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A/N: Blame the Nekkid Saints thread...and Kuri because she mentioned a drabble.

Saga leaned back enjoying the warmth of the water. These days he didn't get to enjoy the massive spa in the Pope's temple as much as he wished. Shion tended to frown on him soaking in it for hours at a time, but for once the elder Saint wasn't here.

He was off in Jamir with Mu, helping Kiki prepare for his trial to gain the Aries cloth. Athena was off in Japan too, so he didn't have to worry about shocking his goddess either.

A footfall behind him broke the calm and Saga turned.

No one was there. A shadow dashed between two pillars and soft laughter echoed off the walls.

"Who's there!?" Saga shouted as he gabbed the towel he had placed at the edge of the bath and stood. There was a sudden blinding flash of light. As the Gemini Saint blinked the spots from his eyes he caught sight of a familiar figure running toward the door. He tried to go after it, but remembered that he wasn't wearing everything besides a towel. He cursed.

"KANON! GET BACK HERE AND GIVE ME THAT CAMERA!" Echoed throughout Sanctuary.

The End

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