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A/N: Written for an RP that Kuri and I are a part of. Since it would take a while to explain the whole premise behind the RP, all you have to know is that Mu asked Shun to give Kiki a hug for him...even though this is set after Hades.

It was such a simple request, how could he have said no? A hug...that's all Mu had asked of him. Kiki had even arrived with Shiryu the day before.

It took Shun a while to find actually find Kiki since for once the boy wasn't with Shiryu. At last Shun located him out in the garden staring at the koi swimming in the pond. Coming up behind Kiki, he reached down and gave the boy a warm hug. The resulting telekinetic shove blew him back a couple of feet.

"Don't scare me like that!" Kiki snapped, then frowned at him, "why are you hugging me anyway?"

"For Mu." Shun answered as he climbed to his feet. He looked up to find Kiki glare at him with his fisted clenched.

"Would you guys just stop doing stuff like that? I'm fine!"

"Mu asked me too," Shun sighed, then stopped when he saw the glare Kiki was directing at him. "He did, in a dream." Now Kiki was giving him a strange look that clearly said the boy thought he was going insane. "I know you don't believe me, I doubt anyone would. Butit didn't really feel like a dream, if that makes any sense. It was too real." Now Kiki was giving him a piercing look that was very much like his mentors'. Shun looked away, then turned and started to walk back towards the mansion again.

"Shun!" The shout caused the Andromeda Saint to turn around to find that Kiki was looking straight at him. "Tell Mu-sama that I'll become a better Aries Saint than he was." Shun could have sworn he saw tears in the boy's eyes, but Kiki teleported off before he could be sure.

"I'll tell him," Shun said aloud anyway.

The End

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