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A/N: >> This was written because Hakurei and Sage are awesome. And hot. Takes place back when they were still young.

"So you see, it really is in the best interest of the Saints for us to know what is going on in the lives of the ordinary people we protect," Ara Hakurei leaned close to the servant girl who was pressed back against the wall in front of him. "That is why I must ask you to tell me of anything that you think important to the cause."

"Anything at all, Lord Hakurei?" she asked, giggling.

"Anything...but most particularly anything to do with yourself," he whispered playful as he leaned down toward her, grinning to himself as he watched her blush, "I am sure someone as beautiful as you mu...Ack!" Hakurei yelped as someone tanked on his ponytail, pulling his head backwards. He turned to glare at his attacker, then recognized him. "Oh. Hello Sage."

"Brother, what do you think you are doing?" the Cancer Saint said calmly as he glanced over at the servant girl. She went red and muttered an apology before darting off. Hakurei watched her go.

"You really have to learn to get along better with people. I know you hold yourself apart because of your power, but it would not do you any harm to drop your guard once in a while," he couldn't help remarking. Sage gave him an annoyed look.

"I do and you know that very well. I simply spend time with friends on my down time, not when I am in the middle of my duties. You should be with the Pope at this moment!"

"The Pope dismissed me, saying he wished to meditate," Hakurei said airily, "so I decided to do something productive."

"And that would be..?" Sage raised an eyebrow.

Hakurei grinned, "Practice my negotiation skills of course! The servants are particularly willing targets for it."

Sage's face went blank...and Hakurei was forced to duck the blow aimed at the side of his head, "Talking a servant into your bed does not count as negotiation!"

The Ara Saint just laughed. "Oh come now, Sage. I know very well that you've practiced you've done the same before," he said teasingly. A small smile tugged at the corner of his brother's lips.

"I do not deny that. But never when I have duties to attend to," he said, "and I believe I have proven to have more success than you in those endeavors."

"Really now?" Hakurei grinned challengingly. "Care to prove it?"

"Since my duties are over for today, I would be happy too. Shall we head into town?" His tone was casual but Hakurei wondered if this had been planned. It had been weeks since they had any time to speak with each other for any length of time, let alone do something to relax. He had missed his twin, although he hadn't want to admit it.

"Lead the way," he said instead as he threw an arm around his brother. There was little enough time for fun as a Saint. Life was short, and he would enjoy what time he had.

The End

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