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A/N: Umm...this is kind of the sequel to Soap Opera, although it can stand on it's own.

Camus entered Scorpio temple and was surprised that Milo didn't come out to greet him. Normal the Scorpio Saint didn't let anyone pass through his temple without him at least checking to see who it was.

"Milo?" There was no answer , so the Aquarius Saint checked in Milo's private rooms. There he found his friend sitting in front of the TV, rapidly tapping the buttons of the controller in his hands. "Milo, what are you doing."

"Shh...I'm killing minotaurs!" Was the Scorpio Saints reply.

"Hmmm..." Was all Camus said as he raised an eyebrow then went to stand behind his friend. He watched the screen for a few minuets then looked away. "May I ask exactly what idiotic game you happen to be playing?"

"God of War!" Milo answered without looking away. "You get to play a guy that Athena sends on a mission to kill Ares! Cool, huh?"

"If you say so..." Camus watched for a few more minuets. "Why do you like something that's so bloody and violent?"

"Because it's fun!"

"...Did you just rip that thing's head off?"

"It's a gorgon Camus, it's evil."


"Hello?" Kanon poked his head around the doorway.

"Hello Kanon," Camus said as Milo called a have hearted reply. The Aquarius Saint frowned as the other Gold Saint entered the room. "Are you alright? You look pale." At that even Milo paused his game and looked up.

"It's Saga," Kanon took a deep breath. "He's watching a soap opera." There was only silence for a minuet or so. Then Milo held the controller out toward the younger Gemini.

"Want to kill something?" He asked.

"Yeah. That will help, thanks. "

"...The both of you are really immature."

The End

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