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A/N: Companion piece to Future. This one is from Rhadamanthys's point of view, and is about his thoughts on Shun. The Wyvern wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote this. Enjoy.

Rhadamanthys had lost track of the number of Saints he had faced in battle. Most fell before him. Some fought with him. And then there were the few that had killed him. Out of all those, there were only a handful who he actually respected enough remember. Pegasus Seiya , Gemini Kanon were two of those Saints. Phoenix Ikki he remembered as well, and he did know the names and faces of the other two Saints who had been there as Hades body was destroyed but if you asked honestly he would say he didn't remember much about Dragon and Cygnus. Then there was the man who was known as Andromeda Shun. Rhadamanthys remembered him very well, but for different reasons than the others. It would have been impossible to forget him really. He was the only man Rhadamanthys had ever faced in battle during three different Holy Wars.

Truthfully, if Andromeda hadn't become Pope, Rhadamanthys would have forgotten him as he had done the Dragon and Cygnus Saint. Well, he might have remembered the boy as the vessel Hades had chosen that cycle but he wouldn't have remembered him as a Saint. There just wasn't anything about Andromeda that had impressed him the first time they meet. He had been more focused on Gemini...and the last time had had seen the five Saints that would go down in history they had been wearing regular cloths. Cloths that possessed Athena's Blood true, but still normal compared to what they would become.

The first time he had seen a God Cloth was when he had faced Andromeda in the Holy War after Hades body had been destroyed. By now Rhadamanthys was used to having at least one Saint still be alive from the previous Holy War, so he hadn't been surprised when they had been informed that two of the so called ‘God Saints' were still alive.

He ended up facing Sanctuary's current Pope in battle and hadn't been surprised to find that the man was one of the God Saints. It was his first time facing a Pope who he considered an actually threat. All of the Pope's he had faced in the past had been men who had forfeited their Cloth when they assumed they became the leader of Sanctuary. They hadn't been much threat without any protection, although there had been one or two who had actually hurt him. But this Pope...he was still a Saint and wore his Cloth proudly.

Truthfully, if he hadn't been told that the Pope wore the Andromeda God Cloth, he wouldn't have recognized it. Although he had been able to see a shadow of the boy he had faced so long ago in the man that had stood before him then, the cloth had changed beyond all recognition.

Not just it's appearance though. It was one thing one to be told that God Cloths were called such because they were even able to protect against an attack from a god, but it was another thing altogether to watch your strongest attack do nothing to the Andromeda God Cloth. He had hurt the Andromeda Saint in their battle, had seen the blood that confirmed it, but he hadn't even been able to scratch Cloth. His Surplice was being damaged by the Saint's attack though. Andromeda Shun's attacks had been much more powerful than he remembered. He had been the one who had fallen in that fight. And Athena had won the Holy War...just as she always did.

Now he in the midst of the battle field in a new Holy War...and in the intervals between cycles humanity had managed to all but destroy itself. They had turned their won weapons on each other and left nothing by destruction in the wake. It's ironic, Rhadamanthys thought. Athena has protected humankind for millennia and what almost brings about it's destruction is not a god at all, but themselves.

"Wyvern Rhadamanthys." His familiar opponent said in acknowledgment.

"Andromeda Shun." He nodded, only half way surprised. "So you managed to survive."

"Only through luck." The Saint replied, then paused. "But can you answer me something? Why did you let us lead you away from Sanctuary? Isn't Hades happy with what happened to the world?"

"No." He answered. "Lord Hades doesn't want to win it like this." The god had been very upset when he had seen the state the world was in. "This isn't the way it's suppose to be! I do not want to claim victory just because there is no one left to fight!" Hades had said. "But the cycle cannot be stopped."

"Not matter my wishes though, the war must be fought. Destiny is not something that can be changed so easily." And so Hades had sent the Specter out to fight.

"I see." Andromeda shifted into a crouch. "Then there isn't a way to avoid this fight?"

"There isn't." Was all Rhadamanthys said, before he let loose a Greatest Caution.

The fight was intense, and once again Rhadamanthys found he couldn't touch the God Cloth that the Saint wore. Thing ended when the green haired man hit him with a new attack, one that concentrated his Nebula Storm into straight beam. What remained of his Surplice shattered, and the felt the attack go through him.

He lay on the ground where the attack at thrown, feeling his strength fade and knowing that once again this round had gone to the Andromeda Saint. Footsteps came near his position and he turned his head slightly to watch Andromeda approach him. As the Saint kneeled down next to him, Rhadamanthys couldn't help but wonder what the man wanted. He did seem like the type who would gloat over a fallen enemy.

"How can you do this?" Andromeda whispered. The emotion in his voice surprised the Wyvern Specter and he noticed that there were tears gathered at the corners of the Andromeda Saint's eyes. "How can you fight when you know you are going to lose? How can you stand watching all your comrades die over and over again, each time knowing that you'll have to come back just to repeat the cycle?"

"For the same reason you do...." Rhadamanthys managed to whisper even though he could feel his strength. "because it is our duty too." As the last of his strength faded away, the Wyvern's Saints last thought was that he hoped the Andromeda Saint survived this time was well. Then they would be able to face each other again during the next Holy War.

The End

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