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Another drabble...this one starring Shun.

It was another perfectly ordinary day...and Shun was bored.

Shiryu had left for China yesterday, and Hyoga had gone to Siberia a day before that. Seiya had gone off on a date with Miho this morning and that had left Shun all alone.

To be fair, the other Bronze Saints were still at the mansion but that that wasn't any help. Much as it pained him to admit there was a gap between the his friends and the other Bronze Saints. It wasn't just about strength either; it was something deeper than that. They would always be Athena's favorites, the warriors who has saved her on several occasions. Jabu and the others would always just be Bronze Saints. They were extra's in the eyes of everyone else and they knew that. Even though Shun had tired to approach them, too much had changed between their two groups. Jabu and the others knew they would always be second best and not matter how hard Shun tried to be friends with them there would always be a certain resentment.

Left almost totally alone in the house, Shun had gone jogging more to eat up the time than anything else. As he always did when he went out, he passed by the local Jr. High. As the bell rang, he watched the students stream out of the building,.

Seiya and the others couldn't understand his fascination with the school. Despite what Seiya kept saying, it wasn't because of the girls to was about all the students. The students that were the same age as them, the students that if things had fallen out differently, if destiny hadn't chosen them, all of them would have been.

Shun wasn't stupid. He knew that the five of them would never be normal, that had been assured they day that Kido had taken them in. As for him... destiny had marked him when Pandora had found him.

But sometimes, Shun liked to pretend. Liked to wonder what it would be like if there were no gods or goddess, if they had just been normal boys whose only worries where their school work and if they girl they liked, liked them back. He imagined a world where Hyoga didn't carry the emotional scars of having to kill his master and best friend, a world where his brother hadn't been forced to loose part of himself on Death Queen Island and where he hadn't been Hades puppet.

Then Shun would remember that if it hadn't been for Athena he might never have meet his friends. That Hyoga at least would have been living an ocean away from them. Shun would then shake his head and continue on, vowing not to think of ‘might have been' instead focusing on the life he had been given. It was all he could do, all any of them could do.

The End

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