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The Truth

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In Jamir, many, many years ago...

"Master, what in Athena's name are you doing?" Shion asked as he picked his way over to Hakurei, trying avoid stepping on any of the tools scattered about.

"Modifying Cloths," the elder answered mildly. "Since male trainees have a better survival rate than female trainees, it was suggested that I change some of the female Cloths into male ones."

"I am aware of that," Shion sighed, "but why did you decide to modify that particular Cloth? Any other female Cloth would be better suited to being a male Cloth!"

"The Andromeda Cloth has good offensive and defensive property, besides being well suited for those who have good control of their Cosmo. What is the problem?"

"Master, it's pink."

"So? Color means nothing."

"It's pink."

"Bah, you're no fun, Shion. My brother thought it was hilarious."

Shion just shook his head...then smiled and went to help his master.

The End

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