(Not So) Frequently Asked Questions

(Well, Shavana and I wondered about a couple of things...)

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The following (ns)FAQ is a kind of an experiment. Shavana and I had a lot of questions that occurred when we watched the episodes, but somehow we didn't manage to come up with answers to all of them. Thus we decided - why not make it an interactive experience?

So here you have some questions, our answers (where applicable) and an entry form for everything you come up with. When you send this form to us, don't forget to sign in your name and email address so that I can give you proper credit when I choose to add your answer to the list!

Thanks to Jim Standing Bear, Theresa Aluen, Hope C.Lee, Liz, Nemsi, Brian Doyle, konekochan, Kara Ann Vortex, Tevia Pertiwi, Viviane Reber, Lily Leung, Scorpio Milo, Aquarius Camus, Pisces Aphrodite, Myra Weren, Andy S., Ophiuchus Shaina, Pegasus Seiya, Hecate, Dragon Shiryu, Aries Mu, Cygnus Hyoga, Pegasus (again? :), Philip Ho (Aries Mu), Liza, Denise Andromeda, Fenton, Luriko-Ysabeth, Seyar, PsychoMu, Rosaline Chau, Vicky, Heitor, Martin Walzenbach (Albinon), Sakura, Michel Katris, Medusa, Lyre Weren, Ayu, Christou, Pheonix Alejandra, Miho, Uranos (God of all the Saints), cassandra, Milady, coyarzuv, Pandora, Para, Camus (Janet), Ponder Stibbons from UU, sidney aires (freezee), shlykshtukas, Kirin, Virgo Shaka, Dragon Shiryu (Ana-Maria), Aquila, Miko, Scorpene de Tejat, Nikki, Aiolia, Killer Bunny, Torquemada, Lisa, Leo Aioria (Carla Azevedo), Hinotwo, Aera, Veronica, Ceila Dasy, Lilas, Aurea, Aera&Miris, Seiiruika, Daedra Lord, Yang Yung-Tsui, Lisa Wong, tofumiu, Aurea, Derrewyn+Ita-chan, Lindsey, Andrea, schizzatosmn, Luke Hsieh, Marmalade, Chevalier du Grand Scorpion, Lydia A Campo, and Raiden for their contributions! (Order according to the date of the submitted stuff.)

You don't need to fill in every blank, just the answers you think cool :)

These are the questions that came to our mind:

1. Where do the Gold Saints get their capes from when they are obviously not in the storage boxes of their Cloths?

  1. It's Magick.
  2. It's a secret!!! [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  3. Leave that to the animators. [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  4. Easy. From nowhere. It's just an illusion to show-off. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  5. Their capes? It's an evidence...in their pockets, like the French anime "Capitaine Caverne"! [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  6. They make a patchwork out of all clothes from the people they defeated. [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  7. They usually tear down the curtains from their temples (that's why there are none left).
  8. They just like to show up... besides, they are experts at their matters and must have the "How to Handle Your Annoying Cape Handbook" [Answer provided by Andrea]
  9. It's really part of their hair that gets transformed when they become Saints. [Answer provided by Para]
  10. The capes are actually optical illusion meant to make the Gold Saints seem more impressive. [Answer provided by Hecate]
  11. They are just part of their armor, but animators didn't like it and they just erase the bad drawing in a "cute" way with their hands!!! [Answer provided by Nikki]
  12. Before puttin' Cloth on they all wore togas, now they're using them as a cape. BTW, did you know why they have capes? I heard Zorro has had a hand in it... [Answer provided by Miko]
  13. They are a gift from the Pope when they obtain their Cloths, after all the Pope designs his own drape, too [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  14. It's their cover, so they can sleep anywhere they want. [Answer provided by Christou]
  15. They're woven out of the material that disappears off all the other Saints (Seiya etc.) when they put their Cloths on. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  16. The capes are actually part of the Cloth, but the Gold Saints wiped their dirty hands/blood/sweat/you name it on them too much and never washes them, they became white. [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  17. They are hidden in a secret box, being part of the body armour. [Answer provided by Martin Walzenbach (Albinon)]
  18. Have you ever seen a Gold Saint put his Cloth on except for Saga? And we don't see his back in that scene! By the way, when Hyoga puts on Aquarius Cloth, there's no cape. And Libra, Sagittarius and Taurus Cloth don't even have one. So, here's my theory: every time a Goldie puts on his Cloth, a servant/disciple appears with the cape. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  19. Your answer:

2. How do the Bronze Saints miraculously grow their hair once they put on their Cloths?

  1. It's Magick.
  2. Another optical illusion! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  3. Leave that to the animators. [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  4. It happens so that other Saints can still stroke their hair even when they've got their helmets on.... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  5. Here in Brazil in our soap operas, applying false hair is fashionable... Wait, have you ever thought that Saint Seiya could give a nice theme for a Brazilian soap opera?! [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  6. It's only because of a too tight helmet. [Answer provided by Miko]
  7. They took classes with Goku. He taught them how to grow their hair when their Cosmo (or chi in his case) raises. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  8. They are sooooooo beautiful... and have the "How to Get Your Hair Just Right Handbook"... Just a matter of practice. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  9. They all joined the Men's Hair Club and the treatment only works when they have their armour on! [Answer provided by Para]
  10. It's the second 'Kisscool' effect, with the help of their burning Cosmo. [Answer provided by Christou]
  11. Barbie Magic Hair can do it too! [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  12. They have wigs fixed to their helmets.
  13. It doesn't happen every time...It was only when dear Saori - always looking for sponsors - decided to use her Bronzies as guinea pigs for *New Jean Louis David Experimental Hair Treatment* ...you see, <your hair as you've always wanted it to be> [Answer provided by Medusa]
  14. They have very squishy hair. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  15. Instant hair. [Answer provided by Nemesis]
  16. It is a side effect. Wearing the Cloth would magnify your cosmos but it also make you grow more hair. And mind you, not just the head. :) [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  17. They sweat so much and never clean out their helmets so the hair is actually really long mould. [Answer provided by Killer Bunny] Exponential growth of cosmos stimulates the sensory tissue of their hair tips. Or, they're sponsored by the wonderful brand "Head and Shoulders". [Answer provided by Camus (Janet)]
  18. Because some of them have really short hair, and if we couldn't see the color of it we won't be able to recognize one Saint from the other... [Answer provided by konekochan]
  19. I don't know why, but that would explain why I saw Tatsumi trying to use mine! [Answer provided by Andromeda Shun (sidney aires)]
  20. Mu just mixed some of Aphrodite's Shine and Beauty shampoo with his stardust when repairing the Cloths... You know, for aesthetic purposes. [Answer provided by Derrewyn and Ita-chan]
  21. It never happened to me. I can tell you, I feel pretty much left out! [Answer provided by Cygnus Hyoga]
  22. It must be a family thing, cause it happens only with Ikki and Shun. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  23. Your answer:

3. Where's the changing room of the Gold Saints? (They *need* to have one - notice all the mascara Pisces Aphrodite uses :)

  1. Between the kitchen and the bathroom. [Answer provided by Christou]
  2. There are enough pillars in every temple to step behind and do your toilette. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  3. Close to my bedroom. Ha! Ha! Ha! [Answer provided by Lisa]
  4. Between my school and my house! Haha! [Answer provided by Ceila Dasy]
  5. Last time we checked it was next to the Pope's bathroom.
  6. Well... I tried to go into the Pope's room... But there's only water there! [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  7. Behind the curtains. [Answer provided by Miko]
  8. Libra Temple... no one's using it. Big possibilities. [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  9. I don't know where it is at the moment, but it could be at my house. There would be no problem at all. [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  10. "We, (Goldies) have our dressing rooms in secret places..."
    Milo: "But I like to change in public sometimes."
    Camus: "I think my Cloth is more than enough!"
    Aphrodite:"Guys! Guys!! Let's all go to the common changing room at --"
    Everybody: "Shut the f**k up!!!" [Answer provided by Andrea]
  11. There's none... It's like a huge room, without nothing in it... Since they're Gold Saints, they can kick anybody's behind who tries to peek.... [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  12. Saint Seiya Crystal power.....make up!!! [Answer provided by Dragon Shiryu (Ana-Maria)]
  13. It's like Barbie's one. No one knows where she has it, but she still has it... [Answer provided by Nikki]
  14. Obviously, they all use without exception the caves under Sagittarius Temple: very large and nice, only a bit too cold in winter. [Answer provided by Medusa]
  15. I've always thought they had none since in OAV 3, I saw Aphrodite bathing in a lake where anyone could have seen him. I don't recommend spying on them though, it might become really ugly the moment you're spotted. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  16. From their Cloth Boxes... I bet those boxes contain a little mirror and first aid kit! [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  17. In another dimension. Mu keeps all the keys, but I don't think that Saga or Shaka need any keys for them. Roshi has his own in a cave of Mount Rozan. I don't know why Shunrei does not allow him to have one in the house. [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  18. In the basement of every temple. [Answer provided by Theresa Aluen]
  19. Do you actually expect them to tell us? I mean if we knew then we would all be hiding there by now! [Answer provided by Para]
  20. They don't need changing rooms. They go at light speed. What's one sec.? Or not even close to sec.? [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  21. I didn't know they had one, I thought they changed somewhat like the Sailors do from Sailor Moon, magically. [Answer provided by Kara Ann Vortex]
  22. I don't feel comfortable to change my clothes in my temple! Those faces looking at me make me feel very embarassed! I'm not like that "stripper" Dragon Shiryu! [Answer provided by Cancer Deathmask (sidney aires)]
  23. While in my Temple at Sanctuary, I only wear my Aquarius Cloth, so why should I need a changing room? [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  24. Well, personally, I use Sagittarius Temple (Aioros is dead, after all). I certainly hope Seiya won't become the next Sagittarius Saint. I wouldn't know what to do. [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  25. I don't have one, everytime I see someone coming I put on my makeup in lightning fast speed, hello, I've been doing this often enough to do it without a mirror! Ohh...is that Misty coming? (fetches out makeup-case) [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  26. Your answer:

4. Who of the Gold Saints needs the largest amount of hairpins to fix his 'hair ornament'? (You can't possibly claim that Scorpio Milo's ...whatever is a helmet!)

  1. They don't use hairpins, they use Magick.
  2. Glue! [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  3. People!!! They use tape and crazy glue!!! ...and hairclips for Aphrodite, he's always worried 'bout it... [Answer provided by Andrea]
  4. It's from all the gum that their trainies stick in their hair for revenge! [Answer provided by Para]
  5. They don't need hairpins as long as their wigs (+helmet together) are stuck properly. [Answer provided by Miko]
  6. They don't, they wear their head ornamants to keep the hairpins in! [Answer provided by Ceila Dasy]
  7. They don't need hairpins. Look at their hairdress! Fortunately, Gold Saints were created in the 80ies. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  8. Mu prefers to carry his hair shape tool, 'coz that's what's it for when he puts it on it shapes his hair in the right position again. I mean look at Athena and her 'helmet' (in Hades) - that's her secret. [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  9. Ornament? I just paint some strands of my hair with gold..!! [Answer provided by Cancer Deathmask (freezee)]
  10. I think Dohko wins...his hair is old and dirty ! [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  11. Hello, Aphro dear!!!! [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  12. Saga-Gemini...definitely... [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  13. Our guess is Scorpio Milo. Though even he doesn't manage to fix it well enough that it doesn't fall down.
  14. What about Camus? If he shakes his head, his tiara *must* fall! [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  15. Yup, Ovaltine's big bro, Milo! [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  16. Why! Aiolia of course! I mean... His hair is sooo short! And have you seen his helmet? ! He must have tons of hairpins (or he uses high quality glue or magnets to keep it straight) [Answer provided by Kirin]
  17. Saint Jesus, Gold Saints cost more than our extern debt... (Mexico) [Answer provided by Nikki]
  18. I'm surprised they still keep those things on, when they always get knocked off with in the first five seconds of a battle! [Answer provided by Pegasus]
  19. What? It is a helmet ! Did you have a close look at DeathMask? [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  20. Actually, they're fancy barrettes. [Answer provided by Luriko-Ysabeth]
  21. During one of those boring days, we had a contest to see how many shakes it took for the helmet to fall (no hairpins!... Milo was 5, DeathMask was 6, Aioros was 10, Camus was 13, and Aiolia was 15. The others...they simply refused to fall. [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  22. 13? It would have stayed on, if Aphrodite hadn't cheated and thrown a rose to make it crash down! [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  23. Your answer:

5. Did Shaka and Aphrodite ever fight about who gets to use the mascara first?

  1. No, but don't ask about lipstick... ^_^ !!! [Answer provided by Dragon Shiryu (Ana-Maria)]
  2. Hehe! Thank goodness I had decided to skip my visit to Aphro that day!! [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  3. They don't use mascara, they Magick their make-up on.
  4. Which mascara? [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  5. They don't give a damn... only Aphrodite and Misty use it, so it's between them! [Answer provided by Andrea]
  6. It's tatooed on! [Answer provided by Para]
  7. They never fight each other... Saori uses the mascara first of course, after, I don't mind ! [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  8. No way!!! Aphrodite "Ego" Saint sharing? [Answer provided by Nikki]
  9. They don't use mascara, 'cause it's always been stolen by Misty! [Answer provided by Christou]
  10. It's natural just like Mu's two dots [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  11. Na. Shaka uses Cover Girl. Aphrodite goes for Maybelline (or whatever it's called). [Answer provided by Pegasus]
  12. No. Shaka does not like Aphrodite's brand. [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  13. How can Shaka put on mascara with his eyes closed? Does Aphrodite paint it on for him? [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  14. Mu puts it on both of them. He does know what beauty is, with these fashionable spots on his forehead! [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  15. Never, 'coz Shaka loves to go to a beauty salon to have his face made-up. [Answer provided by Theresa Aluen]
  16. Shaka doesn't have to fight. As he loves to sle... err, meditate, he gets up last anyway when Aphrodite has already finished.
  17. They nearly fought once. Aphrodite gave up when Shaka threatened to remove his sense of sight so that he wouldn't ever be able to see himself in a mirror again. [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  18. No. Shaka doesn't use mascara, he glues on artificial lashes.
  19. Mascara? What mascara?! It's only a voice put out by the envious! Of course their lashes are absolutely natural (...and absolutely lovely) [Answer provided by Medusa]
  20. They don't make up silly, that's the Sailor Senshi! [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  21. Bleh, they don't use make-up, they're born beautiful! *drool* [Answer provided by Liz]
  22. No... see... Shaka and I... oops... I mean... I put it on for both of us. We're very... close... (just don't tell Misty!) [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  23. Shaka is a God. What he thinks, it happens. No need mascara... [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  24. The eyelashes come naturally, therefore there is no need for a fight with Aphro. [Answer provided by Virgo Shaka]
  25. Don't you think both are patient enough to wait until the other used the mascara at the speed of light? [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  26. Your answer:

6. Is Aphrodite's beauty spot genuine or painted?

  1. I was too busy running past him to the Pope's room to notice. Ask Shun. [Answer provided by Pegasus]
  2. You go and find out!!! I'm not going because he's kind of touchy about it... [Answer provided by Andrea]
  3. I don't know. The only Saint stupid enough to ask was Aiolia and he barely escaped alive. [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  4. It must be false, or he is some kind of Marilyn Monroe's relative... [Answer provided by Myra Weren]
  5. It's really an optical illusion, too! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  6. (S)He got it from Misty for Valentine. [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  7. Would you dare to give him a scrub to check?
  8. It's painted, he wanted the Madonna look... way back [Answer provided by Liz]
  9. It's a tattoo. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  10. It's a wart! (disgusting) [Answer provided by Christou]
  11. The spot! It's paint! [Answer provided by Ceila Dasy]
  12. In fact, Aphrodite is a Cardassian (a Star Trek baddie)... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  13. Last time I saw him, it was above his right eye!!! [Answer provided by konekochan]
  14. It's a sticker! He has a whole role of them back at his temple! [Answer provided by Para]
  15. I saw his name on the list in the plastic surgery clinic. [Answer provided by Theresa Aluen]
  16. No. 5, adds: He was next to Michael Jackson. [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  17. That's his mascara accidently smudged! [Answer provided by Lisa Wong]
  18. He killed a fly and didn't know where to stick it, so... [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  19. He stole it from Cindy Crawford. [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  20. I was reading old fashion magazines and I noticed that a lot of models did that, of course since I'm way prettier then the supermodels, I can't be left behind. So I ran to the plastic surgery clinic in #6 and had it done... then when it's not quite as hot anymore, I'm stuck :( But... don't tell anyone okay??? [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  21. What's the matter? It's not so important than to know: would Aphrodite be still himself without it?! [Answer provided by Medusa]
  22. Have any of you actually notice that Aphrodite is a Goddess??? I mean...is she transexual??? [Answer provided by Dragon Shiryu (Ana-Maria)]
  23. Didn't you hear what Aphro himself said?!? [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  24. Other Saints have their "weak spot"... Because I'm the most beautiful of all I have a "fashionable" spot. [Answer provided by Pisces Aphodite (sidney aires)]
  25. Your answer:

7. How did Roshi ever fit into the Libra cloth -- or: does the Cloth shrink, or did Roshi shrink over the time? [And yes, I know about the Hades chapter, but I think it's a fun question anyway...]

  1. It's Magick.
  2. He morphed himself to his younger version... (See how cute he was, then?) [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  3. His appearence is really an optical illusion, too! In reality, he's a tall, good-looking guy who got used to having people talk to his shins and throwing his voice to make it sound like it was coming from them. [Answer provided by Hecate]
  4. It is certainly the best plastic surgery ever made! [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  5. A robot inside a huge suit [Answer provided by Nikki]
  6. It's just like the Sailor Scouts fukus! He shrinks and the cloth gets bigger so that he can lose weight and fight at they same time! Just don't tell him! [Answer provided by Para]
  7. He doesn't need to wear it: the Cloth is actually remote controlled... [Answer provided by Lisa]
  8. The Cloth is a "Kinder Surprise" (in French) so it suits everyone! [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  9. The question is not this, but: why did he want to shrink? Maybe he hoped that Athena wouldn't recognize him anymore? [Answer provided by Medusa]
  10. Actually he is the inventor of SD and he can morph himself or the Cloth into SD [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  11. He no longer has it anyway. He sold it to me for a new fishing rod yesterday. [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  12. Of course he shrunk. How do you think you'll look like if you had to spend 200 years just watching some dumb mountain? 'Sides the Cloth adapts to its owner's size (else how come the Gold Saints could still wear theirs, since they obtained their cloth when they were 8 or 9?) [Answer provided by Kirin]
  13. You know armours are flexible....(I mean if they were metal, look at the toys - they can hardly even move!!) [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  14. He doesn't fill it... there is a secret room in the helmet and he controls the Libra Cloth the way prince Actarus controlled his grendizer. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  15. He doesn't. While his cloth was being made, he got one of the makers really mad, and so his cloth turned out just a bit too big for him... actually *way* too big for him! [Answer provided by Andy S.]
  16. Actually he uses stilts and has a peep hole in the middle of the chest plate.
  17. Don't mock, he suffers from a rare telescoping bone complaint. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  18. He doesn't need to fit in it. He uses it as a secret headquarter to hide in when he wants to read Playboy. [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  19. Look, his actual size has one big advantage: he can protect his body totally with one of the Libra shields! [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  20. He's senile!! It's not his cloth!!! [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  21. He's not the true master of that Cloth, but the true Libra Saint was so ugly, that he decided not to show in series. [Answer provided by Miko]
  22. Forget about the Cloth, he wears the box instead! [Answer provided by sidney aires]
  23. Don't get fooled by obvious appearence..., like David Lynch said in "Twin Peaks": The owl are not what they pretend to be! [Answer provided by Martin Walzenbach (Albinon)]
  24. That's not his cloth, that's his house! tsss... [Answer provided by Christou]
  25. Erm...ask him. [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  26. Your answer:

8. Where does Pisces Aphrodite get all of his roses from?

  1. Magick.
  2. Aphrodite was a conjurer in a former life. He's still pretty good. [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  3. He stole all of Oscar Wilde's lilies and changed them into roses. [Answer provided by Killer Bunny]
  4. Actually, it is just one, but special-effects artists make them look more so that they don't have to spend so much money. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  5. He has them hidden in all the practical and convenient pockets of his Cloth. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  6. He's of course Spanish! As he dances the flamenco, everyone throws flowers... And he's too smart to throw them away later. [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  7. From Shaka's mud and given by Mu. [Answer provided by Christou]
  8. Probably the same garden where Treize grows his! Or, maybe he only keeps one real one and the rest are all optical illusions! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  9. From "Chez Michou", near my home... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  10. There are two fishes that help him like the Shadow God Warrior Bud. [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  11. He has a rose bush beneath his cape.
  12. Backyard. [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  13. Walmart!!! [Answer provided by Dragon Shiryu (Ana-Maria)]
  14. He stole them from my mom's flower garden! [Answer provided by Ayu]
  15. Aphro is a nasty guy who robs graveyards in his free time... [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  16. He buys them in large amounts to get them cheaper and then stocks them in a cold-room Camus made specially for him. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  17. He gets them by the same person who provides all that miles and miles and miles...of chains for Shun: Inspector Gadget ! :)) [Answer provided by Medusa]
  18. Yeah, it costs me a fortune! And, Aphro, I do know now about Shaka!!!!! [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  19. Interflora, they deliver anywhere, anytime. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  20. From that B'tX guy, the commander with the evil flowers [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  21. He gets them from Zoisite. [Answer provided by Theresa Aluen]
  22. He gets them from Kunzite while Zoisite is trying to kill Nephrite. Ahhhh! I was joking, Zoi! [Answer provided by Para]
  23. Kurama taught him the great art of roses apparition [Answer provided by konekochan]
  24. He buys them at the same shop where Tuxedo Kamen gets his.
  25. He stole Tuxedo Mask's roses! [Answer provided by Ceila Dasy]
  26. He *is* Tuxedo Kamen, in another life! [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  27. He orders them from Fleurop. I had to lend him the money to pay the last bill... [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  28. Can't you see? Those roses are actually made of tissue paper (that's why they absorb water and blood). Aphro folds them whenever he needs them. Since he is a Gold Saint, he can fold 100 roses in one second. So don't worry about him! [Answer provided by Yang Yung-Tsui]
  29. He had a huge garden in backyard. Remember when Seiya got out of Pisces Temple? [Answer provided by sidney aires]
  30. Misty sends me a truckload of roses everyday. That's why I never run out... he says he wants the most beautiful roses to compliment the most beautiful man. Hehehe (but he doesn't know about me and Shaka) [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  31. Your answer:

9. Why do the female Saints have to wear those face masks?

  1. It's Custom.
  2. It's better than a crocodile skin! [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  3. Because since the Sanctuary is separated from the real world by the Veil, the people living here still think the same way people thought in the Middle Ages. In addition, if a woman wants to become a Saint, she has to wear a mask. By doing so she will no longer be considered as a woman but as a man. They say that way, she will be on equal footing as men, but I say that's just a pathetic excuse for machism! [Answer provided by Kirin]
  4. Obviously, if you're a guy, you don't give a damn if you get hit on the face. But if you're a girl... that doesn't came in handy, that I know. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  5. Heh, so that people will not be bothered by the stupid females but will immediately catch sight of us more droolworthy guys!!! [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  6. It's probably because since women were viewed to be weaker than men, the masks give them a slight edge over them. After all, it's hard to predict your enemies' moves if you can't see the expressions on their faces!! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  7. The Pope told them to, so male Saints could not fall in love with female Saints. If someone sees their face, unless it's not for love reason, the female must kill the male! (that's why Shaina wants to get rid of Seiya, since Seiya saw her face which is forbidden) [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  8. Well, how would you feel being the most beautiful women in the world with hundreds of sweated-stinky-effeminated guys looking at you all the time? [Answer provided by Nikki]
  9. Because Athena wants to be the most beautiful in Sanctuary. As long as she's the only candidate to that title it works. [Answer provided by Miko]
  10. Originally, of course, it was a legal fiction -- when Athena let the first female Saints in, she did it by declaring them legally men (and wearing a mask is about seven zillion times more comfortable than slicing off the breasts, which was Ares' suggestion [Answer provided by Luriko-Ysabeth]
  11. Athena's mad beacuse she's ugly compared to them so she makes them wear the ugly masks so that she'll be the most beautiful woman around! [Answer provided by Para]
  12. So the Saints don't see their 'Tex Avery's wolf' reaction when they met them! [Answer provided by Christou]
  13. Athena set this rule after the female Saints went on a secret trip to Venice (during Carnival). [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  14. Better than a facial at Beverly Hills at 1000 bucks a pop. [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  15. Do you think Saori wants to lose Seiya to Shaina? He is smart, but yet he has to choose between big breasts or sensual looking... [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  16. Female Saints are sponsored by Clearasil and any spots would be bad for business. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  17. They are embarassed that they aren't as perfect in putting on their make-up as Lacerta Misty and Pisces Aphrodite are...
  18. Only this way the male Saints can concentrate on their training. [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  19. To prevent the male saints from drooling [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  20. They may be embarassed 'coz male Saints are much more beautiful. [Answer provided by Theresa Aluen]
  21. Of course, they're embarrassed that they're not as beautiful as me, so... by leaving the mask on, they can create a little mystery. [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  22. Can't men and women share the same status? ^_^ [Answer provided by Dragon Shiryu (Ana-Maria)]
  23. I don't know, but I overheard Shaina telling Marin that the Women's Liberation people are getting a tad upset... [Answer provided by Pegasus]
  24. Why does everyone thinks it's just a face mask? It's actually an all day Bioré deep-cleansing mask, so everytime Seiya sees my face, I won't have any blemishes! Why else did you think we wore those ugly things? [Answer provided by Ophiuchus Shaina]
  25. That's what I'd like to know as well. You see, I really would like to get a nice view of June. After all, she's pretty cute with that long, blonde hair of hers... I wonder if I could take her out to a date. [Answer provided by Cygnus Hyoga]
  26. To keep the male Saints interested in seeing their faces. That way it is much easier to find a date. [Answer provided by Erinie]
  27. It's not a punishment, indeed! You know Athena's bad temper, I mean Arachne and Medusa? Even if female Saints are gorgeous, with the mask on the face they can't be admired, so Athena doesn't have to punish them... [Answer provided by Medusa]
  28. If June & Shaina started to twinkle and to lick their lips during a battle, the male Saints probably would get into trouble with a hard-on. That's why battle order predicts masks for women. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  29. Your answer:

10. Why do the Cloths fit even when the wearers are pretty different in size? (eg. Seiya: 1.65m, 53kg vs. Aioros: 1.87m, 85kg)

  1. It's Magick.
  2. Glue! [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  3. In reality, the Cloths are just elaborate illusions that fool both the wearer and the viewer into thinking that they're being worn! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  4. Ain't those things supposed to adapt to the hotties who wear them?!?! [Answer provided by Andrea]
  5. You can wash them too hot, then they'll shrink! [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  6. Ask Shun, he knows how to sew... [Answer provided by Nikki]
  7. Gold is pretty malleable... [Answer provided by Killer Bunny]
  8. The Cloths do not fit the wearers... No... It's the other way round. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  9. Rubber, I tell you!!! [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  10. Spandex! [Answer provided by Para]
  11. The Cloth is made of instable particles... See Fantastic Four (Marvel Comics)! [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  12. Blood, blood blood!!! [Answer provided by Dragon Shiryu (Ana-Maria)]
  13. Dohko told his friend Mu part of the morph technique so Mu incorporated the function in the Cloths (together with airco). [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  14. You people are too curious for your own good. [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  15. They were all made by the wearers to fit perfectly or whoever made the "Cloths" knew everybody's sizes so they made them accordingly. (Gee..I wonder now though how they got away with spying on the wearers) [Answer provided by Kara Ann Vortex]
  16. Aioros actually lost because the cloth was so tight he couldn't move fast enough to dodge... [Answer provided by Seyar]
  17. Cloth changes as the Saint changes, I believe. (Otherwise how would you imagine Cassios would fit into the Pegasus Cloth if he ever got it?) [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  18. The one Seiya uses isn't the real one... But don't tell him! [Answer provided by Christou]
  19. Because they're not the real ones. The Saints just make a copy of the original Cloth so that it fits perfectly. Why do you think it keeps falling to pieces each time they get hit? [Answer provided by Kirin]
  20. The Cloths seem to have a life of their own (this is very obvious with the Andromeda Cloth), so I think if a person has won the right to wear a Cloth, it will modify itself to fit it (except in Roshi's case). [Answer provided by Pegasus]
  21. Diet programs...real organized diet programs... [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  22. The Cloths have elasticated waists and really big hems that can be let out. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  23. The Cloths are actually made of painted rubber.
  24. Your answer:

11. Is there a female version of every Cloth -- or: What would happen if Ophiuchus Shaina ever attained Gold rank?

  1. Glue! [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  2. Surgery, of course! [Answer provided by Christou]
  3. Bandages. Rolls and rolls of bandages (like the toilet paper commercial witht the dogfood!) that you have to do contortions to tie up, but I'm sure they'll manage it. [Answer provided by Killer Bunny]
  4. Shaina! Gold Saint?! In your dreams!! I mean... There is no woman in charge of anything (Saori doesn't count 'cause she's a goddess, the same goes for Hilda - she's a princess; they don't fight) in the series. Marin may be important, still, she has no high ranking nor authority in the Sanctuary. You seem to forget we're in macho-land. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  5. Shaina? Gold?! Are you people so anxious for the apocalypse?! [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  6. If Ophiuchus did become the 13th Zodiac, then maybe they'll recast her Cloth in gold? [Answer provided by Hecate]
  7. I don't even imagine! Maybe a Jean Paul Gaultier Cloth? [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  8. No. The Gold Saints are a chauvinistic society.
  9. No. The Cloths are too old-fashioned to fit into the gender discussion. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  10. Come on! Female Gold Saint? It would be Hell on Earth, especially in the case of Shaina! [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo] (Ha! I *knew* it! The Goldies are chauvis! *Sigh* But still so cute... - Stayka)
  11. First I think that Shaina should quit trying to become a Goldie (just for a little while), become a Sailor Scout, and come back to kick Milo's a** for his comment! [Answer provided by Para]
  12. No woman allowed. Do you think Marin would resist walking through Aiolia's temple without stopping for a while? A female could never be a Gold Saint... No way, dude. [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  13. As I know Athena's rather heterosexual... So I doubt she would like to have some woman among her Gold Saints. [Answer provided by Miko]
  14. No way. No women admitted. They just have to wait for the return of the great warriors. In the kitchen. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  15. Maybe Shaina could convince Mu to let the Cloth grow, err, 'hilly' in certain areas...
  16. Well if Mu has to pass on his Cloth to Shaina I guess he'll have to modify the Cloth so not only the horns stick out. He'll probably ask Kiki to punch the cloth from the inside at certain places. After all, Mu adjusted Shun's cloth, too - compare first and second cloth if you don't believe me. [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  17. Or she'll submit a petition to the Pope that mentioned she needs a new version of Gold Cloth. [Answer provided by Theresa Aluen]
  18. Like I said for the Cloth size question above, I think it'll modify itself. Or they can always go to Mu. [Answer provided by Pegasus]
  19. Shaina? Isn't she Aries? I guess it would be quite a fight with Mu. It might be as interesting to see Marin trying to obtain the Pisces Cloth... [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  20. If Shaina made it they'd probably just spray-paint her Cloth gold. It'd save a lot of money. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  21. Shaina won't need to change her Cloth when she becomes a Gold Saint - see Zodiac 13 for why Ophiuchus should be considered a Zodiac sign. [Answer provided by Veronica]
  22. Athena is very nasty: she'd never allow women among Goldies, 'coz she wants only beautiful young men to look at and drool... Goldies are quite a sight with all that gold on them :)) [Answer provided by Medusa]
  23. Mu'll fix it all! "Fixie.. fixie...fixie!" [Answer provided by Andrea]
  24. Your answer:

12. Do the Cloths choose their Saints for size and gender?

  1. Sure! Imagine Cassios in Pegasus Cloth... O.o;; [Answer provided by Christou]
  2. I doubt it... What would I do with the Aquarius cloth? I'm coldphobic, for Shiryu's love! [Answer provided by Andrea]
  3. If they did, half of the present Saints would never have obtained their Cloths. [Answer provided by Miko]
  4. Yeah, try to imagine Shun being the hero of the story... Scary! [Answer provided by Nikki]
  5. The Cloths are blind... so they're waiting for anyone... maybe me one day? [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  6. The clothes all vote in a secret election to figure out who to choose. It's a huge popularity contest. That's why I'm not a Saint yet! I guess I shouldn't have beaten up Milo... [Answer provided by Para]
  7. I don't think so, it's more likely they'd choose for personality. [Answer provided by Kara Ann Vortex]
  8. Most of them. Why do you think there are more handsome men than ugly ones or females?? [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  9. Probably. (Or try to imagine June in the Andromeda Cloth or Seiya in the Aquila Cloth...)
  10. You mean the Cloths are sexist? [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  11. Well, Andromeda should have picked a girl, but probably mistook Shun for a girl (end of discussion). [Answer provided by Liz]
  12. Imagine Ikki went to Andromeda Island instead of his brother. Then, try to imagine him with Andromeda Cloth... [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  13. Ikki in the Andromeda Cloth? Hahahahahahaha!!! Oops. Uh... Hi, Ikki...... [Answer provided by Pegasus]
  14. Maybe the Cloths have genders? If so, they choose the one they are in love with. (By the way, I think Andromeda Cloth would fit June pretty well, but Seiya...?!) [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  15. They're Hermaphrodites. [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  16. It's Seiya in the Chamaeleon Cloth that would worry me. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  17. In case of any doubt, send them to Mu! He can fix everything, or almost everything... [Answer provided by Myra Weren]
  18. Obviously not. Or there would be at least 2 or 3 female Gold Saints. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  19. Sorry, Kirin - it's a men's world! [Answer provided by Dragon Shiryu (Ana-Maria)]
  20. There's a gender adapting switch, but my predecessor broke the switch of my first Cloth. [Answer provided by Andromeda Shun (Luke Hsieh)]
  21. Your answer:

13. Do the Saints have hobbies except for beating up bad guys or be thrown through walls?

  1. Hobbies. I guess you don't know Saori. They even go 1 inch away from the temples. They get electrocuted. [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  2. There's no time, no money, no nothing! [Answer provided by Miko]
  3. When they don't fight they're too tired to do something else than sleeping. [Answer provided by Medusa]
  4. Yeah... why do you think they call Milo Mr.Casanova? And Shiryu the official Stripper Saint?! (drools) [Answer provided by Andrea]
  5. Well....I used to like fooling around with Aphro....But since the revelation about Shaka I'm not so sure any more.... Oh well, I suppose there are so many Saints left to choose from... *sigh* [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  6. They like watching movies; Seiya loves "Cliffhanger", Hyoga's fave is "Alive", Shiryu mostly watches "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" together with Okho, Ikki's a fan of "Dante's Peak" and Shun likes "Pink Panther". [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  7. I have a feeling that most of them would spend all their free time in training. Either that, or they pick out bed partners from among each other, since it would be dangerous to take normal people as lovers. Hee hee hee!! (Yes, I do have a hentai mind!) [Answer provided by Hecate]
  8. Yep, mine is reading and oversleeping!! ^_^ [Answer provided by Dragon Shiryu (Ana-Maria)]
  9. I'm sure that Saga loves building prisons... (remember his brother Kanon!) [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  10. Maybe... like taking baths, or just meditate..look at Shaka - he just sits there and teaches his pupils stuff... Cancer kills people, that's his hobby. Mu just teaches Kiki how to be a Gold Saint, Taurus just sits there. Saga will probably be hanging out with his bro, Aiolia and Aiolos will do the same, probably Pisces will be putting on more make up. Shura will keep devoting himself to Athena, Milo and Libra will be hanging out... Camus will be just talking to Hyoga and chilling (get it)... Ohh well...hehehe [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  11. Last time I heard that Ikki and Shaka tour through the bars at night (they made friends when they were stuck in the otherworld and it was really boring there). About the others I'm not so sure...
  12. Strip-poker, monopoly, hide and seek, pictionnary... [Answer provided by Christou]
  13. Aphrodite and Camus must go to the beauty salon a few times, otherwise they would not have such pretty hair. [Answer provided by Myra Weren]
  14. Aphrodite, Mu, Shaka, and Camus have a manicure regulary. [Answer provided by Theresa Aluen]
  15. I like meditating and imagining what I look like on the outside while my eyes are closed. [Answer provided by Virgo Shaka]
  16. Oh, surely. I heard of something going on between Aphrodite and the Pope (have you ever noticed how near to each other their temples are?) [Answer provided by konekochan]
  17. They try to get on Jerry Springer! I can see it now... "Gold Saints Who Cheat On Their Boyfriends Who Cheat On Them"! [Answer provided by Para]
  18. Seiya likes watching TV eating crisps, Shiryu does Tai-Chi, Hyoga does ice statues, Shun is a painter and Ikki reads Playboy. [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  19. Shiatsu therapy, in case of Aphrodite and Misty... [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  20. Computers, of course. And Playboy. Maybe Miho, too... hehe... Oh yeah. Maybe searching for Seika, too. [Answer provided by Pegasus]
  21. Sending Kurumada Masami *bow* the bills and charges... [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  22. Hyoga likes ice-fishing. Shiryu likes naked-swimming (dear me! But remember he always takes his clothes off even during a fight? That must be one of his greatest hobbies.) And Teresa forgot to mention Milo - I heard he had a private manicurist, too. [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  23. I'm sure they must have at least one with which they earn some money. Or they wouldn't be able to pay their rent (Hell! Living in a temple cannot be cheap!), eat and buy their stuff (make-up, books and others goodies). [Answer provided by Kirin]
  24. Well, I love to create nice ice sculptures. And believe it or not, I'm quite good at mixing cocktails, too. [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  25. Well, I like to collect blondes... [Answer provided by Cygnus Hyoga]
  26. Poker, chess, hopscotch... Anything! We have to stay in these stupid Temples all day long and it is awfully boring. [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  27. Hobbies? Well Mu helps David Copperfield out in his spare time with his telekinetic and teleportation skills [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  28. Hobbies...hehehe I have too many to list! Experimenting with mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow, powder, foundation, nail polish, toe nail polish, body glitter, hair grooming, eyeliner, blush, did I mention I enjoy shaving my legs too? Aside from the beauty department... gardening, and getting massages from Misty. [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  29. A number of them are the sort who, provided you plant them somewhere with enough books, will entertain themselves for years. Marin and Shaina went to Anime Expo as Kei and Yuri last year. Shun and Hyouga play Tetris against each other half the time. [Answer provided by Luriko-Ysabeth]
  30. Your answer:

14. Why didn't Taurus Aldebaran let Mu repair his helmet?

  1. He needed a new drinking horn.
  2. He is trying to steal Shaka's... [Answer provided by Nikki]
  3. Aldebaran found this less ugly then before. [Answer provided by Christou]
  4. Erm, try getting *your* Cloth fixed at Mu's. [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  5. He didn't have enough money. [Answer provided by Theresa Aluen]
  6. He's too lazy to actually get another job to pay the bill, I mean being a Saint doesn't pay much. Even though they *do* save the world! [Answer provided by Para]
  7. What for? With his bad luck he would need a fortune. Now he seems more macho (just kidding). [Answer provided by Miko]
  8. He uses it to keep intruders away... "I have a horn, and I'm not afraid to use it... " [Answer provided by Andrea]
  9. It'd probably just fall off again. [Answer provided by Rosaline Chau]
  10. He'll be able to sell the horn and buy bulls for a corrida [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  11. This way yankee tourists can't catch him with a lasso too easily [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  12. He wanted a special helmet style. [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  13. It's a macho thing, Aldebaran thinks this battle scar will make him sexy and popular (kinda like look how brave I am, how many battles I fought... Naîve, too, but hey, this is Aldebaran we are talking about) [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  14. Did you ever have a look at Mu's bills? It's certainly worth seeing. [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  15. Repair at Mu's is expensive. Believe me... [Answer provided by Pegasus]
  16. He was afraid Mu could ask back things like the ones Misty asks back from Aphrodite, everytime they do something for each other... [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  17. No glue strong enough were available... [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  18. It's a great ice-breaker at parties; "Hey, Aldebaran, what happened to your helmet?""Well, it's like this..." [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  19. It's only to remind all the mocking Saints to the fact, that no one is really invincible. [Answer provided by Martin Walzenbach (Albinon)]
  20. He was afraid to take his helmet off... After all, girls won't fall down for him as they do for the other Goldies. [Answer provided by Liz]
  21. Well, he lost this horn before in a fight with Shura (I think it was something about whose helmet looked uglier). When Mu fixed it that time, he only used some cheap glue (you don't believe that Seiya might have succeeded chopping it off otherwise?)... Aldebaran decided that he could cope without another expensive 'repair' of that kind. [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  22. He's using that horn as a ear plug. The other ear was deaf already. By the time, Poseidon Chapter (manga), he finally couldn't stand it and made both his ears deaf... [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  23. He likes the look of his helmet without it. And that way it's one of the most original helmets. [Answer provided by Erinie]
  24. The broken piece of gold is worth a fortune. Now that it finally broke he can legitimately melt it down and sell it. [Answer provided by Andromeda Shun (Luke Hsieh)]
  25. Your answer:

15. Why are Hyoga and/or Camus and/or the Crystal Saint so well-liked party guests?

  1. Why wasn't I invited?! [Answer provided by Dragon Shiryu (Ana-Maria)]
  2. You mean they have parties? Without asking me to come!? Milo! I thought you said that you weren't allowed to have parties! (Goes off to kill Milo) [Answer provided by Para]
  3. 'Cauz they are cool guys. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  4. They are invited to parties, because they're good in keeping girls busy and cooling them off afterwards... (Shiryu keeps you hot all the time though... he he) [Answer provided by Andrea]
  5. Don't know, they're all absolute zeros (come on, Camus, that was a joke...) [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  6. They like to chill..... [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  7. For rave-parties, it's nice to refresh people... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  8. If there's a power breakdown, you don't have to worry for an emergency fridge [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  9. Who said they are the well liked? What about Mu? And Kiki? [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  10. Well-liked? Well-loved, well fu****g, you mean. Uh hu, man. [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  11. They got the best hairdos... [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  12. You never have to worry about the ice for the drinks.
  13. So girls can just stare and stare and drool all over the place and be happy. [Answer provided by Liz]
  14. I'm flattered... But I guess it's because I'm pretty good in mixing cocktails (who needs ice to cool them down?). And Milo - I read that! [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  15. Only when I'm not there!!! Camus begged me to stay away from a few of the parties so he can hoard the attention, when I refused, he sent Misty to me, so... I gladly granted him his request. [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  16. 'Cause they know me! [Answer provided by Pegasus]
  17. 'Coz Hyoga's a cool dancer (look at his diamond dust dance) and Crystal does the light show (when the light touches crystals it gives the same effect as hitting a prism). [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  18. No air conditioners are needed in summer. [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  19. I'm a Lady's man! [Answer provided by Cygnus Hyoga]
  20. Everybody can have unlimited free ice cream. [Answer provided by Theresa Aluen]
  21. I prefer Ikki to warm up the atmosphere, actually. [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  22. Parties? Parties? With Hyoga?! Where? When? Why has no one told me there were parties with cuuuute Hyoga?! Whaaaaaa!! T_T [Answer provided by Medusa]
  23. Your answer:

16. Why does Shiryu always lose his other clothing together with his Cloth?

  1. Um... magic!! [Answer provided by Dragon Shiryu (Ana-Maria)]
  2. Clothing? [Answer provided by Rosaline Chau]
  3. Because otherwise the show wouldn't have female fans. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  4. Because he trained with the Hulk (you know the one with big muscles who always made his shirt explode). [Answer provided by konekochan]
  5. Cuz he thinks the armour's 2 heavy... [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  6. He doesn't like the way he looks in his Cloth. [Answer provided by Miko]
  7. Well, he's a fashion model... He loves showing his body! [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  8. It's for Roshi... :) [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  9. Shunrei doesn't want to fix it any longer after every battle [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  10. 'Cause during battle, his Cloth keeps getting beaten and torn nearly off of him, so he might as well take it *ALL* off!!! ^_- [Answer provided by Hecate]
  11. Because that's part of his contract. Besides he sends his clothes bills to the producers. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  12. He can't wear his Chinese clothes under the Cloth so when he wears his Cloth, he wears nothing... but body painting, only the paint of his upper body sticks to the Cloth from sweating (Bronze Saints don't have that much airco). [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  13. He's actually the original instructor for "The Full Monty" [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  14. He absolutly wants to show his 'gogo-dancer' training everytime his faces a new enemy! [Answer provided by Christou]
  15. Why does he always remove his Cloth in the middle of a fight anyway? [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  16. He wants to show off his athletic body.
  17. I actually agree with you. But if there is another reason, I think he does not know how to take off his Saint Cloth and always ends up destroying his other clothing all together. [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  18. He wants to impress the girls without being told off by Shunrei. [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  19. Maybe the producers are women like me... [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  20. What is beautiful has to be shown. [Answer provided by cassandra]
  21. I like it when Saints do that! :) I wish it could be someone else than Shiryu however.... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  22. He's secretly training for a male stripper, or he is setting the world's fastest clothes take-off record in the Guiness Book of World Records [Answer provided by Liz]
  23. Very simple answer: try to fight less than an hour in that way, and you'll be so sweaty that the last thing you'd like to wear is a Cloth and all the clothing! [Answer provided by Medusa]
  24. His other clothing got stuck with the armour. [Answer provided by Andromeda Shun (Luke Hsieh)]
  25. The series was filmed in summer. [Answer provided by coyarzuv]
  26. I don't know why, but it's contagious! Look at DeathMask and Shura! [Answer provided by sidney aires]
  27. He asked me how to be the most attractive, so I told it to him... it does seem to work doesn't it? Stripping is fuuun (only in front of Misty, mind you!) [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  28. I don't know why, but the Pope is thinking about passing a law about stripping while reporters are present. [Answer provided by Para]
  29. Don't question him!!! We all like it, don't we? (drool) Now, how about getting rid of the pants, Shiryu-sama?!? [Answer provided by Andrea]
  30. Your answer:

17. Do the Saints have any other clothes than the stuff they wear from the first season to the last?

  1. They watched too much Gatchaman when they were younger, so they think they *have* to wear those clothes in order to call their Cloth. ^_^ [Answer provided by Luriko-Ysabeth]
  2. No! Never! They all got their clothes from their moms. To memorize their moms, the Saints will never change their clothes. And someday, when they'll die, their moms can recognize them by the clothes. (But I'm not sure whether they will meet each other in the heaven or hell...) [Answer provided by Yang Yung-Tsui]
  3. I don't know about the others, but Saori is too selfish to let Seiya use the other shirts Seiya has. [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  4. As no one pays them, they only have two options: use their armour always, or use their clothes they had since ten years ago. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  5. Saori Kido spent all her money in the reconstruction of the Sanctuary, so they don't have enough to buy new things. [Answer provided by Christou]
  6. It's like Goku all their clothes are identical. [Answer provided by Rosaline Chau]
  7. Well, they don't need any. Stink is a perfect weapon in battles, you know. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  8. Hello? Ever see our Saint paychecks? [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  9. Actually, Shiryu had that purple sleeveless one-pair... [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  10. Either they lost what few extra clothes they had in a strip poker game they played when they got drunk one night or they do have alot of other clothes or a few and we just get to see them because the creator of the series/the artists got lazy. [Answer provided by Kara Ann Vortex]
  11. Not very likely, with all the battles and such, they barely have time to eat, let alone shop for new clothes! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  12. They are actually not clothes. Another side effect from wearing the Cloths of Athena, when you take them off the Cloths, normal clothes combines with your DNA. This is to help the Saint to think: "I can *not live* without my Cloths of Athena." [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  13. Hyoga has a coat he wears in Siberia but most of the time he wears sleeveless stuff to impress - after all he's single. [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  14. Who needs clothes? I mean wouldn't it just be a waste of money considering Shiryu has his shirt off most of the time anyway [Answer provided by Andy S.]
  15. Well as a matter of fact, Athena is a bit stingy when it comes to spending anything (except for great balls or receptions). [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  16. Of course not! Gold is so beautiful to wear... I can't imagine them in classic clothes... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  17. Why? Would you buy an Armani suit knowing that you might ruin it as soon as an enemy arrives when you're wearing it? What's the point in having lots of nice-expensive clothes when you can't wear them? [Answer provided by Kirin]
  18. No they don't. As long as they never earn any money, Athena uses to pay for all the expenses and she, basically, doesn't like extra expenses, such as a new cloth for Christmas. [Answer provided by Theresa Aluen]
  19. We don't get paid for protecting ol' stingy Saori. [Answer provided by Pegasus]
  20. Why do they have to change them if they are always so clean and in order? [Answer provided by Medusa]
  21. Not him!! **Points at Camus** He smells awfull!!! [Answer provided by Dragon Shiryu (Ana-Maria)] ("Naaa!" *Stayka looks at Camus* "Didn't I tell you to get rid of that old icebear fur you wear in Siberia?! As punishment you'll swim two hours in the Polar Sea!" Camus: *_*)
  22. They are like City Hunter... For example, Seiya has got 56 red T-shirts and 38 bleached jeans. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  23. Well, once we see Seiya running around with a heap of clothes in several colours, so he does seem to have other stuff. Maybe he thinks Athena won't recognize him when he wears something else?
  24. I think when they put the Cloths on, they're own clothes get sent to some sort of cosmic dry cleaner, and hey, who says all those clothes in the heap are Seiya's, maybe he had a party, invited some girls over and... [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  25. It's exactly like when you put a load of laundry in the dryer. A sock always disappers! That's what happened to all the rest of their clothes, they vanished into another dimension! [Answer provided by Para]
  26. Of course they have, it's only their movie costumes that are a bit limited! [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  27. At least the Bronzies have T-shirts! We Gold Saints only have these stretch pants! Without our Gold Cloths we look like a bunch of ballet dancers... [Answer provided by Cancer Deathmask (freezee)]
  28. They tried lots of different looks until they found one they liked, and when they found it - why to spare more time looking for other clothes? [Answer provided by Erinie]
  29. Well, the Sanctuary, Asgard and Poseidon last one day each. And as they are all the time running from one place to the other, they can't change! [Answer provided by Pheonix Alejandra]
  30. In my igloo at Siberia I store quite a lot of other cloths. But as long as I stay at Sanctuary I have to keep up my image as Gold Saint. [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  31. They do, they do...only they won't wear then if they think they are gonna have to fight. You see, it's a scientific issue: studies have found that the Cloths act like baby ducks: they believe that the first thing they see in the immediate surroundings in the moment they hatch is their mother... this process is called "imprinting". Now, because the Saints were wearing those clothes the first time they wore their armours, if they are going to change them all of a sudden, it may happen that the Cloths, in the needed time, won't recognize them, and may end up fitting on the first red shirt and jeans, or chinese outfit, and so on, they can find around them... [Answer provided by Lisa]
  32. Your answer:

18. Why does Hyoga wear short sleeves even when he runs around in Siberia (and all the other people freeze despite thick clothing)?

  1. It's Magick.
  2. For chick fans!!! ^_~ [Answer provided by Dragon Shiryu (Ana-Maria)] (Shouldn't that be "for duck fans"?! - Stayka. Hyoga: "I'm a swan, not a duck!")
  3. Just to make Stayka dribble like a bulldog. [Answer provided by Lisa] (LOL! - Stayka)
  4. Hello! His moves are cold air. You need to prepare to do that! Not to mention all the ice cream he needs to make... [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  5. He just tries to impress us and pretend to be a brave man. If you noticed it in the series, he got an awful cold after visiting his mother, because of the arctic water (which can't physically be colder than 4 degrees Celsius; and the air around is certainly much colder!) [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  6. You're too sexy like this! Siberia is too warm for an Ice Saint! :)) [Answer provided by Seiiruika]
  7. Again, the one who doesn't show a good view has no fans! [Answer provided by Nikki]
  8. To show his muscles to Yakoff and get his admiration! [Answer provided by Christou]
  9. He's wearing a Thermolactyl (French word) cloth! [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  10. He has no choice. When you train like that you're lucky you have anything left of your clothes. [Answer provided by Rosaline Chau]
  11. What girl would be attracted by some shapeless *something* (have you ever seen Hyoga in his jacket? Bwahahaha). [Answer provided by Miko]
  12. To impress girls and it's easier to dive with. [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  13. Because he likes showing off his muscles! PS. Hyoga, if you want, I can give you the chance to show off more than your muscles... (grins seductively) [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  14. He thinks his arm is toooo sexy to cover it up (and it is!) [Answer provided by Liz]
  15. I was the one to tell him not to cover his soooo sexy biceps. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  16. It's a macho Russian thing. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  17. He thinks it looks good and this kind of reasoning just shows how stupid some Saints can be. [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  18. He's showing off and teasing Milo because Milo is such a wuss and says it's freezing out when it's only 10 C out! [Answer provided by Para]
  19. He does not have a shirt with long sleeves. [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  20. It's a ritual thing... Noticed in the manga that Camus and Isaac are on that situation also? [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  21. I think he picked up Camus' "bad" habits. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  22. He is too poor to wear anything other than that short sleeve shirt. [Answer provided by Andromeda Shun (Luke Hsieh)]
  23. Well, I'd say he was being an idiot, but that'll probably result in me turning into a human popsicle for quite some time. [Answer provided by Pegasus]
  24. It's a way to keep his sun-tan in Siberia. Otherwise he'd be pale as a ghost with the climate they got there. [Answer provided by Erinie]
  25. He's too hot to feel cold... (ifyouseewhatimean) [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  26. If you'd have gone through training with me you don't have worry about the cold anymore. [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  27. Because I don't look as manly in a thick jacket than in my shirt! [Answer provided by Cygnus Hyoga]
  28. Well, folks! Now you must stop mocking Hyoga about the question...Why don't you ask the God Warriors the same thing? If it's so macho, why does Saori wear only her night-gown in Asgard? To seem more macho? [Answer provided by Medusa]
  29. Don't wonder why, just do it, Hyoga!! [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  30. Lyre, I agree with you: is there any girl who could not? :)) [Answer provided by Medusa]
  31. Your answer:

19. How can they make those trenches in the ground when they are beaten up, and why can they fly through thick walls without getting hurt?

  1. It's Magick.
  2. Hello? We have to have special effects, otherwise how could we impress?? [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  3. It's a custom...you know, like throwing your glass when it's empty. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  4. So it will become a fun program, showing how idiot human beings do the things of which they always say on TV "don't try them on your homes". [Answer provided by Nikki]
  5. It's all an elaborate illusion designed to trick their enemies into thinking that they're beating them up, when in reality their blows hardly hurt at all! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  6. It's because flying through a wall is so much cooler than being slammed into the ground. It shows how strong they are! [Answer provided by Para]
  7. It's to recall how powerful the blast is... [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  8. It's a Saint thing... [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  9. It's their education. Remember the stones and ice walls Seiya and Hyoga had to crush since they were litte boys... [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  10. 'Coz this is showbusiness or film ...euh or is there a difference? [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  11. The walls are like rocks in Star Trek: cardboard. [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  12. We like to leave our marks wherever we go. Although Saori isn't happy with all the bills... [Answer provided by Pegasus]
  13. They want to prove how tough they are.
  14. Those walls and floors are really made of some low quality plywood. Those Greek Gods are soooooo stingy! [Answer provided by Miko]
  15. It wouldn't be a true fight if they didn't break at last one wall or pillar. [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  16. That actually makes some scientific sense, it's the old story about a straw being blown through an oak tree in a hurricane. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  17. A Saint doesn't feel pain. Except when they hit their finger while hammering a nail into the wall. [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  18. Hello, even the most beautiful and graceful 'moi' makes a little impact when I hit the ground... how can the clumsy ones not? [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  19. Cloths: "You Saints, always me, me, me! What about us! We are the ones taking the impact! Wash us once a week! God! Sometimes we think, we don't get hurt because of all the dirt on us..." [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  20. Come on people...you really think Athena would like to have ugly faces and broken bones around her?! Naaa, in fact they use a stuntman - only one 'coz it's too expensive... Who is he? Well, Kaasa, of course! It's the only reason why they had to admit *that thing* (ha, can't be a man) between such kawaii Saints... you see, he also wanted a role for himself... [Answer provided by Medusa]
  21. Your answer:

20. Why do the Bronze Boys always have to run upstairs to reach their goal?

  1. It's Custom.
  2. It makes good legs... [Answer provided by Nikki]
  3. I don't know... it's supposed to get them tired, I think. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  4. Most of the actions were upstairs... [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  5. The fighting is really downstairs. The Bronze Boys are really running away! That is until a Goldie comes along and kicks them back into the fight. [Answer provided by Para]
  6. Since there's no electricity in any Sanctuary, there can be no elevator [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  7. They can't fly. Or they don't know any better... [Answer provided by Kara Ann Vortex]
  8. The villains decided it would be fun to see them arrive all out of breath. [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  9. Discourages Jehovah's Witnesses and stuff, do stairs..... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  10. To keep fit. Nobody wants them to be chubby. [Answer provided by Miko]
  11. They are sponsored by Nike! [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  12. In this way, when they get hit they fall down and that's much more spectacular (think also of Seiya's hobby: falling of cliffs) [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  13. Well... Since they're limited in time to save Saori and since it's harder to run upstairs than downstairs, it makes sense. And the baddies wouldn't want to see them arrive as fresh as roses, now would they? [Answer provided by Kirin]
  14. They want to have a better view? [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  15. There's no elevator. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  16. Seiya insists on having a truly damn big cliff just on his left side. [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  17. The writers thought that they were getting just a bit too chubby, so they used this as a way for them to get more exercise. [Answer provided by Andy S.]
  18. They're heavily into step aerobics. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  19. One of them got into an argument with the architect, and this was the result. (Did you actually think that anyone would actually build something this big for no reason?) [Answer provided by Andy S.]
  20. Masami Kurumada heard Kate Bush's "Running up the Hill" all the time when he wrote the series.
  21. It's easy to get shoved down, it's harder to get pushed up. Basically, it was Athena's plan, ages back, to discourage intruders. But now look... that little idiot's getting a taste of her own medicine! And her loyal saints... hehehe [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  22. Duh... They had to go to the bathroom. And everytime, the bathroom is at the last location, go figure... [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  23. Your answer:

21. Why is Athena's, Shiryu's and Shaka's hair always straight and perfectly combed even after it blew around?

  1. It's Magick.
  2. It's Gel [Answer provided by Rosaline Chau]
  3. F**k Athena and Shaka! They got all the secrets from my Shiryu-sama! He's the master at hair perfection!!! [Answer provided by Andrea]
  4. The magic of gel... [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  5. More illusions!! Or perhaps tiny invisible weights at the end of each strand? [Answer provided by Hecate]
  6. It's too much drawing ruffled hair. [Answer provided by Miko]
  7. They take off their wig when the wind becomes too strong, and pop it back on after the storm. [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  8. Creambath routines daily... [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  9. Cause hair mostly only obeys to its own law. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  10. They're wearing cooked spaghetti. [Answer provided by Miho]
  11. All you need to do is look at Atlas of movie 3, and you know how much hair spray/gel combination they use. [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  12. Styling gel, and a whole lotta spray (did I mention Shaka's hair is sooo much sexier blowing in the wind then just hanging straight down?) [Answer provided by Liz]
  13. Well, have you seen how much hairspray they use? (Which again brings us to that dressing room...)
  14. In Sanctuary, gravity is so strong you know... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  15. You know that leave-in conditioner that can take tons of wind and still leave your hair perfect and non-frizzy? That's what Shaka told me he used... he also said not to say anything, but ahh well... [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  16. That oil tanker the Ghost Saints caught was actually full of Saori and Shiryu's weekly shipment of hair conditioner. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  17. Their hair's too heavy to get out of order much, so they spend a little cosmo to keep it from moving at all. (Except for Athena -- long ago the gods declared "Gods' Hair Does Not Get Messed Up," because nobody liked taking all that time brushing it.) [Answer provided by Luriko-Ysabeth]
  18. This is the proof that *New Jean Louis David Experimental Hair Treatment* does work!! [Answer provided by Medusa]
  19. Like all the professional actors: they have hairdressers behind the cameras that fix them at every new scene. [Answer provided by Lisa]
  20. It is a soap opera, after all. In the studio they only have artificial wind and the takes are edited... For instance, have you ever seen the Saints eating or going to WC? [Answer provided by Lyre Weren - BTW, they did eat in episode 15 or so! (Stayka)]
  21. It's because after a strong wind the Saints make the director stop filming until they can get their hair perfect again! [Answer provided by Para]
  22. Cause I'm the closest being to a god! [Answer provided by Virgo Shaka]
  23. Your answer:

22. How do they manage to have one strand of their bangs hang between their eyes that doesn't move an inch?

  1. It's Magick.
  2. It's Glue. [Answer provided by Rosaline Chau]
  3. Geeelllllllllllllll [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  4. Spit... People have saliva and they found a use for it. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  5. Thinking about Elvis... [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  6. Again another illusion, or maybe a special tiny, *sticky* invisible weight at the end of the bang! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  7. Enormous gravity! [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  8. Well, it's something that can happen especially if you don't wash your hair for long, long, long time... [Answer provided by Lisa]
  9. You have to be a pretty powerful Saint to be able to do this. [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  10. See above. Their bill for hairspray is astrononomical. Fortunately Kido Saori can pay...
  11. Again, this wonderful styling gel... [Answer provided by Liz]
  12. Studies reveal that Kido laboratories have developed a great line of hair cosmetics. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  13. It musta been the wind... [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  14. Staples! [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  15. Hairspray, gel, staples... all that pain to look sexy! [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  16. They use hypnosis to keep it quiet. [Answer provided by Medusa]
  17. No, it's crazy glue!!! [Answer provided by Miho]
  18. That's because of the weight of their helmet. It's so heavy it keeps the bang in place even if they find it annoying. That's why they make their helmet fal l down so often. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  19. For that, what about when the bangs are transparent. What kind of DNA do they have? [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  20. I'd like to know that as well. Somehow I never managed the trick, so I decided to keep my bangs short. [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  21. It isn't really hair! It's really a tiny part of their cloth that always there to show that their a Saint! [Answer provided by Para]
  22. As they use some special cheerful paint for their hair (probably one for walls or cars), this must be an effect of drying: Saints who keeps still and quiet during the process, have straight wind/water/fire/timeproof hair. Other Saints that have no patience and use a fan or go outside, as a result get spiky variations of their haircut. And only Aphrodite seems to form his hair with special tools and has gorgeous waves. [Answer provided by shlykshtukas]
  23. Your answer:

23. Why is Roshi's teint light violet, and why is he so small and weird anyway?

  1. It's Magick.
  2. It's really just another illusion design to throw enemies off and make them underestimate him! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  3. As I said, probably he wanted to act incognito... [Answer provided by Medusa]
  4. That's what happens when you're 261 years old!!! [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  5. He's got blood problems I guess... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  6. He dyed it. [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  7. Where did you think Shiryu learnt the body painting? [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  8. He has light violet teint because he has the same amount of blood as Shiryu, but a smaller body... [Answer provided by freezee]
  9. Maybe his lungs shrank too much. Now he's permanently short of breath. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  10. He's one of the original Saints! That's really an effect of aging! [Answer provided by Para]
  11. Rumours tell he's a distant relative of Yoda's.
  12. Ask E.T. [Answer provided by Myra Weren]
  13. If only he'd gotten along with the animators, he probably would have had a normal skin colour, but instead... [Answer provided by Andy S.]
  14. Too many purple foundations on the make-ups. [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  15. Toei Animation had to finish the violet color. [Answer provided by Christou]
  16. Someone told him blackcurrant juice was good for sunburn, and by the time he realised it was a joke it was too late. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  17. The animators hadn't enough normal skin colour paint for everybody so they decided to keep it for the handsome Saints. As for his physical aspect... I don't know... Yoda's syndrome maybe? [Answer provided by Kirin]
  18. He ate too much pepper. [Answer provided by Miho]
  19. Maybe he feels so stressed and pressed, cause his pupil, Shiryu, is so cool, and he is not! [Answer provided by Ayu]
  20. He's a toadstool that fell into a jug of colourant. [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  21. He was a dragon. No, really, a real one. [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  22. The animators spilled purple ink on him and were too lazy to remove it. [Answer provided by Rosaline Chau]
  23. Fox Mulder is investigating the case. [Answer provided by Lisa]
  24. How about asking him that to his face?? I'd like to see what would be left of you afterwards.... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  25. Your answer:

24. Why are martial arts sensei usually small and aged in any movie/series?

  1. It's Custom.
  2. They have more experience in fighting and it shows that size doesn't matter. [Answer provided by Rosaline Chau]
  3. To show how skilled and powerful they were in their prime to have actually lived long enough to shrink. [Answer provided by Hecate]
  4. The old persons ask for less money... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  5. Roshi and Yoda are just cowards. They don't want to be beaten up by their pupils as it usually is the case; that's why they appear small to wake the pity of Shiryu & Luke Skywalker. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  6. If the pupil is a girl, they would stay alone and be so concentrated. [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  7. Because they are not supposed to attract the girls, instead of their disciples. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  8. It's to stop you from dreaming to be as powerful as they are, 'cause you could never be as small and old as they are. [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  9. They're legs are worn down by all that kicking! [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  10. They look wiser that way. [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  11. Because of Yoda. [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  12. I agree with #8. Yoda wrote the Sensei Handbook! [Answer provided by Para]
  13. It is so that they can use the excuse: "I am small. See I can kill this ant with no force but you are big you have to kill 100 ants. Me so strong!" [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  14. They didn't drink enough milk when they were younger, so their bones shrunk and humped when they got old. (Many old Asian people are small like this. My mother always told me, "Drink your milk, so you'll be big when you're old and not have dowager's hump." [Answer provided by Luriko-Ysabeth]
  15. I wouldn't say Camus is old and aged....(hint, hint) [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  16. The age thing comes with the meaning of sensei (the elder/master); the small thing on the other hand is the result of the hits/blows they have taken all those years (those on the head are most efficient). [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  17. So, in your opinion, also Camus, Crystal Saint and Albior are small and aged?! ^_^;; [Answer provided by Medusa]
  18. I read that! Can someone tell me what it is with that girl who hosts this page? She says she likes me but all what I get from it is being harassed, insulted and mocked! I'd rather quit! [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  19. Your answer:

25. How do they get out of their Cloths normally? Or do they have to be beaten out of it?

  1. By Magick.
  2. It's all just an illusion! The Cloths just fade off them when they're no longer needed! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  3. It depends on the wearer. Sometimes the Cloth leaves them voluntarily (Deathmask, Saga) [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  4. They don't get out of their Cloths! They're born with them... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  5. Tell it to come off! It listens (most of the time... Owch!) [Answer provided by Andrea]
  6. Oh simple! My cloth is attuned to my state of mind, and I like stripping very much, so.... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  7. Just like any other armour, they take them off piece by frustrating piece. And why do they call them Cloths anyway? It's apparent they're armor. They can also be beaten out of it but that would hurt them and be a tough fight for the initiator. Hahaha. [Answer provided by Kara Ann Vortex]
  8. A can opener. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle - Grin, I wonder why *I* didn't write it down. After all *I* am the one who chases Camus with the can opener, giggle... (Stayka)]
  9. They're so bad quality, that Saints don't need to take them off -- Cloths simply fall off. Especially the Dragon Cloth... [Answer provided by Miko]
  10. After a fight the cloths are really mad at the Saints for not taking better care of them so they go into their boxes and pout. [Answer provided by Para]
  11. With a lot of diplomacy and persuasion. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  12. They don't. That's why they let their enemies beat them out. They're so fed up of their Cloths they'd do anything to get out. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  13. Shiryu did that a lot. But sometimes they talk to their Cloth, once I heard Seiya say: "If you don't get off from me, I'll get Shaina's Ophiuchus Cloth here!" [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  14. By custom, at the end of any fight, the Cloths are so broken and battered that it isn't very hard. [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  15. Bribery... ("Get off from my body and I'll give you a polish...") [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  16. In the case of Seiya, Saori is the answer. In the case of Hyoga... me would be a good answer. [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  17. Who needs to *beat* someone out of his Cloth? I prefer to freeze them out of it... [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  18. Get out is easy. But putting on the Cancer Cloth is very difficult! So many pieces... It's almost like a puzzle! When I finish get so nervous that I have to kill someone... [Answer provided by Cancer Deathmask (freezee)]
  19. They do a striptease for Athena at the end of the show. [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  20. Cloths: "Hello! We can't get away from you Saints fast enough! We only stay on because of one thing: GLUE!" [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  21. I don't know about the others, but Seiya hangs a carrot to a fishing pole and pulls it all the way down into the Cloth Box. The Cloth gets off him like a flash to chase the carrot, and once it jumps into the box, its cynical owner locks it inside!!! Mean!!!! [Answer provided by Lisa]
  22. Your answer:

26. How many litres of blood has a common Saint compared to a normal human being?

  1. According to our estimate - twice or thrice the amount. How they keep it in such slender bodies seems to be by Magick again.
  2. Well, 5 times, obviously, but they let go of 80% of it every season. [Answer provided by Liz]
  3. 10 litres for the common bronze Saint and 50 litres for Shiryu. [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  4. At least four times as much, with an internal hydraulic system that would make Rolls Royce jealous! [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  5. A pool more. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  6. Unlimited amount. [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  7. Shiryu is the walking blood bank, ask him. (I love him!) [Answer provided by Andrea]
  8. Just about as much as everyone else. Then where do they get all that blood? Let's just say that when someone is willing to pay the amount Saori does for blood donations, a lot of people are willing to donate (well, actually sell) their blood. That's why they never run out! [Answer provided by Andy S.]
  9. A slaughterhouse... cannot match the amounts. [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  10. Did you see the film "Braindead"? Hundreds of litres... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  11. Tons of ketchup were seen last week, being taken into Saori's mansion. [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  12. I heard Seiya and Shiryu talking. Seiya: Shiryu, catch up!!! Shiryu: Here, have some! [Answer provided by Miko]
  13. Again, another illusion to fool enemies into thinking that they're getting weaker with blood loss! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  14. Their bodies can regenerate blood faster so it's like they have an everlasting supply! That or they're really vampires who have mastered the little problem with the sun. [Answer provided by Para]
  15. Unfortunately, that's the reason why my show got cancelled. The doctors said that we wouldn't be able to live through another season. [Answer provided by Pegasus Seiya]
  16. Actually, in Hyoga's case it isn't blood, but red antifreeze. [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  17. They fake it, but their expenses in tomato juice are extravagant. [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  18. It's actually from the Cloths. The Saint fake it to make it look pityful. "Oh Athena help me!" Why do you think the Cloths need blood. Its not like the Cloths eat it. [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  19. (ca. 5 litres x number of battles) + amount of blood donations - amount of litres being saved when somebody heals them = total number of a Bronze's litres. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  20. Your answer:

27. Why are Bronze and Silver Cloths not bronze or silver coloured?

  1. It's Custom.
  2. They only bought gold paint. The lesser Saints have to make do with what was left.
  3. Are you sure you want every Bronze cloths bronze-coloured? I mean... Try to imagine a bronze coloured Cygnus cloth... Yuuuuck. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  4. They decided it's an awful color. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  5. Because it's a black and white anime colourized [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  6. These are just the names, really it's some cheap steel. Same with Gold Cloths. The difference is that gold ones were painted by Saints (show-offs) and the others were bought on sale in some circus. [Answer provided by Miko]
  7. With there only being 12 Gold Cloths, it's okay if they're all gold colored. But since there are twice as many Silver Cloths and more than 4 times as many Bronze Cloths, you need something to distinguish each one, otherwise it'd be pretty darn confusing telling which saint is fighting! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  8. They either forgot, didn't know anybody, or just didn't like the colors at all or by themselves. [Answer provided by Kara Ann Vortex]
  9. Because there are only 12 Gold Clothes, and about 76 others Cloths (silver and bronze)...too much work. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  10. The Pope is too cheap to buy real silver and bronze to make the cloths [Answer provided by Para]
  11. Cheap metals are often 'contaminated' with other metals. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  12. Maybe Seiya likes to bleach not only his jeans. [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  13. The colors have changed through the years - remember these cloths are from ancient times. [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  14. 'Cause of the 80ies! Pop-colors! Imagine if Kurumada had launched Saint Seiya in the 70ies; only Aphro would have fit into a flower power outfit. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  15. They spray paint them. [Answer provided by Rosaline Chau]
  16. Because the Gold Saints were the only ones who were lazy enough *not* to paint their Garage Kit Cloths when they won them! [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  17. Because gold is beautiful and interesting but bronze or silver is boring by itself [Answer provided by Liz]
  18. Cloths: "We make our own colors!" [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  19. Your answer:

28. Why is Aphrodite called Aphrodite?

  1. Masami saw the movie: "Mighty Aphrodite" Logical really... [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  2. His parents weren't so sure about his gender either...
  3. He's just so gay. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  4. I gave him the idea, guys.... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  5. His father and his mother used to have screaming fights, so his father named their kid after an old girlfriend. (Of course he didn't bother to think how hard it would be on the kid, especially as he ran off with a fan dancer two months later.) [Answer provided by Luriko-Ysabeth]
  6. He wishes to be as beautiful as the real goddess, and he's already there, too. [Answer provided by Liz]
  7. He heard about the myth of Troy and thought that maybe a hot stud like Paris would give him a chance... [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  8. Because he thinks he's handsome enough to be a goddess. And since, at first glance, no one can tell if he's a boy or a girl, that's no problem. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  9. It's because he's the leader of the Goddess Aphrodite fan club! [Answer provided by Para]
  10. It's better than Robert or Maurice! [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  11. Mythological answer: Aphrodite was saved by two fish, that she put into the sky, and they became the constellation of Pisces. Fun answer: Because he's a drag queen. [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  12. It's his nickname, given by DeathMask. But why is DeathMask called DeathMask then? [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  13. He named himself, after all he is a megalomaniac. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  14. Sh... Don't tell anything, it's kinda Misty's games, they call each other some names... Got it? [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  15. He believes he personifies beauty. Who better to name yourself after? [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  16. He's the goddess herself... wait, that makes no sense... [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  17. The goddess Aphrodite wanted to reincarnate in a mortal body. However, she wasn't very careful. [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  18. Ask him... [Answer provided by Nikki]
  19. Actually that wasn't my "real"name, but I named myself, of course. Come on, can't you see I'm as beautiful as the real goddess? No, I'm even more beautiful! You want to know my real name? It's Narcissius... happy? [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  20. Your answer:

29. How do the Cloths fit into the slightly differently shaped boxes?

  1. Reminds me of the problem to get all my stuff in the suitcases every time I wanna go to vacation... [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  2. I was just wondering the same thing about the Pokeballs... [Answer provided by Lisa]
  3. By Magick.
  4. They shrink. [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  5. The Saints love to do jigsaw puzzles.
  6. The Cloths are really made out of cloth! They Saints fold them down to the right size! [Answer provided by Para]
  7. Am I a Saint or a scientist?? [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  8. The boxes are like Mary Poppins bag from the movie. [Answer provided by Liza]
  9. Do you know "Kinder Surprises"? [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  10. The boxes were designed by the same guy who built the Tardis.
  11. After penicillin, Lycra was the best invention by humans. [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  12. The box is a trick...the Cloths are in the pockets of the saints. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  13. They uh... contract... so as soon as the box's opened, it opens entirely so nobody sees it in the not-so-beautifully-shaped form [Answer provided by Liz]
  14. Different perspectives from each angle. [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  15. Well, a little shoving and pushing is all that's needed. [Answer provided by Cygnus Hyoga]
  16. They're little Tardises like in Dr Who. Look at the size of the Libra Cloth!! [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  17. Origami, guys. Origami. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  18. Kick, push, kick, push... [Answer provided by Miko]
  19. The fishhead on my Pisces cloth comes off everytime the box is about to close. (Of course no one can see this, how ugly!!) [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  20. Boxes: "Oh, you Cloths, always me me me! It's a God Damn illusion, okay! We can't get away from you Cloths!" [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  21. Your answer:

30. How can the Saints sleep in those rocky stone temples? [Question submitted by Jim Standing Bear]

  1. Do you really think they sleep on rocks? Riiiiiiight! [Answer provided by Andrea]
  2. They have beds, duh. JK, but seriously anyway, they either have beds... use magic, or something like that. [Answer provided by Kara Ann Vortex]
  3. Shaka floats above his lotus flower anyway. And who knows where the other guys spend their nights...
  4. Shaka shares his lotus (he's soooooo good). [Answer provided by Nikki]
  5. Well, why do you think they all keep long hair? Believe me, it's quite comfortable to sleep on a "hair sheet"... at least, they made themselves believe that... After all, they couldn't afford a bed. But still there are some tough guys (like Aiolia) who don't care to sleep on rocky places. Those are "true men", I have to say... but stupid... [Answer provided by Yang Yung-Tsui]
  6. Believe me, Aphrodite's temple is *very* comfortable, especially the bed!! [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  7. Aiolia is the only Saint stupid enough to truly sleep in his temple. Anyway, most Saints don't sleep much (wonder why...). [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  8. Well, I sleep in a bed... I don't know... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  9. Camping... outside. [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  10. We'll have to organise a "fund for the Saints' bedclothes" charity. [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  11. Are you kidding? After all that rigorous training and exhausting battles, they'll practically sleep *anywhere* they can! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  12. Throw cushions! [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  13. Aphrodite stays at Shaka's or Misty's [Answer provided by Liza]
  14. They have luxurious hotel rooms underground. [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  15. Well, it was rocky in the beginning, but after I added some layers of ice it was just fine with me. [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  16. The bedrooms all have secret doors because, in the history of every Gold Saint that ever was, only nine ever picked their rooms up without someone physically standing over them making them do it. [Answer provided by Luriko-Ysabeth]
  17. Their living quarters are built right inside their temples, where they might keep a girl or two in handy (j/k!) [Answer provided by Liz]
  18. They all sleep with the Pope (very large bed). [Answer provided by konekochan]
  19. Haven't you seen my bedroom? It's got pink curtains, a pink canopy bed, pink wallpaper... got the idea of the ugly stone temple out of your mind now? Hehe [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  20. That's why I put those faces on the wall so that they look more comfy! [Answer provided by Cancer Deathmask (freezee)]
  21. Saints: "Sleep. What is sleep?" Athena: "Shut up! Or I'll whip your ass!" Saints: "Don't hurt me!" [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  22. Once again Mu proves his superiority in being intelligent and handy - or why do you think he lives in Pamir? He has got a luxury suite there! [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  23. As said before, they all use the caves under Sagittarius Temple... very useful also for orgies and drug-parties... No one hears, no one sees, the Pope can sleep and is happy, and the Saints too 'coz they both have fun and keep their fame clean. [Answer provided by Medusa]
  24. Orgies and drug parties? Why was I never invited?? [Answer provided by the Pope]
  25. Orgies and drug parties? Ah, that was because Aphrodite was never there when Misty needed some help with his nightmare problems. [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  26. They sleep under each other. We're back to orgies and drug parties, aren't we? [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  27. Orgies and drug parties? Milo! You promised to tell me if anything interesting happened at the Temples! (Goes to kill Milo) Milo: It's not true! It's a lie! Help! [Answer provided by Para]
  28. Since the Hades Chapter, this question isn't interesting any more because I think in Elysion there can't be something like a hard bed. Boring. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  29. Your answer:

31. Where are the police when the Saints are fighting and destroying virtually everything? [Question submitted by Jim Standing Bear]

  1. Yes good question!! We must call Starsky and Hutch.... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  2. Pretend that there is no battle taking place as long as no one innocent was hurt. Would you report that a bunch of guys in funky armor are beating each other and the surrounding area up all by themselves? You'd get committed for sure at some nut house! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  3. Running away with their tails between their legs. Who in their right mind would get involved in a fight between Saints anyway? (except other Saints). [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  4. Saints are "civil" dressed policemen. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  5. Duh..They were all watching NYPD Blue.. [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  6. The police are stupid so that's why the Saints have to do everything. Either that or the police only work for the regular people so the Saints take care of the tough or strange stuff. Another answer could be is that they hang out at a donut shop. [Answer provided by Kara Ann Vortex]
  7. Eating donuts, as usual. [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  8. The police are scared of them... [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  9. They are probably as far away as they can get - or would you dare to stand in the way of Saints fighting?
  10. The police can't do anything 'coz the Saints move at the speed of light. [Answer provided by Theresa Aluen]
  11. Watching on certain corners nearby, and placing bets while eating donuts and Cup Noodles. [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  12. First, very few people know about the Saints. Second, even if the police knew about them, what could they do against gods or guys who can move at light speed? They're stupid not crazy. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  13. Pope and Kido's Graude Foundation bribe them. [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  14. They're hypnotized by my beauty and gladly complied when I told them to stay away. [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  15. They are watching Saint Seiya anime and they are too stupid to realize it's live [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  16. It's the same with the Sailor Scouts. A youma attacks, drains a couple people, the Scouts come, beat up the youma, the people wake up. Say "Oh, it's only another demon youma," and go back to their routine. I'm guessing what, these people have an IQ of a snail? [Answer provided by Para]
  17. The police stations are among the first to be destroyed. [Answer provided by Andromeda Shun (Luke Hsieh)]
  18. It's nuffin to do with police. But why is Fox Mulder unimpressed, I wonder? [Answer provided by shlykshtukas]
  19. Forgot Sanctuary's guards? Normal policemen are at last opponents they can handle... [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  20. Your answer:

32. Can the Saints drive a car, especially the Gold Saints? [Question submitted by Theresa Aluen]

  1. I don't know about Silver or Gold Saints, but Bronzies prefer walking, especially running. Keep fit, and that is why there are always stairs. [Answer provided by Miko]
  2. Give me one and I'll try :) But I've never bothered to try up to now. After all, I can't very well use a car to reach Pisces temple now, can I? [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  3. It's uncomfortable to drive using a such huge Cloth. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  4. No, they can't and don't want to. They are involved with ecological fight and they support the return of horses & carriages. [Answer provided by Medusa]
  5. Yes they can! But Deathmask is not included... He'll try to expand his collection. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  6. Well, I can. Although I must admit I still don't have a driver's license... [Answer provided by Cygnus Hyoga]
  7. Where would they get the money to buy a car?! [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  8. No, 'cos they use MTS (Mu's Teleportation Service). [Answer provided by Theresa Aluen]
  9. They think that if they drive cars people will think they copied Nephrite! [Answer provided by Para]
  10. They either don't have to due to magic/teleportation spells, or they do but some of them don't drive well, or drive too fast, can't afford car insurance, don't like having to take their armor of and change into real clothes beforehand, ect. [Answer provided by Kara Ann Vortex]
  11. Most of them are minors... and by the way, Gold Saints can move with light-speed. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  12. Does Sanctuary need cars? [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  13. I'm not even sure they (the Gold Saints) know what a car is. Look, they still bath in lakes and spa and they don't have electricity for God's sake!! (Why do you think there are no escalators?) [Answer provided by Kirin]
  14. Probably not, but fortunately their Gold Cloths protect them when they try...
  15. If there was a car accident, Mu would have to fix the car and the Cloths. [Answer provided by Pandora]
  16. No for the Gold Saints, because they work at their home. [Answer provided by coyarzuv]
  17. Why would they need to? They can move across the globe 7 times in one second... Hmm that's what one source said, I think... and they look so much cooler appearing in thin air than driving a sporty car... but that won't be bad either. [Answer provided by Liz]
  18. One can't exactly drive down the flight of stairs... [Answer provided by Virgo Shaka]
  19. I went driving with Camus once... but something went wrong, and our cars were bumping into each other at lightspeed every second... I shiver as I think of that horrible episode of my life... I never touched a car again. Just imagine, if I hadn't worn that bulky ugly helmet, my delicate face could have been scratched!! [Answer provided by Pisces Aphrodite]
  20. Weeell, I used to drive a nice Ferrari and, guess what, that great bastard, Aiolia, managed to destroy it utterly the one time I lent it to him (I was drunk when I said Yes) [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  21. Cloths: "There you go again, always me me me! It is us Cloths that does all the work!" [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  22. Oh yeah!! Mu: a Dodge Ram, Aldebaran: a tractor, Saga: a convertible, Deathmask: a hearse, Aiolia: a Rolls Royce, Shaka: a Hindustan, Dokho: an oldsmobile, Milo: a Ford Scorpio, Aiolos: a Lamborghini (wing doors), Shura: an Excalibur, Camus: a refrigerator truck and Aphro: an amphibium. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  23. Your answer:

33. Why did Saga kill the last Pope to become the Pope? [Question submitted by Theresa Aluen]

  1. So he can get out of having to stand around all day guarding his temple and just lie around the Pope's house and be pampered by servants! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  2. He wanted to have the best parties ever! [Answer provided by Miko]
  3. Because it was written that way... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  4. He was power-thirsty and wanted to have a personality that he remembered. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  5. Like....duh! The Pope gets to boss around everyone, and Saga couldn't very well ask the Pope to stand down quietly, could he? [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  6. Elementary, Watson! Because there can be only one Pope, and if he doesn't die himself, you must kill him in order to became Pope yourself!!! [Answer provided by Lisa]
  7. Because poor Saga was so ill-treated in his childhood, he wanted some attention. And what's better than being the Pope to get in the spot-light? [Answer provided by Kirin]
  8. Because he was searching for a good occasion to play cross-dressing. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  9. The Pope was calling him names and Saga finally snapped! [Answer provided by Para]
  10. Saga wanted the Pope's spa. [Answer provided by Theresa Aluen]
  11. Keeping watch over a stupid Temple is pretty boring. I suppose his nerves broke. [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  12. To spare us the tyrany of Saori Kido, and damn, he almost succeded! [Answer provided by Andromeda Shun (Luke Hsieh)]
  13. He was sick of the ugly Gemini Cloth. Unfortunately the Pope's robe wasn't much better, and the continuous wearing of the mask finally drove him crazy.
  14. Shion never let him use the SPA, mean Shion wanted it all for himself! [Answer provided by Derrewyn and Ita-chan]
  15. Well, not only Pamela Anderson can bathe on Television. [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  16. Can't wait to get naked on the pool. [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  17. Well, if you knew the bathrooms in the other temples you would know! [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  18. Duh... Girls! [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  19. To have an original Halloween costume for once (they got used to the Gemini Cloth, and his Gemini act together with Kanon inspired by the Shining wasn't a success either. [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  20. Actually, he didn't want to kill him, it was only a stupid accident: Saga was massaging him, and then...puff, the Pope broke down - after all, he was more than 200 years old :)) [Answer provided by Medusa]
  21. He read about Caesar, Attila, Mohammed, Dschingis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler and Bill Gates...and he got addicted!! [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  22. I wanted a better house! Mine is just a boring hall... [Answer provided by Gemini Saga (freezee)]
  23. Your answer:

34. Who of Saori, Shaina and Miho (any other suggestions?) is best suited to be Seiya's love interest and why? [Question submitted by Hope C. Lee]

  1. Ophiuchus Shaina - when they get into a fight it's at least a fairly even match.
  2. Shaina. Because if not, she'd make sure he move his sorry ass faster than the light-speed. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  3. Shaina, but don't tell Saori or she'll kill someone. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  4. Miho. Same age, same dumb-look... [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  5. Miho and Shaina love him, but does he love them? [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  6. None... Seiya doesn't have any plans to get engaged. He always gets beaten up... No time for love. [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  7. Shaina! I mean, if he chose Miho or Saori, who would be there to block all the blows for him? [Answer provided by Andy S.]
  8. What was the name of that girl with pink ponytails? [Answer provided by Miko] (Well, you don't think of the pink pest ChibiUsa, do you? Remember, pink is truly evil! - Stayka)
  9. I prefer Matsumi... LOL! [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  10. If you ask me, he can keep them all, as long as he leaves the blonde girls for me. [Answer provided by Cygnus Hyoga]
  11. He doesn't love any of them, he's really in love with a stripper from Spain! [Answer provided by Para]
  12. Not Saori, Goddesses dallying with mortals usually end up in tragedy. Miho would keep his feet on the ground, Shaina would keep him flat on his face. You decide. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  13. Come on, it's Saori! That dress can hide it very well, but Seiya knows she's not that thin... (and I'm not talking about she's fat or not...) [Answer provided by Myra Weren]
  14. Shaina, of course! After all, why is Seiya always taking her mask off anyway? He knows that law about female Saints' masks. And not Saori, she could get married to Poseidon. (Now that he's in the good side, who knows?) [Answer provided by Heitor]
  15. It is all a trick. Seiya doesn't love any of them, he is actually trying to seduce Aphrodite (he already failed with Misty). [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  16. It's Shaina, because she's the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in Japanese anime [Answer provided by Michel Katris]
  17. Hands down Saori, no one has her big breasts... Marin and Shaina are big enough, but Miho has nothing... tsk tsk tsk - Okay okay, I am talking about my choice... [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  18. Saori. Noble Answer: What better way to guard someone than become intimately close to that person? Real Answer: For gods' sakes, she's a Goddess and a total hot babe who is incredibly rich!! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  19. Shaina. She is as beautiful as an angel. [Answer provided by schizzatosmn]
  20. Saori - you can't choose anyone else after being killed by Hades. [Answer provided by Andromeda Shun (Luke Hsieh)]
  21. No one of them: in fact, he's deeply in love with Seika... This is the reason why he's doing all that noise to find her (Hehehe! Master Hyoga teaches!!) [Answer provided by Medusa]
  22. No one! He prefers Misty! "Seiya: We could have done great things together!" [Answer provided by Christou]
  23. Just let the poor guy choose! He's old enough to know what he wants. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  24. Do you really think a guy who has to save the earth at the age of 13 will ever discover the meaning of love?! He'll die before becoming mature! [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  25. Your answer:

35. Why does Seiya always fall down the cliffs? [Question submitted by Hope C. Lee]

  1. Come on, every man does something which would not be necessary. Of course I have to admit that Seiya's "thing" is especially unnecessary. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  2. He has this hobby... [Answer provided by Hope C. Lee]
  3. He's a rock climber [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  4. The cliffs love him... They all stalk him until he falls off one.... And then they get jealous when he almost gets kissed... [Answer provided by Lilas]
  5. He likes to exaggerate when he is beaten. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  6. Gravity again... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  7. Trying to impress people of course...it was a mistake when he broke his hand :) [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  8. He doesn't know any better. He keeps making the same stupid mistake over and over and hasn't learned his lesson yet. [Answer provided by Kara Ann Vortex]
  9. He's trying to break the record in the Guiness book! [Answer provided by Viviane Reber]
  10. Show off and a Masochist! [Answer provided by Andrea]
  11. Because he watched too much Superman as a kid. [Answer provided by konekochan]
  12. He thinks he's so macho, tough, etc. ... [Answer provided by Miko]
  13. Very simple answer again: it's because the first time...err...the second time he fell, Saori tried to kiss him (note from Seiya: why doesn't Shaina mind her own business just one time?) ... and now he's desperatly trying to repeat the experience. [Answer provided by Medusa]
  14. I have no clue. But I heard that no one wants to give him life insurance anymore! [Answer provided by Para]
  15. He always wants to find out if those wings on the gold cloth do work after all... [Answer provided by Myra Weren]
  16. Because of Darwin's theory. One day, Seiya will learn how to fly. [Answer provided by Scorpio Milo]
  17. He's like this flat bunny toy... [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  18. I keep reminding him to check the rope before he jumps, but he's so stubborn! He'll never learn! (sigh!) [Answer provided by Dragon Shiryu]
  19. He wants to prove that real bungee jumping needs no ropes - just plain style. [Answer provided by Miho]
  20. He's a bird watcher with rotten depth perception. [Answer provided by Brian Doyle]
  21. Maybe he needs to be hit on the head first to get going properly...
  22. Hey! What are you complaining about? You're not the one who has to fix the Pegasus Cloth everytime he decides to go bungee jumping! [Answer provided by Aries Mu]
  23. Cloths: "We get no respect! No respect at all." [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  24. He gets a kick out of the cheering of his friends/brothers when they encourage him to climb up again, and after a while the climbing became a habit. [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  25. 'Cause he's really clumsy when it comes to steep places! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  26. His feet are small, he can't keep his balance. [Answer provided by Derrewyn and Ita-chan]
  27. He is seriously shortsighted, someone please get him a pair of glasses! [Answer provided by Andromeda Shun (Luke Hsieh)]
  28. Your answer:

36. Do you think that Shun is really a girl turned into a boy by Hades' power (so that he wouldn't have to possess a female body when the time came)? [Question submitted by Hecate]

  1. Nope, he's a 100% man that just got a little bit too friendly with flowers and teddy bears. [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  2. Hm, on the other hand Ikki always calls him brother - or do you think Ikki can't tell a boy from a girl?
  3. He's neither.... [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  4. Oh no, Shun is definitely a man!! Believe me, I can recognize men from women... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  5. Well, at least he got his sex-change free. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  6. Sure, why not? Nowadays, a lot of people get sex changes, anyways! [Answer provided by Andy S.]
  7. He's a guy!!!! And a very nice one too. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  8. He really was Zoisite in his past life. [Answer provided by Para]
  9. Leave the poor kid alone! The colour of his Cloth... It's just because of Andromeda (so, blame her). Anyway, if you need someone to prove he's a he, I'm avaible... ;) [Answer provided by Vicky]
  10. Shhhh!!! Don't speak aloud, or Niisan will overhear you! In that case you'll be dead, dead, absolutely dead... [Answer provided by Medusa]
  11. Boy or girl, it doesn't matter as long as they do their duty and keep Athena safe. In Shun's case... Why don't you leave him alone? Everybody accepts that a girl acts like a tomboy, so why not the contrary? [Answer provided by Kirin]
  12. June: "Shun a girl? AAArrggghhh!!!" [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  13. You heartless guys!!! He's just a sensible man... Am I the only one who appreciates cry men? [Answer provided by Milady]
  14. Shun: "I'm... I'm a girl?! Ikkkkkkeeeeeee!!!!" [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  15. Why does everyone think I'm a girl? Hey, I didn't choose the colour of my pink Cloth! And maybe I'm just a sweet and shy boy who just happens to have a few of his mothers feminine features. But look at Misty and Aphrodite! Nobody ever calls them a girl (well, then again, knowing Aphrodite's temper, he probably wouldn't let anyone who insulted him actually live long enough to tell about it!) [Answer provided by Andromeda Shun]
  16. Hades: "Who said I was a man?" [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  17. Boys have "it" outside, girls inside. Now, choose. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  18. Your answer:

37. If Shun *was* born a girl, would she have to wear a mask? [Question submitted by Hecate]

  1. Of course. But as he doesn't wear a mask, I guess that proves that he's a he :)
  2. Like, duh! Do you have any of the stuff they call grey matter? Of course he'd have to wear a mask if he was female! Every other female does! [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  3. If she cried as much as he does, the mask would rapidly slip away; so it would make no sense. By the way: Andromeda Cloth includes a mask. Why doesn't he wear it? [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  4. If Shun was born a girl, I would have called her Hadesia.... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  5. Hey! That's why so many of them decided to pose as men once they got their Cloth... (but I won't tell you who). The others were too honest or too dumb to think about it. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  6. It would be so stuffy for his delicate face! That's what Aphrodite told him. [Answer provided by Miho]
  7. Of course. Otherwhise Aphrodite's relationship with Misty would never be the same. [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  8. Hades would be sooooo sad... [Answer provided by Nikki]
  9. Yeah, his Andromeda cloth had a mask on it before he puts it on so she can wear a mask when she puts her cloth on her. [Answer provided by Lily Leung]
  10. Shun: "June took the last one..." [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  11. The mask is the entire reason she poses as a man! [Answer provided by Para]
  12. Your answer:

38. Which American Comic that got the best possibillity of creating a good crossover story with Saint Seiya? [Question submitted by Tevia Pertiwi]

  1. My voice: X-Men... [Answer provided by Tevia Pertiwi]
  2. Street Fighter is not American but it would work... [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  3. X-men evolution. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  4. Dragon Ball, but in a Drama version. [Answer provided by Nikki] (DB isn't US either ^_^)
  5. Beetlejuice. He and Cancer DeathMask would make a nice couple, playing with sending everyone to Hell, to Earth, to Hell, to Earth... [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  6. I can't think of a comic but I'd like to see a cross-over between Saint Seiya and Gargoyles. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  7. I'd vote for Vinny the Pooh instead of Sailor Moon: Tiger can teach Seiya jumpin' - to prevent his falls from cliffs, Piggy and Shun are both...er...soft-hearted and delicate-minded, Shiryu and Ia the Donkey are both philosophers, Rabbit and Ikki - fine couple of snobs...and Viny for Hyoga. He's blonde, after all... ;-) [Answer provided by shlykshtukas]
  8. I can't think of any American Comics, but I think that Sailor Moon would be a good choice. After all, half of them are still single and most of the others aren't officially a couple yet. Here's who I would put together and why: Seiya+Sailor Moon (reason: they're both the stars of their show, so I'm sure that they'll have a lot to talk - well, actually brag - about), Shiryu+Sailor Mercury (reason: she's probably the only one who would understand what he says most of the time), Hyoga+Sailor Venus (reason: she's the only one in the group who would meet his standards, you know the blond hair and blue eyes thing), Shun+Sailor Jupiter (reason: since she's so strong, Sailor Jupiter would be able to save Shun when Ikki is unavailable), Ikki+Sailor Mars (reason: since she also likes fire, she probably wouldn't mind living in a volcano with him). [Answer provided by Andy S.]
  9. I read that about Sailor Venus and me! - But then, you might be right... She is cute, you know... Reminds me somehow of my Mama... [Answer provided by Cygnus Hyoga]
  10. Milo: I totally agree about a crossover with Sailor Moon! But I'd have *all* of them and they would be fighting over me! (Para finally catches up with Milo and pushes him over a cliff) Milo: Sailor Moon! Save me! It's the Negaverse! Para: Hey Milo! It was really Zoisite who jumped down and saved that man. Remember!? Milo: Oh shhhhhiiiiiiiii (smash!) [Answer provided by Para]
  11. I'd like Aphrodite + Sailor Neptune pls^^! Both green hair and royal type and of course pisces^^. That's probably the biggest copy among 2 comics by different authors. [Answer provided by Aquila] (And what about Fisheye? I'm still sure Fisheye is Aphro's little brother! - Stayka)
  12. Don't you dare couple my Aphro with Michiru!! Anyway, I think Sailor Moon would be a brilliant idea, but that's not American.... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Athena's still complaining about the pizza bills. [Answer provided by Luriko-Ysabeth]
  14. I remember an old anime called "la bataille des planètes" (in French) [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  15. I think a crossover with Witchblade or Darkness would be interesting. I wonder what Mu would say about those kind of Cloths... [Answer provided by Aera]
  16. Personally, I would rather cross them over with either Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors in the USA) or Gundam Wing. They're all 5-guy teams, and Samurai Trooper deals with guys in magical armor while Gundam Wing involves boys fighting a war in giant mechanical suits made of a special metal. [Answer provided by Hecate]
  17. Your answer:

39. Are Aries Mu's eyebrows genuine?

  1. What eyebrows? [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  2. He has eyebrows? God, I didn't know... Thanks for telling me! [Answer provided by Andrea]
  3. Nope! They're illusions, too!! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  4. He lost them during a tragic accident when he was a child. He met me. [Answer provided by Para]
  5. Well, if you ask me, he shaves them and simply paints the dots to look more interesting.
  6. Joker! [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  7. Ah, that's why he has asked Aphrodite's shaving blade... [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  8. That's the illusion people have from looking into Mu's gorgeous eyes. [Answer provided by PsychoMu]
  9. He's probably totally hairless (the violet hair is just a wig!) and didn't manage to paint proper eyebrows.
  10. Glue! [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  11. Maybe he is a Marilyn Manson's fan... ehm... I'm joking... ah, ah... ah... -- --' ...it wasn't good [Answer provided by Aiolia]
  12. Mu, just as Kiki and Shion, is not human, he comes from continent Mu: so why does he have to look human? Don't you like him as he is? [Answer provided by Medusa]
  13. He's got eyebrows!! He has! I saw them. They're really thin that's why you don't notice them. The dots attract all the attention. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  14. What's the matter? People from Mu are strange anyway. Look at Kiki. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  15. Your answer:

40. Do you think Hyoga and Shun would make a *really cute* couple and *should* get together? (Hee Hee Hee!) [Question submitted by Hecate]

  1. Damn Shun! Don't take my cute Hyoga!!! [Answer provided by Ayu]
  2. Shun's straight and Hyoga is a Lady's man and likes blondes. No chance! [Answer provided by Andrea]
  3. Of course they would make a super cute couple... Well, they once were, actually. But at their 'first time', Shun made a mistake -- he was so nervous that he whispered "Nisan", and then Ikki suddenly showed up, and... Hyoga disappeared from the world forever... That's the story, now you know. [Answer provided by Yang Yung-Tsui]
  4. All for me!!! all for me!!! (Nikki) [Answer provided by Nikki]
  5. Of course they would make a super cute couple...but Shun still belongs to Ikki. Remember? Ikki even fell in love with a girl who looks the same as Shun -- would you love someone who has the same face like your brother or sister? Come on! Everyone knows that there's something strange between them. [Answer provided by Yang Yung-Tsui]
  6. Noooooo - that would make them bi (like Michiru and Haruka...) [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  7. Oh they would, but I'd much rather they ended up both with me.... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  8. As long as they accept a threesome with me...grin... [Answer provided by Lisa]
  9. Don't think so. First, Ikki would kill Hyoga, that's why this one will never try getting closer to Shun. Second, I don't think Shun knows the facts of life, to me he's still at the "flowers and bees" stage. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  10. Of course they'd be a cute couple! Whether Hyoga would still be cute after Ikki found out is another question. [Answer provided by Veronica]
  11. NO!!! 1) Niisan would probably kill Hyoga before their first date, and 2) Hyoga might get confused and think that Shun is his Mama or his little sister! [Answer provided by Para]
  12. I get tired to repeat that I'm a Lady's man! *big sigh* Shun is just little brother material, and for more or less serious relationships I prefer Eri, Freya, Natassia... Ahm, but don't tell them about each other! [Answer provided by Cygnus Hyoga]
  13. You prefer your own mother!!!! Just kidding... :) Though your mom is sexy... [Answer provided by Philip Ho (Aries Mu)]
  14. A couple? Come on! They are both too cute, but not for being a couple! [Answer provided by Vicky]
  15. Oh, I think they'd be good together but that they'll wait for the next lifetime around. [Answer provided by Luriko-Ysabeth]
  16. Ikki would kill Hyoga if he even tried. [Answer provided by Sakura]
  17. No, I don't think so. Shun will get probably tired of Hyoga's continuous mamma-nostalgic-attacks. Who can put up with this anyway! [Answer provided by Aurea D. Freniere]
  18. Even if Hyoga wanted to (which is a very remote possibility), Shun would never understand what is to date someone. He does think life is only Teddy Bears and chains around there. Hyoga: "Chains?! My, oh my!" [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  19. Shun: "Niisan!" ......... Hyoga: "Mama!" [Answer provided by Miho]
  20. Good! Give Ikki a break! [Answer provided by Aquila]
  21. They could play exciting games with chains and ice cubes, with the prickling feeling of diamonds on their skin, inside a nebula storm... [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  22. Your answer:

41. Who do you think Misty should end up with? [Question submitted by Liza]

  1. First we need to discover: is it a female Saint without mask or a male Saint with lipstick? [Answer provided by freezee]
  2. Let's see if Hades wants another body... [Answer provided by Nikki]
  3. With Aphrodite! They make such a cute couple together.
  4. With Seiya!! [Answer provided by Christou]
  5. With George Michael! [Answer provided by Lisa]
  6. Krishna... They'll fit each other soooooo well! Oh, so cute. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  7. How 'bout with June? After all, they're both "reptile" Saints! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  8. With me... *sigh* [Answer provided by Aurea D. Freniere]
  9. Misty should just end up with himself. [Answer provided by Fenton]
  10. I guess Misty does not need anyone but a mirror.
  11. He's in love with his own face. [Answer provided by Miho]
  12. Well... He could try to cheer up DeathMask. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  13. Do you want to suggest that Misty should break up with Aphrodite? I don't think anyone would live if Aphrodite found out. [Answer provided by Para]
  14. I'm a man!! And as for my perfect mate... well... if Aphro's cheating on me I'll kill him...ahem... oh, ok, Goldie wins so I guess I'd cheat back :) [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  15. They never end. They always live and die, live and die, but, anyway, Misty and Aphrodite are married. Don't spoil their relationship. [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  16. I guess he would try everybody. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  17. Your answer:

42. How much do the Saints earn to protect Athena and save the world? [Question submitted by Denise Andromeda]

  1. Just barely enough to cover the medical bills.
  2. Fame and me as a fan. They love me! I shouldn't have given them my phone number... [Answer provided by Andrea]
  3. Seiya and Ikki make all money go on beer and playboy [Answer provided by Nikki]
  4. Earn?? They're lucky they can have somethin' t'eat everyday. [Answer provided by Fenton]
  5. Earn? Have you ever heard of voluntary work? They've got her recognition and the satisfaction to know that mankind was saved thanks to them. Isn't that enough? Besides they are not asked to pay for the damages they caused. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  6. I doubt that they get paid, but with free room and board, all the food you can eat, plus all expenses paid, who cares? [Answer provided by Hecate]
  7. Cough, cough, *choke* Just be grateful that you *don't* work for her! [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  8. They should be happy when they have something to eat. [Answer provided by Miko]
  9. They only win love and fresh water [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  10. If I got one cent for every gallon of blood lost... [Answer provided by Dragon Shiryu (freezee)]
  11. Whatever it is, they can't touch it till they're twenty-one, which is why Seiya got a job flipping burgers at McDonald's so he can afford to take his girlfriends out on reasonably quality dates. [Answer provided by Luriko-Ysabeth]
  12. The others I don't know, But Seiya has food anytime he wants. Saori: "Did anyone call me?!" [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  13. Athena pays nothing - but since Triangulum Australe Silver Saint Astrios managed to sell the TV rights, we get quite some money from Toei. [Answer provided by Cygnus Hyoga.]
  14. They earn the infinite recognition of Athena... "Saints: Great, we just needed this...and how's gonna pay for all the food we ate?" [Answer provided by Christou]
  15. Aphrodite, Shaka, Shun and Misty have Playboy and Playgirl jobs. Seriously, they can't stand the meager wage offered by Athena. [Answer provided by Miho]
  16. Shura: Actually, the Bronzies are the rightful owners of the Kido fortune...she's broke. We Gold Saints just lease our Cloths and then call them back. [Answer provided by Derrewyn and Ita-chan]
  17. They do get money! They earn 5 cents an hour and they as a favor Athena lets them live in their Temples for free. [Answer provided by Para]
  18. They get all the money from insurance coverage. [Answer provided by Andromeda Shun (Luke Hsieh)]
  19. Up to now, I paid 400 Swiss Franks for the Sanctuary and Asgard videos. And Poseidon will follow... [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  20. Your answer:

43. Why are the Bronze Saints still Bronze Saints even after so many battles? They should become at least Gold ones (maybe Diamond ones!). [Question submitted by Denise Andromeda]

  1. Do you want Mu, Aldebaran, Saga, Deathmask, Camus, Milo and the rest to end up homeless and unemployed?! You... beast! [Answer provided by Andrea]
  2. Once you're a Bronze Saint, you're a Bronze Saint for life no matter how powerful you become later on. Only those who are trained to become Gold Saints can become Gold Saints. [Answer provided by Hecate]
  3. It's just the way it is... [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  4. Because Bronze is a nice crude metal... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  5. The Bronzies couldn't afford the gold varnish needed to paint their Cloths golden.
  6. Because they look better in their Bronze Cloths, and the Goldies look better in the Gold Cloths, so they keep to their own. [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  7. Otherwise there will be confusion and the Gold Saints would be angry. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  8. Because it would mean they'd have to learn new attacks (I don't think of a Sagittarius Saint yelling Pegasus' comets or something like that) so that means more training... And since they're quite lazy... [Answer provided by Kirin]
  9. No more money to pay Mu! [Answer provided by Christou]
  10. The Goldies just won't kick the bucket. [Answer provided by Miho]
  11. Do you really want them to run around in Diamond Cloths? They would be transparent, wouldn't you think? - On the other hand, seeing more of their nice bodies would be a treat, too...
  12. If they had Diamond Cloths, they could just blind their enemies with them... of course, this wouldn't help much if they were fighting Shaka... [Answer provided by Andy S.]
  13. I thought they had God Cloths now? [Answer provided by Luriko-Ysabeth]
  14. Bronze clothes are not as heavy as the others. Saints are smart, somehow. [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  15. The Gold Saints don't want to give up their Cloths and the Pope won't let new Gold Saints get added. [Answer provided by Para]
  16. Mu looks for that. Since Bronze Cloths shatter so easily, he has always some extra income. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  17. Your answer:

44. Why do the two eyes on Hyoga's tiara have a different colour? One is red the other one is blue... [Question submitted by PsychoMu]

  1. Again, just an illusion! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  2. Ice-hot.... [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  3. Oh, I like that too... [Answer provided by Andrea]
  4. The tiara was first made for Isaac (he, he, he... just kidding, bro) [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  5. Hehe....he isn't trying to copy Saga now is he? [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  6. Once he lost a blue one, and Saori give him a pearl of her necklace. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  7. The red one has a cataract!!! Poor thing!!! [Answer provided by Lisa]
  8. Sometimes even Mu has some fun (and I don't mean fixing helmets). After all they were the only gems left. [Answer provided by Miko]
  9. Red blood. Blue sky. Hyoga's fate ^_^ [Answer provided by Seiiruika]
  10. Different colours? They should be both red! Hm... I'm sure Mu tried to knock the Cloth out again when he repaired it last time before it bit him... [Answer provided by Cygnus Hyoga]
  11. It's Mu's revenge on the duck (err *swan*) on Hyoga's tiara for always biting him! [Answer provided by Para]
  12. That's funny; I never noticed that. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  13. Your answer:

45. If no one can pass through the 12 Zodiac Houses by telekinesis, only if walking (Hades manga information), how could Hyoga go from Gemini to Libra? [Question submitted by Heitor]

  1. There is a secret underground passage that he fell into. [Answer provided by Sakura]
  2. Saga has this secret elevator, you know... [Answer provided by Cygnus Hyoga]
  3. Star Trek teleportation (it's different!) [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  4. Gemini Express! The only way to travel through Sanctuary!! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  5. Well...he was too tired to run all those stairs so the director let him be teleported there.... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  6. He payed a Silver Saint to carry him. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  7. It's called Another Dimension...(by Saga) [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  8. It is always Saga's fault. Blame it on him... [Answer provided by Andrea]
  9. When Camus 'saved' (well sort of) his apprentice, Hyoga was not in Sanctuary anymore but in Another Dimension, so the rule no longer applied. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  10. The animators decided that the scene would take to long if he had to walk so they bent the rules for him. [Answer provided by Para]
  11. To make it more interesting, and the Author didn't think of Hades chapter first. Or maybe Camus took him there at light speed? [Answer provided by Miko]
  12. He used a catapult... Easy! [Answer provided by Aurea D. Freniere]
  13. Flying. Well, Seiya has got wings, why such a cool Saint couldn't have a pair of wings, too? He is a duck or what? [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  14. I'm really tired to be called "Rubberduck Saint" all the time! Heard that, Skögul, Himiko??? [Answer provided by Cygnus Hyoga]
  15. Look, there are a lot of things weird in Gemini Temple. For example, why did the two bronzies in the maze temple not crush right into a cliff? There has to be one, because on the way to the Pope there's only enough space for one temple... [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  16. Your answer:

46. Why doesn't Saori's dress become transparent when it's wet? [Question submitted by Medusa]

  1. Good question! So she will never become Miss Wet T-shirt even though she has the boobs to go for it...
  2. Maybe her nipples are small and almost invisible. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  3. We don't want Seiya loosing his virginity, do we?! And Athena is nicknamed "the Virgin Goddess of Wisdom" [Answer provided by Andrea]
  4. Aaahhh!! Who'd want to see Saori in a transparent dress? Don't make me sick!! [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  5. It's silk, man.... [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  6. 'Coz it's multilayer. [Answer provided by Miko]
  7. That's why dresses have linings. [Answer provided by Veronica]
  8. She wears a LOT of chemises underneath. [Answer provided by Hecate]
  9. It's made of plastic, so that Saori can save more money. [Answer provided by Derrewyn and Ita-chan]
  10. Cosmo stuff (ask old Master for a long version...). [Answer provided by Nikki]
  11. She's Athena. You think Athena really has those....u know??? [Answer provided by Miho]
  12. It would be an X film... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  13. Well... She's a goddess after all and as such she must have some dignity. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  14. Seiya is also jealous. [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  15. It's the censors! If her dress became wet then all the little boys would get the wrong idea and push their older sisters into a pool to see what happens. [Answer provided by Para]
  16. Now you all realised the real intentions of Poseidon! [Answer provided by freezee]
  17. Because she is a Goddess and not a damned Playmate of the year!!! [Answer provided by Aurea D. Freniere]
  18. Your answer:

47. Why does poor Hyoga have always to kill people he loves? Doesn't he have enough of his Oedipus complex? [Question submitted by Medusa]

  1. Animators are cruel sometimes, I know... [Answer provided by Andrea]
  2. It's to prove that he's loyal to Athena. [Answer provided by Para]
  3. That's the sad part of the show. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  4. Nobody forces him to do so! He could have let them kill him and end his misery. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  5. Hyoga: Who said that!? Tell you what, I only killed people who I hated! You never know how they treated me before, yeah, they just deserved it! [Answer provided by Yang Yung-Tsui]
  6. Well, so it's not so much machism but masochism that guides Hyoga's deeds...
  7. Oh, you know, always trying to lap up the sympathy of the fans... (sneak!) [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  8. Oh, come one, sado-masochism is good... Shun knows it very well. June: "Did anyone call me?" [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  9. His destiny, to get rid of his chilling friends.....is the Who can Chill the most! [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  10. Oh-oh... Even this way... it's really worth tryin' to charm his heart!!! [Answer provided by Milady]
  11. He's the most human Saint of StS. He represents humanity... [Answer provided by Seiiruika]
  12. He never really *meant* to kill those he loves, circumstances just tend to cause it that way. Plus, who said everyone he loves is killed by him? Isn't Seiya and the other Bronze Saints (or at least the other Bronze Saints) still alive? [Answer provided by Hecate]
  13. Yet... I'm just glad that I'm the Phoenix. [Answer provided by Ikki]
  14. Well, he didn't kill the people he really loves...Freya, Ellie, etc. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  15. Your answer:

48. If the Bronze Saints spent 12 hours in the Sanctuary, where and when did they go to the toilet?! [Question submitted by Lyre Weren]

  1. The Bronzies I don't know, but the Goldies may move in the speed of light, I think... [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  2. They just waited untill the whole mess was over. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  3. They watched "Dune" on TV... remember the Cloth... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  4. All that Saint training has given them *great* control over their bodies! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  5. Duh... Why do you think they were in such a hurry to save Saori? [Answer provided by Kirin]
  6. In the backyard of the houses. [Answer provided by Christou]
  7. The Cloths can act as diapers...you know...thick padded ones. [Answer provided by Miho]
  8. Well, that's why they fought so hard to get to the Pope's temple: They desperately needed to go to the bathroom there...
  9. Saints are Saints. Pain is nothing. [Answer provided by Medusa]
  10. Yep, as Medusa said, pain is nothing, even if they turn yellow, and then purple... Hey, maybe this happened to Dohko! [Answer provided by Aera]
  11. They stop in each House... [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  12. Didn't anyone notice that there're lot of bushes between the temples? [Answer provided by Camus (Janet)]
  13. While the camera showed one Saint, another begged their enemies: "Please, gimme a second, I must go to the bath". Quite simple! [Answer provided by Milady]
  14. They stole the remote control from my house and whenever they had to go to the bathroom they just hit Pause. [Answer provided by Para]
  15. You don't always see all of the bronzies together. They just went when the camera was not on them. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  16. Your answer:

49. How can the Goldies carry such heavy Cloth made of gold!? [Question submitted by Christou]

  1. They're strong believers of showing off (they have to wear them, too). [Answer provided by Andrea]
  2. We're strong enough to carry such a little weight, wouldn't you say? [Answer provided by Taurus Aldebaran, who just hits the ground and causes a biiiig crater to prove his point.]
  3. It's not gold, it's aluminium fold-paper with gold paint. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  4. Simple, the Cloths are really illusions and would not weigh anything at all. [Answer provided by Hecate]
  5. It's rubber combined with gold... Besides, gold it's not that heavy... Look at the toys that's how they should be in the anime...but they're rubber...totally... [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  6. I've carried Aphro's more than once... it's really light actually... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  7. Who said they are made of gold? Athena wouldn't let them have gold. Because who would stay at Sanctuary with such fortune. [Answer provided by Miko]
  8. It's really steel that's been spray painted. [Answer provided by Para]
  9. Again gravity, but Earth turned. [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  10. They don't have it directly on their bodies. As you can see often, Cloths have no problems with floating. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  11. That's how they do work out. [Answer provided by Camus (Janet)]
  12. Actually it's not gold but a cheaper version of the indestructable metal adamas. If it was gold, the Cloths would be dented by the slightest hit - and I really wouldn't want to think of Mu's bills for continously repairing the dents... [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  13. Your answer:

50. If there's already a Ursa Major Saint, how can exist also the 7 (well, 8 including Bud) God Warriors? [Question submitted by Medusa]

  1. That guy was some usurper. [Answer provided by Miko]
  2. The Asgardians wanted to show that they were just as cool as Athena. [Answer provided by Para]
  3. They needed an excuse for more cute guys... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  4. Well, the Asgardians decided to do some constellation-recycling. After all, the stars belong to all and not just to some minor Greek Goddess.
  5. Kido's got many children you know... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  6. Maybe Kurumada confronted a situation just like me: he couldn't find enough constellations for the characters, so he decided to use as much stars as he could... [Answer provided by Lyre Weren]
  7. He looked at constellations up in the North, and noticed that was one of them... [Answer provided by Uranos (God of all the Saints)]
  8. Since the constellations and stars have different names according to the different religions and Gods, I don't see where's the trouble to have 2 (or 3 or 4) warriors (each serving a different god) named after the same constellation (same constellation but not the same name, got it?). [Answer provided by Kirin]
  9. Add. to #7: Yeah. And I would really enjoy Bronzies meeting, e.g. Aztec deities.... [Answer provided by shlykshtukas]
  10. That's no problem. Look at me: my constellation (Scorpio Major) covers Scorpio, Libra and Virgo Constellation. None of these three Saints has ever complained when I stole their energy...and if any of you, Milo, Dokho and Shaka, complains once, it will be a pleasure for me to exterminate you with Athena Exclamation...ok? [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  11. Ever heard about the expanding universe? The stars that make up the constellations do move, you know. In a few billion years, Ursa Maior will look more like a radio telescope rather than the 'big dipper'. That would pose some problems for the Saints but by that time our sun will have gone supernova so that will solve all of their problems permanently. [Answer provided by Lydia A Campo]
  12. Your answer:

51. Is there any possibility of Shiryu having sex at least once in his whole life? [Question submitted by cassandra]

  1. Who said he hadn't? [Answer provided by Shunrei]
  2. He's the sex master!!! I know for experience... (I love him!!!) [Answer provided by Andrea]
  3. Shiryu is an hermaphrodite. [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  4. In his private life he's horny. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  5. Shura: Poor Dragon, the question was prepared just for him!! Well, I personaly think is he a psycho, but he has posibilities.. In a fan fiction or -- he just doesn't notice the subject... Poor Pegasus! [Answer provided by Derrewyn and Ita-chan]
  6. What?? Shiryu?? Don't make me laugh, that guy must be dead when it comes to body pleasures! I mean, can you imagine him forsaking his spiritual searching for the carnal desires...? And with a person like Shunrei as well.... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  7. Of course! Being the hot stud that he is, girls would just naturally throw themselves at him for the chance to "ride the Dragon"! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  8. That's why he always takes his clothes off. [Answer provided by Miko]
  9. Shunrei's BJ techniques are enough to last him a lifetime! [Answer provided by Camus (Janet)]
  10. Everytime I get close to it someone comes and kidnaps Saori! [Answer provided by Dragon Shiryu (freezee)]
  11. Nah... He doesn't need it. Shiryu is a natural exhibitionist - and that kind, according to scientists, gets their sexual satisfaction from scaring victims by demonstrating parts of their naked body. Shiryu does a striptease for 9 out of 10 of his enemies, so he must be the most satisfied person in the whole anime. So why bother about ordinary, boring sex, uh? [Answer provided by Ponder Stibbons, from UU]
  12. Don't worry about that, he has enough fun in his fanfictional life to last him a lifetime or two. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  13. Have you ever seen two dragons in a bedroom...? [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  14. Your answer:

52. How can Miho, Shaina and Saori have only eyes for thin and tasteless Seiya with so many more handsome men around? [Question submitted by Milady]

  1. They must be blind... or crazy!!! [Answer provided by Milady]
  2. Yes... Blind is a good answer. [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  3. Oh them... They're blind and have absolutely no taste at all. [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  4. He pays them. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  5. Seiya is the main character... Which is not fair for the others. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  6. 'Coz no other Saint would pay attention on them. Except for Shaina, but she has to wear that ugly mask... [Answer provided by Miko]
  7. It's because Seiya's the star of the show! If he wasn't than no sane girl would want him, not with the other hunks around! [Answer provided by Para]
  8. Well, where Shaina is concerned, I'm sure she has a thing going with Aiolia, too...
  9. In my opinion, they'd be better off without Seiya. I mean he can't decide which one he loves. He almost kissed Miho, he almost kissed Saori, he keeps taking Shaina's mask off... He's always promising his undying love to each one. So he's either a womanizer or he's got a complex around girls. But you know, love is blind (and deaf and everything) [Answer provided by Kirin]
  10. I wouldn't complain about it: let them take care of him! I'll take care of the others! [Answer provided by Lisa] (Just leave my Camus-sama to me... - Stayka)
  11. Seiya may be kind of crude, but he does have his heart in the right place, and you know that when he *finally* decides on one girl, you can bet he'd make a great husband and father! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  12. No, no, no... They must be stupid. Gosh! I just can't think on another reason! Hello there!!!! *Aurea knocks* Have you realized that there are tons of cute guys out there??? [Answer provided by Aurea D. Freniere]
  13. Women...who could understand them? [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  14. Your answer:

53. Are Saints born with their cool hair colours? If not, where did they buy that special henna? (I want a lilac hair too!) [Question submitted by Milady]

  1. Again I think it's just more illusions. Or maybe the animators thought that the show needed to be jazzed up a little by giving the Saints wild hair colors. [Answer provided by Hecate]
  2. Well, one could try to get them out of their Cloths to check whether the colour is genuine...
  3. Of course the colours are genuine! Can you imagine what would happen if it started raining during a fight and out hair was dyed? [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  4. Oh, they are soooo natural! [Answer provided by Andrea]
  5. I think so... Even when they were children they had coloured hair, so it should be natural: no mother is crazy enough to dye baby's hair!! [Answer provided by Medusa]
  6. Their not natural colours. It's for knowing one from another. [Answer provided by Miko]
  7. Why do you think their mothers left them in an orphanage? [Answer provided by Lisa]
  8. They soon got bored of the same colors everyone has. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  9. It's a side affect of the Cloths. It changes their hair. [Answer provided by Para]
  10. It's either some kind of feng-shui philosophy or the guys just are from the punk generation. One of Poseidon's minions even has the proper haircut. [Answer provided by shlykshtukas]
  11. Mitsumada Kido has one hundred sons... So in his endless intelligence he created a way to know who is who: the haircolor code! [Answer provided by freezee]
  12. Again: The 80ies! Age of Punk! [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  13. Your answer:

54. What Saint would be most useful as your best friend? [Question submitted by Milady]

  1. Aphrodite can gave me tips for my dates (Nikki). [Answer provided by Nikki]
  2. Camus to provide ice for drinks and dessert; Aphrodite to decorate a house with flowers; Shura to chop vegetables in the kitchen (" Excalibur!"); Mu to teleport stuff; Milo if you like some piercings done...
  3. Fenril!! (I know he's no Saint but God Warrior, so?) With his wolf pack, no need to worry about burglars. Or maybe Hagen, he can provide ice and take care of the barbecue. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  4. Milo would be the best if you had annoying family coming over. He'd chase them all away with his little pets! Milo: Hey! They're cute! [Answer provided by Para]
  5. Anyone but Hyoga! With friend like him, who needs enemies... [Answer provided by shlykshtukas]
  6. All of them! Just bring the guys in here! [Answer provided by Andrea]
  7. Aiolia, because he can be a bodyguard, a good friend or an excellent lover... [Answer provided by Leo Aioria (Carla Azevedo)]
  8. I think the old master... he eats nothing and needs no particuler things. [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  9. Shaina: as a bodyguard, as a knock-out to hang out, as a maid... [Answer provided by Miko]
  10. Seiya: he's funny and would try to cheer you up when you're down. Or maybe Shun with his kind and caring heart. He'd listen to all of your problems and comfort you when you're sad! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  11. Mu. Definitely. Assured income as a smith, no more medical bills, vacation wherever you like... [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  12. Your answer:

55. Anybody here already reached the 7th Sense? Who can explain me what to do? [Question submitted by Milady]

  1. I'm afraid that's impossible unless you were trained to be a Saint. [Answer provided by Hecate]
  2. That's easy. You have to undergo about seven years of rigid training with one of us Gold Saints. Which reminds me, as Hyoga just attained his Cloth, I could take in another disciple... [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  3. Train and concentrate... [Answer provided by Andrea]
  4. All you have to do is spend half of your life training with a Gold Saint and then when they tell you that you're worthless and you'll never become a Saint beat the sh*t out of them. That's the best way to become a Saint! Now all I have to do is convince a Cloth that choosing me won't bring on a swift death for it! [Answer provided by Para]
  5. That's easy! First you shut your eyes (better use a blindfold), then you put earplugs, then you use something to pinch your nose (so that you can smell nothing), then you eat ice-cube so that you cannot taste anything and finally you go into a freezer (a fridge will also do the trick) and a friend, who knows what's going on, locks the door. Then, he or she pushes/throws/or-whatever the freezer into a pool or a lake. To survive, you'll have to reach the 7th sense. If you do not... Well, that's too bad for you. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  6. There are special courses on tapes that you can buy in the best book stores. [Answer provided by Lisa]
  7. Just say you have it, no one dares to get sure. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  8. 7th sense? That's outdated. Now up-to-date is reaching 8th sense. [Answer provided by Miko]
  9. 7th? I got 9th! But thats a secret... [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  10. Your answer:

56. Do the Saints watch their own series and read their manga? [Question submitted by Milady]

  1. Of course. They watch themselves on TV and think "Damn, I have to do a diet!" or "I was a complete fool at this episode..." or still "Well, my performance was pretty good! If mama could see me..." [Answer provided by Milady]
  2. Of course they do! With a restriction however... An trans-dimensionnal institution called the Inquisition watches what they are reading or seeing, so that they can only see what has already happened. Else it could mess the timeline... [Answer provided by Kirin]
  3. Yes! Then they have these huge fights about whose hair was better in the episode! [Answer provided by Para]
  4. Yes, the Goldies do that while they wait for the Bronzies to reach their houses. (stairs again!) [Answer provided by freezee]
  5. Yes, we do while playing our daily Ma Jong game. Good way of peeking at other's cards/tiles. [Answer provided by Virgo Shaka]
  6. Their TV is off; they're always busy... But sometimes they read "Penthouse" [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  7. They are in the manga and in the series... That's more than enough. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  8. If they did, they would burn, freeze, punch, kick and chain Toei. For the abundance of humour in the series... [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  9. Your answer:

57. Do the media (TV, newspaper...) in the anime world notice those important battles to protect the world? Does anybody thank Athena and the boys for still being alive? [Question submitted by Milady]

  1. Of course not! In all the animes and mangas the humans are too dumb to live! That's why they have to be protected so much! [Answer provided by Para]
  2. I do. I think they're so brave. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  3. Huh....not many. Go try to get a discount by telling someone you're a Silver Saint. Just doesn't work. [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  4. The media? Have a look on princesses press... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  5. Except for their close friends and relatives (I mean fiancées...) nobody knows. Or they would have turned our friends into guinea pigs or superstars and then there'd be no one left to save the world. [Answer provided by Kirin]
  6. Nope. In this day and age, who'd believe in gods and superpowered being unless you've seen them yourself? Also, I think that the people who *do* know about them would thank them for protecting the world and therefore eveyone in it. [Answer provided by Hecate]
  7. The media lost the interest in them after the incident at the Galaxian Wars: the vanishing of the Sagittarius Cloth. [Answer provided by freezee]
  8. Why did they have to thank for? One bare-handed Bruce Willis can protect the world faster, cheeper and cooler than whole heap of Saints. More: no damage to architecture, no murdering handsome guys, no crocodile tears over corpses and very man-like attitude about girls. Even more - he and Indy Jones could be a perfect 'senseis' for Saints. They could add a nice and verrrry needed touch of sanity to fighting, hehe. [Answer provided by shlykshtukas]
  9. That's an X file. [Answer provided by Nikki]
  10. No, cause people are not interested. In the series, only the Galactian Wars were attractive for the crowd. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  11. Is there actually anyone left to thank them after all those floods and earthquakes? If so, they would probably ask them to please go on fighting somewhere in the region of Pluto (The planet, not the Roman version of the god Hades) next time, thank you very much... [Answer provided by Lydia A Campo]
  12. Your answer:

58. Why is the Aquarius Temple the smallest of the temples while all the other 11 Goldies' temples are wide and big...? [Question submitted by Milady]

  1. Not enough money I think... It's the last to be built... [Answer provided by Scorpene de Tejat]
  2. Because the size of a Gold Saint's temple is inversely proportional to the size of his [CENSORED]... [Answer provided by Veronica]
  3. He doesn't care about anything! [Answer provided by Andrea]
  4. He just needed it to be small to keep the temperature low...or maybe it's just a freezer... [Answer provided by Derrewyn and Ita-chan]
  5. Aquarius doesn't need an enormous temple to entertain visitors... He scares away so many as it is... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  6. He chose his as last (or it is the one nobody liked). [Answer provided by Nikki]
  7. That's what I asked both Pope and Athena, too. They said the money was out just when they came to my temple. And when it came to Aphrodite's temple, suddenly the Pope had funds again. I really wonder whether it had something to do with certain frequent visits of Aphro's in the Pope's temple... *grumbles* [Answer provided by Aquarius Camus]
  8. It's a tradition in Sanctuary: since the ancient times the Aquarius Gold Saint is usually out... in Siberia, the North Pole, Asgard, running from a can opener... [Answer provided by freezee]
  9. Camus doesn't use it so often. He's comfortable with other temples (Libra's) too. So he doesn't complain he needs a bigger one. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  10. Your answer:

59. Why are the Bronzies of 2nd and 3rd series so much thinner than in the 1st season? [Question submitted by Torquemada]

  1. Mr. Kurumada ordered them to do a diet to prevent them looking fat and bulky compared to willow-twig thin God Warriors and Marinas. [Answer provided by Torquemada]
  2. All those battles during the 1st season have practically burned all the fat off of them! [Answer provided by Hecate]
  3. Saori became even more tightfisted with her money.... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  4. They lost weight fighting. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  5. Shura: Bread and water to all the Bronzies until they pay repairs for my temple! Ok, ok, the truth is, Athena cut their salary in order to rebuild the temples they sooo carelessly destroyed/burnt/froze/etc. during the first season, so they just had to adapt to a more ...meagre style of life. [Answer provided by Derrewyn and Ita-chan]
  6. The human body is made of 70% water... They just bled too much in the first season! [Answer provided by freezee]
  7. Just look at Athena's boobs which grew considerably from first to 2nd/3rd season - meaning, she used all the money for plastic surgery, and that didn't leave the poor Bronzies enough money for food!
  8. Before the Asgard battle started, Hilda and Saori signed a fairness treaty. One paragraph assured that one of Fenrir's wolves should have no problems in devouring a Bronzie... [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  9. Your answer:

60. Why did the Sagittarius Cloth suddenly change design from the beginning to the remainder of the series? [Question submitted by Torquemada]

  1. It was speculated that Old Man Kido had it changed in order to throw off those who knew what an authentic Gold Cloth looked like and try to steal it. ('Course, it got stolen anyway by Ikki.) [Answer provided by Hecate]
  2. Mu melted a bit gold off - he must have foreseen huge volumes of repair jobs in near future, and materials for repairment don't just drop from the sky... [Answer provided by Torquemada]
  3. Fashion!!! [Answer provided by Lisa]
  4. Indeed, fashion! They changed the Cloths of the Bronzies for the second season, too... but were too lazy to make the new Gold Cloths more beautiful (Taurus) or practical (Cancer and Scorpio)... [Answer provided by freezee]
  5. Remember the episode, when the helmet and the rest of the Cloth met over a lake? Well, on that journey, a gang of robbers caught the helmet; after a short fight, the helmet managed to escape, but it had to leave some parts. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  6. Your answer:

61. How was Saga able to drink wine though his mask with no mouth hole? [Question submitted by Torquemada]

  1. Maybe that mask was just an illusion, too? [Answer provided by Hecate]
  2. The mask doesn't have eye holes either... Maybe it just makes "osmose" or something like that... [Answer provided by sidney aires]
  3. He didn't drink; he had an i.v.! [Answer provided by Derrewyn and Ita-chan]
  4. Dunno, but I'll ask him if you want. It'll give me an excuse to get closer to him.... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  5. At every new sip, he would take his mask off and put it back on at the speed of light. [Answer provided by Lisa]
  6. Of course he sent the wine through Another Dimension right into his mouth.
  7. Well, he just holds the cup in his hand. He doesn't drink. Anyway, drinking wine alone is boooooring. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  8. Your answer:

62. How does Saga's hair colour change work when he turns from good to evil and back?

  1. Vacuum. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  2. Maybe he uses his illusion trick, but my sources tell me it is common paint... Every time he wants a new color, he just takes a bath and dyes it again. Why did you think he's in his pool that often? [Answer provided by freezee]
  3. Another thing to ask...personally I wouldn't mind doing that either [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  4. Duh! His powers do the trick!! [Answer provided by Andrea]
  5. He uses grecian 2000 ...easy! [Answer provided by Aurea D. Freniere]
  6. Maybe it's just genetic? He somehow got a gene that allows him to change hair color under certain circumstances? [Answer provided by Hecate]
  7. Paint! [Answer provided by Ceila Dasy]
  8. When Saga goes cuckoo, he bangs his head to the wall. The plaster falls down from the ceiling onto his head, thus giving it the shade of grey. On the way back to sanity, he discovers his dirty hair and immediately goes to his Spa. And it goes on...and on...and on... [Answer provided by Torquemada]
  9. Color changes?? Nahhh!!! There are two options: 1) It's due to the lighting! Grey light... blue light... as a matter of fact, Saga's true hair color it's white... 2) He's like a Barbie doll -- it changes when it touches the water. Cold water: pink (in Saga's case grey) and hot water: back to normal. [Answer provided by Derrewyn and Ita-chan]
  10. Your answer:

63. How do the female Saints manage to keep their masks on with no strings, no elastics, no nothing? [Question submitted by Lisa]

  1. Glue! [Answer provided by Lisa]
  2. Paint!!!!! :P [Answer provided by Ceila Dasy]
  3. Like the Cloths, they're just illusions that fooled both the wearer and the viewer? Otherwise, it's possible that those masks were molded onto their faces. [Answer provided by Hecate]
  4. It's a girl thing... [Answer provided by Andrea]
  5. The masks have a special "sweat-glueing" system. (Yyyyaaaakkkkkk!!!!!) [Answer provided by Lisa]
  6. They are custom made to fit all nooks and crannies of the face. [Answer provided by tofumiu]
  7. Vacuum or maybe they just paint their faces with silver paint. Of course the effort to make a motionless face may cause cramps... But who said Sainthood is easy? [Answer provided by freezee]
  8. Who cares anyway? I mean, they're *girls*, for Athena's sake! [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  9. Your answer:

64. Why should Aiolia and Marin be together? [Question submitted by Leo Aioria (Carla Azevedo)]

  1. Why? I don't know why, but it is better they hurry before the laws about relationships inside of Sanctuary are approved... [Answer provided by freezee]
  2. Yeah, why? I mean, he can be with me for example... (Hinotwo: "Natsumi... Carla... what are you doing... stop beating me! You can be with him too... (after me of course!)" [Answer provided by Hinotwo]
  3. They love each other... Ah duh!!!! [Answer provided by Andrea]
  4. In my opinion, Aiolia is what Seiya would be like when he's all grown up. Therefore, since Marin was able to keep Seiya in line, she would have no problem keeping Aiolia in line as well. [Answer provided by Hecate]
  5. Yeah, if he ever sees her face even on the wedding night... [Answer provided by tofumiu]
  6. That's ok, then he lets his fingers off Shaina who is far cuter; so I can grab her. And if he tries to interfere anyway... Blue Needle!! [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  7. Your answer:

65. If Saint Seiya were made into a live action movie, what actor would be picked to play what character? [Question submitted by Hecate]

  1. ?@.@? [Answer provided by Ceila Dasy]
  2. Saint Seiya live? Naaaaa... No actor could possibly be cute enough to play one of the kawaii Saints!
  3. Aaahhh! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?? Live action movie indeed...!!! [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  4. No, definitely not possible... Just imagine an actor looking like Aphro or poor Saga; there are not enough hairpins and wigs to make that movie! :))) [Answer provided by Aera&Miris]
  5. It would be crazy! Imagine having 13-year olds busting up villains...wearing heavy-looking armour...I mean, Seiya and Shun are 13... [Answer provided by Marmalade]
  6. Ahem...it's the Saint who makes the looks, not vice versa. Hence there go my candidates:
    Seiya -- Bruce Willis (he knows how to save the world on his own)
    Saori -- Pam Anderson (well, er, there is one similarity...)
    Shaka -- Catherine Deneuve (cool stunning blonde for cool stunning blonde)
    Aiolos - Clint Eastwood (goodie guy who knows how to shoot)
    Saga/Kanon -- Gary Oldman (another one psychotic villain for Gary won't be a problem)
    Roshi -- Yoda (guess why, eh?)
    Misty -- Ru Paul (just perfect!)
    Mime Benetnasch -- Arnie! (Mime has got eyes very alike to the T-800, and Arnie is the best cyborg ever)
    Siren Sorrento - Marilyn Manson (red lens, grey dyed hair, horrid music - nothing to wish more)
    And finally: David Bowie for Lucifer! (these who saw Labyrinth will know why) [Answer provided by Torquemada]
  7. According to the age of the Saints you could start the casting by Nickelodeon... [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  8. Your answer:

66. Do they have any hairdressers in Sanctuary? I mean, normally I wouldn't ask, but since a friend of mine once thought that Hyoga is a girl (O.K. it was a pic by Clamp), well I just began to wonder... [Question submitted by Aera]

  1. Temporarily, there was Virtue Erigor. And there is Alraune Queen in Hades. In Asgard, they have Syd and Bud. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  2. Sure they have. Or do you think Aphrodite puts in all the curlers by himself?
  3. Yes. I don't now who he is, but he surely dislikes DeathMask and Shura.. Just look at them!! [Answer provided by sidney aires]
  4. Well...I help Aphro with that.... [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  5. Aphrodite: "Of course we do, dear!! What do you think Sanctuary is? We're not barbarians! Besides, even natural beauty needs a touch." *Kanon jumps in and pushes Aphro* Kanon: "Well, not to mention that Mattel paid it... Where do you think Niisan got his colour hair thing? Mattel provides everything!!!" [Answer provided by Derrewyn and Ita-chan]
  6. Your answer:

67. Why does nobody complain (especially the U.N) when they destroy all those monuments in their "holy wars"? (Hey... Those buildings are ancient things, they belong to the world...) [Question submitted by Aurea D. Freniere]

  1. The U.N. are a weak construct of western society and thinking. The Bronzies were all raised in Japan. Which is different. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  2. Athena bribes them to keep quiet. Maybe this is also why she doesn't have enough money to feed the poor boys properly...
  3. They do not destroy. They give them the proper shape, i.e. the shape of ruins. It must be like that -- or hase anyone ever seen a well preserved Greek/Roman style ancient monument, eh? [Answer provided by Torquemada]
  4. The question is, how is there a world left to defend after all those fights take place?? [Answer provided by Daedra Lord]
  5. They fix them afterwards. [Answer provided by Andrea]
  6. Your answer:

68. Could somebody tell me, how in hell Ikki managed to fit himself inside the Sagittarius Cloth box? Is he a damned contorsionist circus freak or what??? [Question submitted by Aurea D. Freniere]

  1. All the training made him elastic! [Answer provided by Derrewyn and Ita-chan]
  2. The box has no bottom and Ikki comes out of trapdoor under there. I mean, seriously, has anyone ever seen a Goldie carry his cloth in that box? You don't even see some of them without the cloth on their bodies 24/7, like AC. (Darn). [Answer provided by Lindsey]
  3. Maybe he burned himself before entering the box. And grew out of his ashes then. [Answer provided by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]
  4. Your answer:

69. Asgard: Where do the Saints hide the Odin Sapphires while climbing up cliffs or fighting the God Warriors? [Question submitted by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]

  1. Eeeeee... their helmets? 8D *Somebody pounds on Seiya's helmet and causes an Odin Sphere to be stuck in the back of his head* And if they don't have their helmets with them... don't trust it. They're probably offscreen somewhere. [Answer provided by Raiden]
  2. Your answer:

70. How do Hades' Specters walk through normal doors with their Sapuris on? (Compared to these Clothes, even Cancer Cloth looks like a thin rubber suit!) [Question submitted by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]

  1. Perhaps the big parts are removable? Or then they're elastic and bend when they enter the door? If there are scratch marks on the doorframe, we know they're not. *Rhadamanthys rips the doorframe off with him* [Answer provided by Raiden]
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