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Ghost Whispers

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Years after the incident in Ghost Hunt

Milo was returning to his room after a long sparring match with Camus. He pushed open the door to his room, looking forward to a long, hot, bath...when suddenly a white figure popped out in front of him.


"GAH!" Milo barely managed to control reflexes that nearly made him Scarlet Needle the intruder. "Damn it Kanon, one of these days I am not going to hold back when you do that!"

"Sorry." the younger Gemini grinned, pulling the sheet off his head. "But I can't resists."

"You're never going to let me forget the whole ghost thing, are you?"

"Nope, never!"

"...I hate you!"

* * *

Hours later in Gemini:


"Oh, hey Saga, what's up?" The elder Gemini brandished a piece of white cloth.

"Why in Athena's name did you cut holes in my cape!?"

The End

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