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A/N: Milo-centric drabble.

Everything had changed that night.

It would have been impossible for it not to after the most trusted Saint in Sanctuary was declared a traitor. Milo still remembered standing in front of the Pope as he told all of them what had happened then ordered them back to their temples.

There had been a babble of questions and then had all started talking at once but the Pope had snapped at them to get going. They had all shuffled out, everyone being careful stay away from Aioria, who looked as if he were sleep walking. None of them wanted to risk being seen as sympathetic to the traitors brother.

He had stayed in this temple for what felt like days, even though the fire clock said that only two hours had past. They were all waiting for Shura to bring back Aiolos, waiting for the answers to why this had happened. He knew everyone had been hoping that that this entire thing was just a misunderstanding that Aiolos would come through the temples joking about things like he always did. Then Shura had come trudging up the steps. He had stared at the Capricorn Saint, who was walking with this head down.

Before he could even ask the question Shura looked up at him.

"It's over." Was all the older boy said but Milo had realized what he had meant. That Aiolos was dead. He dashed away the tears that threatened to fall as Shura walked away. Aiolos was a traitor, that meant that you weren't allowed to shed tears for him...right?

He had waited in his temple for a while longer, until the fire clock had gone out signaling that the alert was no over.

Then he had started up the stairs toward Camus's temple. It was only when he reached the entrance to the Sagittarius temple that he realized that he would have to go through it to proceed. He hesitated in the doorway, feeling as if was going to disturb something by going through it. But he gathered his nerve and ran through the temple and dashing through the temple, half afraid of something he couldn't name. He only slowed down once he was outside again. With one last furtive glance at the temple, the had hurried up the steps once again.

Going through Capricorn temple was nearly as hard because he knew that Shura and Aiolos had been close. He couldn't imagine what it would be like it had been forced to fight Camus. He had tired to be as quiet as he could on the way through the temple. At one point could have sworn he hear someone sobbing in the shadows of one of the pillars and had paused, then shook himself and hurried the rest of the way through the temple.

Camus was still pacing his temple when Milo had got there. They had just traded once glance, then Camus had disappeared into his bedroom and come back with a blanket he had ripped off his bead. The two of them had spent the rest of the night huddled under it, trying to make sense of everything. Aiolos turning traitor on them didn't make any sense. He was the one who always talked about the loyalty that there were supposed to show Athena. Whenever one of them had hesitated or gotten discouraged he was the one who would step up and assured them that they could and would earn their Gold Cloths. There had been no reason for him to do something like that.

There had been no answers from the Pope that morning either. And the first thing that Milo had done when he had seen the tear streaked Aioria was attack him. Camus had pulled him off eventually, but he did remembered shouting something about traitor brothers as he was dragged away.

He wasn't even sure why he was so mad at Aioria, but all he knew was that everything he had believed in up to that point was coming apart and that nothing he had come to rely on would stay the same. He had to blame someone for it.

Things had changed after that. The Pope, who used to come down some times and talk to all of them, became cold and distant. Mu with drew from everyone too, and would eventually come to spend a lot of his time in Jamir. Shaka stopped talking to everyone instead spending all of his time in mediation. Deathmask and Aphrodite started acting like the knew something that the rest of them didn't it was hard to be around the two of them and Saga disappeared entirely. Milo thought he was the only one Camus didn't act cold to. He found himself wishing for the days before the betrayal, when all of them had been close.

Aioria started to push himself hard so that he could over come the memory of his brother. Milo found that he was annoyed with that too, although he couldn't tell why. It was only at night when he was staring into the darkness did he wonder if he was really jealous of Aioria. Aioria was allowed to cry and weep over Aiolos death. They had been brothers and it was almost expected. But Milo knew that he couldn't without being branded as having sympathy for a traitor. It wasn't fair, he had looked up to Aiolos as well so why wasn't he allowed to grieve for him?

The End

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