A Meeting In Time

© 2000 by Millerna

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The following story was written based on the manga of Masami Kurumada, the Saint Seiya characters and settings are used without permission from the author. This is written simply for fun and I am in no way making profit out of it. Saint Seiya belongs to its respective owners.

A Meeting In Time

© 2000 by Millerna

He had read and reread her letter so many times that the ink had begun to fade, the paper mussed and wrinkled:

Darling Angelboy,
Please come, there are things we need to discuss!
He is very sick now. He will not last longer.


Ninianne? His child-woman friend, but what was this newfound seriousness? Ninianne was forever carefree and laughing... the impeding death of his father triggered this in her? Poor Ninianne, so loving, she could mourn the fate of an old drunken slob. One he had sworn not to lay his eyes upon again.

But it was Ninianne begging, he had to go to her. It was that simple. Ninianne needed him.

"Do you fancy her? Or is she already your lover?" the snapping voice broke his reverie.

Cancer Marcus stared ironically at him. The man had the unnerving ability to know when Angelo had the need to be alone and as always disrespected it.

"Sensei... I have problems at home. It seems my father is finally in his death bed, I need only a day or so."

"Of course, Angelo. I've always felt that paying respect to drunkards was the least anyone could do." The sarcasm cut like a knife but Angelo knew better than to fight. He would remain calm.

"I don't go out of respect for him but for the others of my village, Sensei." The slight stress of that last word was all Angelo would allow of his rage to show, the longer he had studied with Marcus the least he had feared him. It was now only a matter of time, and Marcus knew it.

"Ack, I've had all I could of you anyway. A day would be a blessing! Go to your mistress for all I care!"

Words from the mouth of a Gold Saint...and Angelo had been raised to think that they were wise men, how dissapointing.

"Thank you, sensei."

* * *

The village had not changed in the slightest way since he had last seen it five years ago. The five years felt more like a lifetime to him; unlike most trainees he had always come back home. No matter what, he had always found a way to escape Marcus and come home. But then, he was luckier than most, his family had been very much together, mother, father and Ninianne...

The village was set close to Sanctuary. True that he had come from Italy, but his family had relocated to Greece.. The ancient Greek heritage was strong in this tiny nameless village. A village sacred to the Goddess Athena, his mother had come here on pilgrimage, certain that her son would be a heavenly warrior of Athena. The village took direct orders from Sanctuary and the Kyoukou.

His mother was one of the people he had loved most. Kind, and sincere, she had been able to pass on her faith in the Goddess to her son before she died five years ago. He would be a Gold Saint of Athena. It was foretold, his mother said.

And, of course, there was Ninianne. Childhood playmate, raised beside him. Her family had died of a fever in the first few years his family had moved to Greece. They were a family of farmers that lived on the outskirts of the village and it had been too late when the healers had been informed of the disease. Besides no one really wished to be in contact with the fever. No one but his mother, who had found the little farm, burst in and rescued the only survivor, Ninianne.

His mother had been a healer and trained Ninianne to be thus. Stating simply that there would come a time when Ninianne would be needed for her skills.

In the beginning he had hated her. Hated the way she captivated others around her, with her large doe-eyes and pretty oval face. She had thick wavy brown hair and large brown eyes with tiny flecks of green. A spoiled brat.



"Ha! That's what I'll call you! You are as pretty as an angel. Men aren't supposed to be pretty, you know. Perhaps...?!!"

"I am a MAN!"

"Hn. I'm not certain of that."

But as time passed, feelings changed and 'Angelboy' became an almost tolerable name. Almost.



Until they finally admitted their feelings for one another:


"What do you want?"

"Angelboy, do you think I'm pretty?"

"Not at all, why?"


And life was peaceful.

"Argh! She bit me! She BIT me!"

"Ha! He deserved it!"

Well, almost peaceful anyway. But he was back to see her again. As he walked through town he saw the unobvious changes.

People passing him by stared at him oddly. Old Martinus from the bakery barely acknowledged him as he went by saying hello. And Marlene from the hair shoppe ducked into her shoppe as she saw him coming. It was the same in the grocery store and in the market. Nobody seemed eager to see him.

It hadn't been long enough for them to have forgotten him completely. These were the people that he had grown up with and now they stared at him as if he were something to fear.

"Angelboy!!" He turned as he heard the shrill scream. Ninianne! He looked for her face in the crowds, but was interrupted as ivory arms enfolded on his neck and a warm body toppled him over.

He stared at the matured face of his childhood friend, full rose-lips, thick lashed doe-eyes, the long thick hair spilled over her shoulders framing her delicate face.

It took him a moment to realize that they were both lying on the floor with her atop him.

"Ninianne! Really!" She laughed.

"What do you think, Angelboy? That anyone will actually care about your reputation?" She stared at him eagerly but moved off and twisted to her feet. Passers-by skirted them warily.

"I don't understand why you just can't say hello. Hi, how's it going -- is pretty acceptable, too, so I heard."

"Sure, but I haven't seen you for so long! In case I forget to tell you later: You are so sexy!"


* * *


I called him because of Father. Father who was dying and needed forgiveness. But the truth of the matter was that I needed him.

It was true what I said: He was sexy and handsome and sweet. And he was turning a hundred different tones of red as I told him this. We were walking home together and it was fun teasing him so.

"Ninianne, really!"

"Ninianne, really!"I mocked him. "Is that all you can say? I see, in Sanctuary they are actually training you to be a parrot. The Gold Saint crap is just a rumour, huh?" He smirked at me, refusing to rise to the bait.

"Gold Saint Polly Wanna A Cracker!" I tried one last time, but he turned to me then and smiled slightly. My heart fluttered and I couldn't help myself, I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him to me furiously.

But his arms didn't go around me. I looked up into his face and saw my fate decided there.

"Ninianne, no," he said sadly. Words spoken so softly but they had the effect of thunder claps in my ears. I turned from him quickly, lest he saw the tears. I stared fixedly at the little cabin a distance away.

"Don't be foolish, my Angelboy, you know I'm only teasing, right?" I made my voice cheery but it sounded strained even to me.

"Certainly, you go through life teasing others, don't you, Ninanne?" There was a new roughness in his voice that made me look at him.

He had changed, he was not so much the boy I remembered now. But he was still Angelo, I could see. And Angelo would always see me the same way:

A brat.

I put on a smile for him and he answered it in kind.

"Come see what I've done with the house!" I cried eagerly, he frowned worriedly.

"You haven't--?"

"Don't worry, Angelboy, I haven't changed anything in the house except for my room." I smiled softly at him, understanding well his concern. Mother is precious in my memory, too, Angelo.

"And what is it that you've done to your room, my little Ninny? Put up pictures of beautiful men?" He laughed in relief.

"I've sacrificed my room for my herbs and studies."

"Oh, you must get very tired sleeping standing up." He smiled slightly. "Or, let me guess, that's where MY room comes in?"

"Yes! You win a prize! Let's have a hand for Angelboy!" I clapped dutifully while he took a bow to the imaginary audience.

"Hey! You said I get a prize!"

"Of course, a kiss of gratitude from a lovely Greek lady!"

"Great! When is she getting here?"

I slapped him for good measure, of course.

Taking my key from my pocket I opened the little door apprehensively. Well aware that he had not been in this house since Mother had died. Gingerly I whispered in his ear.

"Welcome home, Angelo."

* * *


She was telling me the truth when she said that nothing had been moved. This was the house my mother had organized and tended to, everything where my mother had left it. Even the vase of white daisies in the center of the round wood table we had all gathered by to eat and to talk. The few landscape paintings my mother's father had painted were still hung where she had arranged them. A nice little sofa set whose upholstery, although obviously tended with loving care by Ninianne, was beginning to fade. And my mother's quilts drapped over the couch and chair just as she used to display them.

Ninianne turned to me for approval. I smiled at her reassuringly and she beamed.

"God, Ninianne, but this must take you some effort to keep this way!" I told her proudly but she frowned at me suddenly.

"Effort, Angelboy? Not at all. I wish horribly there was effort involved, then I wouldn't be so ...unoccupied."

"You? Unoccupied?" I started with a smile. "Being a village healer, isn't much work, Ninianne? I am told you are quite good."

"Oh, and who told you?" she turned to me obviously flattered.

"Word gets around in Sanctuary." This was true, unfortunatly. The young male trainees had been talking about a certain dark beauty, who was working as a healer, that village people called Ninianne. It had even bought me a couple of fights with some trainees, after which no one was heard mentioning the name Ninianne in my presence.

Ninianne frowned at me, "What's that smirk for?" she demanded, hands on her hips. I laughed helplessly.

"Nothing! I was wondering just exactly what you do for fun here?"

"Well, usually I just sit around and watch my toenails grow but on really warm days I go outside and wait for the cows to come home."

"You're in for a treat then, let's go out and see the gypsies dance.. I haven't seen the market place at night in the last five years." I grinned at her.

"Well that's because you've been gone in the last five years," she stressed dramatically.

"No, what I mean is I haven't seen any market place at night in the last five years!" Two could play the stressing game.

"No nightlife for aspiring Goldies?"

"None. But I do get to see Marcus do the Hula."


"My point exactly."

She turned to me serious then, "You can't leave yet, Angelo, you haven't even seen him!"

Ah, sweet Ninianne, such concern for the bastard.

"Ninianne, I did not come here because of him, I came to see you, that is all." I told her firmly.

"I thank you for that,"she began sharply, "but that doesn't get us anywhere, I want you to see him, Angelo. For your own good, before it is too late and he is gone."

The seriousness in her voice along with the strengh I felt in her reminded me oddly of my mother. Not that my mother had ever been as beautiful as this willful brat. Still...

"Alright, all I can promise you is that I'll seriously think it over, tomorrow."


"No buts. This is my final offer, allow me to take you out tonight and I'll think it over tomorrow." She sighed.

"Fine. But I have to see to him first. Let me get you something to eat, you must be starving."

I watched her swaying back with a smile, watching her as she moved into the hallway that led to the two floor bedrooms, Ninianne's and my parents rooms.

My own room was upstairs, a little loft I had chosen over the proper bedroom Ninianne had taken. But in the cold nights my parents argued and fought, sometimes even injuring each other physically, I had been glad of my choice. Up in the attic I couldn't hear the screaming so much and on those nights Niniane always snuck into my room.

But now my room was Ninianne's room and I wondered what exactly she was hiding from.

* * *


He said no. But then what was I expacting? Angelo to run, open-armed, to a father he barely spoke to while his mother was alive and much less after her death. I know he blames Father for Mother's death, perhaps this was all futile. But I wanted him to come. I am so very happy he is here, it is shameful. Whoever said lovers were fools, was right. But, Goddess, I wouldn't particularly mind being a fool if that meant being his lover.

Oh, Angelo, can't you see how I've missed you? Haven't you missed me in turn?

No, don't be silly, I chide myself. He will never see you as anything else. Never.

I stride into my Father's room, trying to keep lighthearted steps.

"Hello, Father, how have you been?" The little grizzled man looked at me from beneath large messy eyebrows. Angelo got his looks from his mother.

"Angelo... where is my son?"

Oh, well... he just doesn't feel like seeing you, I thought cruelly.

"Father, he hasn't arrived yet. I am going to meet him at the town square now."

The old man nodded and looked down at the book he held in his hands. He was lying on his modest bed covered with all the blankets that could be spared from the house. He was dying and he knew it. Drinking and cancer had brought him prematurely to this. So that at fifty he looked eighty.

He no longer cared about anything at all. All he wanted now was to see Angelo and have his sins erased from this world. Well, don't count on it. I looked at the book he was reading and realized it was an old book of poetry that belonged to Mother. John Keats opened at a section of the Hyperion. I grinned, Mother's favorite, I had yet to find out why.

I patted his shoulder as I asked if he needed or wanted anything he simply shushed me and waved me away.

I eagerly walked to where he waited. Standing in the middle of the room, his back to me. I looked him over, he was wearing dark blue jeans pants and a white sweater. Cute.

"All right, we're set." I whispered loudly.

"He can stay by himself?" he hissed back.

Two hours latter we strolled lazily around the village. We had eaten a meal consisting of goat cheese and whole wheat bread at a secluded part, looked over gypsy merchandise and now we went home walking side by side. Talking excitedly like small children.

"That's ALL you do!"

"Hey! I train all day!!"

"Hey, I WORK all day!"

"Yeah, well, you're not expected to die for the Goddess."

" That's because you don't treat those who are expected to die for the Goddess. Believe me, there are days I'd love to jump off a bridge."

"Ah, you're being kind."

"Oh, shut up!" I laughed shoving him playfully.

We walked on comfortably in the night.

* * *

The Soldiers

The next morning, Angelo turned curiously to Ninianne as he heard the first bells ring. They sat together in the breakfast table eating some broth.

"What on earth is that?"

"Hn? Oh, that is the shepherds calling the sheep to the slaughter", she remarked ironically. Then getting up she quickly moved to a little chest and removed a wallet. She hummed to herself as she counted the money within. Angelo watched perplexed as she nodded satisfied and made a move to the door.

"Wait! Where the hell are going?" She gave him an odd look. The kind the villagers had welcomed him home with. That Ninianne could view him so was startling.

"Do you want to know?"

"If I didn't I wouldn't ask. Dumb." He frowned at her.

She nodded. "Then come with me."

"What?" But she gave him no time to question as she dashed out all he could do was get up and follow her.

Angelo noted that the villagers also moved out of their houses in the same preoccupied, hurried fashion Nini employed. Now what the hell was this about? It was only seven in the morning.

Niniane and Angelo paused at the village square. Now, peering over the crowds, Angelo saw to his surprise, uniformed Sanctuary Soldiers. But the most disturbing was the presence of an Amazon. She was tall and rather mean looking, her painted mask glaring coldy in the early morning sun, her black, straight hair ran down her back, and her training armour was the standard for the Amazons. He recognized her immediately, Morrigan, the Ophiuchus Saint. He remembered training early in his career with the woman's apprentice, Shaina.

He frowned, what the hell was Morrigan up to?

Morrigan stood behind an improvised little wood table where a weak looking man sat with a ledger book open. The man, a middle aged, balding fellow, seemed as apprehensive over Morrigan's presence as he, Angelo, was. Looking up at the powerful woman standing over him, the man obviously looked for permission, which he received with the almost imperceptible nod of her head.

A soldier, a sergeant from the badges on his uniform, stepped up to the crowd.

"The monthly Sanctuary contribution now commences, you will step up to the desk and pay the tax when your name is called."

The balding man stood up and with a shaky voice uttered a name. "The Aedias Family."

A middle aged family man quickly moved through the crowds and, trying not to look at Morrigan, handed the frightened mouse an envelope. He stood to a side as the bald accountant (since when did the Sanctuary have accountants, Angelo smirked) counted the money and, nodding to the sergeant, added an entry to his ledge book.

The soldier barked at the 'contributor', "You may go."

Angelo watched the whole episode incredulously, "Nini what's going on here? Since when does Sanctuary take money from the people?"

"Angelo, shush! They might hear you!"

"It'd be damn good if they heard me! There must be a misunderstanding, I'll talk to Morrigan." But she grabbed his arm.

"And what will you say to Morrigan? You are only a trainee. Don't overestimate yourself!"

"Then tell me why is the Sanctuary collecting money from you?"

"They tell us it's for the war effort, but come on, Angelo, who is going to disagree?" Ninianne gave him a tiny ironical smile. "Look at them, Angelo, they are armed guards and we are the sheep."

"The only one with Cosmo is Morrigan, the others are common."

"We are common!"

"Well, I'll find out about it tomorrow in Sanctuary." He prepared to leave.

"Wait, I have to pay, just watch."

He frowned, this was not right! Then again, maybe he just hadn't understood it correctly. After all, Sanctuary was the blessed home of the Goddess. And she would never do harm to her people.

The routine was carried on over and over with the villagers, until...

"My lord, please understand, I have no money this month..." A man on his knees adressed Morrigan...

Morrigan looked at the balding accountant type and the little man shook his head, "This is the third month Cobis doesn't pay, my Lord."

Morrigan never uttered a word she simply nodded towards the sergeant who immediatly pulled the man to one side on the table.

"Stay here. We are not finished with you." The soldier's words made the man pale drastically, but he said nothing.

The man was the first of fifteen villagers who were unable to "contribute".

When it was his family's turn, he grabbed the money pouch from Ninianne and moved towards Morrigan.

There was a slight stir among the soldiers as they recognised him, Morrigan's mask glared cruelly.

"Ophiuchus Morrigan." He said with a slight bow of his head which showed no courtesy at all.

"Cancer Apprentice," Morrigan acknowledged him calmly, he could almost hear the smile she hid.

With a charming smile he tossed the coinbag at the man, it hit him fully in the face.

"My sincere apologies, it slipped my hand."

Morrigan seemed to stand up taller; she was almost his height and could summon great strength on looks alone. Her entire attitude now was extremely aggressive. But he had seen worse.

"I will make that known to Marcus when you return." Ah, now this was intimate information, Morrigan saying his master's name. And Angelo knew bloody well he would pay dearly, Morrigan and Marcus were lovers and had been for longer than anyone knew. Still, he had made his point. Tossing another smile at Morrigan, he moved back to a shocked Ninianne.

"Are you crazy? Do you realize what that monster could have done to you?"

"Nothing at all, my power level is much more advanced than hers now." He grinned coldly at Ninianne.

"Insane, power or not, she represents official Sanctuary business here. And you are not yet a Saint!"

"Oh, but that is only a matter of time, Ninianne."

"Angelboy, you stupid --"

"Ninianne, shut Up! Look!" He cut her off, gesturing to an angry, young man who stood before Morrigan.

The man couldn't have been much older than Angelo himself but his face looked old. His clothes had seen better days and he wore a beard, but still Angelo remembered him easily.

"That is Damon! How come I didn't see him yesterday?" Damon was one of his few friends.

"Damon has gotten married and has children, Angelboy."

" But he's only my age! Goddess, you country kids do things faster here!" He almost laughed but Ninianne slapped his arm.

"I cannot pay you this month."

The baldish man sighed, "You couldn't pay us last month either...or the last month, for five months..."

"I need my money to feed my family."

The soldier stepped forward, "All these people before you," he motioned grandly with his right arm, "have payed their duties to Sanctuary, are you telling us that only you cannot abide to this great honor?"

"Honor? What you call honor I call stealing!"

Morrigan moved then, Angelo held his breath instinctively.

"On your knees before me." She didn't raise her voice, but she didn't need to, the crowd froze. "Apologize to the Sanctuary, to the Goddess and to me."

"I have nothing to apologize for. My children are starvi--!" Angelo saw the arm strike up before the man even felt the blow, it took a tenth of a second and Damon hit the ground face first.

Humiliation, Morrigan dealt it expertly. Angelo could remember Shaina's tear-drenched mask as she knelt almost naked on sharpened rocks, all for having been caught brushing her long emerald hair. Morrigan had it chopped off the girl after that.

Damon stirred and tried to get up, once more Morrigan slammed him to the ground. Angelo started towards them but froze when a movement from Morrigan's mask told him that Morrigan knew exactly where he was. Ninianne put a cool little hand on his arm, her face worried and stricken. Ninianne, I'm sorry.

"Apologize to the Goddess you have wronged." Morrigan impassive voice called. "Make your peace with her before it is too late."

Damon lifted his head to stare hatefully at Morrigan. "To hell with you and Your Goddess! A Goddess that makes children go hungry while other's eat the very best and fine is not a Goddess! Damn you and damn Athena!"

The crowd gasped, Ninianne gave a tiny jump and held on to him forcefully. He was trembling, his heart beating painfully. He knew what this meant, he had seen soldiers face the same punishment within Sanctuary. And the worst was that he knew Morrigan was right, Damon had no right to speak blasphemy of the Goddess.

If the villagers felt that this was wrong then why not bring it to one of the Sanctuary judges? The Pope himself would not ignore such an urgent matter even if it was in dealing with peasents. But speaking ill of Lady Athena was inexcuseble.

Morrigan was oddly composed. She now pointed to the fifteen other people who had not paid.

"I had planned on letting all go with no punishment, just a written apology to our lord the Pope but now, with this outrage, I see I will have to test you."

"A known traitor against Athena deserves what?" She asked of the crowd. The villagers stirred nervously.

"You, the fifteen! What do you think? Do you think Athena is unfair?" The fifteen shook their heads and confirmed their faith in the Goddess. "What of the rest of you? Are any of you against our Lady?"

"Angelo, what is the usual punishment for blasphemy?" Ninianne questioned at his ear. Angelo looked at her darkly.

"Do you know what blasphemy is? Blasphemy is words spoken against our Goddess, words humiliating her effort, her hardships and her love for us. Such words are words of treason. And treason? How do we punish treason? Do any of you know?" Morrigan was asking the frightened villagers.

She turned to him, "Angelo, tell them. What is the punishment for treason?"

All eyes were on him and Ninianne standing next to him shivered.

"The punishment is death."

The crowd to stunned to move didn't even make a sound. Damon staring wide-eyed at him, murmered something. Angelo thought it was his name... then the silence was broken as a badly thin girl rushed forward from the crowd. She threw herself on her knees before Morrigan.

"Please my Lady! My husband was wrong to have spoken of our Lady so, but we are faithful to Athena. We have always been -- we just don't have money."

Damon shook his head at the girl. And looked coldly towards Angelo.

"Angelo! I recognize you! Do you recognize me? We were friends! You remember me, you coward. How can you permit this to go on?" Damon screamed through the crowds.

Ninianne looked up at Angelo pleadingly. "There is nothing I can do..."he whispered.

The thin girl was still at Morrigan's feet. "My Lady, I beg your forgiveness for my husband!" The tears ran down her brown face in a way that reminded Angelo of Shaina, although he had never seen the other girl's face.

"Let your husband beg himself!"

"I will not to you! You coward! You are all cowards!" Damon screamed.

"Then say your goodbyes." Morrigan pulled Damon by the hair.


"Angelo? How dare you interfere with justice?" Morrigan's voice was no longer passive, she was now full of aggression.

"You cannot execute him here, Morrigan. He must be taken before a judge or the Kyoukou himself! That is the law!"

Morrigan laughed. It was an eerie sound and Angelo hoped he would never hear it again.

"Very well. He will die tomorrow at Sanctuary!" She flung Damon across to the sergeant as if Damon were nothing more than a sack of potatoes.

The girl screamed and tried to fling herself to her husband. The soldiers caught her and shoved her to the floor some yards away.

Damon securely tied to the soldiers horses, the sergeant gave the crowd permission to leave under the metallic stare of Morrigan's cold mask.

The villagers moved as fast as they could from Morrigan, never turning back to look at Damon.

But Damon's wife stayed there. As did he and Ninianne.

Morrigan turned to her troop and gave one of her meaningful nods.

But then Damon's wife threw herself at Angelo's feet.

"Sir! You were friends with my Damon. Please save him now! I know you can stop them! You are stronger than she is, do something, please!!"

"Margo! Stop humiliating yourself! Angelo is nothing but a traitor!" Damon screamed.

Margo shook her head stubbornly. "Please...my family will die."

Angelo felt a thickening in his heart. It hurt terribly, especially with this girl at his feet and Ninianne staring at him so hopefully.

"I cannot. I have made an oath to the Goddess Athena. An oath I shall abide to all of my life." His words were spoken with more certainty than he felt. To the girl they were a death sentence.

Morrigan nodded pleased.

"I will see you tomorrow at Sanctuary, Angelo. Let's go."

The girl screamed and grabbed her husband's arm, "Oh, God no! Please no!"She sobbed, Damon kissing her, quickly whispered something in her ear as they shoved them apart. The girl fell to her knees sobbing as Morrigan's soldiers left, taking Damon with them.

Ninianne, gentle as ever, wrapped her arms around the sobbing girl. But the girl, enraged, shoved Ninianne away and ran to him, pounding him with bony fists.

"Damn you! Damn you, Angelo, the fallen one! I curse you! You will know my pain one day! Your lover shall be broken from your arms as mine was and you will know my pain! You will live like the insatiable beast that haunts paradise and you shall never know peace!"

That said, the girl turned and ran swiftly away from them, Ninianne rushing after her.

He just stood there. Watching the sun set over the mountains that hid the Sanctuary. And the pain in his heart grew stronger.

To be continued
(famous last words -- and then her computer crashed)

Author's End Note:

Millerna's raves: Yeah... I know I shouldn't have attempted this. But my Mom is right, I'm stubborn, so go ahead and flame me, I deserve it. :P

@_@, in case you were wondering, the Angelo and Ninianne parts are written in first person while the Soldiers and A meeting in time parts are worked in third person, this was done on purpose -- BWAHAHAHAHA, so there!

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