Chapter 1 - Re-occurrence

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At 7:00 a.m. every morning, Milo woke up in his room in the 8th Temple of the Zodiac. It was usually dark, not because it was dark outside, but because he usually had his blinds closed so that the sunlight wouldn't creep in and blind him as he tried to sleep. Sometimes, thanks to one or more of his pets, he'd be woken up earlier and wouldn't be able to get back to sleep because they were hungry and about as impatient as he was when it came to most things. For a while, he'd tried closing his door the whole way before going to bed, but they'd creep under. Then, he tried blocking the crack beneath the end of the door with a towel; they'd come in through the window. Soon enough, he got fed up with his futile attempts at being left alone until he awoke, and the unusual cleverness of his nearly blind pets. So, he just kept the door open. In a way, keeping the door open was a good thing to do, even though the scorpions would get in, because he had a problem with keeping th pawns of the Sanctuary out of his temple and away from his stuff. This way, he'd be able to hear them lurking about.

It was no wonder he was always starving and mooching off of the other gold saints, the pawns ate his food without mercy, and Shion wouldn't give him a raise (the excuse the former sheep had made was that he didn't trust Milo not to spend the extra money on alcohol for spiking punch and other stuff at parties, like he and Kanon did so often, just for the heck of it) so he could set up a few dozen traps to catch the annoying pathetic excuses for soldiers. He wasn't even sure why they could roam the 12 Houses in any case. To him, they should only be restricted to outside the pope's chambers, traversing up and down the steps when coming to work their shift and then leaving it, carrying out the pope's orders, and roaming the land of Sanctuary where the lower ranked saints and trainees stayed. It was thoroughly annoying that they could just wander into his temple, steal his food, and then act like nothing happened. One of these days, Milo promised himself that he'd teach them a lesson about what happened to you if you messed with this Scorpio Gold Saint and his stuff. Especially when it came to the food.

This particular morning, the blue-haired male was woken up by about 10 of his 5:30 in the morning. He tried throwing them off him, but the stubborn, persistent things wouldn't leave him be. So, in a worse mood than he usually was in the morning, Milo got up and fed his who knows how many pets, before dawn. It was murder on his temper, for he cherished every ounce of sleep that he got. So far, every night since he and his fellow dead saints had been resurrected, he'd had nightmares, the same ones re-occurring, about what happened against Hades, his time trapped in the statue, and stuff that hadn't even happened yet. There was no promise that any of the future events he saw in his dreams would happen, but he could never be certain. After all, before the encounter with Hades, he'd have re-occurring nightmares about Camus coming back from the dead and freezing him solid, mercilessly and with no apparent concern or regret on his face or in his eyes or cosmos. Look what happened, Camus came back from the dead and, although he didn't get frozen, they were opponents viciously battling each other for Athena's head. It turned out in the end that Camus and the others were merely pretending to betray them, but that didn't keep Milo from getting deep, unseen scars.

His trust had been broken and now, it was always looking like he would fully snap. Continuously, he had to plaster a 'mask' (an emotional mask) of sorts onto his face so he didn't have to worry anyone that something inside him may be approaching detonation. He'd mastered this and the same with his cosmos, after feeling how Shaka was able to do this and then practicing on his own. Not even Camus, the person most like family to him, could tell something was up. He didn't even want to believe that he was inching closer and closer to the point of no return. Milo really didn't want to admit it or believe it, but he knew that he could get worse than Saga, Deathmask, and Kanon combined in terms of being psychotic. It was only when he was pushed over the edge, though. Hopefully, that'd never happen, but no one could be sure at all.

After feeding his scorpions their breakfast (which consisted of insects that they enjoyed stinging and eating) Milo walked over to his own kitchen to see if he had anything edible, or if he had to go and bother Aioria about it. Once he got there, he saw a couple of unwelcome visitors stealing whatever food he had left. At this time of morning, Milo wouldn't even give them a warning. Automatically upon seeing them, he fired a round of his Scarlet Needle at them. They were on the floor in pain in a matter of seconds. The Scorpio dragged the two of them out of his temple and one by one threw them over the Libra and Virgo Temples where they landed in Aioria's place, waking him up from his precious kitty sleep. The Leo was about as pissed off as Milo was and hit them with his Lightning Plasma, probably disintegrating the two of them in the process.

Milo smirked, very pleased with this outcome of events, and turned back into his house to go see if he even had anything left. Re-entering his kitchen, he immediately opened up his fridge. Those blasted pawns had just about cleared it spotless. Shion was most definitely going to hear about this, whether he was in meditation or not. The pawns were becoming more of a nuisance than ever, and for no good reason at all. Sure he'd been dead for a couple of months, but that didn't give them to right to rampage through his temple and mess around with his personal belongings and the food that he'd left behind. The stupid pawns had gone through his temple and lounged around in it, trashing the whole place and scaring his pets, who had to live off of the crumbs they dropped, and not even Athena was there to stop them.

'Why my temple? Why not Aphrodite's for heaven's sake!?' the Scorpio Saint thought to himself as he grabbed what little food he could find in his refrigerator and sat down to eat it at his kitchen table as the dawn came. Shion would hopefully be up and moving soon, Milo wasn't going to wait for three hours to go talk to him about the continuing pawn problem. Heck, he'd wake him up if it came down to it, and he'd do it whether or not there was any punishment.

When Milo finally felt Shion's cosmos wake up, he'd been pacing around the main part of his temple for about 1.5 hours, each second growing more and more tedious as time wore on. There was virtually nothing to do early in the morning at Sanctuary. Cable and internet were banned, but electricity wasn't, thankfully. The saints weren't THAT far behind modern technology, contradictory to what one might think. The cloths may need an upgrade, and they didn't tend to wear modern clothes unless they were going into the city, but they most definitely weren't Jurassic Age primitive. This, at times, was very annoying, especially when he didn't feel like sitting down and reading, drawing, journaling, or writing in general. It also wasn't exactly like he could go to the Libra or Sagittarius either. Dohko and Aioros weren't that interesting to talk to; they'd just chew Milo's head off with lecture after lecture about "what it meant to be a saint" and "what Milo needed to change both in looks and personality." Those types of lectures got to the Scorpio more than anything (in a negative sense) and they annoyed him half to death. Aioros was especially bad about it, since he was an older brother. The two were probably asleep in any case. It was better that way, though. Milo didn't have to occupy himself with his thoughts while pretending to listen to how long hair and eyeliner (from time to time he wears it) made him look like a gothic chick.

'I like having long hair, thank you very much!' Milo thought to himself as he mused over these things, 'And it's not like I put on mascara and lipstick everyday like Shaka and Aphrodite. If you wanna lecture someone about looking like a Goth chick, damn it, don't do it to me when they look more like it than I do!!' Just to make Dohko and Aioros mad, Milo put his rarely used eyeliner on and was smirking the whole way up to the pope's chambers, just thinking about it.

Really, the only time that the scorpion wore eyeliner was when he was depressed, mad, or both and was trying to warn people to back off and not even go near him. (The poisonous glances he gave anyone trying to pester him also helped with that.) The only people, who would dare go to confront him when it was one of those pathetic days, were Camus and Kanon. Aioria tended to give him some space, so he didn't get stung. As of late, Milo had been depressed, for no solid reason, just life in general, he assumed it was pretty much that at least. If there was one thing he hated more than lectures, it was people reading his mind through his eyes and his facial expressions. Camus could do it often, even with him putting up an iron barrier around his mind. Kanon used to be able to. Now, neither of them could and he was turning into something of an enigma to those he was closest to.

It took a while as it usually did for him to reach the top of the acropolis. Thankfully he was in the middle-ish of it and not at the 1st house or the 12th; both would be a pain to live in. In between the 6th and the 7th houses would make the middle. He was pretty content with being in the center area, it was generally nice and peaceful and he was away from the Gemini and Cancer Temples when Saga had to pin Kanon against a pillar, six, or something else (like the floor or a rock or the ceiling...) to keep him from going up to the house above him and tearing Deathmask apart. Milo chuckled at the thought. He honestly wouldn't mind watching that happen. The same if Kanon decided to pound Aphrodite's face in. The guy was a narcissist and an egotistical jerk, not to mention about as much of a nuisance as those pawns that lurked about his home and wouldn't leave him alone. Frankly, he was sick of it and the passive tendencies that everyone had towards the never ceasing problem. Also, why him? He didn't do anything to the pawns. Yeah, he did pull pranks on the other saints, and he did mooch off of them, but he always made sure they know and were fine with it before doing so. If they weren't okay with it, he went to someone else.

He sighed. People always thought the worst of him. It made him sick to his stomach relatively badly. It was always like they were expecting him to rape some poor, innocent young woman on the street. The gold saint was better than that! Sure he flirted from time to time and sure he was a Scorpio, but he was not one to defile someone like that. Ever. Having the worst expected of you was no better than having someone hold you way above your capabilities. Either way, you were absolutely guaranteed to have problems. With the lower expectancy rate, you could never get anything you needed. With the higher, you basically have to do every single thing perfectly; there was no room for making mistakes.

Finally, after a good while of walking, Milo got to the master's temple and walked in, heading for the room where Shion was. The door was open, so Shion was obviously not meditating, and entered.

"Hello Milo," Shion said, "How are you today?"

Milo shrugged, "Tired and fed up with the blasted pawns. You?"

"I feel old..." Shion replied.

Milo chucked and shook his head, blue locks going wherever they pleased. "It's not like you were just born yesterday," he replied coolly.

"Gee, thanks Milo," the green-haired pope replied, "That makes it all better."

"You're welcome," Milo replied rather sarcastically.

Shion sighed. "Well, what do you want?

"You know that raise I asked you about a while ago?"


"Well, now I'm kinda desperate for it."

"You're not gonna get it, Milo, and you know it."

"But the pawns are becoming more of a headache and nothing's being done!"

"Hmmm...You do bring up a point there...I'll see what can be done about that."

"So, you're sure I can't get the-?"

"Positive," the pope replied, cutting him off.

Milo sighed, but nodded none the less and bowed before he turned and left the temple. Hopefully this problem would be dealt with within the day and if not within the day, then within the week. As long as it was dealt with well and quickly, he wouldn't have to keep going up and asking Shion about how things were going.

All the way down the steps of the acropolis, the dream that Milo'd kept having crept into his mind. Each time, he tried to push it back but was never really successful. The part that bothered him the most was of course the futuristic part of the dream. It was odd and made absolutely no sense in the least. He was walking on a cliff, by the sea. It was calm and peaceful and everything seemed like nothing could go wrong. He could hear the laughter of children from far off and he could feel the warmth and joy of all the cosmos around him. Suddenly, the sky turned dark and the water turned to blood, the laughter to screams and the warmth and joy of all the cosmos to ice and despair. Two silver snakes would slither towards him, but he didn't run. Instead, he reached his arm down towards them and allowed them to entwine themselves around him, before he ran back to Sanctuary. When he arrived, it was in utter chaos. There were bodies laying everywhere, some he recognized, and some he didn't recognize, but felt he should for some reason. Mixed in with the bodies strewn everywhere was blood, and lots of it. He walked amongst them, trying to find anyone who was alive in the midst of all of the chaos. There was one person who caught his eye and he walked over to the person and knelt beside them. The eyes were shadowed by bangs and the body was covered in armor, but the person had a scar over their right eye and shoulder-length light brown hair with a few streaks of red and dark blonde mixed in there. He asked the figure if it was alright and the figure responded by choking up a great amount of blood, and nodding weakly. Milo helped the person up allowing it to lean against him as he went around looking for more survivors. Camus was one among the living as were Kanon and Aioria and another person whom he didn't recognize, but had upper-back length blonde hair and part of the hair flipped over one eye. He was relieved to see at least them okay, and Camus was going around finding more survivors as well and cleaning off the wounds and bringing them water, for they were dehydrated from blood loss. He would then set the person whom he was carrying down by the other survivors and started off towards Athena's chambers. Once there, it too was covered in blood. He looked around and what he saw made him feel like puking. There were Olympians, Athena's enemies or not, all on the ground, dead. Even Zeus, the strongest of all of the Olympians was near death. The dying king of the gods beckoned Milo over to him and Milo went. He whispered something into his ear, something that in the dream, was inaudible, and he felt like he was being stabbed in the heart and that the whole world was being piled upon him. Next, he turned around and saw a figure, but not the face. The next thing he knew, he was sprinting towards the figure in a haze of rage. Then he woke up.

By the time Milo had come out of his thoughts, he was already through the Aries Temple and headed towards one of the beaches nearest Sanctuary. He had meant to stop at his temple, but shrugged and kept walking there none the less. It was fun going swimming every so often, and apparently that was something that he really wanted to do that day. Milo hadn't a clue why, but he just wanted to. Maybe it was because Scorpio was a water sign, so going for a swim every once in a while was something that he needed to do. Often times, when he was bored and had absolutely nothing to do, he would ponder over why Scorpio wasn't an earth sign or a fire sign. After all, scorpions did live in dry, hot environments. But even still, he loved the sea. Everything about it; the sights, the smell, even the taste at times (of course, he'd gotten used to it, it was very nasty at first), the life that was just beneath its surface, the way it reflected the sunrises and the sunsets, just everything. Often, at night, he would go and sit on a cliff that over looked the ocean and just think. It was a relaxing place to be when he needed some space and some time to himself. He would star gaze and try and find whatever constellations he could find in the northern hemisphere. A few of them would be hidden from his view, but he didn't mind. He would search for the Milky Way band across the sky as well as planets, nebulae, and even a few stars that he'd memorized, aside from those that were in the Scorpius constellation. It was part of what helped keep him sane after he'd found out that his best friend had gotten iced by Hyoga. Sure, he still had Aioria as a friend, but it wasn't the same. It wasn't like he could go talk to him whenever he needed to or like he could spent the night on the couch in his room when he was having disturbing premonitions or was just frightened in general about what he knew was to come. Besides, he hadn't known Aioria for as long as he'd known Camus and it just felt awkward to talk to him about anything other than Marin or Shaina, drinking in bars, women, and that sort of thing. It just was. There was no particular reason why. During that time frame, he had learned to shut his thoughts and feelings off from the rest of the world. He didn't trust the rest of the world with his secrets, he couldn't, they would be spit back at him in his face and that wasn't something that he could bear easily when it came to touchy subjects. Then, Camus went and betrayed him and all he knew to be real. That hurt his mental state more than anything in the world. He couldn't even bear to talk to him when he was carrying him to Athena or when they were about to break through the Wailing Wall in the Underworld, it hurt him so much. It was purely amazing how he was able to survive through all of that. But it wasn't like anyone could tell what it had done to him. He didn't want to admit it, even when he knew that he was just hurting himself more.

As soon as the Scorpio reached the edge of the water, he undid the belt around his waist, took off his shirt, shoes, and dove into the water, diving deeply once under the surface. He opened his eyes. It stung for a little at first, but he eventually got used to it. At least it wasn't like chlorine water where he had to wear goggles or he'd end up with puffy red eyes for about a week and a half. Stupid allergic reactions. Well, at least the eyeliner was waterproof and wouldn't run. What this had to do with allergic reactions, he hadn't a clue, but it was his mind, thus he could think whatever he wanted to whenever he wanted to without anyone telling him how to think what he thought he thunk when he thank it how he thunked it and if anyone couldn't follow what he thanked he thought he thought that they should go off and mind their own business and leave him to his thunking.

Milo re-surfaced after about three minutes under the water and shook his head, getting the water dripping from his bangs mostly off. A few seconds later, a splash sounded, and a wave of water swept over him, then he was under. He forced the hands off of him and surfaced, looking to see who shoved him under. The familiar face of a 28 year old appeared in front of him with a great big grin on his face.

"Kanon, dang it! What was that for!?" Milo exclaimed, sputtering and dunking his friend in turn.

Kanon, also without a shirt or shoes re-surfaced and wiped the water from his eyes. "Is there usually really any reason behind why I dunk you every time I see you swimming, other than to simply annoy you?" he replied, the grin getting even wider, if possible.

The End of Chapter 1 -- Continued in Chapter 2

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