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A/N: I discovered that it's hard to write a happy piece that features Aioria and Aiolos because the knowledge of what's going to happen to Aiolos is always lurking in the back of your mind.

Aiolos paused and stretched in the door way of his temple. The sunlight felt good after being inside most of the day worrying. The breeze was refreshing.

"Aiolos!" Some called from below. Sagittarius smiled and waved at the Saint currently climbing the stairs.

"What are you doing up here Saga?" He asked his friend when the Gemini Saint reached his temple.

"Checking on you." Saga said. "The Holy Father told me too yesterday. We both knew you probably haven't eaten anything."

"Uhh..." Aiolos rubbed the back of his head embarrassed. "I was just going to eat something. Just needed to get some fresh air first."

"So he's felling better?" Saga asked, then sighed in relief at Aiolos's nod. "Good."

"His fever's mostly gone now. The medicine the Holy Father gave me worked really well." Aiolos said then let his shoulder sag. "That really scared me though Saga. I though I was going to loose him."

"At least it wasn't that serious..." Saga began up was interrupted by someone coughing loudly. Both Saints turned to find a very pale Aioria clinging to the door frame.

"Ni-.." Aioria started coughing again before he could even finish the word. Aiolos was by his side in heartbeat.

"Aio what are you doing out here? I told you to go to sleep." The Sagittarius Saint scolded him.

"Sorry." His brother muttered in reply. The elder brother sighed scooped the boy up, then gave Saga and apologetic look. The Gemini Saint just nodded in understanding and turned to go.

"If you want to get better then your going to have to rest." He said, trying to hid the worry in his voice. It was a measure of how sick Aioria really was that the boy didn't protested being carried at all. "So stay in bed, alright? "

"But it's your bed Ni-san." Aioria said weakly. "I shouldn't..."

"You're my little brother. And your sick. It's fine." Aiolos put his brother down on the bed and pulled the covers back up over him.

"But I'm not suppose to be sick. Ang...Deathmask says that Saints don't get sick." The younger brother mumbled.

"Is that why you tried to train even though I told you not to?" Aiolos demanded.

Aioria nodded and looked down. The Sagittarius sighed, then sat down on the edge of the bed. "That shows how much he know doesn't it?" Aiolos decided he would have to have a talk with the younger Saint once Aioria was better. "We're still human Aio. No matter how powerful a Saint is, they can still get sick just like anyone else."

"Really?" Aioria asked.


Aiolos ruffled his brothers hair. "The Holy Father even said so when he came to check on you."

"He did?" The boy said wide eyed.

"Uh-hu. So from now on don't believe everything Angelo tells you, alright?" Aiolos smiled. "Now got to sleep. The more rest you get, the faster you can well and back to training."

"Alright Ni-san." Aioria said and yawned. "Just don't worry anymore, okay?"

"I'm your big brother that's my job." Aiolos said. "But I won't worry as much if you get better."

"'Kay." Aioria muttered. "Ni-san...could-you-stay-here?" Aioria mumbled the last bit. His brohter couldn't tell if his cheeks were red from his fever or because he was embarrassed.

"Don't worry, I'll be here Aio." Aiolos said. "I'll always be here."

The End

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