The Maiden's Choice

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Saint Seiya plot and characters belong to Masami Kurumada and Toei Animation. This is the work of a fan and no money is being made, no offence was intended.

Flavor: Angst, Saori reflects on Seiya's wedding to Shaina.

The Maiden's Choice

Millerna, May 2nd 2001

Well, hello, welcome to my own private party. Oh? Want to know what has me in this state? Well, why not? I am rather miserable and my drinks won't be going anywhere.

I am in Italy for the day and night, tomorrow I will be going home, probably alone. The others expressed wishes in staying.

I went to a wedding today. Oh, not any wedding... his wedding. The church they booked was beautiful, Gothic and somber, one of those churches you imagine to have inspired vampire authors to write their delicious, horrid tales. The floral arrangements were fresh and dramatic, white orchids and roses. They had artificial lighting but decided on the extra resource of sweet smelling beeswax candles. The pews were ebony, making a lovely contrast with the rising marble walls. Above me a large chandelier loomed omniously, light and dark. On the alter the tortured image of the Christ dominated the scene, it caught my eye as soon as I had sat and I felt myself shiver involuntarily.

I was seated on the front pew, on the groom's side (I wonder if that was a design of Shaina's or Seiya's, I was seated before I could even ask), Shun was my escort, he looked undeniably handsome in his tailored pinstripe suit. I, judging from the admiring looks, looked rather good. I wore a tight bodice-gown from some sharp designer that was making it all the more difficult to breathe. My heart fluttering inside my chest, a poor jailed bird.

Black was my choosen color. My shoulders were bare and my hair caught up in a studded net. I wore no jewelry aside from the net, my face was almost devoid of make-up, much to my dresser's chagrine.

I shifted in my seat, uncomfortable under the steady gaze of speculators. I could almost hear them think: 'Who is she? What does she do? She's legendary Saori Kido? Oh, the Kido girl... Hm, her grandfather left all that money to her... Oh, what a fine lady she is!'

Only a few of them were actually paparatzi, the rest were members of the Kido foundation, some, and these tried their hardest not to be noticed, were from Sanctuary. Shaina's family took me by surprise, I had not expected them. After all, most of my soldiers were orphans or runaways. But not so with the Lady Orphicus, she had a mother, a father and two siblings, a girl only a few ears her younger and a boy of ten. They were a humble people, farmers probably, the mother had a look of wear to her, and the father a beaten man.

These would be Seiya's inlaws.

I cracked my nuckles nervously.

Shun, poor thing, tried to get some conversation from me but finally gave up. I feel bad for it now, I was a lousy date. But then, I was entitled to it and Shun is a compassionate man. I don't doubt he understands.

Anyway, it wasn't long before the damn thing started and she came in. Wearing a champagne-white dress with pearl beads set into the bodice, a flowing taffeta skirt, she looked like a princess from a movie or a story book. Her hair was done up elegantly and a sweeping veil covered her face but, no good, I could still see her pretty smile.

She looked so... beautiful. I had never realized Shaina could actually be beautiful, all I had seen in her was that edge, the aggressiveness, the easily misplaced wrath. Today she was a maiden in love with the man she chose for a mate.

I wept inwardly, biting the corners of my lips to keep the need at bay. Everyone beamed, their smiles perfectly in place, beside the nervous groom a very responsible Shiryu stood. Of all of them, he choose Shiryu, I guessed as much. Hyoga sat on the next pew with a rather extravagante blonde date and Ikki had not put himself through the trouble of attending.

The priest was a portly man who looked slightly uncomfortable with the gathering today. As if trying to dissuade his thoughts from the unlikely bunch he was conducting , he gave himself a little shake and began the ceremony with a clear, good baritone voice. But I was oblivious to it, my eyes were fixed on one man only.

Since her arrival Seiya had calmed down considerably, looking fixedly into his bride's eyes. So calm and beautiful he looked in my eyes that I threw a glance at the guests to see if they were as moved as I.

When the priest reached the "Speak now or forever hold your peace" I choked on myself. Shun, looking startled, turned to me and for a moment I envisioned myself screaming and tearing towards the two. But of course, I didn't.

Instead I chose to smile at Shun and reassure him of my well being with a curt nod of my head. As no one seemed to have any objections the priest continued, perfectly happy.

I smiled at this, how foolish, do they actually expect someone to hop up and scream: I object! This isn't Hollywood people, get real.

Shaina, on the otherhand, looked terribly relieved. Please, Shaina, I'm your Goddess, not Ally McBeal.

The ceremony continued.

I watched icily as Seiya carefully and tenderly placed the ring on her finger, watched as her eyes lit up, like the smallest, most innocent child and he smiled. Watched even as I wanted to scream, to blurt out: He's not yours, he's mine! But I couldn't say anything. I wouldn't say anything.

It amazed me, this wedding, a catholic church and a priest. Shaina was obviously of Catholic origin. But I was hurt. Even after all we had been through, for their most intimate moment they chose someone else, not me. Well, Athena wasn't exactly a goddess of marriage, leave that to Mama Hera.

Maybe Shaina's family needed the traditional wedding to feel at ease with their daughter.

But that wasn't it of course.

I was forever the outsider, the goddess'incarnation and not a woman. Only he had thought of me as a woman but that had been so long ago, when he was still foolish and proud to be my warrior.

With him I had allowed myself brief moments of illusion. Thinking that perhaps one day, some day I would be a woman truly and would leave 'her' great shadow behind me. But how does one say no to a Goddess... I chuckled as I thought of those who went against the rule of Athena... Arachne, Medusa and so many other miserable fools. I wonder what she would have thought for me. What a Goddess.

I am feeling very cynical, gomen nasai. But I am loosing something that should have been mine by right.

And he had been mine, so long ago and now... I didn't even have the right to cry for him. He unveiled her, her bright emerald mane glistened in the tight plait. They stared into each others eyes for a moment, the way pathetic lovers do in cheap movies, and I shivered. There was a mutual sigh from the crowd, romantics at heart, I would have snorted if I weren't so well-bred.

When he kissed her I died for the second time.

There was a loud cheer and Marin, the bridesmaid, hugged Shaina fiercely. Shiryu shook Seiya's hand as Pegasus gave himself an almost imperceptable little shake. Shun was up on his seat and Hyoga was shouting something. I could only stare.

Seiya had wed her... Shaina. The bitterness left me for a moment, when they turned, hand in hand, to the crowd and everyone cheered. The bride was exurbaraunt, the groom looked pleased enough. In my heart of hearts I smiled. If Seiya was happy...

I closed my eyes tightly, refusing to give in to the tears for fear that the others might see through my facade, afraid he'd see.

Long ago, he came into my bedroom in the pitch darkness of night. He spoke sweet words and said the words that he and I both knew. What did I do?

I turned him away. He offered his heart and I sent him away. I spoke wise words that night and I shed no tears, even as he drenched my nightgown. In the end he spoke what sounded to me like foolish words:

"We will run away, then."

Run away, Seiya? From what? From who?

From Athena's shadow, from our friends, from our duty, from the world itself, if so we must!

That was his answer. I smiled sadly and sent him on his way and for the longest while he hoped and prayed I would change my mind. That the heavens would concede us a second chance. A heavenly prayer.

But there was no such blessing, my father in heaven had long ago chosen the path I was to walk.

Then he started to see her, he began to see Shaina, they were friends at first, then they became lovers and, finally, they decided to wed.

Now it was too late.

Pride was a foolish and wasteful thing.

But did I ever have a choice?

Athena, the maiden goddess, was proscribed to spend her existence consort-less. So it was from the beginning, so it would remain till the end.

The night he came to me, shortly after returning home, he spoke words of the most sincere love and I knew them to be true, that night I made a choice. In his eyes I took the coward's way out. In mine there was only one way.

Shaina would be Seiya's wife and share his life.

And I? Athena and I were two sides of one existence, there could be no half-ways about it. I was who I was and nothing, not love, not pain, not death, could ever change it.

I was Athena, the Goddess incarnated.

And when the newly-weds turned to me and asked for my blessing, I smiled and kissed Shaina's cheek.


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