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This is Kuri's fault. She drew that picture of all the little Goldies gathered around a baby Athena, and that is what inspired this.

"This is Athena?" Aphrodite asked as he and the young Gold-Saints-to-be gathered around the crib that held the baby.

"She doesn't really look like a goddess." Milo said as he frowned down at her.

"Perhaps she doesn't yet." Shion chuckled. "But she will one day." The Pope leaned over watched as the tiny goddess reached out her hands toward the children gathered around her. "She will become this worlds protector."

"But how can she do that?" Aioria asked. "She so....small." The young Leo watched as the baby grabbed his finger, then smiled at her.

"She can't do it alone." Shion said smiling too. "That is why we Saints exist. We must always protect her and support her. Can you do that?" The boys looked up, then all nodded once before turning back to the tiny baby that would become the world hope.

The End

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