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This one takes place in the same 'Athena raised in Sanctuary' reality. Thought up while bowling with my Grandmother. -_-

"'Dite, 'Dite!" Someone tugged at the Pisces Saint's cape. He turned around.

"Yes, Lady Athena?"

"Why do you have a girl's name?" The little goddess asked. "Shion was giving me lessons an' he said that Aphrodite was suppose to be a girl. I though you were a boy."

"I am a boy." Aphrodite said patiently. "Aphrodite isn't my real name, I jus think it's beautiful so I use it."

"Oh." Athena stopped and thought about it, then turned to Deathmask, whom Aphrodite had been talking with moments before. "But Deathmask isn't a pretty name, so why do you use it?"

"Because I hate my real name. Deathmask sounds better."

The Cancer Saint growled.

"No it doesn't." Athena frowned. "It sounds scary, an' you're not scary." Deathmask looked very much like he would like to show the little goddess how scary he really was, but he knew better than to try. He knew what would happen if he did anything to her, and he didn't need Aphrodite's warning look to remember that.

"You need a new name." Athena said suddenly looking at Deathmask.

"His real name's Angelo." Aphrodite said quickly, knowing what kind of names a little girl would think sounded acceptable.

"Angelo." Athena repeated as Deathmask gave an inarticulate snarl and looked ready to lunge at the Pisces Saint. "I like that better! Why don't you use it?"

"I...don'!" Deathmask said slowly, trying to control his temper.

"Well, I do." Athena said firmly. "So from now on, your Angelo." The little goddess turned and skipped away.

Aphrodite took one look at Deathmask's face, stammered and excuse, then ran down the steps of his temple, the Cancer Saint right behind him.

The End

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