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No one had ever called his music beautiful before. Or at least no one had since he had became a Marine Shogun. Sorrento barely remembered the time when he hadn't been either training to earn his Scales or guarding his pillar. Barely remembered the time when his flute hadn't been a weapon.

He had always enjoyed the sounds of his flute, and although he still did it was different now.

Now although the notes were the same, they weren't as pure as they had once been. He had used his songs to kill and no matter how many times he told himself that the deaths were for the good of the world, it didn't stop him from remembering the blood he had spilled whenever he played outside of combat. There was no more purity in the music to him.

The music he had once used to bring happiness to people, now brought pain to those he wished on.

The other Marine Shoguns knew this. They had never compliment his music, or stopped to listen to it. Even when he wasn't actually fighting they were afraid that simply listening would get them killed. Their minds might have known that wasn't true, but after they had seen his enemies ripped to shreds by his music, their hearts became afraid.

It saddened Sorrento sometimes to think that his music would never be considered enjoyable again. But he had forced himself to admit that it was worth it because this was Poseidon-sama's ambition.

Then the little Andromeda Saint had come along. One of his enemies and some one he had been trying to destroy. Yet, Andromeda had called his music beautiful. Even after almost being killed by his flute, the boy still found the music beautiful. Sorrento was surprised at how happy that made him feel.

The End

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