Ghost Hunt

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A/N: This thing started off as a drabble, then warped on me. Staring the little!Goldies and Aiolos.

"It is too true!" Milo protested. The seven year old looked around at his friends. "I heard the guards discussing it."

"They were only guards." Camus sighed. "They couldn't know about stuff like that."

"Ni-san never said anything about it either." Aioria added. "And he's already a Saint, he would know!"

"Aiolos probably doesn't pay attention to stuff like this." Milo said firmly. "Besides, someone saw it!"

"Saw what?" All three boys jumped then glanced behind them guiltily.

"You should sneak up behind people like that Shura!" Milo complained

"I wouldn't have been able to sneak up behind you if had been training like you were supposed to be." Shura scolded.

"We were but then Milo wouldn't leave us alone until he told us his story." Camus said.

"Story?" Shura frowned. "What story?"

"About the ghost." Milo said. "The one that's suppose to show up at the edge of Sanctuary!"

"You stopped training because of a ghost story?" Shura glared at them. "How are you going to get distracted like this?"

"Come on Shura, don't you believe in ghosts?" The Scorpio trainee said.

"No." The Gold Saint said.

"Why not?"

"Have you ever seen a ghost?" Shura asked. Milo shook his head. "Well, neither have I and that's because they don't exist!"

"But we haven't seen Athena and we believe in her." Milo pointed out.

"Those are entirely different things!" Shura said heatedly. "Don't compared our goddess to a mere ghost!"

"I wasn't trying too!" The younger boy protested, then suddenly grinned in a way that made Camus fear what was coming next. "Does that mean that if you saw a ghost you would believing in them?"

"Maybe." Shura answered. "But I doubt that's going to happen."

"What if I find a ghost and show it to you?" Milo asked.

"How are you doing to do that?" Shura said. "Ghosts don't just show up because you want them too!"

"Easy, tonight we'll go find the ghost that I just heard about!" Milo pointed at the older boy. "And you have to come with us!"

"Why do I have to?" Shura asked.

"Because I'm going to show you that there are too such things as ghosts!" Milo said, then grinned . "Unless your scared to go."

"I'm a Saint, I'm not scared of something that doesn't exist." Shura growled. "But I'll go, just to show you that you're wrong!" So saying the Capricorn Saint turned and walked away.

"Okay!" Milo smiled, then turned around. "Camus, your coming too, right?"

"No." Was the immediate answering. "This is stupid."

"But Camus..." Milo whined. "It's just this once, please?" The Scorpio trainee gazed imploring at his friend. The boy finally sighed.

"Alright, but only because you'll whine if I don't." He said. Milo grinned, then turned to Aioria.

"What about you? Are you coming?" He asked. Aioria shifted uncomfortably.

"Ni-san doesn't like me staying up so late." The soon-to-be-Leo Saint said.

"Then don't tell him." Milo said. Aioria gave him a shocked look. "What? It's not like we're doing anything bad, and anyway Shura will be with us." Milo pointed out. "It's only this once anyway. We'll probably be back before anyone knows we're gone."

"Well... I guess I could go." Aioria muttered. Milo smiled.

"'Kay then, we'll see you tonight!" So saying the Scorpio trainee took off to finish his own training. Aioria nodded then turned back to his own.

* * *

It was well past sundown when Camus managed to sneak past the last of the twelve temples. He paused at the end of the stairs, wondering if he was the only who had actually listened to Milo when a hiss drew his attention to small pile of boulders. Milo peered out from behind him, frantically gesturing for his friend to join him.

Behind the boulders were the other two members of their little expedition. Milo was grinning none stop.

"Now, we go hunting ghosts!" He whispered happily.

"We go looking for ghosts." Shura shot back. "Now where is this supposed ghost?"

"I'll show you!" The younger boy eagerly scrambled off. Aioria following him, with Camus both behind. Shura sighed as he watched them go off, wondering why he had agreed to this. Then he hurried to catch up to the others.

It was almost pathetically easy to sneak around the regular guards patrols after sneaking through temples were the occupant might sense your cosmos if you weren't careful.

"What good are they?" Aioria whispered as the watched one patrol go by. "What if we were enemies?"

"They we would be trying to get into Sanctuary, not away from it." Shura whispered back. "The Holy Father said that the guards are to keep regular people from wandering into Sanctuary."


"Come on!" The patrol had gone and Milo was already scrambling away. At least the cleared Sanctuary proper and were into the winding canyon that protected it from casual passers-by. Milo lead them a few turns away, then stopped. "This is where the ghost is!" He said firmly.

"So what are we suppose to do now?" Shura asked. Milo was silent for a second.

"We wait." He decided at last and immediately sat down.

"Right here?" Shura asked incredulously. "We just wait?"

"What else are suppose to do?" Milo asked. "Everyone knows that ghosts don't come out until midnight!"

"That's not for hours." Camus glared at his friend. "Why did you have to drag us out here now?"

"Because that's how you do stuff like this!" Milo insisted.

"Fine, we'll wait." Shura sighed and sat down. "But only until midnight. If a ghost hasn't showed up by then, we are all going back."

"Fine." Milo said. The other two boys also found comfortable seats.

Despite the best intentions of everyone in the party, they were exhausted from their long training that day, so one by one they drifted off. Even Shura, who had sworn that he would stay awake, nodded off.

It was close to midnight when Milo woke again, mostly because he had managed to roll of the rock he had been sitting off. For as second he lay on the cold, hard, rocky ground completely and utterly confused about where he was. Then memory returned in a rush and the boys scrambled to his feet eagerly. The moonlight did little to ululated the canyon and only seemed to create more shadows. Milo felt his heart beating in excitement...until something rustled in one of the shadows. Suddenly he felt very much alone.

"Hey Camus." He whispered and shook his friend. The Aquarius trainee mumbled something and opened one eye.

"Milo? What is it?" Camus muttered sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

"The ghost is here!" Milo whispered urgently. Camus looked around.

"I don't see anything.." He began. A eerie moan interrupted him and the boy froze.

"What was that?" Milo whispered urgently and grabbed his friends hand.

"P..probably nothing." Camus said shakily. Suddenly a rock fell from the edge of the cliff, and the sharp crack as it hit the ground made both boys jumped.

"GHOST!" Milo yelled and looked around frantically. His shout woke up the other two, Aioria coming only half awake and Shura rubbing his eyes and glaring at the other two.

"What are you guys doing?" The older boy growled.

"It's the ghost Shura! We heard it!" Milo babbled. Aioria came fully awake at that and stared at his friends wide-eyed.

"Don't give me..." Shura growled but was cut off by the eerie moan.

"See!" Milo said. "That's the ghost!"

"That's just the wind!" Shura said in exasperation. "It's late and we've all been out here too long, let's go back." Aioria suddenly gave a squeak and scrambled backwards. He pointed down the canyon, his arm shaking.

"There was something there, and it was white." The Leo-trainee whispered.

"Well I don't see anything." Shura said crossly. "And we still have to get back."

"But Shura.." Milo whined.

"We're going!" Shura said and grabbed Milo's arm.

"Hey!" Ignoring the younger boys protest Shura dragged him away, forcing Camus, who Milo still hadn't let go of to flow. Aioria rushed after them, then grabbed onto Camus's other arm. They walked for a while, following the turns and twists in the canyon.

"It's getting foggy." Camus noted.

"I know that." Shura snarled.

"And I think we've been this way before."

"Now we've haven't!"

"We're lost, aren't we!"

"No we aren't!" Shura snapped then stopped walking. "At least I don't think we are. Everything just looks strange in all this fog." The eerie moan from earlier echoed around the area and Milo gulped.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea." The Scorpio trainee whispered.

"Of course it wasn't a good idea." Shura said and sighed. "Look, let's just stay here for now. When it gets lighter we'll be able to find our way back."

"We can't do that!" Milo protested. "The ghost will pick us off one by one if we stay in one place!"

"There is no ghost!" Shura said firmly. "And we are all going to stay together anyway." Suddenly a rock fell in the distance and everyone jumped. Shura narrowed his eyes. "There is something here, but I don't think it's a ghost." The older boy growled. Another eerie moan echoed around the canyon and Aioria tightened his grip on Camus's arm.

"I think you made it mad Shura." The younger boy whispered. A muffled gasp from Camus made Shura follow the Aquarian's gaze. A dark shape was coming out of the mist. Milo yelped, Camus stared and Aioria tightened his hold.

"It don't think that's a ghost." Shura growled. "EXCALIBUR!" The attack split through the mist...and the dark figure jumped out of it's way.

"What in Athena's name are you doing Shura?" A familiar voice demanded. As the dark splotch got nearer, it resolved into a well-known figure.

"Ni-san!" Aioria let go of Camus and ran up his brother.

"Aiolos? What are you doing here?" Shura asked confused.

"I was about to ask you that." The Sagittarius Saint said.

"Careful Aiolos! There's ghosts out here!" Milo cried, running up the older boy. "It's been chasing us!"

"And Shura made it mad..." Aioria added.

"There is no ghost!" Shura snapped again.

"He's right you know." Aiolos said as he dropped a reassuring hand on his brothers head. "I can say for certain that there are no ghosts in Sanctuary."

"But there has to be!" Milo protested. "Everyone knows that old places always have ghosts, and Sanctuary has been around forever. That means it has to have ghosts!"

"Sanctuary is also under the protection of Athena." Aiolos pointed out. "Do you really think that she would just let ghosts wander around scaring people?" Milo was silent after that, then shook his head.

"Can we go back now?" Camus asked at last. "Shura had us wandering around here for hours..."

"It wasn't hours." Shura said shifting uncomfortably. "Everything just looks the same in the fog.."

"You're near Sanctuary anyway." Aiolos laughed. "Come on, it's late."

As the walked Shura hurried to catch up to his friend.

"How did you know we were gone anyway?" He asked.

"Athena' is going to be born soon, so the Holy Father wanted to talk to me." Aiolos answered. "When I realized that you and Camus weren't in your temples, I figured something was up. Since Camus was involved I figured Milo was involved, and figured that if those two had gone then Aioria was with you."

"Oh." They walked in silence for the most part, until Aiolos abruptly stopped and whirled around.

"Whose there!?" The Sagittarius Saint shouted. Shura was startled then he too felt the strong cosmo behind them. He turned around just as someone stepped out of the fog.

"Saga?" Aiolos said. "I though you were still asleep." The familiar figure of the Gemini Saint shuffled his feet.

"Yeah, well, looks like you were wrong huh?" The Gemini Saint grumbled.

"What are you doing out here?"

"I saw you leaving and I though I should follow you is all!" Saga glared at them.

"Are you...okay?" Aiolos said worried. "You're not acting like yourself..."

"I'm fine." Saga snapped. "I just wanted to take a walk alright?" The Gemini Saint turned and disappeared into the fog, leaving the small group confused.

"That was weird." Milo said into the silence. "What do you think was the matter with him?"

"I don't' know." Aiolos said frowning after his friend. Part of him wanted to go after Saga and find out exactly what was making him act so strange, but Aioria was clinging to his hand. I'll ask him tomorrow. The Sagittarius Saint decided as he started to lead the group toward their temples again.

By the time they had reached the first temple the younger boys were yawning and even Shura looked like he was going to fall asleep on his feet. He tired to hurry the lot of them up as they past through the third temple.

"Aiolos? What's going on?" The sleep laden voice of Saga startled Aiolos. He turned just as the Gemini Saint emerged from his rooms, still in his sleep robe. Everyone started at him.

"How did you get here so fast?" Milo asked.

"What?" Saga looked confused, then covered a yawn with his hand.

"You were just outside!" The little Scorpio protested.

"I couldn't have been ." Saga was still blinking sleepily and looked very confused. "I've been in my temple all evening."

"But I was sure.." Aiolos twisted and looked back the way they had come. There was no way Saga would have been able to beat them here, not with out him noticing. And this Saga did look like he had just woken up. "What's going on here?" Milo gasped.

"I don't believe it!"

"Don't believe what?" Camus asked.

"That we saw a ghost who was pretending to be Saga! See Shura, I told you that ghosts exist!"

The End

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