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It had been a relatively quiet day in Sanctuary. Aiolos had been in his temple all day, and out of boredom had started inspecting his Cloth to make sure it hadn't been damaged in any recent fights. He was examining the arrow of the cloth when someone walked into Sagittarius Temple. A quick glance behind him showed it was only Aioria.

"What are you doing here Aio?" He asked.

"Can I ask you a question, Ni-san?"

"Sure." Aiolos turned his attention back to the arrow.

"Aiolos-ni-san, what's sex?"

The golden arrow hit Aiolos foot when he dropped it.

A minute passed as the Sagittarius Saint hopped around cursing.

"Are you alright Ni-san?" A worried Aioria asked.

"I'm fine." Aiolos gasped. " what did you say?"

"I asked you what sex was." The boy said. Aiolos choked.

"Why would you want to know about that!?" He squeaked.

"Well, I saw Saga down by the beach a few minuets ago and he said something about, so I asked him what it was but he told me to ask you, so I came here. So what is it?" Aioria finished.

"It's uh...well you see..." Aiolos blushed, then cleared his throat. "I'll tell you when you get older."

"But I want to know now!" Aioria grumbled.

"You aren't old enough to know yet." Aiolos said firmly.

"That's what you and Saga keep telling me." A voice complained from behind him.

"Oh, uh...hello Shura." Aiolos sighed as the young Capricorn Saint walked in.

"Why do you guys go red whenever I mention sex anyway?" Shura asked. Aiolos went even redder. "Is it something embarrassing?"

"What's going on here?" That voice...Aiolos whirled around.

"I'm going to get you for this Saga!" He shouted. The Gemini Saint blinked.

"What did I do?" Saga asked confused.

"What in the heck did you say to Aioria to make him ask about that anyway?" Aiolos continued.

"I haven't said anything to Aioria all day." Saga said, still very much confused.

"But I just saw you down by the beach." Aioria interrupted. "And you wouldn't tell me what sex was so told me to ask Ni-san."

"I what?" Saga squeaked, going bright red. "But I've been up giving the Pope my report! Aiolos, you let me through you temple, remember!? There's no way I could have...." Saga froze suddenly then dropped his head into his hand. "I am going to get you for this." He muttered to himself then looked up. "Aioria, forget what 'I' said. If you really want to know ask the Pope. Shura, you go with him."

"The Pope?" Shura looked stunned. "I don't want to bother him..."

"Don't worry, there was no one else up there after I finished my report. Besides...he's the one that told Aiolos and I about it."

"Really?" Aioria looked to his brother for confirmation, then relaxed when the Sagittarius Saint nodded vigorously. "Come on Shura!"

Shura gave them one last looked, then followed Aioria out of the temple. Aiolos didn't relax until they were gone.

"I don't think the Pope is going to be happy with you." The Sagittarius Gold Saint said smiling in relief.

"I'll deal with that later." Saga said and started forward. "Right now, I have something to do."

"Are you alright?" Aiolos asked frowning.

"I‘m fine." Saga said tersely, then walked out the temple. "You just wait here for your brother." Aiolos watched his friend retreating back, and wondered just what was going on.

The End

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