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Shion stared at the dragon-topped helm for several seconds before he took a deep breath and lifted it off the pedestal it rested on. Even though he had worn it before the ex-Aries Saint was still surprised by it's weight. I never looked this heavy when he was wearing it...

Funny, he had forgotten the name of the former Pope, if he had ever heard it at all. It scared him, truthfully. Someday would no one remember what his name was anymore? He supposed it was inevitable, no one ever saw the Popes face after he took office. He became the will of Athena and a figure of ultimate authority. Not a person who had hopes and fears of his own.

Shion didn't want the office. All through out his childhood and even through the War the Pope had been the figure of authority. Even after Athena had come, the Pope had still been one that stood by her side to adviser her, and delivered her orders. The ex-Aries Saint hadn't wanted such heavy responsibilities on his shoulders and he didn't think he was ready for them. He sighed, he knew he had to wear the helm, whether he wanted to or not. He as the only one who could become Pope.

Dohko wasn't exactly suited to be the Pope and had said as much himself when they had started talking about it. But they need a leader and they were the only Saints left. Shion had to be the one to do it. Had to be the one to train and lead all of Sanctuary so that when Hades rose again they would be ready.

The thought of having to lead all of them, of having all those people looking to him for leadership and guidance now that Athena was gone. The weight of the helm in his hands seemed to increase as he realized how much responsibility he had now. Was he ready for this? More to the point would he even be able to lead them and make them listen to him? He basically had to rebuild Sanctuary, and he wasn't sure if he was capable of that. Shion was so caught up in this thoughts and worries that he didn't even notice someone had come into the room. When a hand fell on his shoulder, he was so startled he jumped, and whirled around, falling into a battle stance.

Dohko blinked in surprise, then grinned. "I haven't been able to surprise you like that since we were kids!" The Libra Saint said happily. Shion sighed.

"Dohko." He greeted his friend. "Did you find anyone else?"

A nod from the Libra Saint.

"Yeah. A couple of kids. I think one might even be Gold Saint potential." While Dohko had been given the task of watching the Hades Seal, he had decided that finding replacements for the Cloths was more important at the moment. The Libra Saints was very good at noticing potential, so he was gathering children that might one day become Saints. But once they began to earn their cloths and were finding students of their own Dohko would retire. And then Shion would be left without his friends advice. He was not looking forward to when that would happen.

Some part of his trepidation must have shown on his face because Dohko frowned.

"You okay Shion?" His friend asked.

"I'm fine." The ex-Aries Saint said as he dropped the heavy helm over his head. For once he was glad that the cumbersome symbol of his office hid his face from view. Dohko was far to good at reading his expressions and would figure out he wasn't ‘fine'. "I have to go greet our new arrivals now, don't I?"

"I have them waiting for you." Dohko said, and they two of them exited the room. There was a brief pause then the Libra Saint spoke up. "You know, the Saints during the next Holy War might have a better chance then we ever did."

"How so?" Shion frowned. He knew that Dohko wouldn't see but it helped him so.

"Easy, they‘ll have you." Shion stopped, startled by his friends words. "Well, technically they'll have both of us, but I don't think I'm going to be in Sanctuary."

"But why will having us be an advantages?" Shion couldn't keep the curiosity of his voice. Dohko grinned back at him.

"Because we have experience! Remember what it was like when the Specters first started showing up? We had no idea how to counter them and we keep running back to the archives to see what we could dig up on their powers and abilities. That won't happen next time. We've fought next them, we remember what their power are and how they fight. You'll be able to tell future Saints what to expect, and maybe next time there will be more than two Saint left to carry the burden of Sanctuary."

Amidst the chaos of finding out how many trainees and non-Saints that could train Saints were left, figuring out how much of Sanctuary was damaged, and his other duties, Shion hadn't had the time to think about things like that. But what Dohko was saying made sense. There had never been survivors before, and it had usually fallen to a none Saint to take up the reins of power until a Saint had been trained to take over as Pope.

I suppose that compared to them, I've had it easy. I have my reputation. People listen to me because they know they can trust me...

"Besides..." Dohko was continuing on. "That's all in the future isn't it?" The Libra Saint smirked. "Get this place up and running before we worry about what might happen, right?"

"Right." Shion said, smiling slightly behind his mask. They started walking again, and soon reached the door that lead to the Main chamber. "Dohko?" The Pope said quietly.


"Thank you." Was all Shion said before he walked in to greet the newest recruits. Dohko simply smiled after his friend.

The End

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