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A/N: Kanon centric drabble I wrote. Why do I end up writing about the Gemini twins so much?

It was lonely up in the hills around Sanctuary at night. From his vantage point Kanon could see lights coming from some of the huts of the lesser Saints. He turned his gaze toward the twelve temples and found himself glaring at the third temple, the one he knew Saga was in. Saga hadnt been to seem him for days, and Kanon was beginning hate this place.

It hadnt always been like this. When they had first arrived at Sanctuary he had loved it. Even though the training had been rough it was still much better than living on the streets and he was still with his brother. Then had come the black day he had found out that it was only ever Saga who had been considered for the Gemini Cloth, and he was just a spare in case something happened to his older brother. Saga had moved down to Gemini soon after that and Kanon had been left all alone. Oh Saga still came and visited him but it wasnt the same. Saga would always act nervous and would keep glancing over his shoulder as if he were ashamed to be seen here, ashamed of his younger brother. It infuriated Kanon and he would yell at Saga who would yell back and they would separate angry with each other.

All of it was Athenas fault. He wished they had never even heard of the goddess. It didnt matter if that meant they would be homeless and living off the streets, at least the he would still have his brother with him.

The End

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