Various Poems

© July 2001 by Niara


Waiting for you to fill
my mind,
joining emptiness
along the road
desert on both sides
deserted both ways
distant music sounding
so close.

To Nutty Nelson.
Niara, July 2001


You needn't look any further
already found your treasure
Now hide it,
those watching you and see
only outer value
Sad, but not a loss
as you can see
much farther.

To Juju
Niara, July 2001

You in me

Green waving grass
brushing my feet
feelings colliding in the future
makes my mind turn
in overdrive
So hard.

To Kolya. Ty samyj milyj i krasivyj tchelovek vo vsem mire.
Niara, July 2001

No good-bye

Gone, not away,
guard the other side and watch
you smile,
and I can hear it
you are here
some place
with us.

Dedicated to and in memoriam of Stijn. I will never forget you.
Niara, July 2001.

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