the floor near the fireplace. This was his fault, for staying away from home too long. His mother was sick and when the fire was dying, it turned out she wasn't strong enough to stir it up herself. This was his fault, but also...

He turned just to see Violet looking at him with a sad face, and an apology in her eyes. No, not her fault but her father's for not looking after her properly.

The villagers had followed his eyes and now noticed Violet's torn dress. They also realized she had arrived together with Thor so the obvious questions followed.

"What happened to you?"

"Where were you?"

"What did he do to you?"

And then they turned to Thor like one man.

"How dare you?"

"First you let your own mother die"

"Then you turn on an innocent girl like Violet!"

"You animal!"

"You freak!"

"STOP IT!" Violet screamed and stood before Thor, but she was simply pushed away by her own father.

"Stop it, please. He didn't do anything to me! He saved me! Please, don't hurt him!"

But no-one listened to her pleas and they closed in on Thor. He cast a last look on his mother, and then started running, for the umpteenth time in his life. But there were too many of them and soon he was completely surrounded.

"Kill him!"

"He's evil."

"Yes, kill him!"

Thor let his head sink unto his chest. When he heard all these whispers and cries, he knew his time had come. They wouldn't let him get away this time. And maybe it was for the best, now with his mother dead. He wasn't made to be alone and would only be too sad. Violet's father, him of all people, came out of his house with bow and arrow and pointed the weapon at Thor. Thor closed his eyes and heard the string release its tension when the arrow was fired. But the cry that resounded wasn't his, so he opened his eyes just in time to catch Violet in his arms. She smiled weakly at him when he kneeled on the ground, holding her tighly.

"You are a beautiful person Thor, don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. And I know that you still have great things to accomplish and that it is not your destiny to die here by the hands of these ...fools."

She looked at her father for a moment, who just stood there, full of disbelief.

"Thor, please take me away from here, I want to go to our forest."

Thor looked around him, hesitatingly and whispered "But..."

"You can do it! You're strong! Please Thor, I don't want to stay here."

He nodded and stood up with a determined look on his face. He saw a big axe hanging outside someone's house and took it in one hand. He started running, waving the axe around him while carrying Violet in the other arm. None of the villagers dared approach him when they saw him swinging that axe so easily with one hand, when a normal man could barely lift it with both hands. When Violet's father finally tried, after Thor had turned his back on them, he paid for it with his life. The axe came flying at his head with all Thor's power, as if it seeked its target by Thor's will alone. After that the others let them leave in peace.

When they arrived at an open spot, Thor gently put Violet on a bed of leaves. She opened her eyes and softly said "I'm sorry."

Thor frowned "What for?"

"For screaming at you ten years ago. I never meant to hurt you."

He was so touched that she remembered that incident that tears filled his eyes.

When he wiped them off and realized that she had died, he took her in his arms, buried his face in her hair and for the first time in his life, he let his tears run free.

He didn't know how long he cried but when he finally calmed down, the moon was high in the sky and it was getting colder. He decided he'd better get some sleep because, having no more home to go to, he would probably have a tough period ahead of him.

He didn't notice that during the night, a pack of wolves came and dragged the lifeless body of Violet away. Nor did he notice they were stopped from killing him, by a boy who watched him for a while before disappearing again in the darkness with the wolves.

The following morning Thor woke up when the sun shone in his face. For a moment, he was desoriented, but then the truth hit him with all its despair.

He looked around him but couldn't find Violet's body anywhere. He saw the wolves' pawprints on the ground and realized what must have happened. But then why didn't they take him too. He was alseep and therefore an easy prey. Suddenly he also discovered human footsteps. There was a man among them? Or did he chase them away? But the prints did not reveal their secret so Thor decided to drop the subject. Violet was better of where she was now, than whatever he could have given her. This way, he was sure the villagers wouldn't get their hands on her.

Thinking of the villagers, he thought it might be best if he went deeper in the forest, in case they decided to look for him after all. The thought didn't appeal to him, but possibly the dangers of the forest were nothing compared to the accumulated anger of a whole village.

And so it happened that during the years that followed, Thor spent his time deep in the forest, hunting and fishing, carving bow and arrow and teaching himself how to use them. From time to time, his path crossed that of the outlaws.

They tolerated him, but his posture didn't invite them to be very friendly, nor to ask him to join them. And once again, Thor was convinced that the Gods didn't mean his body as a gift, but as a curse. The longer he lived, the more sure he was of it.

The two persons he loved most had died because of it, and he spent every day alone, even if he would prefer it otherwise. He sometimes traded bearskins or deerskins with the outlaws for clothes or a knife, but they always seemed glad when the trade was over.

And one day he encountered a pack of wolves. He stayed very still because winter was coming to an end and since there wasn't much food to go around these days, they were probably very hungry. He got a shock when suddenly among the wolves appeared a young man, with orange eyes and long grey hair. The boy looked at him for a moment, then threw him something. Thor caught it and when he opened his hand, he discovered the necklace Violet had around her neck when she died. Thor looked up only to find the wolves and their companion gone. There were so many things he had wanted to ask the boy. Why he ran with wolves, why they took away Violet but most of all why they had spared his life that night. Why was he destined to this life he didn't want to lead. All he really wanted was to die and join his mother and Violet. The only thing that kept him from taking his own life were Violet's words that Destiny had something in store for him. And for the second time in his life he sunk on his knees and cried, holding the necklace tightly in his hands.

After that,he felt a determination which he never felt before. He would live life to the fullest but he would not shy away from death either. And let Destiny come!

But as it turned out, Destiny had other plans for him. One day, Thor was hunting on the edge of the forest when he heard voices. A little girl was crying, and a man shouted at her to stop. Then, a woman's voice.

"Don't be so hard on her, she's hungry."

The man again.

"We all are."

Thor silently came closer and watched some people searching in the bushes.

They were looking for food. He understood from their conversation that in this desolate part of the country, food supplies were scarce, and that no-one dared to hunt in the forest because this belonged to the HighPriestess of Odin and the law forbad it.

Thor decided it was none of his business and was about to sneak away again when his eyes caught sight of the little girl. She was so thin and pale that one might have mistaken her for a ghost. And something in that girl touched Thor's heart so he decided to help these people after all. He hung the rabbits he had caught that day on a branch, made some noise and then hid himself. And indeed, a few seconds later, the little girl appeared. When she saw the rabbits, her face lit up and she called the others. When he saw the joy on their faces, he knew it was worth it to do this. The man looked around a bit worried, but when he heard nor saw anything, he took the rabbits and they left. Thor followed them at a safe distance and discovered a small community of poorly dressed people living in small huts.

When the family arrived with the rabbits, they called everyone together, prepared the meal and made a real feast of it, even if the food wasn't that much to feed all those mouths.

From that day on, Thor looked out for them without ever showing himself. He put food and animalskins near the village and every day, the children came to see what they could find. At one time he thought he was spotted by the little girl he saw that first day, but since no screaming was heard, she probably didn't notice him anyway.

And the villagers never asked where the food came from, but just thanked the Gods and their High Priestess Hilda.

Thor grimly thought that the HighPriestess was definitely not to be thanked, because lately, things were getting more difficult for him since the guards were patrolling more frequently.

And one day the inevitable happened, he was trapped and wounded by the guards.

They told him it was forbidden to hunt in the forest of the High Priestess. In answer, Thor crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"High Priestess, pff. Then who will feed my people?"

"You have to pay your respect to Princess Hilda. Don't talk about her that way!"

"I will pay my respect to whomever deserves it! And she's not one of those people. And neither are any of you for that matter."

They ran towards him in order to capture him, but he knocked them down as if they were simple bugs. His long years of hard life in the forest had made him tough, and he had finally become the warrior he had always appeared to be.

But before he could hurt any of them seriously, he was stopped by a soft energy surrounding him. A young woman on a horse appeared on top of the hill. Thor had never seen anyone like her. She had beautiful silver hair and a gentle shine in her eyes. But yet she rode the horse with so much dignity, it revealed the strength present in the seemingly fragile body.

When they saw her the guards tried to get up as best they could to bow before her.

"Princess Hilda..."

So this was Odin's High Priestess, the girl he had heard so much about. He sat down on the ground, not willing to give her the respect, a person of her rank normally deserved.

Under huge protest from her guards she rode up to him and got of her horse.

"I heard that a poacher was roaming this forest. I'm glad to finally meet you."

Surprised at these words, Thor looked up right in her wise eyes. She smiled at him and took his arm in her hand. Her other hand she held above his wound, he felt it glow and slowly the cut healed. He was astonished by her power and the warmth and kindness of her cosmo.

"I can't provide for my people in this desolate part of the country, so I'm glad you're doing this in my place. I am in your debt."

Thor looked at her as she smiled again, a sad but tender smile. He realized that for the first time in his life, there was this person who did not judge him on the way he looked, but on the way he acted, from the very moment they met. His mother had always said he was powerful, just because he was so big. She had never understood the fear he hid inside. And he remembered very well the scream Violet gave him when they were children. But this woman standing in front of him, she was different. So he smiled back at her, then got up and kneeled before her. He felt this was a person he could trust, who would never betray him and he realized that from this very instant he would give his life to keep her safe and as happy as she could be.

She helped him get up and said "Thor, please continue your good work here. And I'm sure that one day, we'll meet again."

After this she got back on her horse, gestured the guards to follow her and rode away.

This meeting changed something in Thor. He didn't fear being alone anymore for there was someone who knew what he did and why. And besides taking care of his people, he also trained every day to become the most powerful warrior anyone had ever seen. Something in the way his Princess had spoken, had convinced him of the need for strong men and women.

And indeed, one day he was rewarded for his efforts when he received the Gamma God Robe of Phecda. Now he would prove his real worth and he would finally get rid of this curse of the Gods. He would finally belong!

The End

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