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This drabble was inspired by this thread at Someone mentioned that Shion would have to raise Athena, and then KnightSkye mentioned her painting on eye dots...and this was born:

"Shion, Shion...look what I did!" Came the little girls voice from behind him. The former Aries Saint sighed and turned around.

"What did you...dear goddess." Well aware of the irony of the irony of the last statement, Shion gaze down at his child-goddess...who was currently half covered in lavender paint. "Athena what have you done?"

"Now I look like Shion and Mu!" She said proudly and pointed at the two different sized dots she had painted over her eyebrows. That the lavender paint had also been smeared over the rest of her face, was all over her dress, and had some how ended up in her hair as well didn't seem to bother the her one bit. Shion sighed.

"Yes, yes you do." He reached down and picked up the girl-goddess, wincing when the Pope's robes he wore where smeared with lavender too. "And now it's time for you to get cleaned up."

"Why?" Athena asked.

"Because you're covered in paint young lady, and you do not need those dots. You look pretty enough without them."

"But you and Mu have dots!" Athena protested. "So why can't I have dots too?"

"Does anybody besides Mu and I have dots?" Shion sighed. "There something you have to be born with."

"But I want to have dots!" Athena shouted. "I wanna be like Shion and Mu!" Shion winced.

"You don't have to be like us Athena. You're a very special girl, and have no need of dots to make you that way."

"I want dots, I want dots, I want dots!" The goddess wailed. The Pope thought quickly

"Athena...if you be quite and be good for the rest of this week, I'll let you go with Aiolos and Saga when they go to Athens."

Athena stopped and looked at him.


"Really. But only if your are a good girl and take a bath, quietly. Can you do that?"

"Yep!" His goddess smiled up at him and Shion smiled back. As he carried her toward the bathroom he couldn't help but wonder why she was so much more difficult than Mu was at this age.

The End

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