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Dots II

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"Pleaaase Mu!" The little goddess tugged at the young Aries Saint's sleeve.

"I already said no," he told her firmly. "I'd get in trouble if I helped you."

"But...but..." Athena whined.

"I said no."

"Please, Mu?" Athena said in a soft voice. Mu looked down at meet a pair of huge half tear filled eyes. He sighed.

"I'll paint on the dots just this once, Lady Athena, but that is it." The little girl didn't say anything, just shoved a brush into his hands. As Mu kneeled down he prayed that his punishement wouldn't be too severe. His Master should understand though, even he couldn't stand up to Lady Athena's puppy dog eyes.

A/N: This is because I like messing with Deathmask:

Deathmask loomed over the two terrifed trainees. "This is why you should never disrespect a Gold Saint." He said conversationally as he prepared to use his attack...

"Angelo, Angelo!" A little girls voice cut across the training arena and the Cancer Saint froze. The little goddess ran over to him and attached herself to his cape.

"Come on, Angelo!" She insisted as she tugged on it. "Shion said it was your turn to play tea party with me!"

The End

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