Chapter 3 - Strange Alliances

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As he ended, all the knights and foot-soldiers, except for those of gold, were dismissed from the temple. Once they had left, Shion gathered the 12 guardians of the zodiac closer to him, so he could speak in a lower voice, lest there was anyone listening in on them. If there was, he or she would be punished severely.

"First of all," he started, "I need some volunteers for the job I mentioned earlier. You'll be going and meeting up with the warriors of a few different gods to get information on, well, basically anything. Who'll be helping us, where the base camp, so to speak, will be, information on what the other deities are doing, and who your allies are. The last one is the most important. You don't want to be slaughtering and butchering anyone who you should be working with."

Milo glanced around. It didn't look like anyone would volunteer unless someone went first. This was something that was going to be intimidating, that was for certain, especially when one or the other was going to confront, not only people they had never met before, but many of them much stronger. He raised his hand, "I'll go, but only if I get to pick who I get to go meet with." There was one group he had in mind, the messengers of Zeus' legion. The one whom he'd met on the beach earlier especially made him curious, about all of them. What they were like, if they were all the same, just everything.

Shion nodded, "Since you were the first to volunteer, then you may."

"Well, is Zeus' messenger person still here?"

"Yes. Not only he, but three others as well. Though I must warn you to be careful around them. Not all of them like to be around mortals. A few of them, because of their god-nymph blood, believe that they're more superior to us and that we're not even worthy of living. In any case, you're to meet them by the Parthenon in fifteen minutes. In other words, you should most likely leave, Milo."

Milo nodded, bowed, turned, and left out of the chamber, heading down the acropolis and down towards Athens. 15 minutes? That was a short time to get from Sanctuary to Athens, but once outside of the 12 Temples, it would be a piece of cake teleporting over there. Besides, if he was early, that wouldn't hurt least he hoped it wouldn't hurt things. These were people whom he'd either just met or never met before it was a little intimidating going and meeting them for the first time. All the way down the steps, his mind was a whirlpool of what they'd be like and if that Haimon guy whom he'd met earlier would be there as well. It wouldn't be much of a surprise it he was, seeing as the Scorpion still sensed his presence.

It took a while, as usual, to descend the steps of the houses, and Milo loathed each bit of it. Couldn't they install an elevator or an escalator so they didn't have to walk all the time? They trained so often it wasn't even funny, but could they get this one little luxury? Nope, and for some reason that Milo didn't remember because he started zoning out and thinking his own amusing thoughts during the lecture he received on it. Half of those amusing thoughts were of some of the women in Athens that he'd seen. He'd flirted with a good portion of them, but each time, at the end of really not even a date, he'd end up getting slapped, even if there was just one thing that he did wrong. Boy, he couldn't tell whether he hated women or loved them, they were too complex for his liking yet mysterious enough that he couldn't keep himself from them. Milo shook his head as he got far enough away from the houses to teleport himself to the Parthenon, then did so.

Within a split second, he was right where he needed to be and spotted the four that he was supposed to meet. Their cosmos were dead equal, he could tell that much already and he assumed that was so that neither could kill the others if he wanted to, they'd just end up in a battle like the Gold Saints would end up in, should they fight one another.

Haimon looked up from the comic that he was reading and saw the Scorpio walking towards them and waved. "Hey, Milo!" he exclaimed in a joyful-sounding voice.

Milo waved back and jogged towards them.

"Hah! That's gonna be $50, Polly!!" the goggle-wearing male exclaimed holding out his palm, waiting for his cash.

A black-haired youth pulled off his shoe, the same type that Haimon was wearing the same color too, and pulled out a wallet. He opened it up and pulled out the $50 he owed Haimon from the bet and gave it to him. Apollinaris, the name of the youth, had long, black hair pulled back into a high ponytail and had two long bangs running down the front of his face. Around his forehead, he wore a forest green bandana, though part of it was hidden by the mask that he was wearing. All four of the boys were wearing the same exact mask that marked each of them as one of Zeus' soldiers. Apollinaris, or 'Polly' as Haimon called him, was also around 6' tall, and was wearing a forest green chiton-like top, just like Haimon, only a different color, also with a silver belt and black pants.

Apollinaris scowled behind his mask at the reference to his name. "Don't call me Polly you bastard!!!" he said (more like half-shouted) at Haimon, in a voice that was slightly tinted with a Japanese accent.

Another one of the soldiers walked over to Haimon and placed a hand on his shoulder, speaking in the same Australian accent as the brunette, only a bit deeper.

"Yeah, Hamion, don't call Polly, Polly!" he said, pretty light heartedly.

"Mmph, Adrastos, I'm gonna kill you for that one of these days..." Haimon replied, kicking his elder brother's shin.

"Hey, that hurt!!" Adrastos replied, grabbing his newly wounded shin while hopping around on the opposite foot.

Adrastos was one of the tallest of the four that were there, the fourth was still standing relatively in the back ground with his arms folded over his chest, standing at 6'2". He had the same style shirt that all the rest had, only his was aqua green colored. He also had a silver belt, silver shoes (the same as the others), and black pants on. His hair, however, was yellowish orange-ish with a little bit of brown. His bangs were positioned in such a way that only the left eye of his mask could be seen above his nose, the rest of his hair reached down to about his shoulders, layered.

Milo looked from person to person to person and was questioning whether these people really could be part of Zeus' strongest warriors. The idea almost seemed impossible for him to even imagine, at this point. They were bickering like little kids, though it's not like he could really judge them for that, after all, the saints of Athena were that way as well. He shrugged and decided to speak up before they decided to go and murder each other.

"Uh, hi, I'm still here, ya know! And I'm supposed to be getting briefed on stuff!" he exclaimed as Adrastos, Haimon, and Apollinaris were about to get into a full blown fight, right outside of Athena's sacred temple.

Apollinaris looked at Milo and shrugged. "Who cares?"

"Polly!!!" the two brothers shouted in unison before dog piling on the black haired lad.

Finally, the male in the back of the group came forward, and spoke in a low, whip like voice with a bit of a British accent in there. "Would you three knock it off?" he said, glancing at the pile before turning to Milo. "Listen here, mortal, we're not here to play games. We're here to fight the Titans, return things to normal, and go home. So either shut up and obey or get the hell out of my way!"

The two brothers immediately got off of Apollinaris when the fourth told them to do so. Apparently, this guy wasn't one to be messed with at all and Milo could certainly tell that even more from the way he was spoken to. But even so, it annoyed the heck out of him!! He wasn't used to being treated like a lowly piece of crap, and now he wasn't even being treated like that! With at least the dirty-blonde male, it was going to be, very literally, hell.

He was about the same height as Adrastos, with short hair, and a mask like all the rest. He was also wearing the same thing as the others, except for the fact that his shirt was violet.

"Gaw, c'mon Alexios, give the guy a break," Adrastos said, walking over to the blonde.

Alexios frowned behind his mask and sighed. "Look, I'm sick of standing around here, I want to go back to Olympus and get away from these weaklings."

"That's what I've been saying, but no, no one listens to me..." Apollinaris complained.

"Oh, shut up, parrot!" Haimon snapped at him, "If no one else wants to give Athena's soldier the details I'll do it."

Apollinaris round housed Haimon in the stomach lightly for what he was capable of. "I'm not a parrot, I'm a raven!"

The other didn't seem to notice the blow at all, but responded sarcastically, "And I'm not a fox, I'm a scorpion. Anyways, that aside, what did you want, Scorpio?"

Milo looked up from where he was kicking around a rock or two, blinked a bit, and remembered what it was that Shion had wanted them to ask about, "Oh, right. I was supposed to ask about who'll be helping us, where the base camp of sorts will be, information on what the other deities are doing, and who our allies are."

"Well, pretty much whoever we can find that's willing to help us will be helping us. That includes any commoners in Athens, Corinth, Thebes, Olympia, etc. The base camp thing for the humans who're helping will be in Athens, but for Hades' specters, Poseidon's Mariners, Athena's Saints, and so on, will be in Sanctuary. Heh, the others have sent out soldiers to go explain all of this stuff to a few of your friends, and Athena needs to go meet up with them all on Olympus. Your allies? Well, that, you'll just have to wait and see. You'll want to go and kill most of them, but that's part of the reason why we're being deployed as well, to keep former and future enemies from tearing each other apart. So, do you have anything else to ask?" Haimon explained.

Milo shook his head. "Not really."

Haimon nodded. "Then there's only one thing left to do..."

"What?" Milo asked.

"Well, you deserve to know what a few of your allies look like beneath our masks, right?"

"I guess."

Haimon turned to look at Alexios for confirmation on whether they should do this or not. He nodded. The brunette smirked and slipped off his mask, revealing the same characteristics to Milo as he did to Camus. But whereas Camus had only seen Haimon, Milo saw the other three doing the same thing. Adrastos' hair still covered his eye, but his eye color matched that of his shirt, as did Apollinaris' with his and Alexios with his.

"Now, if you'll excuse us," Adrastos started, "We'd best get going. Head back to Athena's place and tell her what all's going on."

Milo nodded. "Okay, so, uh, how are you gonna get back to Olympus? It's not like you can just teleport around all of these people."

Apollinaris shrugged. "Not that you should be shown this, but oh well..."

The four soldiers led Milo behind a rock, where they were hidden from the view of those visiting the Parthenon. Alexios shape-shifted into the form of a peregrine falcon and Apollinaris into a raven. He could see how those two would be able to get all the way up Olympus, but he couldn't imagine how the two brothers would be able to. Haimon was a red fox and Adrastos was a wolf. The Scorpio Gold Saint raised an eyebrow when he saw the latter two sprout wings from their backs. Haimon's was the same color as his fur, only the tips were white. Adrastos' were the same, only instead of being red, they were gray, and instead of having while tips, they were light blue.

Milo chuckled to himself. This made sense, sort of. But, since when did anything to do with sainthood and the Olympians and the Titans and the Giants make sense? He shrugged and turned around; leaving towards Sanctuary once the others had taken flight. Well, this had certainly turned out to be one interesting day. If Camus and the others had similar stories to be told, he wouldn't be surprised. Maybe everything wasn't gonna turn out so bad after all? Maybe he'd be able to regain trust in his best friend again? It was definitely something that he wanted to happen. It was almost impossible to do immediately, though, but maybe once this was all over, if they came out alive. They should come out alive; after all, they were gold saints, the top of the top in terms of Athena's soldiers. They'd taken down numerous opponents in the past, they'd helped out the bronzes from time to time, they took down some of Hades' specters and they would have taken down Rhadamanthys except for the fact that they had been reduced to a mere 10% of their power in Hades' castle and they didn't have Athena's blood on their cloths, and they had blown apart the Wailing Wall, at the cost of their own lives, yes, but they still did. They could take on the Titans no problem. He didn't know so much about the Giants, however, seeing as he hadn't read about them in mythology. It was something he needed to do eventually, but first he needed to get back to Sanctuary and find out more about what was going on. Only Haimon gave him even a little bit of an explanation, but he still didn't know who it was that was about to release them from their captivity or much of anything, really. They had made it apparent that they didn't want to have to hang around Athens, around him, for longer than they had to. Even the two that enjoyed being around mortals seemed to grow uneasy around him. Oh well, he thought, they'd learn to get used to it eventually. He had to admit, he was a bit uneasy around at least Haimon, especially after their first encounter earlier that day. The guy had even broken into Camus' mind and stolen some information. It didn't seem like he was going to tell anyone anything about any of them, but it was still very violating and disturbing. He could only hope that it wouldn't feel as uncomfortable as it did the first time.

When Haimon took off his mask, Milo had attempted to stare him down briefly, but he couldn't even hold his own for more than fifteen seconds before he had to cut the connection off. He shuddered. That was the last time he would try to stare down one of Zeus' people. Were they people? That was also something that had decided to poke him in the middle of the back repeatedly and he couldn't shake it off. For all he knew, they could be nymphs, they could be something created from star dust, from the depths of the earth, they could be born of an immortal and a mortal, they could be related in the same way that Seiya, Hyoga, Shiryu, Shun, Ikki, and the rest of the bronze saints, except June, were related, he just didn't know. Nor did he expect to know, not for a while in any case.

By the time the blue-haired male entered the Aries Temple, he was still lost in his thoughts, and didn't hear Mu call out to him as he passed through. Nor did he hear Aldebaran or Saga or Deathmask or Aioria or Shaka or Dohko when he passed through the Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Libra Temples. It was only when Kanon tripped him when he passed through his own house that he got taken (more like smacked) out of the thoughts in his mind as he did a face plant on the floor.

"Kanon dammit!!! What the hell are you doing in my temple!?" the Scorpio shouted at the younger of the Gemini twins.

Kanon grinned cheesily and widely, not saying anything at the moment.

Milo fumed and was about to literally bite his friend's head off.

The Gemini twin saw this and spoke up in his defense just as Milo was about to lunge at him, fists and feet flying wildly. "Well, eh, Saga kinda used the shaving cream instead of his shampoo and I've decided to stay here for half a year so that I don't get slaughtered!"

The Scorpio, still fuming, stopped in his tracks and fell forward, one of his legs up in the air twitching.

Still grinning, Kanon spoke again, "Okie doke, I'm taking that as an 'okay Kanon you can stay here for as long as you'd like so that your older brother, who still has the mental issues, doesn't decide to skin you alive in your sleep.' Thanks Milo, you're an awesome friend!"

Milo got up off of the floor and brushed himself off. It was useless and pointless to try and kick Kanon out of his temple now. He'd be there for who knows how long. So long as he didn't scare – or step on – any of his pets or take over his room, he would find some way to cope with this. Who knows? Maybe Kanon would be able to act like a cat who would eat those mice-like-pawns when they came snooping about. Okay, so, he didn't really want Kanon to eat them, that'd be nasty, but he may at least be able to keep them away.

As the gold saint thought about Kanon staying with him more and more, he realized that it wasn't going to be that bad. He could use his hospitality as leverage to get Kanon to go buy him some more food, to clean up the messes he hated cleaning up, and as he'd thought before, to keep the pawns out. Also, they could sneak out of Sanctuary easier, this way, to go drinking in Athens. It'd be as easy to get Aioria, seeing as he lived alone and not with his 'perfect' older brother. It was different with Kanon living in the House of Gemini, because he lived with his 'perfect' older brother. Saga was bad, but not as bad as Aioros could get. Aioros never drank and would snitch on them from time to time, but when Saga needed to, he'd go with them. The poor guy still felt a lot of regret and guilt for his actions in the past. Towards Shion, towards Athena, and towards Kanon. Milo, however, had to admit that what Saga did to Kanon in the past wasn't all that big a deal, seeing as Kanon really wasn't that good a person.

Kanon was about to grab some food from the fridge when Milo shut the door right as Kanon was about to stick his hand in there.

"Hey! What was that for!?" he cried, jerking his hand back so that it didn't get smushed.

Milo's usual quirky smile appeared on his face as he thought of the requirements that he wanted from Kanon before giving him peace and the luxury to lurk around his home.

"You can stay here, but under the conditions I've set," the scorpion relied.

"And those might be...?" Kanon replied.

"First off, you have to make sure that those stupid pawns leave me alone for as long as I'm the Scorpio Saint. Secondly, you get to clean this place up to my standards, which actually aren't that high, I just need to be able to move around my piles and such. Thirdly, do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT scare, squish, freeze, step on, broil, bake, boil, fry, microwave, or send my pets flying in a different dimension. However, if you wanna use them to go torture Saga, Dohko, Shion, Deathmask, Aphrodite, or Aioros, that's fine by me. And finally, you get to find somewhere other than my room to sleep."

The Gemini sulked as Milo made his demands, but he'd comply with them if it meant that he lived another day. So, nodding, Kanon agreed with Milo.

Milo smirked, "Good. Now, I've gotta go run up and tell Shion what Zeus' soldiers told me. It wasn't much, but it's enough for me to know that I'm probably going to want to kill a few of our allies."

"Eh, that's definitely true, Milo," Kanon said.

"Yeah? How so?" Milo asked.

"Well, I talked to Camus not too long ago when he passed through here and he had to talk to Hades' Judges."

"What!?" Milo exclaimed.

Kanon nodded and grabbed a piece of bread. "Yup," he took a bite and swallowed it, "And I saw a few of the Marine Shogun again. Also, I've heard that Artemis' folk, Apollo, and the people from Asgard are also gonna help out with all of this."

"Oh my freaking..." Milo groaned as he sat down in a seat at his table and placed his head in his hands, "So that's what Haimon meant by we're gonna want to kill some of our temporary allies."

"Yep. Now, you should probably go and talk to Shion before you forget. Good luck, Milo."

Milo got up out of his seat and raised an eyebrow at Kanon. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, unless there's someone who reports to Shion after you, you get the 'special assignment' that Athena told him about, from Zeus. He wouldn't tell me about it, so I'm guessing it's pretty top secret," the Gemini said, shrugging.

The Scorpio sighed and shook his head, starting on up to the pope's temple.

What could the assignment be? Would he have to go at it alone or would he be able to have back up, just incase it went south? He guessed he would just have to wait and see what sort of nearly impossible task Shion had set before him. Hopefully it wouldn't have anything to do with going to the location of Tartaros, in the underworld. He wasn't exactly wanting to go back there any time in the future, near or far. It was creepy and he didn't want to risk being frozen in Cocytos again. Also, he wasn't too willing to go and visit the Wailing Wall again or that statue that he was stuck in with the other gold saints. Without any clothes on, too! Now that more than anything wasn't comfortable and it was very violating. At least they had the nice semi-darkness surrounding them, but he felt, and he knew they felt, very vulnerable. He shuddered at the thought and pushed it away as he entered Shion's temple for about to third time that day.

"Er, Shion?" Milo asked, knocking on the door to the maser's throne room.

"Come on in, Milo," was the reply.

The Scorpio walked into the room, full in cloth, and closed the door behind him. He walked up to a few yards away from Shion and got down on one knee.

"What's the report, Scorpio Milo?" Shion asked.

"To be honest, they didn't tell me much of anything at all. The base is going to be here in Sanctuary, they're planning on recruiting mortals from all over Greece and locating them in Athens, and they said that we were going to combine forces with some former enemies."

"I see. To warn you, there will also be mortals who join sides with the Titans and the Giants, because of their lack of judgment. Well, since you're the last one to report back to me, you get another assignment."

"What is it?"

"Athena needs you to go and find Prometheus and Epimetheus, the two Titans who helped with the last battle against their brothers and sisters. Prometheus should be wandering the hills near Delphi and he'll be able to help you find his brother. Both will be of valuable help to this war."

Milo looked up at Shion. "So, how long do I have to find those two and get back here?"

"A month," the former sheep replied.

"That's not a very long time..."

"No, but it's all that we have to spare. Plus, if you can locate Prometheus, then finding Epimetheus won't be hard. Now, you should leave as soon as possible, so you may leave."

Milo got up off of his knee, bowed, and headed out of the chamber.

The End of Chapter 3 - To Be Continued

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