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The idea for this page was born when Natsumi sent me an email with some "toplists". I liked her idea a lot and thought it might be fun to turn this into another interactive experience. After all, the (not so) Frequently Asked Questions list got such an enormous feedback that I never dreamt of!

So if you want to add something, feel free to do so at the end of this file! By the way, Torquemada added: "I just hope nobody will feel hurt because their favs were mocked!" I hope so, too. And if you disagree with anything - why not send in *your* personal lists?

And now I have to thank Natsumi, Torquemada, Venus, Princess Andromeda, Shaka, Skögul, Hecate, Hope, Aemi, Warlady, and Chevalier du Grand Scorpion for their hilarious ideas! (Order according to the date of the submitted stuff.)

#1.   The narcissist [submitted by Natsumi]

1. Hades
2. Lizard Misty
3. Gemini Saga
4. Pisces Aphrodite
5. Hydra Ichi (see manga)

#2.   The baddies [submitted by Natsumi]

1. Cancer DeathMask
2. Delta Megrez Alberich
3. Pisces Aphrodite
4. Balrog Rune

#3.   The coolest guys (I don't mean their faces) [submitted by Natsumi]

1. Aquarius Camus
2. Cygnus Hyoga
3. Kraken Isaac
4. Crystal Saint
5. Scorpio Milo (Hey! Don't vote yourself, you brat!!)

#4.   The most arrogant guy [submitted by Natsumi]

1. Aries Shion (definitely)
2. Virgo Shaka
3. Phoenix Ikki
4. Scorpio Milo

#5.   The most sincere character [submitted by Natsumi]

1. Leo Aiolia (=^^=)
2. Sagittarius Aiolos
3. Alpha Dubhe Siegfried
4. Beta Merak Hagen
5. Wyvern Rhadamanthys
6. Pegasus Seiya

Shun's not listed? You must be kidding... [Comment by Hope]

#6.   The weirdest Saint [submitted by Natsumi]

1. Virgo Shaka
2. Cancer DeathMask (A haunted house in Sanctuary)
3. Gemini Saga
4. Phoenix Ikki

#7.   The poorest guys [submitted by Natsumi]

1. Wyvern Rhadamanthys (Pandora's toy)
2. Unicorn Jabu (always only second best)
3. Pegasus Seiya (the most unpopular among the 5 Bronzies, even though he is the hero T-T)
4. Leo Aiolia (Marin doesn't seem to be in love with him... -.-)
5. Scorpio Milo (Always loses his girls because of his personality)

#8.   Mr. Strip [submitted by Natsumi]

1. Dragon Shiryu
2. Gemini Saga
3. Cancer DeathMask
4. Lizard Misty
5. Pisces Aphrodite
6. Andromeda Shun (great shower scene :)

#9.   The room mate from your worst nightmare [submitted by Torquemada]

1. Saga (The bathroom's always occupied and psychiatric ambulance being called once a week)
2. Siren Sorrento (Have you ever heard flute exercises? I have....)
3. Alioth Fenrir ("I invited a pack of friends tonight, OK?")
4. Libra Roshi (Generation conflict is no fun)
5. Pisces Aphrodite (Your cosmetics are always shared and your boyfriends lured away)
6. Mr. Death Mask. (Hey, I got some cool decorations for the room!) [added by Hope]

#10.   The top fashion disaster [submitted by Torquemada]

1. Saori Kido (The nightgown is perfect in bed; otherwise one looks like a sleepwalker)
2. Gemini Saga (Looking at his robe may cause intensive eyes watering; and Gemini helmet is definitely not an improvement)
3. Andromeda Shun (Sorry kid, pink and green doesn't match)
4. Abel (Such a design is good for Hilda, but for a man? And how does he manage not to stumble over the brim of his dress anyway?)
5. Scorpio Milo (One word - yuck!)

#11.   The friend you do not need enemies with [submitted by Torquemada]

1. Cygnus Hyoga (You're his friend and still alive? Duh...unbelievable)
2. Saori Kido (She's so weak, so wimpy, so dependable and gets you in trouble all the time)
3. Andromeda Shun (the same reason)
4. Capricorn Shura (R.I.P., Aiolos....)
5. Leo Aioria (if he can be brainwashed so easily, then anyone can say bad things about you and he believes? Not too trustworhy feature)

#12.   "I wanna be your hairdresser!" [submitted by Torquemada]

1. Hagen Merak
2. Polaris Hilda
3. Crysaor Krishna (Punk's not dead!)
4. Syd & Bud (Their haircut was very popular in late 80's)
5. Tatsumi (Cheap, practical and groovy!)

#13.   The Addams Family: [submitted by Torquemada]

1. Mitsumasa and Saori Kido (Millionaires, kidnappers, organizers of illegal cruel fights, etc, etc...)
2. G. Saga and S.D. Kanon
3. Polaris Hilda and Freya
4. Cygnus Hyoga and Big Mama
5. O. Shaina and G.S. Geist

#14.   The guy to be proudly and fearlessly introduced to your Ma and Pa [submitted by Torquemada]

1. Aries Mu (Though his long hair might be disapproved)
2. Taurus Aldebaran (Yeah! He's big and strong, he's got a nice personality, he's 100% dependable and has a sense of humour - what more could loving parents wish for their little girl?)
3. Dubhe Siegfried
4. Sagittarius Aiolos
5. Lymnades Kasa (He can be anything your parents want to see)
6. Good Saga would do. :) (Angelic smile...) [added by Hope]

#15.   Gothic horror, or "I'm goth and it sounds proud" [submitted by Torquemada]

1. Megrez Alberich (Skullz'n'bonez, and pink crystals..)
2. Cancer Deathmask (His sense of living quarters design is true gothic)
3. Ghost Saint Geist
4. Black Saints, Inc.
5. Pandora

#16.   Dog's fifth leg, or very needless heroes [submitted by Torquemada]

1. Steel Saints
2. Unicorn Jabu
3. Miho

#17.   The sexiest guys [submitted by Venus]

1. Scorpio Milo (Okay, he is my love!!)
2. Leo Aiolia
3. Aquarius Camus
4. Phoenix Ikki
5. Gemini/Sea Dragon Kanon

#18.   The most serious (for not saying the coldest) [submitted by Venus]

1. Aries Mu
2. Aquarius Camus
3. Dragon Shiryu
4. Gemini Saga
5. Virgo Shaka
6. Cygnus Hyoga
7. Leo Aioria (he is cute, but is so serious :P)

#19.   The most cheerful [submitted by Venus]

1. Scorpio Milo (It's truly unusual see him without a smile :))
2. Pegasus Seiya (Funny!!)
3. Cancer DeathMask (He is bad but cheerful)
4. Gemini/Sea Dragon Kanon
5. Crow Jamian

#20.   The most sadistic [submitted by Venus]

1. Cancer DeathMask (bad, bad, bad)
2. Gemini Saga
3. Gemini/SeaDragon Kanon (whow, both brothers!!)
4. Phoenix Ikki (sometimes)
5. Perseus Algol (bad but cute)
6. Scorpio Milo (err, sorry, there's still 10 needles left before you die...) [added by Hope]

#22.   The ugliest :P [submitted by Venus]

1. Crow Jamian
2. Hydra Ichi
3. Taurus Aldebaran

#23.   The most tender [submitted by Venus]

1. Andromeda Shun
2. Siren Sorrento
3. Pegasus Seiya
4. Aquila Marin (hey, also there are women)
5. Shunrei [added by Hope]

#24.   The most romantic [submitted by Venus]

1. Leo Aiolia (Why does Marin never pay him attention?)
2. Cygnus Hyoga
3. Dragon Shiryu
4. Scorpio Milo (Well, *I* think that...)

#25.   The puschel list [submitted by Shavana + Stayka]

('Puschel' is a German slang word and means an especially cute and wild mane of hair)

1. Lyra Orpheus (The greatest puschel of them all)
2. Benetnasch Mime (Blond giant puschel)
3. Tiger Ohko (Black tiger puschel)
3. Lucifer (Hellish cute cotton candy puschel)
5. Hades (Black puschel from the underworld)
6. Alioth Fenrir (White feral puschel)
7. Crystal Saint (Ice crystal puschel)
8. Cygnus Hyoga (Rubberducky puschel)
9. Andromeda Shun (Spinach puschel)
10. Aquarius Camus (Deep blue puschel with tassels)
11. Cancer Deathmask (Stormy puschel)
12. Perseus Algol (Long brown puschel)
13. Gemini Saga (Alternating blue/grey puschel)
14. SeaDragon Kanon (Wild blue puschel)
15. Lacerta Misty (Cute middle blond puschel)
16. Pisces Aphrodite (Beautiful light blue puschel)
17. Scorpio Milo (Unruly blue/violett puschel)
18. Poseidon / Julian Solo (Light blue divine puschel)
19. Kraken Isaac (It's green! puschel)
20. Siren Sorento (Neat lavender puschel)
21. Capricorn Shura (Cool upward puschel)

#26.   The most endearing and not so weak as he seems to be [submitted by Princess Andromeda]

1. Andromeda Shun (My all-time favorite! Fear his Nebula Storm if you dare to mock him!)
2. Cygnus Hyoga (Same thing: don't ask to have problems with him, or you're going for a surprise, like Milo found out!)
3. Phoenix Ikki (Do I have to tell you?)

#27.   The most philistine [submitted by Shaka]

1. Wyvern Rhadamanthys (doesn't like Orphee's music)
2. Phoenix Ikki (beats up anti-philistines like Orpheus, Mime)
3. Andromeda Shun (fights with all the musicians in Saint Seiya)

#28.   Mr. Eyebrows [submitted by Skögul]

1. Aries Mu (well, nothing beats those dots...nice in fanfics: "Mu raised his dots...")
2. Aquarius Camus (ok ok, they're strange and sort of cute -- I can't believe I'm saying this)
3. Wyvern Radamanthys (though I don't like them in real life -- I like Rady and thats why they're cool)

#29.   The guys most likely to be mistaken for a female if seen in drag [submitted by Hecate]

1. Lacerta Misty (Hey, Seiya thought he was a she, until he saw him in the nude, lucky stiff!)
2. Pisces Aphrodite (Let's face it, the guy wears *lipstick* and has a *beauty spot* under his left eye, for goodness sakes! Not to mention that rose he seems to carry around with him all the time...)
3. Andromeda Shun (You have to admit, he does look good in pink!)
4. Virgo Shaka (His cloth represents a virgin, 'nuff said!)
5. Aries Mu (I have to admit, the first time I saw his picture, I *thought* he was a she until later on.)
6. Lyra Orpheus (Same reason as Mu, the first time I saw him in the movie, I thought that Eris was more tolerent about that girls showing their face thing.)
7. Benetnasch Mime (To me, he looks only slightly maler than Orpheus.)
8. Hades (He looks like a much darker and colder Shun, could be mistaken for a Goth Girl perhaps!)
9. Scorpio Milo (That long wild hair and those *really* long red nails don't exactly promote a very masculine image!)
10. Cygnus Hyoga (Gotta admit, if you were shown only a head shot and was told it was a girl, you'd believe it until otherwise!)
11. Siren Sorento (Like Shaka, his cloth represents a female figure, although in his case it was a female monster...)
12. Aquarius Camus (If he were to put on a dress and if one doesn't look too closely...)
13. Dragon Shiryu (Same reason as Camus, put a dress on him and don't look too closely!)

#30.   The most quick-tempered [submitted by Hope]

1. Aiolia (Probably the easist one if you want to pick up a fight with ;)
2. Ikki (Touch Shun/or Esmeralda/or his pride, then you die. ;)
3. Seiya (I don't care who you are, I don't like you being in my way, Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken!!)

#31.   The least quick-tempered [submitted by Hope]

1. Mu (smiles, smiles, smiles, I prefer to think.)
2. Dohko (Young people need more education than violence.)
3. Shun (I'll forgive you, let's be friends.)

#32.   The Saints most likely to start an all-out rebellion against the Gods (whose family squabbles keep getting them killed, resurrected, killed again... not to mention floods, earthquakes et cetera!) [submitted by Aemi]

1. Ikki: He doesn't believe in gods anyway
2. Hyoga: As a Christian with a loving mum, he wasn't brainwashed from birth with that tyrannical sadistic Greek mythology!
3. Mu: The only one to actively help the Bronzies (so he is capable of disobedience and independent thought, the first step towards revolt against tyranny!)
4. Deathmask: only to take their place! (same as for Mu, there is hope for them yet!)
5. Milo and Aldebaran: they had their doubts and did not kill the Bronzies!
6. Saga and Canon: If at first you don't succeed...
7. Shaina: to stop Athena from getting Seiya killed all the time.
8. Aphrodite: "I'm the pretty one around here, lets rid ourselves of the competition for the looking-glass!"

#33.   The Saints least likely to start an all-out revolt against the gods (whose family squabbles keep getting them killed, etc.) [submitted by Aemi]

1. Dohko: has the body of an 18 year old, disguises himself as Yoda, sits in the same spot for 243 years, and when he finally reveals his true nature he gets himself killed, all for Athena. Devotion must be his middle name, if it isn't Loyalty. A hopeless case.
2. Seiya: falls off cliffs, gets beaten up, gets killed...and still comes back for more, all for Athena. Another hopeless case.
3. Shaka: the words 'Blind faith' apply...
4. Marin: any woman who permanently wears a mask (and risks a nasty rash) for the sake of another woman is another lost case.
5. Shiryu: would't do anything his dear master wouldn't do!
6. Jabu: born lapdog (Wag-wag, oh please Athena, miss, may I get myself horribly killed for you?)
7. Shun (the anime one, the manga one is much more enterprising): wouldn't have the guts for it
8. Aiolia: would keep changing his mind about it
9. Camus: "I soooo enjoy killing Hyoga all the time..."
10. Shion (the original Pope) and Aioros: "Getting ourselves killed for Athena is a habit hard to break..."
11. All the others: wouldn't have the brains for it

#33.   5 reasons to kill the Pope (by Gemini Saga) [submitted by Warlady]

1. The biggggg spa in his temple!!! (I'm tired of cold water in the tub)
2. I could make funny faces to the others and they would never notice because of the mask!
3. Getting rid of that little pest whose cries don't let me sleep (and I'm in one of the first 12 Temples)!!
4. Improve my incomes, I'm getting sick of being broke all the time.
5. Rule the world, hey, that could be cool!

#34.   Which Saint would you like to accompany on a vacation? [submitted by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]

1. Mu: even long-distance-travelling is no problem.
2. Aphrodite: you can have all the women.
3. Misty: has an extra sense for nice nude beaches. Again you can have all the women.
4. Aldebaran: "you wanna rob me? Err...please discuss this with my big buddy Aldy..."
5. Ikki: nice volcano tours.
6. Seiya: gets your ass out of every situation, especially in mountains. (BTW, would Seiya's endurance be the same in a desert, without cliffs for will-demonstrations?)
7. Saga: for wellness trips only.
8. Shiryu & Shura: guaranted satellite connection for your handy, wherever you are.
9. Hyoga: ski-holidays! (Ok, I'm Swiss...)
10. Kaysa: you can find out really everything about your destination. But it is recommended to let him sign a treaty before, about keeping your thoughts for himself...

#35.   The Saints you would *not* go on vacation with [submitted by Chevalier du Grand Scorpion]

1. Deathmask: You'd spend all nights in prison...
2. Shaka: You'd have to do everything by yourself (reservations, daily program, conversation)
3. Roshi: same reason as Shaka.
4. Saori: "Excuse me, Miss, we don't want nightgowns in our restaurant..."
5. Fenrir: half of his wolves get lost on the journey. And you wait for the end of your holidays until the others can leave the quarantine.
6. Thor: very expensive, for he needs at least a dozen seats in the plane.
7. Milo: "Are you the hotel manager? Hi! Err...I just wanted to inform you, some of my little scorpions, of course they would never sting anybody, I assure you...(grin)"
8. Sorrento: Imagine your travel bus on a speedway at 100 km/h. Sorrento sits next to the driver and has the brilliant idea to exercise a bit on his flute...and now imagine the same on a plane.

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Please send the form if you wish to help us with this list of lists. If the form doesn't work for any reason, a normal email with your ideas is sufficient, too.

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