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A/N: Ichi's drabble. I'm not exactly fond of this guy.

Ichi wasn't a selfless warrior.

He wasn't like the others who would throw their lives away for a noble purpose. It wasn't like he become a Saint for that real reason anyway, his Master had just made it clear that he would either survive and earn his cloth or die in that training ground. He had chosen to live. After that it had been the promise of the Gold Cloth that had lured him back to Japan. It wasn't like there had been anywhere else he could have gone anyway.

He preferred to leave the noble sacrifice stuff to people like Seiya. Let them take the glory. His personal motto was 'run away and live to fight another day'. People might call him a coward, but he didn't really care. At least he would still be alive at the end of the day.

The End

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