Chapter 2 - More Fighting

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Milo chuckled and shook his head at Kanon. It was worth it being the friend of this Gemini. He wasn't one to sit back and watch something going on without him and he was also one to speak his mind freely. Given his own personality, when Milo and Kanon teamed up, that just spelled chaos, destruction, and havoc. Not even Camus was about to stop them from pranking and getting into trouble. Either, by himself, was bad enough and they got into enough trouble that way, already, but combined...let's just say that you would absolutely love to run and hide from their path of destruction, lest you become a victim of their pranks. But, hey, they were living up (or down) to the standards that the world had set for them and, although it was annoying from time to time, they had fun doing it and they did it well. Their relationship had improved immensely since the time Milo had just about slaughtered Kanon while testing him to see if he'd really changed for the better. By the time he was about to strike Antares, he could see that, and he ended up saving his live instead.

"Well, when you put it that way…" Milo said as he dove under, grabbed Kanon's ankles, and dragged him under before swimming above his friend's head and pushing him the rest of the way down with his feet.

Kanon wasn't about to go down without putting up at least a little bit of a fight. He moved out from underneath Milo's feet and grabbed his hair, yanking it down towards the sandy floor.

The scorpion just about lost his hold on his breath and choked, from the strength of Kanon's yank. Oh, the Gemini was seriously going to pay for that sooner or later. Milo wasn't one to let go of a memory of something like that easily in the least! Now, of course he wouldn't be hurting Kanon too badly, after all, they were friends now, but what he did still wasn't nice at all.

By the time Milo'd recovered from his near choking experience, Kanon had reached the surface and was swimming towards the shore. The Scorpio shrugged and surfaced as well, following Kanon towards the land. Eventually, the two of them reached their destination and crawled up the slight slope, not going too much further than where the waves came up at high tide.

"So, how are you, Milo? You look like you're depressed or something," Kanon started.

Milo smirked and shook his head. "Not really," he said, "I just wanted to annoy Dohko and Aioros. You know how often they get on me for everything! Even if I'm doing something right!"

The Gemini nodded and flopped down against the sand, looking up at the clouds in the sky. "They're just perfectionists, don't pay any attention to them and you'll be fine. Besides, I'm pretty sure that Dohko was like us, 200 years ago, he's just been through one hell of a lot and has pretty much forgotten what it's like to be our age and at the prime of life. Aioros on the other hand, well, he's just a goody two shoes, worse than Saga, and Saga's just about the most perfect person you'll find around these parts. Except for when he goes psycho and starts kicking me and chasing me around the Gemini Temple with a big ol' butcher knife in hand. That's not fun, I can assure you! Especially when he grabs the whole knife drawer and starts throwing them at me, pointy ends aimed right at the back of my head and at my face! Geez and people say I'm bad..."

That last comment caused a relatively big grin to spread across the Scorpio's face. Kanon did have a point with all of this. Maybe they could get Dohko to back off. After all, he didn't look like he'd always been an old man giving speeches and teaching life lessons to little kids. (Though it was a different story with Shion.) Maybe they could get him to live a little again? In any case it was worth a try, and Milo was already forming a plan in the back of his mind that he'd tell Kanon once it was formed, or at least partially formed.

"Anyways, enough with my pains and ailments. How are things going for you, Kanon?" Milo asked, setting the thoughts running rampant in his mind aside, for now.

Kanon shrugged, "I'm doing pretty well. It's been awkward having to live with my brother again, but at least I'm not being threatened with being stuck in that cave at Cape Sunion...for the main part. It's pretty funny making Saga mad! Especially when he doesn't know that I switched his shaving cream and shampoo."

This piece of information caused Milo to collapse to the ground, rolling with laughter. When he finally regained his composure (it took a good ten minutes) he spoke up again. "You do know that you're gonna die for that, right?"

Kanon sat up and glanced from side to side and behind him. "Not if he can't find me 'cause I'm staying with you for the next three months!!"

"Hey!" Milo exclaimed, "Don't drag me into this! I'm not going down with you!!"

"Awwww, pleeeeeeease?" Kanon pleaded, giving Milo a puppy dog look, "As a friend, could you please let me stay with you so I'm not murdered in my sleep?"

"Pshaw, after the way you pulled my hair under the water, I don't think so!"

"Oh, you just had to bring that up, didn't you, ya damn Scorpio!"

Milo stuck his tongue out at Kanon, "Well, I can hold grudges very well, so there!"

"But it's not fair!!" Kanon pleaded.

"Yes it is!"

"Fine! Then I'll switch your brush out with a knife one of these days!"

"Hah! You'd do it anyways! And besides, you know I'd get you back, Gemini!"

"Yeah right! You couldn't prank me in a million years!"

"That's not true!"

"Prove it!"

"I will!"

"Good! When?"

"I'm not telling you! But I can tell you that it's gonna be after we get Dohko to help us out with something," Milo started, pulling bits and pieces of the prank that he'd thought up from the back of his mind.

Kanon raised an eyebrow, "What are you thinking, Milo?"

Milo shrugged, "It's something pretty basic, pretty simple, and we've pulled it off a million times in the past, so it shouldn't be too hard unless we mess something up or we get snitched on."

"So what is it?" Kanon asked again.

"You know Shion's birthday's coming up here soon, right?"


"And you know that Dohko's planning a surprise party, and thus gonna keeping Shion away from the pope's temple for a while, right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Maybe we could make this more of a surprise than Shion would think it'd be. We could sneak some alcohol into our houses and store them there until the night before the party, then, with Dohko's help, we could get into the master's temple and spike the punch with more alcohol than we did at the last party. We were lectured for doing it last time, so it's not like anyone's gonna be expecting that we're doing it again this time!" Milo finished.

"I'd expect it from the two of you," a voice from behind them said.

Milo turned around and jumped at the sight of who it was. "Oh my...Camus, don't do that!! How long have you been standing there!?"

Camus ran a hand through his bangs and stared down at the two with his usual unfeeling expression, but his eyes shone with thoughts of his own going through his mind. "Long enough to hear that you're going to drag Dohko down with you when you pull your pranks. One would have thought that you two'd have grown out of that childish nonsense."

Kanon scoffed. "Well, we can't all be as perfect as you, Camus!"

The Gold Saint of Aquarius ignored this comment and turned his gaze back to Milo, who was flopped back down on the sand, still scared half to death by Camus' sudden and unknown appearance.

"Milo," he started, voice touched slightly by worry, "Is everything alright? You're wearing eyeliner today and you seemed shocked that I'm here. Care to explain?"

Milo sat up on his elbows and smiled his usual quirky smile. "Nope! I'm good! Just wanted to make Dohko and/or Aioros mad if they saw me today!"

Camus didn't believe this in the least, but decided not to pursue the question. If Milo didn't want to explain his actions, that was his business, and no one else's, no matter how much it worried him.

The Scorpio tried his best to keep his usual composure up. It was difficult to keep things from Camus, even if he wasn't able to trust him nearly as much any more. It was something about the way that his best friend's eyes were able to penetrate the soul and gather every detail of the mind without having to even ask a single question. If one wanted to avoid those secret-revealing eyes, you'd have to either force a barrier around your mind and keep it in place for now and forevermore, or you'd have to be able to counter that gaze with ease and even try and push your way into the Aquarius' own mind. In other words, it was a silent and tough battle of wills the winner was whoever could hold his own for the longest time and not crack under pressure. Milo didn't think that there was anyone in the world out there who could match Camus in this technique, not even Athena, Shion, Dohko, Saga, or Aioros, and each of those people had sharp, clear, penetrating eyes as well.

When someone was trying to penetrate another's mind, it was easy to tell, because there would be this clawing at the back of your thoughts, like someone was attempting to open up an unseen door into private thoughts that ought to remain hidden from the world. Should someone do this and succeed, they could see clearly your deepest, darkest subconscious thoughts and they would gather personal information and past information about you and those closest to you. It was uncomfortable, and you couldn't break the gaze you had with the person who was holding you in that gaze. You became stiff and paralyzed until they broke the connection and had whatever they wanted from you. If this happened to you enough, and you were able to tell when someone was trying to gaze into the darkest corners of your mind, you were able to start building a barrier of sorts around your thoughts and memories, blocking them out. It took a while to learn to be able to do this, but once it was done, you were able to fight back with your own gaze and maybe even penetrate the other person's mind. This, of course, took a good many years to accomplish and few were able to do it to start off with.

If something like this was going on between a man and a woman, one or the other would most certainly collapse and often times both would. Often times after the collapse, the two would be drawn to each other even more and would probably push into an intense, passionate kiss, neither of them letting go and both throwing the other's faults and flaws into the wind. This had never happened to Milo and there were times when he really, really wanted it to. Those times eventually passed and he went back to flirting with the women that hung around bars and with women about his age in general. But other than the flirting, no one had truly liked him in that sense and he couldn't seem to like anyone else like that. Often times, he'd assume that he was better off single and he even believed it. Still, that didn't keep him from living up to his Scorpio nature. And it also didn't keep Aioria from tormenting him about his pathetic love life.

Anyways, now wasn't the time to think of this sort of thing, especially when Aioros was jogging in their direction. Camus was about to speak to him, but Milo cut him off by standing up and walking over to drag Kanon to his feet. Right now, he really, really, REALLY didn't want to speak to Camus, it was mainly a feeling of unease that had settled over him since his friend had arrived. He didn't like it, but he couldn't ignore it; there were too many time sin the past where he had done so, and now it was catching up with him and he was becoming more withdrawn and sullen when he got those feelings.

Upon arriving, Aioros set his sights directly on Milo, scanning him to see if he thought there was something 'wrong'. There was. "Milo, dang it! You look like a gothic woman again!"

Milo shrugged and smirked. "And what exactly are you gonna do about it, Aioros?"

Aioros scowled, "Well, it's not like I can do anything, now is it? If you want to go around looking like and acting like Aphrodite, it's not my problem."

This just made Milo flat out pissed off. Being compared to Aphrodite? That wasn't something that he'd let go of, now or ever. He hated the jerk like none other, and still hadn't been able to prank him, thanks to that sickly-sweet smell of roses and fish combined lurking about his temple. The fish part only came in when he knew Milo and Kanon were up to something.

"Well, we can't all be as perfect as you, now can we, Aioros?" Milo hissed in a spike-covered, sarcastic voice.

Ignoring the reply, Aioros continued with why he was there, "Well, luckily for you, Milo, I'm not here to critique your looks. Shion wants you all to report to his temple immediately. There's something about another war that he mentioned. For some reason or another, it's not against one of the other Olympians. A messenger from Zeus named something like Haimon passed through the 12 Temples like nothing, didn't fight, or try to start a fight, just passed on through right up to the pope's temple. He was wearing a mask, so I didn't get to see his face, but his cosmos far surpassed Athena's and even Hades' and Poseidon's. I'm not sure how strong Zeus is, but it's been said that the gods combined wouldn't be able to take him down, so he's most likely not that strong."

Almost as if on cue, a boy wearing a mask appeared on the beach, walking towards them. He was tall, about 6' or so, had brown hair with red and blonde mixed in there in sort of a layered fashion with bangs, light tan skin, goggles on his head, and was wearing a fiery red, Greek chiton-like top with a silver belt around his waist, black pants, and the type of shoes that Kanon and Milo had been wearing earlier, only his were silver and not a different color. He had a slender, athletic build that made him look weak enough that one of the pawns could take him down, but as Aioros had said earlier, he was radiating a cosmos far powerful than all of theirs combined. His cosmos didn't show much at all, but there was a faint silvery-golden glow about him, showing that he was part of a divine power. He wasn't burning it, though, if he were, then it was clear they'd all be toast. Literally.

Once the male was close enough to the group that they could see him clearly, they noticed that at his sides, stuck in the place between the belt and the shirt, were two 3-pronged knives. None of them had seen that sort of weapon before, but they knew weapons weren't allowed inside Sanctuary. Aioros decided to confront this person immediately about this.

"Hey," he said, "Weapons are forbidden inside Sanctuary! Especially the three-pronged knives you're carrying around! Only the weapons of cloths are the acceptations!"

The person stopped in his track and looked at them. A little later, he pushed his bangs back to reveal a 4-sided star on the mask. It was the symbol of being in Zeus' army. Before he began to speak, he took his hand from his head and let his bangs fall back into place.

"Hmph," he started, "I'm pretty sure that Athena's making exceptions with her father's soldiers. After all, the god and goddess are very close. I mean, Athena's Zeus' favorite kid."

The voice of this new 'ally' was a bit startling at first. From his appearance, he didn't look like he'd have a relatively low voice and an extremely thick Australian accent. And, for being in Zeus' army, wouldn't he have more of a Greek accent? There was only a little bit of one in there. But, the thing that was really bothering the four Gold Saints, was the fact that they didn't know who this guy was, what he wanted, or if he was friend or foe.

"Just exactly who do you think you are to come waltzing in to Sanctuary and to stand before the master and Athena, un-summoned?" Kanon asked rather bitterly.

This question made the person chuckle and respond, "The name's Haimon. Don't worry, I'm not Australian, I'm Greek, I just hang around the Aussies more often than not. Great place, Australia. Pretty dry, but it's very fun to go to. It's taken a toll on my accent, my brother's too. I'm really in Zeus' army too. He sent me to brief that old sheep, Shion about the upcoming war that you guys need to go hear about. I 'waltzed' into Sanctuary because I was under direct orders from the king himself to get this message to Athena as soon as possible and I couldn't let anyone stop me from doing so. And no worries, Camus, Milo, Aioros, and Kanon, I'm a friend."

Milo was shocked, plain and simple. This Haimon person had merely glanced at all of them and he knew their names. Not even Camus could do something like that. The worried Scorpio took a couple steps back away from this new person, if it was even a person at that. This was just starting to get weirder and weirder. What was even worse for him was that he'd seen this person before, in his dreams. What was going on here!?

"I-I'm gonna head up to Shion's palace," Milo stuttered, sprinting in the direction of the 12 Houses.

Kanon and Aioros followed his lead, but Camus stayed behind, staring at Haimon.

He studied him from head to toe and frowned. "I'll trust you, for now, but keep in mind, if you dare harm my friends with those metal forks-"

"They're called sais," Haimon said, cutting him off for a split second.

"If you dare harm them with those sais of yours or if you harm them at all, then I will be sure to make sure you never see the light of day again."

Haimon slipped off his mask to reveal orange-red eyes and a scar over his right. "I'll let you into my head part way, so you can see yourself that I've got no intention of stabbing or burning anyone. I'm saving that for the Titans and the Giants. They've given me enough of a headache in the past that I want them down and out for good."

Camus looked into the red eyes of this person, entering his mind in a way. It felt as if there were 10 feet thick, stainless steel, bolted doors at every corner of this person's mind, and he couldn't seem to get into any of them. But soon enough, he found out this person's true intentions. He liked mortals, a lot, although he was not one himself.

"Okay, then I assume that I'm not going to have to lay a finger on you," Camus concluded.

Haimon nodded, "Good, then I won't have to hurt you either. Oh, and Camus, before I forget and you head over to Shion's place, something is wrong with Milo today, and if you don't ask him about it, it's gonna keep getting worse as time goes on. Don't push too hard, otherwise you'll push him away, but you need to confront him. What you did when Athena was battling Hades really hurt him, and he'd already been hurt when Hyoga killed you. Anyways, I'm gonna get going before I'm zapped by one of my comrades. You'll see me again soon, so, yeah, later."

The brunette-red head-blonde slipped his mask back on and continued his on his way across the beach, heading towards a nearby cliff.

Camus stood in shock, staring at Haimon's back. He'd gathered all of that information just by glancing at them!?!? That was crazy and it was nerve-wrecking, but Camus knew he was right and forced himself out of his half-daze, running in the direction of the 12 Temples of the Zodiac.

A while later, Camus appeared in full armor in the pope's temple. This was the first time in a good long while that everyone or nearly everyone had been gathered, including the many pawns that Milo hated to no end.

Milo looked over from where he stood and saw Camus making his way through the crowd. He waved at his friend to let him know where he was, before Shion started speaking. Within a matter of moments, Camus had gotten through the mass of people and was over by the rest of the Gold Saints, just as Shion had come out from behind the curtain behind the throne, with Athena at his side. All the former Aries had to do was hold up his hand to get the mass of people to quiet down.

"Saints and soldiers, I've called you here today to brief you on something of grave importance," he said, his voice resonating and echoing around the room, "Today, one of the ten soldiers of Zeus arrived in Sanctuary and told Athena and myself about a new war that will erupt in not too long. Some of you may have met this soldier on his way up or out, I do not know, but he is an ally. The Titans and the Giants are getting restless and someone or something is working on setting them free from their prisons. This could have been stopped years ago, had the Olympians known about it or if they weren't fighting each other in an eternal struggle for power over the earth. Now, it is too late in the process of being done for us to do anything but wait for the war to break out and to defend the earth from evil, once more.

"Zeus has made it known that the feudal struggles shall be put aside and those who have been dead will be resurrected again, for this war, like the struggle between Athens and Sparta was set aside so they could unite against the Persians in the days of old. There will be casualties, both of warriors and of innocent lives, more than the previous wars. I will send out several gold knights to go meet the messengers from each Olympian to get further information about what all is to come of all of this."

The End of Chapter 2 -- Continued in Chapter 3

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