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A/N: *Points at Miro* Her fault! A conversation with Miro on MSN sparked this and she's the one who gave me most of the idea's I used in here. Ties into Repeating History but set after Hades arc. All of the Goldies + Kanon and Shion are alive though.

The large tub sloshed as and water splashed out of the tub. Aioria let out of the way of it, further tipping the large tub.

"Watch it!" Milo, the one holding on to the other side, hissed as he tried to keep the tub straight. "Your going to spill it."

"It almost splashed on me!" The Leo Saint hissed back then looked down at the eel filled tub he was holding. "And why are you doing this again?"

"We're doing this because everything has been so peaceful lately that I was about to die again; this time from boredom!" Milo smirked. "Not all of us have girlfriends to distracts you know."

"Marin..isn't...we''s not like that!" A blushing Aioria yelped only be shushed by Milo.

"Your going to get us caught if you don't shut up!" Aioria grumbled but didn't say anything else. A few seconds later a blue head popped out around the corner of the Pope's Temple and scanned the shadows under the pillars until he saw the other two Saints.

"Come on!" The Gemini brother gestured. "He's not here." Aioria and Milo hurried as fast as they could with a tub full of wiggling eels between them. Not for the first time the Leo Saint wondered why he was even here.

Okay so maybe Milo was least a little bit. Nothing really important requiring the attention of a Saint had happened in the last few months and most of the Gold Saints had begun to fall into a stupor. Even Athena had returned to Japan, her usually entourage of Bronze Saints in tow. That mean that the twelve Saints of the zodiac temples had been left to their own devices.

That was probably why, when Aioria had been returning from his daily training session and seen the Kanon and Milo stagger up to Leo temple with the tub as the giggled like maniacs, he had gone to see what they were doing instead of being wise and walking the other way.

Then Kanon convinced me to help because it would be easier with the three people and I said I would help because I didn't have any thing better to do any way.... looks like Milo was right. Aioria muttered something about annoying Scorpios and Gemini's as they went inside the Popes Temple and made a beeline for the giant spa. It was as the paused for a few seconds to allow Kanon to make sure that Shion was actually in the spa that Aioria abruptly remembered something.

"Did we do something like this before?" He asked Milo. "And get caught too."

"That was frogs." The Scoripo Saint said. "And this time we're older and wiser and we'll make sure we aren't caught."

"Good. Because I don't want to know what will happen to us if they catch us doing something like this again."

"Catch you doing what again?" A voice said from behind them. Both Saints jumped, splashing water all over the floor, and then slowly looked behind them. Aioria swallowed, suddenly struck by a very real sense of deja vu.

"Hey Shura." Milo said nervously. "Catch us...trying to deliver some fresh seafood to Shion of course!" Shura scowled at hem.

"They kitchen is the other way." The Capricorn Saint said dead pan. Milo laughed nervously.

"Oh, yeah a guess your right. We must have gotten turned around , huh Aioria?" The Scoripo glared at him and Aioria realized it was his cue.

"Yeah, we just go turned around. Come on Milo" The two started too turn toward the kitchen. It was right then that Kanon poked his head out of the spa.

"What are you guys doing!? We have to finish this before Shion gets....back..." The younger Gemini brother paused when he realized there was someone else in the room. "H...hi Shura."

There was a moment of silence then...

"WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU THREE DOING!?" Echoed through the temple.

* * *

"....Can't believe you would do something so childish. Eels? Honestly Kanon what were you thinking?" Saga said. Kanon grumbled inside while on the outside he had on what he hoped was an apologetic expression. Shion had come out when he heard Shura yelling, and that would have been bad enough. But Shura had to go one step further, he had used telepathy to tell Aiolos and Saga what had happened. The two other Saints had turned up almost immediately and that was why all three of them were standing here listening to Saga go on about how childish and irresponsible they had been acting. Shura and Aiolos had already added their two cents in earlier.

Saga had been nodding sagely while Aiolos had been going on about the duty of a Saint and what that meant. Kanon had been sorely tempted to ask his elder brother how killing Shion had been the act of a good Saint but he had decided that was too low even for him.

Saga abruptly turned around and began to gesture as he talked about how the three pranksters should be acting their age more. Suddenly Kanon grinned wickedly, ignored the curiously looks the other two conspirators threw at him. At the right moment, Kanon brought his arm up...and began to mimic his older brother's moments. He didn't need to see Saga's facial expression to copy them either, one of the nice bonuses of being twins. Shura and Aiolos, were nodding wisely and didn't see him start but Aioria and Milo did. Both of them bit there lips to keep from laughing, but a stained giggle leaked out. Saga whirled around at the sound, but Kanon had already schooled his face into a suitably guilty expression. Upon seeing nothing the elder Gemini turned back around. Kanon began to mimic him again. Milo and Aioria snickered and Saga whirled around again. Once again Kanon had on an innocent expression.

Saga turned around again and...

"Kanon!" The younger brother winced. Forgot about Shura.

Saga turned and glared at his brother.

"After all you have been through you would think you would have learned some responsibility! You know your reputation! You have to take things more seriously..." Saga was gearing into full on lecture mode. Kanon prayed something would distract him or they would be there for hours.

"Gemini Saga, Sagittarius Aiolos and Capricorn Shura." Kanon blinked his in disbelief as Libra Dohko's voice called from the door way of the temple. "Your needed in the training ground." When the three hesitated he added a firm "now." Saga sighed, then he and Aiolos shot a looks at their brothers that clearly said ‘this isn't over yet' before turning and leaving.

The three pranksters sighed in relief, then stiffened when Dohko walked over...only to have the Libra Saint go right past them.

"I need to speak with you Shino." They heard him say. All three turned around to find the Pope with his head down, hair obscuring his face, and hands grabbing the arms of his throne as he shook slightly. Kanon gulped. He hadn't thought they had made Shion that mad.

Milo grabbed at his arm.

"Lets get out of here while he's distracted." The Scorpio Saint whispered. Aioria and Kanon nodded, then together the three slunk out of the temple.

* * *

Dohko waited until he could hear them anymore before he turned to his friend.

"Their gone." He said. Shion nodded...then burst into gales of laugher, shaking so hard he slid of his throne.

As the Libra Saint watched his normally serious friend then his own mouth twitched before he game up and double over in laugher himself.

Several minuets later after they had both managed to regain control of themselves, Dohko shook his head.

"How did you manage to hold it in?"

"Years of practice, old friend." Shion grinned. "Do you have any idea some of the ridiculous things trainees can get up to?"

"I have a few ideas?" Dohko said thinking of his own students.

"But why did you send them down to the training grounds?"

"Because I saw an annoyed Deathmask heading in that direction. Even if there wasn't a situation there when I left, there's probably one now."

"And do you know why Deathmask was annoyed?"

"Of course not" Dohko attempted to look innocent. Shion sighed.

"At least I don't have to fish eels out of my spa now." The Pope looked over at the large wriggling tub. "But what are we suppose to do with them now?"

"I have a few ideas." Dohko said. Shion looked up at him wide eyed.

"You can't mean..." He began.

"Of course that's what I mean! You prank some one, you should expect to get pranked back." The Libra said firmly. "They're adults they should be prepare for the consequences of their actions."

"But I'm the Pope! If someone finds out I'm play pranks on the Gold Saints..."

"Don't worry so much! All you have to do is make sure that you don't get caught.

We never got in trouble when we were there ages did we?" Dohko smiled. "Come on Shion, live a little!"

"I suppose I could..." Shion mused. The Libra Saint nodded encouragingly.

"That's the spirit!" Shion stood up and turned to face his friend.

"Very well, lets show this youngsters what a real prank looks like!" Shion and Dohko exchanged wicked grins, then headed off into the night...giggling.

The End

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