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Seated on the throne-like chair, Shion sighed and turned his attention back to the two trainees that had been brought before him for punishment.

"What possessed you two to decide to add frogs to my spa?" He asked the boys. Aioria, little brother to one of the most respected Saints in Sanctuary looked as he waiting for a hole to open under his feet and swallow him, while Milo was just standing with his head down, an embarrassed look on his face as he scuffed the toe of his shoes on the stone floor.

"Well, answer the Pope!" Newly-named Gold Saint Capricorn Shura demanded. He had been the one to catch the two trying to sneak out the temple. Although Shion was somewhat impressed that they had managed to sneak in, he did not find having frogs jumping every where remotely amusing. Milo muttered something under his breath, and when Shura glared at him, he repeated it louder.

"We thought it would be funny!" The boy muttered. Then he looked up. "We're sorry though. We weren't tying to hurt anybody, we just though you might be bored sitting in here all day."

Aioria began nodding furiously as he friend talked.

Neither noticed that the Pope had gone very still, and if they did they assumed it was anger that made him freeze. They never would have guessed he was biting his lip to keep from laughing at a memory from centuries ago.

"Come on Shion, I just need your help this one time. It's not like we're gonna be hurting anybody anyway, this is just for fun!"

I had forgotten about that. We didn't the same thing, didn't we Dohko? Or was it fishes instead of frogs? I can't remember anymore. Either way, we were caught and got into trouble over that. Not that the Pope was surprised that you had something to do with it old friend. You were a holy terror then, and if you hadn't shown such promise I think you would have been thrown out.

He looked again at the children in front of him and wondered if that was how he and Dohko had looked to the Pope from so long ago. I wonder if anyone would ever believe that we were like them at one point? Probably not, not when I've become a living legend.

He had intended to meet out a punishment that was frighteningly similar to the one that the Pope had given them so long ago, but now he wasn't sure he could do it without laughing. Instead he, he reached out and touched the minds to two particular Gold Saints, telling them exactly what had happened. Once that was done, he opened his eyes and turned his attention back the trainees.

"I had intended to punish you myself" He intoned in the sternest voice he could manage "But I have decided to let some who knows you better than I do choose a fitting punishment for you." First he turned toward the blue haired boy. "Trainee Milo" He said firmly and watched the boy freeze. "Your master will decide how you will be pay for your wrongdoing." He glanced at the other boy, who went pale when he realized it was his turn. "Trainee Aioria, I have give your brother the chance to choose your punishment. I believe his is on his way here now." Aioria went even paler if that was possible and looked for a second like he was going to burst into tears.

Truthfully, Shion felt a little sorry for Aioria.

He was sure that all of this had been Milo's idea and the younger boy had been dragged into it, yet Aiolos was sure to be harder on his younger brother than Milo's master would be on him. But, the Pope reminded himself, Aioria was the one who made the choice to follow his friend. Perhaps this way, he wouldn't follow Milo the next time the boy decided to pull a prank.

He nodded at Shura and sent a brief request to the young man. The Capricorn Saint nodded, then bowed and forced the younger two to follow his example, before he began to escort them out.

They were almost out, when a figure with shining golden wings appeared in the doorway. Aioria froze as his brother walked up to him, bowed to the Pope, then grabbed his younger siblings upper arm. The look on his face was so disappointed and angry, that Shion heard the boy sniffle as he was dragged away. Milo just stood there looking guilty, until Shura nudged him a little to make him leave the temple.

Only when he was sure they were out of earshot did Pope Shion allow himself to a laugh, amused by the strange ways in which history repeats itself.

The End

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