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A/N: I got the urge to write about little!Hyoga, little!Isaac and Camus. This was the result.

"and then he comes down the chimney at nights and leaves presents for you!" Hyoga said animatedly.

"I already told you Hyoga, Santa doesn't exist." Isaac said patiently. "And anyway, Saints don't celebrate Christmas. It will be just another day for us."

"'s Christmas!" Hyoga insisted. "We have to do something!"

"Sensei won't let us." Isaac said firmly. "Now come on, if we don't finish our training he'll be mad at us anyway."

The younger boy did as he was told but he did not look happy about. They finished and trudged back to the cabin. Their teacher was waiting outside for them.

"Camus-sensei!" Hyoga kicked into a run. "Camus-sensei tomorrow's Christmas!"

"So?" The Aquarius Saint said sharply. "It has nothing to do with us."

Hyoga stopped in front of him surprised at the cold answer.

"But...your suppose to do something for Christmas." The boy said uncertainly. Isaac sighed and walked past both of them. "And Santa's suppose to come..."

"We don't celebrate Christmas. And you are too old to believe in Santa. Now get inside." Camus said firmly.


"Inside. Now."

Hyoga looked down and shuffled inside. The boy was quiet and subdued all through dinner.

"Get to bed." Camus said shortly after they were done. "You have a hard day of training tomorrow." Hyoga looked up, startled and sad at the announcement but at his sensei's glare he meekly followed Isaac into the small room the two of them shared. He cast one last imploring look at his teacher before he shutting the door. Camus sat looking after him for several minuets before grumbling to himself and exiting the small cabin.

* * *

The next morning Hyoga awoke to sunlight. It didn't help his mood any. He had never heard of anyone ignoring Christmas before. He stretched slightly and his feet hit something at the bottom of his bed. Curiously the boy sat up and his eyes widened.

"Isaac, Isaac, wake up!"

"Wha...?" The older boy grumbled.

"Look, look I told you Santa would come!"

"Huh?" Isaac sat up as Hyoga held up a small wooden airplane and handful of candy, something their master never let them have, for him to inspect.

"See? Santa did come! You have stuff too!" The older boy looked at the bottom of his bed and was surprised to find a plane and a small pile of candy of his own there.

" did...?"

"Because..." Hyoga said knowingly . "You can't ignored Christmas!"

* * *

On the other side of the bedroom door Camus listen to his students and smiled.

The End

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