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A/N: I am out sure if this is actually funny or even good in any way but I had to get it out. (Plantress hates the dentist)

Seiya lay as quietly as he could, forcing himself to remain as still. He wasnt sure why his friends had turned on him, but he knew that he could not let them catch him. If they did, then he would be subjected to a face worse than death. Suddenly Hyoga poked his head under the bush. The blonde sighed.

"Found him!" The Cygnus Saint yelled and reached toward his friend. Seiya scrambled backwards out of the bush, then climbed to his feet and took of running across the yard. He heard some shout, and went crashing to the ground, his feet tangled in chains.

"Thank you Shun." Shiryu sighed as he walked up and glared down at the fallen Pegasus. "Would you stop making such a big deal out of this? Youre only going to the dentist!"

"Can't I just face Hades again instead?" Seiya grumbled.

The End

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