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  1. You used very pompous titles before your name.
  2. You think screaming out the names of attacks at your teacher are the best way to get away from doing homework.
  3. You think your teacher is a Gold Saint and challenge him/her for his/her Gold Cloth.
  4. You think your Principal/Dean/Headmaster is really the evil Pope in disguise trying to rule over your school/college/university.
  5. You try to kill your Principal/Dean/Headmaster because of the above.
  6. You blame what happens on the above on your twin brother/sister.
  7. You act very stubborn and try to look shorter than everyone else.
  8. You dye your hair brown like Seiya's or just try to make it look like Seiya's because it's already brown.
  9. You think having different hair colors is okay. (i.e. purple, violet, indigo blue...)
  10. You think guys with red eyes are cool.
  11. You think your girlfriend/boyfriend is the reincarnation of a Greek goddess/god.
  12. By thinking your mate is a holy figure you keep on telling everyone that you're a Saint of (insert name of a God or Goddess here).
  13. You think having dangerous pets are cool. Especially wolves or scorpions.
  14. You tend to poke your eyes out a lot for absolutely no apparent reason than "Algol is going to turn me into stone.".
  15. You try walking around with your eyes closed without bumping into people.
  16. You jump off a cliff thinking you'll live after falling over 100ft.
  17. You try to find a way to Jamil after falling off the cliff.
  18. You ask the operator for an Aries Mu in a place called Jamir because there is a medical emergency.
  19. When it rains you say 'Yay! The Saints of Athena have destroyed another one of Poseidon's pillars!!".
  20. At other times when it rains you say 'Damn! They destroyed another one of our pillars! Damn those Saints of Athena!'.
  21. And at other times you say 'Holy!! (Insert name) is trying to flood the world!!"
  22. You think the drug Star Dust a.k.a. PCP will work as a substitute for Mu's Star Dust.
  23. You often take your all your clothes off when you think a Holy Cloth is going to be put on you.
  24. You think flowers are the best weaponry a man can have.
  25. You think roses are stronger than bullets.
  26. You think you can stop a bullet by just thinking it with your mind.
  27. The Saint Seiya mangas are your Bibles.
  28. You think women who are a little sturdy are actually men.
  29. You definitely know that fat men aren't jolly.
  30. Silver masks are a necessity for girlfriends.
  31. Stockings that don't have the same length are a plus in girlfriends.
  32. Girly looks in a guy are a great plus for girls.
  33. Guys who like the cold are not the best boyfriends/girlfriends, but they make great best friends!!
  34. Guys who have scorpions for pets are bound to have golden cloth somewhere.
  35. Short old people make great martial arts masters.
  36. You think that running around in no sleeved shirts in sub-zero temperature won't make you get hypothermia.
  37. You think the Pope is evil.
  38. You hate anyone with a high religious status.
  39. Anyone who walks around with his eyes closed is VERY dangerous.
  40. You think you can punch at the speed of light.
  41. You think you can make fire appear in the shape of a bird.
  42. You think you are the reincarnation of Buddha or someone from the past.
  43. You believe that someone's soul lives in your arm and for that reason you can cut anything into two.
  44. You go around cemeteries looking for unmarked graves hoping to find your favorite dead Saint's grave so you could mourn him or her when the episode of their death is played for the 30th time on TV.
  45. You attempt to put a scar on your forehead and call yourself Phoenix Ikki.
  46. You call yourself the (Insert Zodiac sign) because you were born on the same day as that certain Gold Saint.
  47. Lipstick is a must in everyday life...for girls and guys.
  48. Woman in masks are worth the effort trying to date.
  49. Men who look like women are worth the trouble.
  50. Blonds are only worth it for boys who lose their mama at an early age.
  51. You think that you can freeze things by just touching stuff.
  52. You can melt things with your 'cosmo'.
  53. You think you can impress girls by saying 'I'm a Saint of Athena and I'm available'.
  54. You often call your mean teacher Kanon by mistake because you think the two have nothing in difference.
  55. You often call someone's bad singing like the sound of Shura's singing voice.
  56. You buy all types of articles of clothing knowing that everything is a one-size fits all deal.
  57. You change your name to that of a Saints when you turn 18.
  58. You have read the Saint's Hand Book.
  59. You add the Saint's Hand Book to your collection of Saint Seiya Bibles.
  60. You squeak at the name of Aphrodite, Death Mask, Saga...
  61. You actually cry when one of the Saints dies.
  62. You cover your eyes when Algol's shield opens its eyes.
  63. You often check to see if all your five senses still work after witnessing Ten Bu Hou Rin.
  64. You take tests to see if you have the sixth sense.
  65. You search all over Greece for Athena's Sanctuary.
  66. You search the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea for Atlantis so you could kick Poseidon's butt.
  67. You search all over Greece for the opening to the realm of the dead.
  68. You think the adorable, cute, innocent, crybaby, girly boy will turn into Hades so you'll kill him in advance.
  69. #6 comes in handy for you.
  70. You freak out at the site of white roses.
  71. You prefer blue roses because you know that red are poisonous, black are explosive and white can drain your blood.
  72. You think Saints shouldn't do musicals. Especially Capricorns.
  73. All shields are indestructible and nothing, not even an atomic bomb can break it.
  74. You have your grand father teach you how to use your cosmo.
  75. You get everyone in your family killed off except for your younger sibling and pretend that your entire family died in a plane accident.
  76. You pretend you don't have a family. You're an orphan.
  77. You spend most of your time in little orphanages.
  78. You think you can stop cars with your bare hands.
  79. You're in a street fight and suddenly yell out 'String Requiem'.
  80. You think all musicians, especially harpists and flutists, work for evil gods or goddesses.
  81. Your favorite thing to do is to sit in a volcano and meditate.
  82. Your favorite line is 'F**k this I was born (Insert religion)'.
  83. You follow up your favorite line with many failed attempts at Aurora Execution.
  84. You think having the 7th sense is a necessity among all martial artists.
  85. You watch every martial arts match naming each defeated fighter from the Galaxian Wars who was defeated.
  86. Losing one eye for a friend is no big deal for you.
  87. Losing both eyes for a goddess is no big deal for you.
  88. A sibling you love is probably the reincarnation of Hades IS a big deal for you.
  89. You go insane when you see holes in your shirts, blaming it on Milo.
  90. You blame the winter and all its length on Hilda or Dolbar.
  91. You blame the scorching summers on Abel and attempt to go find his palace to beat him up.
  92. You have posters of your favorite Saint(s) plastered all over the walls of your bedroom and say 'Oh, my (Insert name) -sama.'.
  93. You cut off one of your little devil horns on Halloween just to be different.
  94. You don't want glasses because your 'inner eye' is sufficient enough for you to see.
  95. You have a Cancer Cloth somewhere at the front door so you could use it as a place to hang your coat.
  96. You believe people who have long nails do not hesitate in killing you.
  97. Whenever people comment on your armor you say 'It's not armor it's a Holy Cloth!!'.
  98. You believe in Pagan Gods who don't even exist anymore.
  99. You kiss your sister.

100. You actually read this.

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