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Of Scorpions

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Random drabble about Milo and Camus. No clue where it came from, but hope you enjoy it.

The sound of something crashing echoed through out Aquarius temple and Camus winced.

"Milo." The Aquarius Saint said slowly. "You had better be more careful or I will make you sorry."

"Hey, it's not like I asked my scorpions to escape!" Milo crawled out from underneath the table rubbing the top of his head. "And it's your fault anyway! You shouldn't have freaked out when I came in here to show you my new pet!"

"I woke up from a nap to tank of scorpions being shove in my face. Any remotely sane person would have freaked out. Your the one who should have had a tighter hold on the tank." Camus grumbled. "You've already caught four of them. Just how many of them do you have?"

"Relax there's only one more." Milo headed toward the back of the Temple.

"Where do you think your going?"

"I'm going to check your bedroom. Or do you want to wake up to a scorpion in your face again?"

Camus shuddered. "If that happens Milo, you will be saying goodbye to one of your ‘pets'"

"You're no fun, Camus." The Scorpio Saint said as he half shut the door behind him. Camus departed going to help his friend but he really didn't want to touch any scorpions, so decided to wait. "Ah, found her! Hey Camus, she's behind the dresser. Mind coming in and giving me a hand?" Finally emanated from the room. The Aquarius Saint sighed.

"Fine, but I am not touching that monster..." The Aquarius Saint said as he pushed open the door. Three things then happened in very rapid succession. Milo swore, a scorpion scampered across Camus's foot causing the Gold Saint to yelp in fight...and a large bucket of water fell off the top of the door and drenched the Aquarius Saint. Very slowly he raised the lid of the bucket and leveled a glare at Milo.

"S..sorry." The Scorpio Saint stammered. "But I couldn't help it! ...Hey Camus, what's with that look? Wait, you can't...don't...!"

* * *

"Okay." Dohko sighed as he tapped the Libra sword on the floor. "Now I get why I was called here and because it's Milo we're talking about I can even guess how he got in to this predicament...and considering I came all the way from Rozan for this...before I free him could you assuage my curiosity and tell me why you put your best friend in a Freezing Coffin?"

"No." Camus growled glaring at the iced Scorpio Saint.

The End

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