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If I hadn't listened to Saori Ojou-san, if I had gone with the others, would things be different now?

That was the question that Jabu asked himself everyday. Every time he heard someone mentioning The Five, Athena's chosen ones, he wondered. After Ikki had stolen the Cloth, Saori had ordered the Bronze Saints who had been wounded to stay out of the fight. They had been sent to a hospital and told to stay there. He had listened to her and convinced the others to stay as well because he thought it was what Saori Ojou-san wanted.

But what had happened if he hadn't done that? True his cloth had been shattered but so had Seiya's and the Pegasus Saint had went. Jabu knew he could have still fought. If he had taken a stand then and gone with the others, would things be different when they were now? Would it be The Six instead of The Five? He was stronger than the other four Bronze Saints, but that wasn't enough Every once in a while someone would say something like 'Oh yeah, you trained with Seiya when you were little', then look at him as if wondering why he wasn't as strong as Seiya was. It stung, because he knew he could be as strong as Seiya if he was given the chance.

Then he would remember that he had been given his chance then and he had just let it slip through his fingers.

The End

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