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A/N: Ban's little drabble.

There were times when Ban would look at Jabu and start wondering about his own reasons for being a Saint. It was painfully obvious to everyone who knew the Unicorn Saint that he didn't really serve Athena, but that he was here because he wished to serve Saori. To this day he had never once called the young woman Athena like the rest of them now did.

If Saori were, for some reason, to stop being Athena Jabu would still be loyal to her and if she decided to leave Sanctuary then he would willingly follow her.

Ban wondered if he was really any better than his friend. When they had first come to Sanctuary it had been because Aries Mu had shown up, repaired their armor, and told them the truth about Athena. Ban had gone because he had heard that Saori, the girl they had known when they were children, was in danger. Maybe he hadn't exactly been fond of her then but he hadn't wanted her to die.

It was only after he had seen her heal Shiryu and the others that he really started to believe she might be a goddess.

In the beginning he too had served her because it was Saori.

Now he liked to believed it was because he believed in being a Saint and protecting Athena. But did that really excuse the fact that his reason for earning his Cloth had been entirely selfish? All he had wanted to do then was prove that he had was a strong as everyone else.

The End

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