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On a plus note I discovered that I like writing Shion when he's younger. This one is set post Lost Canvas and mentions characters from that manga. Character deaths also mentioned so be warned.

A single candle flickered in the Popes study. Although it gave the man seated at the desk enough light to read by, it did nothing to dispel the shadows that lurked around the edges of the room.

Shion liked it that way though. It had only been a few months since the defeat of Hades and they were still assessing damages. During the day when he was seated on the throne, ruling as Pope Shion was able to hold back the emotions that threatened to escape. But at night, there was nothing to distract him from the emotions that he had been suppressing.

Particularly when he was looking over the lists of the dead. Taurus Aldebaran, Pisces Albafica, Virgo Asmita , Sagittarius Sisyphus...Unicorn Yato, Pegasus Tenma... Each name was another remind to him that he and Dohko where the only Saints left. Each name another blow to his heart as he remembered the men that it had belonged to. He had known them, trained with them, lived by some of them for was hard to remember that they were gone sometimes. In some obscure way he was glad that he had to stay up in the main temple most of the time. Each time he past through the twelve temples he was reminded of the Saints that had once occupied them, and that each and everyone of them was gone forever.

The training grounds offered him no relief either. There were no familiar faces down there anymore. Everyone he had trained with in his childhood had either earned a cloth or died in the process, and now even those who had become Saint were gone. The area that held the Cloths that were waiting to be claimed was full now, a far cry from what it had been before the war had started. When he looked at them it was driven home to him exactly how many Saints they had lost. Seeing the list of names was vastly different from seeing the reality of all those empty cloths right in front of his eyes.

So many lives lost, and not all of them had been Saints either.... Yuzuriha, the elder, and all the innocent people of Tenma's home town...

The towns folk hadn't even known about the Holy War. They hadn't even known why they had died or even realized they had been casualties in an ancient war. Shion sighed and blinked back the tears that threatened to fall. Although he could allow himself to feel his emotions, Shion had learned that he could never give into them. There was no telling when an emergency would occur and if anyone saw him in any state other than in complete control it could be disastrous. Everyone relied on him, looked up to him for support. He could never ever allow them to see the their pillar of support broken. Sanctuary was already at it's weakest right now, and if he wished to build up he would have to push his own feeling off to the side.

A whimper in the room dragged Shion back to reality and he looked over to find Atla asleep in one of the chairs. Shion gave a small smile as he looked at the boy. After the war no one had had the heart to send Alta back to Jamir, not when everyone he had known there was dead. And Shion didn't have the heart tell the boy to stop following him. He was the only person Alta had left in the world, and...he really didn't want to send the boy away.

Although he would never admit to out loud, having Alta around helped.

The boy was a reminder of what he had fought, and what he was still fighting to build. He represented the what the others had died fighting for and the hope for the future. And sometimes that hope was all that kept Shion going.

The new Pope stood and made his way over to the boy, grabbing a blanket that been laying folded on one of the other chairs. Alta had developed a habit of falling asleep in the study, mostly because Shion would forget to chase him off to bed. As he draped the blanket over the boy, Shion was reminded of why he had been placed here. It was his job to shape those children that would come here and make them fit to be Saints. They would be the ones to protect Athena when she appeared once again, and he would have to make sure that they were ready. He would be the one to make sure the coming generations of Saints would be able to protect this world and ensure that the lives that had been sacrificed in this war would not be in vain.

The End

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