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A/N: I decided to write one drabble for each of the minor Bronze Saints.  Jabu's is already but, so here's Geki's

Geki always remembered the words his Master had said right before he left his training grounds in Canada. "Watch yourself boy. You're still only a big fish in a small pond, don't get cocky." But the old man had always been gruff him, and he had just earned his Cloth. He had been convinced that he had triumphed because he was bigger and stronger than the other trainees.

So, he had barely paid any attention to those words as he set out for Japan. There he had found he was still taller and physically stronger than the other Bronze Saints. They had looked so puny in comparison to him that he had been sure he was stronger than all of them and that earning the Gold Cloth was only a matter of time.

Then Seiya had defeated him in the first round and things had gone crazy. As they stayed in the hospital and later in the safe house Saori had sent them too, they kept hearing how much Seiya and others accomplished. Out of frustration he agreed to spar with Jabu. The Unicorn Saint had beaten him. That second defeat had been what made him remember his master words and made him wonder if there were some truth to them.

It was when he reached Sanctuary though, that he finally realized what the old man who had trained him had meant.

Geki had taken pride in the fact that he could defeated a grizzly bear with his bare hands. That meant nothing with when he realized that it was something every competent Saint could do. He had heard about the different ranks of Saints of course, how Silver Saints were stronger than a mere Bronze Saint like him and Gold Saints were stronger than them, but he hadn't believed in the difference in strength until he had seen it himself. He could barely hold his own against his fellow Bronze Saints. Even the weakest Silver Saint was far stronger than him. Only a big fish in a small pond...

It made so much sense now. He hadn't actually meet any of the Gold Saints but even seeing them from a distance was enough to tell him that the puny bit of Cosmo he had was nothing compared to theirs. He couldn't imagine how Seiya and his group had managed to defeat even one Gold Saint. But then again, he had a hard time imagining how Seiya and the others had been able to do half the things they had. His once brush with the powers of a god had left him barely alive. To be able to face one down...he wasn't sure he would be able to do something like that.

Maybe that was what his Master had really been trying to tell him, that true strength was something much different than mere physical strength.

The End

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