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A/N: Here's the last drabble, the one about Nachi.

Nachi liked to people watch. It was interesting to observe how people acted. Fading into the background was talent of his, one he wasn't sure he should actually be proud of. But when people forgot he was there they tended to reveal more than they meant to He was the first one to realize there was something going on between Saori and Julian Solo, although no one had believed him at first.

But fading into the background had it's disadvantages.

Because people forgot about him he was never given an missions as a Saint. No one had seen his abilities so they didn't trust him with anything. Nachi knew that his embarrassing defeat by Ikki was probably one of the major reasons.

He had been unconscious for a full day after he had been hit, something Jabu would remind him of if the Unicorn Saint got annoyed with him. Jabu would apologize after he said that, but it still stung. Nachi would like to see how the others would react if they were hit with an illusion attack like that, one so strong that he still had nightmares from it. He had heard that even Hyoga, one of Athena's favorites, had fallen to it at least once.

If Hyoga had managed to over come the Gen Ma Ken, then why couldn't he? Not that he actually wanted to face Ikki again or anything, but he wished he come find someway to prove to everyone that he had gotten a least a bit stronger since then. Not that anyone would let him.

It was so frustrating at times, no one knew his real abilities because they hadn't seen them but no one was willing to do anything to test his abilities because they weren't sure he was strong enough to bother with! He liked to watch people but he had yet to discover what to do to make them trust him.

The End

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