The Saint's Handbook

(a.k.a. Milo's Edited Version)

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  1. Attacking the Pope is just like attacking the Goddess.
  2. Attacking the Popess is another issue. Please attack all you want.
  3. Do not attack another Gold Saint.
  4. But you may hurt the Bronze and Silver Saints all you want.
  5. Contact between Temple is prohibited.
  6. Contact in the Pope's Sanctuary however is as long as you don't start a 1000 days war.
  7. All women must wear masks.
  8. Shaina could just walk around without it since everyone has already seen her face.
  9. You must not take away the virginity of our Goddess.
  10. You may take away your own virginity though...
  11. Aquarius is not allowed to have feelings.
  12. But it doesn't mean they can't go and sleep around...
  13. Alcohol is forbidden.
  14. Bars are opened after 11 p.m.
  15. Fire and ice is bad.
  16. Ice and Scorpions is another issue.
  17. Virgos are meant to stay virgins.
  18. Virgos are meant to be virgins.
  19. All Gold Saint candidates must start at the age of 6.
  20. Cancer candidates are to start at 9. For health reasons.
  21. Flowers are the best means of attack.
  22. Roses on the other hand are the best means to ruin an honest days work.
  23. Traitors of Athena are not tolerated.
  24. Killers of Athena's Pope are not punishable for 13 years.
  25. Not a single Saint is to have any family.
  26. The Bronze Saints on the other hand are all relatives.
  27. Temples must be kept clean at all times.
  28. Laziness will be punished.
  29. Your Cloth is yours. Please take care of it.
  30. Your Cloth is self cleaning so what the #%@!#$! ?!
  31. Angering the Goddess is punishable.
  32. So is everything else.
  33. No swearing in the Goddess' name.
  34. Swearing in the Lord's name is different?
  35. No weapons are allowed.
  36. And Aphrodite's roses are?
  37. Silence is demanded within Sanctuary.
  38. How are we going to say our attacks if silence is demanded?
  39. Attacks are not to be used in Sanctuary.
  40. Holy Wars are another issue then.
  41. A Saint may not stay as long as they have personal issues.
  42. Everyone in Sanctuary has issues, even the Pope.
  43. No adultery allowed.
  44. Holding hands and hugging is okay.
  45. Defiling Athena's statue is punishable by death.
  46. So is everything else.
  47. No cable and Internet.
  48. This damn handbook is insane and so is its writer.
  49. No knocking the writer of this holy script.
  50. Screw the damn book.

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