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Cups clattered, dishes rattled and the chair shook. Shunrei ducked behind Shiryu who glared around the small kitchen furiously. Suddenly all moment stopped as a short figure shuffled into the room.

"Leave this to me."

"Are you sure Roshi?" Shiryu asked as he backed up toward the door.

"I'll be fine," the Libra Saint assured his student. Shiryu gave the kitchen one last piercing look, then exited the room with Shunrei. Roshi watched his them leave then looked up at the semi-transparent figure that had materialized in front of him.

"I though I told you to stop scaring my student," he scolded. "You've hung around here for far to long as it is, it's time for you to move on!"

"Oh come on Dohko," the grinning ghost of Shion said "let me have fun for a little longer!"

All Dohko could do was shake his head and sigh.

The End

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